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Bud Light
"Cardboard Fan"
2 mins
19 Oct 2020
Resuming live sport has been understandably contentious as of late, with some teams choosing to go the uncanny valley route and fill their stands with socially-distant cardboard cutouts in place of fans. This rather charming commercial for Bud Light breathes a little life into such static supporters, as it follows one paper bloke on a quest for refreshment.

Advance Auto Parts
"Die Hard is Back"
2 mins
18 Oct 2020
There's a germ of a great ad in this Advance Auto Parts film. All the components are present: beloved franchise, Hollywood A-lister, potentially explosive action scenes ready for a glossy finish. However, this two-minute edit feels flabby and off-pace, with an unfortunate shot of Bruce Willis limping his way through a scene driving home just how old John McClane has become. Hopefully there's a properly edited director's cut around to salvage what could have been top notch.

Novo Amor
"I Feel Better"
2 mins 58s
19 Oct 2020
This atmospheric promo for Novo Amor's 'I Feel Better' gives voice to the twisted feelings which stem from a relationship breakdown. Knives enter backs, sobs wrench gutturally, and a thousand eggshells just wait to be stepped on as the stylishly-shot pain plays out. It's visceral work from director Lisette Donkersloot, culminating in a butcher's counter which ties off the, er, raw emotions nicely.

Happy Dance
"Kristen Bell"
19 Oct 2020
With many US states having legalised or being on their way to legalising the Devil's Lettuce, celebrities aplenty are jumping on the cannabis craze while it's still, er, blazing hot. CBD (weed with the fun bits taken out) infused products have proven popular across the beauty and lifestyle sectors as of late - and vegan bodycare brand Happy Dance are using celebrity power to get a piece of the action.

"Integrated Winter"
19 Oct 2020
Hive encourage customers to get their house kitted out with fully integrated tech before winter hits in this amiable ad. The film sees a family turn up the heating without getting out of bed, set mood lighting at the press of a button, and even keep an eye on a mischievous pooch and save their sofa from destruction. Considering how much we're all likely to be indoors for the rest of the year, streamlined tech holds increasing appeal.

"A Life Interrupted"
2 mins 44s
19 Oct 2020
This affecting film for ERUK has a sting in the tail which will draw compassion from even the most tuned-out viewer. The atmospheric action takes place in Thurso, a small town in the North of Scotland, and focuses on Doug - a formerly lost young man who found his calling via surfboard.

Short Films
"Abe and Trump Being Frank"
19 Oct 2020
Let's face it, satire isn't going to hasten the end of Donald Trump. The cult-like grip he has on his supporters' minds is so tight that, as Trump himself has said, he could begin shooting people in the middle of New York City and it wouldn't loosen at all.

Short Films
"Interviews (with Celeste Waite)"
2 mins 08s
19 Oct 2020
Soul singer Celeste Waite stars in this intimate film directed by Laura Borgio. The artist muses on the topic of interviews, reflecting on some of the weirder ("What sound would 2020 be?") and more mundane ("What advice would you give...") questions she faces on a day-to-day basis. Waite is a charming subject throughout, which chimes nicely with the film's laid-back sheen.

Channel 4
"Together Against Hate"
3 mins 29s
19 Oct 2020
With public tensions at an all-time high due to Covid-19, it feels like a very fitting moment to highlight the abuse that public-facing workers are subjected to on a regular basis. This extended ad break from Channel 4 gives just a few of these workers a voice, yet speaks for a shamefully large number of people who face verbal and physical abuse while simply doing their jobs.

Duck Sauce
4 mins 28s
18 Oct 2020
Sometimes, one's first thought upon viewing a new piece of work is to question the mental state of those behind it... but not in a bad way. Watching this is a complete head fuck so imagine what it's like having it all bouncing around inside you as its creator, rather than as a mere viewer.

"I Move Me"
16 Oct 2020
This nifty piece of work for Asics emphasises the importance of mind over matter. Nimbly shot by director Fabio Jansen, the film offers an insight into the mental and physical fortitude it takes to keep moving even when one's resources are all but depleted. With kinetic visuals accented by moody lighting and driven by a dynamic soundtrack, it's enough to get even the most committed couch potato's heartrate up.

Millie Turner
"Eye of the Storm"
3 mins 53s
15 Oct 2020
This whimsical promo for Millie Turner's 'Eye of the Storm' captures the singer's carefree spirit. Shot in understated fashion by director Hannah Berry George, the energetic promo sees Turner frolic through lush woodland, run under stormy skies, and deliver a memorable turn to camera inside a parachute. Delicate cinematography seals the deal for a soulful visual experience.

