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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

Latest Work
    • Stan the ManFormer world number one tennis player Stan Smith fronts this quirky campaign for his signature Adidas trainer collection.
    • The Heart of GamingPlayStation are dear to many gamers' hearts, and this suspenseful commercial takes that role to its logical conclusion.
    • 76 Ltd enlist Alessandro Pacciani.Italian-born director Alessandro Pacciani is the latest to join 76 Ltd’s talented roster.
    • Get risky.Domino’s love of Eighties coming-of-age films shows no sign of abating, as this Matt Lenski-directed ode to ‘Risky Business’ demonstrates.
    • OKAY STUDIO expand their team.OKAY STUDIO kick off the decade by adding two new members to their team: colourist Stef Colosi and executive producer Sophie Hogg.
    • Losing their focus.In this fun commercial directed by Thomas Thomas's Tiny Bullet, there's mayhem in a focus group when they are asked to test Cheez Its.
    • Burger me!There's something glorious about a piece of work which so straightforwardly achieves what it set out to achieve.
    • When in Winona.Winona Ryder meets her namesake in this off-kilter Squarespace ad.
    • Love on the brain.Unlike a Tinder date from hell or weapons-grade aftershave, Aldi’s Valentine’s Day plug doesn’t outstay its welcome.
    • Rylee Ebsen joins Kode.Kode are pleased to announce the signing of director and social media guru Rylee Ebsen for commercial representation.
    • Dark DiscoveriesThis moody offering for Leica cameras sets Lord Byron's 'She Walks in Beauty' in a new and thoroughly modern context.
    • Dinner and a ShowThis musical offering for Albert Bartlett encourages home cooks to spice up mealtimes with more than your average spud.
    • Ben Strebel signs for Biscuit FilmworksBiscuit Filmworks has signed British director Ben Strebel to its UK and US rosters.
    • Every Little HelpsThe Internet Watch Foundation's 'special sock' returns for another tongue-in-cheek campaign.


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Rylee Ebsen joins Kode.

Kode are pleased to announce the signing of director and social media guru Rylee Ebsen for commercial representation.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ebsen cut her teeth making online content for Snapchat before ultimately heading the brand’s creative marketing team. Directing, however, is now her top priority.


"Like the Night"
2 mins 18s
12 February 2020

This moody offering for Leica cameras sets Lord Byron's 'She Walks in Beauty' in a new and thoroughly modern context. We hear the narrator lean into a rhythmic, almost robotic tone as shadowy visuals explore the world at night, following female photographers and their cameras into the dark depths of both urban and rural landscapes.

From shady backstreet dealings to subterranean subway brawls and animals forging their own paths in the wilderness, this is a compelling look at what can be seen in the the dark when artists and documentarians step outside their comfort zone. Artsy and atmospheric, it should inspire those with a photographic bent (or a carrot addiction) to look at their environment with fresh eyes.

Albert Bartlett
"Do the Albert Bartlett"
12 February 2020

This musical offering for Albert Bartlett encourages home cooks to spice up mealtimes with more than your average spud. Thus, a father and daughter turn making dinner into a song-and-dance number throughout the playful film, as their backing band is revealed to be ensconced in various kitchen nooks and crannies.

Director Caswell Coggins conveys the breezy energy of the dance well here, as pots are juggled, salads are tossed literally, and doing the mashed potato takes on a whole new meaning. Add to that some hearty food photography and an inexorable sense of fun, and this - like Florette’s ‘Joy of Salad’ - is a worthwhile bid to make meal preparation fun.

Ben Strebel signs for Biscuit Filmworks

Ben Strebel - who has just been signed by Biscuit Filmworks – is a director who always brings something special to his work. Filled with curiosity, he continually pushes at creative limits in a fashion which inevitably benefits his projects.

In their press release, Biscuit Filmworks describe him as having "a style that blends cinematic realism with a surreal twist" and say that "he commands a vivid filmic canvas with which to tell human stories – changing and diversifying the viewer’s perception of the world with a strong focus on storytelling, casting, technical prowess and cinematography to bring his subjects to life." We can't argue with that.


