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The lights are on at Electric Studios.

Electric Theatre Collective's latest offshoot, Electric Studios, is open for business. Led by Geoff Parsons and Ben Honour, it's a one-stop design shop obsessed with visual communication. Every medium is fair game, says Parsons, but elements like text and images are only the start.

"Great visual communication is an attitude—how we infect the audience with a swaggering sense of style while staying (mostly) within the brief's boundaries. It doesn't matter how you get the message across," Parsons argues, "as long as you make them feel something."

Ben Honour (left) and Geoff Parsons (right) hit the streets.

He'd prefer to avoid "irritation or outright anger," of course, but will settle for "a raised heart rate and a share on socials." Thanks to years of hands-on experience (he's "brushed, shot, stuck, and scribbled" with the best of them), Parsons is confident that Electric Studios will deliver.

Ben Honour shares his colleague's optimism: "After working as an agency producer for the last eleven years, it's been really exciting joining ETC and building Electric Studios and the team over the past few months. We have already been lucky enough to work on some amazing projects with some globally renowned brands, so I'm looking forward to seeing where we can take Electric Studios."

Electric Studios joins the Electric Theatre Collective gang.

Meanwhile, ETC managing director Jon Purton has dynamic duos on the brain: "Like Beavis is to Butt-Head, Ant to Dec, or spaghetti to meatball, Ben and Geoff are the perfect combination of creativity and commercial nous.

"Electric Studios has been in our brains for a little while and fits perfectly alongside everything that we do. It's a broad space of talented animators, illustrators, creative directors, etc. that are producing work from unusual and brilliant places. We're already enjoying where Ben and Geoff are taking things."

To learn more about what Electric Studios have to offer, ring Electric Theatre Collective on 020 7636 5317.