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Film Klaxon: All My Friends Hate Me.

Reunions can be a real pain. Just ask Pete, the self-effacing protagonist of Andrew Gaynord's debut feature, 'All My Friends Hate Me'. Though excited to stay in a country house with his university friends, a series of unnerving events makes him wonder if he should have stayed at home.

Alcohol, practical jokes, and remarks that cut deeper than expected all leave Pete (Tom Stourton) on edge—he's even stuck up by a balaclava-clad 'mate' with a shotgun. Unfortunately for Pete, that's not even the biggest surprise in store for him this weekend.

A stranger from the pub (played with chummy malice by Dustin Demri-Burns) doesn't help matters either, as he ingratiates himself with the rest of group and tells Pete: "It seems to me like you're never in on the joke." Viewers must wait until June 10th to see if Pete's on the wrong end of a killer punchline.