Internet Watch Foundation
"Reporting Made Easy"
11 February 2020

The Internet Watch Foundation's cheeky 'special sock' campaign made waves when it was first introduced in February of last year, and directors Jonny & Will take things even further for their 2020 online safety drive. This time, the jocular sock is both more upfront about his buddy's intentions, and even more explicit about reporting potentially underage content to the appropriate authorities.

Despite the fact that some mainstream porn sites have made efforts to become perceived as benevolent smut providers, it's impossible to deny that non-consensual content is still a huge problem for even the most stringent hosting services. The IWF's guilt-slash-nag-free campaign continues to be a smart way to address the issues these sites won't - skirting around shaming consumers to confront what really matters.


On This Day
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"No Sad Big Smile"
16 Feb 2009
An intriguing film depicting the life of a young entrepreneur in Japan who runs a Break-Up Service which allows craven individuals to end a relationship without having to witness the adverse reaction the news provokes... which is what DAVID thought SMS was for.

16 Feb 2009
Everyone in a bar is gripped by ennui as they go through the same old same old in this intriguingly and attractively filmed ad. Their hope is raised, however, by the advent of a new beverage opportunity in the guise of the advertised drink.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Blowing In The Wind"
2 mins 30s
16 Feb 2009
For a few terrifying moments, DAVID thought this was an ad for an energy company but, thankfully, Bob Dylan's Blowing In The Wind has not been used for that. Instead, this attractive film advertises the ethically-aware supermarket. Right On.

PG Tips
"Pyramid Bag"
16 Feb 2009
Monkey and Al went, er, off the boil for a bit last year but they're back in top notch form lately. Here, Al asks his little simian chum to prove to him that PG Tips really are the better than the competition... and a toy digger truck.

Stop The Traffik
16 Feb 2010
This film urging us to be aware of the dangers of human trafficking builds a genuinely sinister atmosphere before unleashing a scene of unflinching violence. The effect is intentionally shocking and ensures that the issue gains our full attention.

Territorial Army
16 Feb 2013
This is one in a series of ads for the TA, but anyone seeing it as a stand-alone will wonder what they've stumbled upon. A hidden camera films a group of people in army gear nattering away in a tent in Afghanistan, but nothing happens and the conversation can't be heard... essentially, you have no idea why you're being shown this.

16 Feb 2014
This magnificent compilation of silliness echoes a similar TV launch for this service in the US. A succession of bombastic vignettes shows people glorying in the magnificence of the hotels they've booked with an excellent VO contributing greatly to the comedy. Competing in a crowded marketplace is never straightforward but you sense that booking.com will persuade a lot of punters to visit their website with this approach.

"Bill the Boss"
16 Feb 2015
Bill is the boss of a business that relies on its fleet of VW vans, and this observer's view of his behaviour during an average day suggests he's a gentle chap. His affable face and well-padded shape radiate the comforting squashiness of a favourite teddy, and he's solicitous of other people's welfare almost to a fault. But at his local VW Van Centre he gets the treatment he usually dispenses.

16 Feb 2015
It may not have the indisputably brilliant VO by Peter Serafinowicz, but this ad for Booking.com has everything else. Where it could easily have slid into trite cliché it smartly parodies instead; showing the fabulous places to stay while gently mocking the people who go there. Thus we don't hate the eco-lodging family for their earnestness because it's all just a happy fairy tale illustrated by the company in question.

The Today Programme
16 Feb 2015
One of three superb spots for Radio 4, highlighting some of the discussions and topics that arise on the Today programme. Each is a fascinating snippet of conversation whose main thrust is beautifully illustrated with a visual that becomes clearer as the camera pulls back. This uses the hub of a wheelchair wheel to evoke the human spinal cord in a conversation about the possibility of restoring movement to those paralysed by injury.

"Keep Up"
16 Feb 2015
This terrific spot for Honda only features cars in the last few seconds. For the most part, it's a fixed backdrop which looks like the Utah Salt Flats. On this empty and arid stage appear supers, centre screen, addressing us directly. What happens if we move out of our comfort zone? If we REALLY push ourselves? To improve and improve and get to be better, faster?

