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A lead performance for Adam Maynard at Rascal Post.

Adam Maynard says Rascal Post already feels like home as he becomes their new VFX lead. Maynard knows much of the Rascal team from his time at The Mill, so you can understand why he's so relaxed.

"I'm genuinely excited to come to work everyday and I'm looking forward to not only creating amazing work but also to have a smile on my face while doing it," Maynard says. "I've been here for a couple of weeks now and it's everything I was hoping it would be."

As Maynard gets to work in the 2D department, here's what creative director Gareth Brannan has to say. "Adam isn't just a solid, safe pair of hands, he's a very talented compositor and I'm so glad he decided to join us at Rascal. I have no doubt he will continue to grow and excel around the team."

Keen to work with Rascal Post in the near future? Then ring their London HQ on 020 38 70 9111.