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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

    • Boiler room anticsFor Glow-worm's first UK ad in ten years, they've struck a decidedly discordant note... but we've a feeling they know what they're doing.
    • Bear hugs.This touching ad for the East of England Co-operative Society's funeral service sketches a tender father-daughter relationship throughout the years.
    • Ich bin ein Berliner.This inspiring film was released in the run-up to a referendum on socialised housing in Berlin.
    • Rube awakening.This well-designed commercial for Gallio turkey bacon takes innovation in the kitchen to a whole new level.
    • Coop final winner.This energetic Nike commercial profiles footballer and pigeon lover Richarlison.
    • It's Devon Ferguson for Birth.Canadian comedy director and former mullet wearer Devon Ferguson has joined Birth for commercial representation.
    • Nosa Eke joins Rattling StickRattling Stick have added London-based director Nosa Eke to their roster for representation.
    • Bubble BurstThe fragility and fantastic possibilities of the brain are explored in this polished commercial for Netherlands-based charity Brain Foundation.
    • Sound advice.TopCashback introduce the Hmmm…ingbird to one unsuspecting internet shopper.
    • Thomas Thomas welcome Alex Dunning.Thomas Thomas have added Alex Dunning to their bespoke commercial roster.


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Thomas Thomas welcome Alex Dunning.

Thomas Thomas have added Alex Dunning to their bespoke commercial roster.

The move reunites Dunning with co-founder Kevin Thomas, who says: "I directed a shoot for Alex when he was a creative at Grey. He had such an obvious hunger for filmmaking, film craft, and storytelling. I always knew he would end up behind the camera."

Since then his cache has continued to rise thanks to work for brands like Crystal Palace F.C. His 2021/22 curtain-raiser shows one fan struggle with a tight-fitting home top from the late eighties/early nineties, while others make a beeline for Selhurst Park after months in pandemic-imposed exile.


"Open Spaces"
2 mins 24s
19 October 2021

It's still generally true that the best TV advertising outcomes are brought about when a brand employs an advertising agency to commission a film production company to make a commercial. But not always. In the dynamic landscape of 2021, there are a variety of different models available, and while, once upon a time, it was almost always true that advertising made outside of the traditional model was inferior, that's no longer the case, and hasn't been for a while.

A commercial like this is a shot across the bows of the traditional model. Arguably it's an epoch-changing moment for the advertising industry because, after watching it, no one could possibly claim that the involvement of an advertising agency is a necessary component in the creation of a brilliant and effective commercial. It's a game changer. It doesn't signal the end of the traditional model, but it makes it clearer than ever that you don't have to compromise when you step outside of it.

It's also a film which reinforces Megaforce's position at the very top of the directing tree. It's visually stunning, but it's the restraint that really makes it stand out. It's rare that something so striking can also feel understated, but that's been achieved here, and it amplifies the power of the film. It's also a film that really connects the advertised brand with an advertising proposition... the very thing that's often been absent when there is no advertising agency involved.

Megaforce have hit that level where every piece of work is outstanding. We love it when that happens and - no pressure - but we can't wait to see what comes next!

Diabetes UK
19 October 2021

Diabetes UK draw attention to the unseen realities of the condition in this absorbing ad. With people from all walks of life affected by the need to be constantly vigilant about their health - monitoring every scrap of food and drop of insulin - the film reminds those struggling with the daily grind that they are not alone.

It also reminds viewers what all the effort is for, as children play, personal bests are smashed, and families come together in spite of the struggle. Director Chris Fowles does a nice job of balancing the poignant with the uplifting here, ensuring viewers are left with a hopeful outlook by the sixty-second commercial's end.

"Secret Apartment"
19 October 2021

In an age where it seems like everyone is desperate to go viral, social media micro-movie app TikTok explore what the phenomenon means offline in their latest commercial. The film taps into a story from earlier this year, in which a New York woman found a whole apartment hidden behind her bathroom mirror.

A diverse bunch of raconteurs relay the tale, with beauty spa gossip and tooth-brushing chit-chat sat neatly alongside office conversations and Uber driver ramblings. The different styles of storytelling make the ad, with one comment from the factory floor ("This is freaking me out, Tony!") providing an undoubted highlight. Will other memes receive the same treatment in future?

"Celebrating Rodolfo Corky Gonzales"
4 mins 09s
19 October 2021

This intriguing look behind the scenes of Google's doodle celebrating Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales offers insight into a complex and influential historical figure. A leader of the Chicano cultural movement in the 1960s, Gonzales was a Mexican-American boxer, poet, and activist whose spirited public speaking and nuanced understanding of identity shine through this film.

A mixture of interviews and historical footage sucks viewers into the four-minute piece, as the unique challenges faced by indigenous Mexican people are explored alongside Gonzales's impact. It's a fascinating look into what goes into creating a piece of art for such a global audience, with artist Roxie Vizcarra's process threaded throughout the film.


