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HunkyDory sign Mike Diva.

Directors often say they're excited, thrilled, or delighted to join a production company, but not Mike Diva. HunkyDory's new recruit says: "I have digitally signed the sacred contract under a waning blood moon. I have fulfilled the prophecy. I am no longer man, I am HunkyDory. I grow more powerful each day."

These may sound like the words of a supervillain or a cult leader, but HunkyDory insist Diva (real name Mike Dahlquist) is "bloody lovely". He also directs the kind of films that John Doris and co. find irresistible, like this sci-fi influenced promo for Lil Nas X that riffs on corporate sponsorship.

Diva's love of speculative fiction also drives this ad for Halo Top. An elderly woman is force-fed ice cream by a calm but malevolent robot. The situation becomes increasingly fraught as she pushes back against the clinical insistence of her automaton carers and its comedy is very dark indeed.

It also subverts expectations about ice cream advertising, with pain rather than pleasure at the forefront. Thanks to Diva's sure hand, the brand's sizeable gamble pays off with Black Mirror-esque aplomb. Stay tuned for the Amercian's UK debut.

For more on what Mike Diva can bring to your next project, ring HunkyDory's Ronae Rayson on 07990 575 101 or email