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Ashley Armitage meets Henry.

American director and photographer Ashley Armitage has joined Henry for French representation.

Armitage impressed in 2019 with a Billie razor ad that celebrated women's body hair - hairy legs, pubes, and all. It was a bold debut, and proved Armitage was a commercial force to be reckoned with.

She's been in demand ever since, with health and beauty brands keen to harness the Seattle native's modern approach. Armitage now wants to broaden her tastes and explore a new market... and that's where Parisian production company Henry come in.

According to their press release, "Ashley's work work oozes candidness and a fresh approach to storytelling, whether it's shooting women combing underarm hair or gorgeous pastel portraits of families." Let's see what French clients make of this young gun.

To discuss Ashley Armitage further, ring Henry Paris on +33 1 43 16 56 40.