Recent Promos
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Rain Radio
"Talk About"
2 mins 58s
21 Oct 2021
London belongs to the bikers in this dexterous promo for Rain Radio and DJ Craig Gorman. Some of the capital's most incorrigible riders show off their skills as director James Barber and DP Sam Meyer bid to keep up. However, some manoeuvres are best seen from the biker's perspective to be believed.

3 mins 26s
19 Oct 2021
A viral instructional video shows how to ward off the daily grind in this promo for Stromae's 'Santé (Health)'. Restaurant staff, call centre workers, and fishermen all embrace the video's informative joie de vivre, supplemented by live-action shots of Stromae himself. As Johnny Cash once sang, "A jumpy rhythm makes you feel so fine."

"Hit by a Train"
3 mins 13s
15 Oct 2021
The Sisyphean grind of life on the breadline manifests in this arresting promo for Jeshi's 'Hit by a Train'. The Coventry rapper is in contemplative mood, offering gritty snapshots of being caught in the cycle of depression, poverty, and using substances to cope: "Cobwebs in my brain/ New day still feel the same/ Feel like I got hit by a train."

François X
"XX LAB A Scream Into The Future"
3 mins 30s
12 Oct 2021
French beatmaker Francois X evokes dystopian sci-fi with his new track, 'XX Lab_A Scream into the Future'. A foreboding, synthesized soundscape recalls the likes of 'Blade Runner', 'A Clockwork Orange', and 'The Running Man', yet there is also a hopeful feel to the piece that pulses just beneath the surface like a resistance movement.

Hak Baker
"Irrelevant Elephant"
4 mins 32s
13 Oct 2021
Grief and addition take many forms, and in this bruise-tender Hak Baker promo they become the elephant in the room incarnate. Director Jon E Price's painterly visuals establish each shot like a canvas - one which reveals its darker details as time ticks on and the level of liquid in the bottles onscreen gets lower. This is what happens when the party's over, and there's nobody left to face but yourself.

Everyone You Know
"There for You"
3 mins 54s
12 Oct 2021
A newly released prisoner eases back into the party spirit in this promo for Everyone You Know. Directed by Calum Macdiarmid, the film tracks the protagonist from the prison gates to the tail end of a warehouse party, where those still compos mentis greet him like he's fashionably late. Yet he needs time to adjust to the floor space.

3 mins 33s
6 Oct 2021
It's safe to say that a large chunk of Millennial film directors got their start shooting skate films for friends, so this nostalgic promo for Alt-J should resonate with many DAVID readers. The vintage vibes are in full force from the word go, as kickflips and hand-held camera action meets a hazy grade which brings summers past kicking and screaming back to life.

"Unica's Cloud"
2 mins 32s
5 Oct 2021
If there’s a drone shortage (not beyond the realm of possibility right now), then French electronic artist DeLaurentis has escaped unscathed. This promo for 'Unica's Cloud' features dozens of the blighters, with a manga-fied DeLaurentis as their operator. Of course, as recent events have shown, technology has a knack for disruption.

Years & Years
3 mins 19s
4 Oct 2021
With Years and Years now a solo project of prolific actor and musician Olly Alexander, this collaboration with director Tom Beard feels like a release of tension in the best way. Featuring a blue-painted Alexander writhing around with numerous nubile companions, the blend of kink and fantasy feels like a drug trip gone right - the end of a wild night out which just keeps on going.

"Closest Shave"
3 mins 12s
1 Oct 2021
There's a pleasantly heightened edge to this rain-soaked promo for Tiña's latest track 'Closest Shave'. The self-proclaimed "psych-pop cowboys" are in reflective mood as they shift from acoustic lament to keyboard-driven groove, with singer Josh Loftin's distinctive, reedy vocals riding the wave like foam on a stormy sea.

4 mins 16s
30 Sep 2021
The incendiary end of a relationship takes centre stage in this moody promo for Joesef's latest single. 'Fire' finds the soulful crooner in reflective mood, lamenting the little moments of intimacy which make lost love so immensely painful. "That's why I had to burn my house down just to forget the way/ You'd stare at me and say that you could watch me all day."

Luca Wilding
"Song of Carmen"
4 mins 24s
23 Sep 2021
Luca Wilding's new single 'Song of Carmen' cushions the blow that is autumn somewhat, with its stirring vocals and folktronica vibe easing viewers into the season. It bodes well for Wilding's 'Book of Fate' EP, and is matched by an evocative promo courtesy of director Stuart Langfield ('The Space Between Us', 'We Shall Not Return').

Rosie Lowe
"Paris, Texas"
3 mins 13s
29 Sep 2021
Patient viewers will find themselves rewarded by this enthralling promo for Rosie Lowe's latest track 'Paris, Texas'. An ode to the eponymous Wim Wenders classic, the film examines the relationship one has with oneself through a series of delicately rendered scenes where Lowe is confronted with herself both inside and out.

