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Adrien Armanet signs with HENRY.

French comedy director Adrien Armanet has joined HENRY for commercial representation. There's a superb vein of humour we've come to associate with France over the years, and it's something Armanet can deliver in spades. He reckons HENRY is the ideal place to further develop his voice.

"The bar for comedy and craft here is undoubtedly high," Armanet says. "My goal with HENRY is to deliver a style of comedy that's more visual, more absurd, and all-in-all better." He may be one of the most experienced directors on the circuit, but it's clear that Armanet still wants to challenge himself.

He's also proud to be part of what he reckons is a national success story: "French directors are all the rage right now and it's great that we're free to explore new ideas, new formats, and new ways of storytelling. Creation is all the more exciting as more agencies trust us."

Jean Luc Bergeron, HENRY's co-founder and executive producer, is equally bullish about the future: "Adrien has got talent, standards, and experience that makes him the go-to comedy director in France. We're very excited and the ambition is there!"

For more information about Adrien Armanet, call HENRY's Ulysse Ancele on +33 1 43 16 56 40 or email