Joe Hertz
"Inside Current Blues"
3 mins 14s
16 Oct 2020
This intriguing film takes viewers into the mind of Joe Hertz and explores his artistic vision when creating new album 'Current Blues'. Featuring thought-provoking vignettes which involve activities as diverse as VR, dance, and indoor cycling, the audience is treated to snippets of the new tracks as Hertz waxes lyrical about his process of making songs "from the inside out".

Need For Speed
"Hot Pursuit Remastered"
2 mins 14s
16 Oct 2020
Forget 666 - the real number of the beast is 5-10. That’s the premise of this super piece of work for EA's Need For Speed franchise: namely, a remaster of 2010 fan favourite 'Hot Pursuit'. The protagonist is haunted by defeat a decade later, his mate’s winning time of five minutes and 10 seconds mocking him at every turn, business meeting, and café.

Create Not Hate
"Racist Dinosaur"
16 Oct 2020
This simple yet effective commercial from youth charity Create Not Hate uses animated dinosaurs to highlight racist views. Addressing both casual racism and institutional prejudice from law enforcement, the bigoted lizards' words are drowned out by their own incoherent roaring - a noise that makes approximately as much sense as racial profiling does.

Tide Platform Limited
"Rise Entrepreneur"
16 Oct 2020
This pacy ad for banking upstarts Tide urges small and medium-sized businesses to look beyond the Big Four banks for support. That means the usual entreprenurial suspects (bakers, gin makers, carpenters, et al.) should opt for a mobile-first business account, and avoid the increasingly skittish High Street banks.

"Local Lenses"
15 Oct 2020
Snapchat paint the town red (and other colours) in this 30" commercial, which promotes the brand’s new augmented reality plaything. Currently restricted to London's Carnaby Street, Local Lenses allows users to coat shops, bars, and restaurants in colourful goo without fear of reprisal. You may get some funny looks though.

Tom Rosenthal
"We Can Always Come Back"
2 mins 51s
14 Oct 2020
First released in 2017, Tom Rosenthal’s 'We Can Always Come Back' receives a heart-wrenching new promo courtesy of director Rachael Olga Lloyd. The Royal College of Art graduate weaves an evocative, stop-motion animated tale, as a family beach holiday is given new meaning years later— one skilfully conveyed through Lloyd's puppetry.

"A Million More"
1 min 53s
15 Oct 2020
This moving film opens by describing public and media resistance when Volvo introduced the three-point safety belt. It could hardly be more timely, as it encapsulates the dissent faced by those advocating various public health measures in our fight to control coronavirus… not least, the encouragement to wear face coverings in a public setting.

London North Eastern Railway
"Red Line"
15 Oct 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on the UK’s rail network. Train usage has dropped to its lowest level since the mid-1800s, while embattled staff are now on high alert for infected MPs acting out of character. Meanwhile, local lockdowns and three-tier restrictions are enough to give the Fat Controller heart palpitations.

"Workouts for Everyone"
15 Oct 2020
Fitness brands have long clung to their 'no pain, no gain' mantra, celebrating sweat and tears just as much as the results of Herculean efforts. Yet virtual reality workout programme FITXR dismiss the notion that one has to suffer to get in shape and sharply satirises current gym-culture messaging in this entertaining film.

AFK Arena
"Belinda Who?"
15 Oct 2020
Elijah Wood and Uzgahk the Horrid’s relationship crisis continues in this AFK Arena film, as the former blurts out the wrong name in the kitchen. He tries to conceal his mobile RPG indiscretion, but the hulking, emotionally fragile Uzgahk won’t get fooled again. Another droll, well-executed spin on the 'video games ruin relationship' meme.

"Does it Make You Feel Good?"
3 mins 08s
13 Oct 2020
Singer Joesef and director Molly Burdett’s previous collaboration saw the former locked inside a dingy flat with poor temperature control. Their follow-up offers a marked change of pace, as a boy (played with infectious abandon by Kayden Weir) channels his inner Billy Elliot and dances to the local bowling club. It's spirited work from the established partnership.

"Home. We Get It (Director's Cut)"
14 Oct 2020
Home is now not only where the heart is, but where almost all of our day-to-day lives take place. Work, school, socialising - 90% of it happens within our own four walls. This charming commercial for Dunelm argues that these confines should at least be as comfortable as possible. Director Jesper Ericstam's film skilfully blends both quirky and familiar moments of life at home.

"To Live with Water"
2 mins 09s
14 Oct 2020
This atmospheric film for Mercedes-Benz shines a light on how time and climate are changing the shape of life in Thailand - that is, by literally altering the configuration of the country's coastline. Director Aldona Kwiatkowski's film adopts a quiet tone, charting a landscape architect's efforts to adapt to the nation's shifting needs.

Latest Work
(1-25 of 25)

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