Tinie Tempah
"Love Me Like This (ft. Maia Wright)"
2 mins 49s
23 Sep 2021
Tinie Tempah champions the sounds of his youth with latest track 'Love Me Like This'. Influenced by old school UK garage sounds, the song draws a beat from DJ Pied Piper and the Masters of Ceremonies' 'Do You Really Like It?', while the accompanying promo harks back to the days of finding love in the neighbourhood record shop.

Joel Corry
"Out Out"
3 mins 11s
28 Sep 2021
News bulletins are a masochist’s dream right now. Fuel shortages, Covid-19, global warming...all we need is Father Christmas to kick the bucket for good measure. Cue this irreverent promo for Joel Corry's 'Out Out', which provides a welcome twist on doom-laden media coverage and 'stay at home' warnings.

"If You Say The Word"
4 mins 20s
24 Sep 2021
This Radiohead promo reminds DAVID of a Nature Valley commercial from 2009, wherein a farmer must gather townies and take them back to the city. Suffice to say that the Radiohead version is far more melancholy. Two men search nearby woods and fields for anyone in office wear; some are easy prey, but others require cunning to take down.

Priya Ragu
2 mins 52s
22 Sep 2021
Tamil-Swiss singer-songwriter Priya Ragu tackles lockdown in stylish fashion in this latest promo. Rather than literally depict the purgatory of screens, silence, and the same four walls many have been suffering through over the course of the pandemic, the artist and director Dumas Haddad take a metaphorical approach - focusing on two dancers who mirror each other's movements despite the barriers between them.

5 mins 19s
21 Sep 2021
UK rapper Dave (aka David Orobosa Omoregie) brings a passion for video games to a whole new level in latest track 'Verdansk'. Named after a battle map in Activision's Call of Duty: Warzone, the artist raps about girls and luxury cars but seems mainly focused on logging online hours with his mates. "Man try beef with my dargy/ Warzone ting how I come third party."

Mac Miller
"Colours and Shapes"
4 mins 21s
20 Sep 2021
Late rapper Mac Miller's dog goes on a surreal journey during this poignant film. Commissioned by the artist's family following his untimely death at the age of 26, the video ruminates on the conscious and unconscious mind as the central pup takes a trip into dreamland - rivers of bed sheets, oceans of liquid music, and all.

"Beside April"
5 mins 13s
16 Sep 2021
This surreal promo for BadBadNotGood's 'Beside April' has a feverish quality to it. Shot in Georgia and focusing on a horse, the film draws viewers into a strangely heightened world which is constantly in motion - close ups of characters flitting past with an unexplained significance which only enthrals the audience further.

Hak Baker
"Cool Kids"
3 mins 28s
15 Sep 2021
The grinding reality of life for many inner city youths takes centre stage in this enthralling promo for Hak Baker's 'Cool Kids'. Director Will Robson-Scott keeps things tightly focused on the central character, camera fixed on the young man's face as he grows up into a world of drug dealing, parental alienation, and bad ideas forced into being by circumstance.

Leo Bhanji
"Sea Demon"
3 mins 18s
13 Sep 2021
London-based artist Leo Bhanji offers an intriguingly rural take on mumble rap in this enthralling video. With a sound influenced by underground SoundCloud rappers, electronic R&B, and ASMR videos in equal measure, 'Sea Demon' is more about the vibe than the lyrics - snatched comments about being "too young and wild" for love slipping beneath the digital flow.

Iron Maiden
5 mins 12s
10 Sep 2021
Iron Maiden continue to explore epic battlescapes in this promo for latest track 'Stratego', this time with Gustaf Holtenäs at the helm. In contrast to the apocalyptic future depicted in 'Writing on the Wall', this time viewers are transported back to a delicately animated version of ancient Japan, where two warring clans threaten to tear each other - and the very fabric of reality - apart.

Django Django
"Under Fire"
3 mins 55s
10 Sep 2021
Django Django's 'Under Fire' receives a nocturnal promo courtesy of director Drew Tyndell. We find frontman Vincent Neff behind the wheel of a classic BMW, cruising the streets of London with an inscrutable look on his face. One half expects Ryan Gosling's character from 'Drive' to catch up at the traffic lights.

"Burning Bridges"
2 mins 52s
9 Sep 2021
Scandi-pop artist Sigrid returns with a typically Scandi pop star Sigrid returns with a typically bittersweet outing in the form of latest track 'Burning Bridges'. The club-ready single features a dancey, synth-heavy beat, which sits in compelling contrast to lyrics about the end of a decaying relationship: "I could tell you the truth but you'd call me a liar/Tried to wave a white flag but you set it on fire".

Recent Promos
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