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HunkyDory welcome Sasha Levinson.

US filmmaker Sasha Levinson has joined HunkyDory for representation on these shores. A former stylist, costume designer, and music video producer, Levinson is now a cast-iron director after a string of well-received commercials and film projects.

After years of practice stateside, she wants to test herself in the UK market with the support of John Doris and company. But what persuaded Levinson, director of Covid-19 documentary 'Sylvie of The Sunshine State' to hop across the Atlantic?

"I've always admired advertising campaigns from the UK for their mix of wit and powerful visuals," Levinson says. "I'm inspired to now join HunkyDory's community of storytellers!", which includes fellow 2022 newcomers Trevor McMahan, Thomas Beug, and Tom McKay.

It's already been a busy year for HunkyDory, with Levinson's arrival another cause for celebration at their London headquarters. Of course, she'll be even more chuffed when her debut commercial hits screen.

Click here to see more of Sasha Levinson's work. Next, email Ronae Rayson via or call 020 7267 5000.