16 Feb 2016
A conversation with Volvic is sure to involve talk of volcanoes at some point. The brand has a colourful history of how it depicts its water's journey through volcanic rock, most notably through a talking volcano called, erm, George. This impressive commercial adopts a more mature approach with the story of a young footballer needing to summon courage beyond his years to achieve glory.

National Lottery GameStore
16 Feb 2016
This agreeably silly commercial for the National Lottery's line of GameStore amusements has an off-screen man asking a couple of women if they fancy being shown around a farmer's market. Sadly, the voice belongs to a cow farmer with his arm occupied where the sun don't shine. Their interest quickly dissipates and his chances meet a pile of manure. Never mind, though - he's got a one-in-four chance with a Lotto app game.

National Geographic Channel
"The Story of God"
16 Feb 2016
The National Geographic Channel's 'The Story of God' hits screens shortly and in an impressive coup, they've enlisted God to present the programme. Well, not quite. It's Morgan Freeman, but having played God in 'Bruce Almighty', there's a pleasing synergy to this engrossing trail. What really grabs our attention is the cinematic quality.

Anchor Milk
"Go Strong"
16 Feb 2016
This impressive spot from New Zealand for Anchor Milk features a host of real-life folk sharing their stories. But these are not just any old humdrum stories. These are tales of lives lived zagging rather than zigging; following dreams and imperatives; strong-minded people fuelling their bodies with the brand in question.

2 mins
16 Feb 2016
In this spot, Android uses a brilliantly simple and effective concept to demonstrate that for things to work together, they don't need to be the same - they simply need to work in harmony with each other. And this virtuoso performance using two piano keyboards illustrates the point perfectly.

Taco Bell
"Web of Fries"
16 Feb 2018
Josh Duhamel bites off more than he can chew in this entertaining Taco Bell commercial. Riffing on big-budget conspiracy thrillers, the Tex-Mex chain offer a sneak peek at ‘Web of Fries'. An innocuous comment at dinner prompts Duhamel to ask: "Why doesn't Taco Bell have fries?" Turns out some things are off the menu for a reason.

Pepsi Max Cino
"Anything Goes"
16 Feb 2006
As a rocky version of Cole Porter's marvellous Anything Goes plays as a man goes through a life in which the song is quite apposite... he lives in a tent, keeps his gold fish in a television, has a hopscotch grid in his hall and jumps aboard a Pepsi Max Cino float.

Apple iPod
16 Feb 2006
One of the most distinctive advertising campaigns around returns in search of a new demographic as we learn that jazz giant Wynton Marsalis's new tune is available exclusively on Apple iTunes. So, Daddio, learn how to download, man.

"Hover Phone"
16 Feb 2006
Latest in series depicting Barclays staff as frustrated boffins has a woman who has just shown off her hover phone laughing at a colleague whose contribution is 10% on a regular saving account. But, them being a bank an'all, it turns out that this is not such a bad idea after all.

Pepsi Max Cino
"Anything Goes"
16 Feb 2006
A series of wacky images backed by a terrific rock version Cole Porter's Anything Goes seems to underline the point that a coffee-flavoured cola drink is a very bad idea. let's face it, you would have to believe that anything does go with anything else to believe in this combination of flavours. The ad is good fun though.

Comic Relief
"Ricky Gervais"
16 Feb 2007
Ricky Gervais does his immodest schtick to promote a DVD containing performances by a variety of comedy performers. He suggests we buy it for their sake, not his, as they have not had his success. And there is no mention at all of any of the charities who will benefit from the purchase.

"Snow Motion"
16 Feb 2009
The French car manufacturer have come up with a punny new technological advance called "snow motion"... no doubt they wished they had thought of it just a little bit sooner. In any case, the car is shown in dealing with snowy roads in an impressive fashion.

"Fish And Chips"
16 Feb 2009
A broadcast promoting Fish & Chips in the competition to become a new Walkers flavour has Gary Lineker reeling someone dressed as a fish as it walks along the beach in romantic fashion alongside someone dressed as a chip.

"Gag Breaks"
16 Feb 2009
Young comedians Ed Weeks and Tom Bell take gag breaks instead of fag breaks in this series of bumpers advertising Nicotinell's sponsorship of comedy on G.O.L.D. Some of the jokes are better than others but it's all filmed in a very amiable fashion.

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