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    • The ADCAN Awards are back.Creative body ADCAN have opened the 2018 edition of their filmmaking contest.
    • Blood, Sweat, and ObsessionSports gear retailers Oakley take a fresh approach to showing off their wares with this skilfully pitched ode to obsession.
    • Home delivery service.South Africa international Siya Kolisi turns kit man in this thoughtful Land Rover ad.
    • Ready to rumble.These punchy opening titles for Sky Sports Fight Night take viewers from backstage to the ring in 30".
    • To Your Own BeatThis brilliantly bonkers film from South African life insurance provider Indie is extremely watchable.
    • South London blues.Comedian Mo Gilligan describes what happens when ‘the little things' in a relationship become a big problem.
    • Open MindsTuborg celebrates staying open to new experiences in this fun 30" ad.
    • Beat the HeatMaltesers continue their groundbreaking 'Look on the Light Side' campaign with a series celebrating similarities.
    • Size Doesn't MatterTheologians may balk, but Lucozade give the Old Testament a youthful twist in this amusing ad.
    • Anything we can do.This kindly AccorHotels film suggest the chain go the extra mile when it comes to their guests.
    • Brum luck.It's the end of Birmingham as we know it in this fun We Buy Any Home commercial.


Wednesday, 25th April.
Between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.

LSE Student Union
Sheffield Street

Tickets: £20-£50 plus VAT.

● Warburtons.

● Out of Africa.

● Range Rover.

● Guinness Reunion.


"From The Heart"
20 April 2018

This kindly AccorHotels film suggests the chain go the extra mile when it comes to their guests. Whether it's lending an ear or taking the dog for a walk during a monsoon, the ad depicts the kind of hospitality one can expect from the advertised chain. As the, er, old saying goes: "Hotel is where the heart is."

The brand - whose stable includes Novotel, Ibis, and Mercure hotels among others - aim to put a more human spin on accommodation. It's a pleasant enough effort... though we'd be surprised if staff feel too benevolent about guests filling their suitcases with miniature toiletries.

We Buy Any Home
23 April 2018

It's the end of Birmingham as we know it in this fun We Buy Any Home commercial. When a comet makes a beeline for planet Earth, mission control soon determine its final and oddly specific destination: Parkside Avenue. Bad news for the launch team's token Brummie...

His hangdog reaction is beautifully played, as are his colleagues' efforts to avert this Midlands catastrophe. Having drawn viewers into a mini-disaster movie, the advertised website promise a quick turnaround for homeowners in a bind... cosmic or otherwise.

Sounds of the sea.

Havas London have partnered with Sharp's Brewery to launch ‘Keynvor' - a musical venture designed to help keep Cornwall's Atlantic coast in good nick.

With the help of Universal Music label Mercury KX, the campaign has already produced its first ‘single' to promote marine conservation.


Danone Milupa
"Dancing Babies"
20 April 2018

Danone Milupa have released this charming ad for the Irish market, showing childhood development in an unusual way. Three babies at different ages perform a dance routine to Chic's 'Everybody Dance' ... with a little adult supervision, of course.

Upbeat and playful, the ad brings new meaning to underage discos. The babies' performances - if they can be called that - are utterly endearing, as they range from joyful to confused in front of their admirably straight-faced parents. Uplifting work from director Richard Chaney and Chemistry.

Rose Hendry joins HLA.

HLA's new signing Rose Hendry has come a long way since her student degree show at the Royal Scottish Academy in 2012.

She quickly realised directing was her true vocation and began filming at will. Now boasting an eclectic reel of short films and branded work, Hendry aims to develop her skills further at HLA.

Right from the get-go, Hendry has enjoyed subverting audience expectations. For example, her RBS commercial brings unexpected humour to the sector as the bank offer near-unanimous praise for their mobile app... though some customers prove harder to satisfy.



Recent Promos
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"Lonely (ft. Max)"
3 mins 03s
25 Apr 2018
This nimble Matoma promo sees a clubber find his perfect dance partner amidst a neon haze. Whether she’s real or not is another matter, but this late night encounter puts everyone else on the dancefloor to shame. Sultry and supple, the rapport shared by the two protagonists keeps viewers entranced as the tropical track ebbs and flows.

Leon Bridges
4 mins
25 Apr 2018
This stylish promo for soulful up-and-comer Leon Bridges has a beautiful simplicity. Directed by Henry Busby, the intimately shot work relies on lighting design to make Bridges stand out from his dark surroundings. It's an effective approach, making for engrossing viewing as red, green, and blue washes of colour flicker across Bridges' performance.

Ben Khan
"2000 Angels"
3 mins 36s
19 Apr 2018
You could say Ben Khan is a numbers man. After all, the Londoner's most recent EPs include 2014's ‘1992' and 2015's ‘1000'. Khan's latest release, ‘2000 Angels', now adds murky paranoia to the equation. Khan's self-directed promo has a raw, nightmarishly low-grade atmosphere, full of sinister orderlies, invasive technology, and shots of eyeballs.

Janelle Monáe
4 mins 28s
18 Apr 2018
Janelle Monae - rapidly earning the title 'Artist of Her Generation' - continues her run of groundbreaking music promos with this astonishing film to accompany 'PYNK'. Director Emma Westenberg's vibrant imagery doesn't just catch eyes, it grabs them and refuses to let go. Monae and her crew turn the voyeuristic eye back on the audience, becoming life sized-vaginas in those trousers.

Belle & Sebastian
"Poor Boy"
3 mins 34s
18 Apr 2018
Rear Window meets flat-hunting in this promo for Belle and Sebastian's latest release, 'Poor Boy'. Armed with binoculars and too much spare time, a boy spies on his eccentric neighbours across the street. From chain smokers to amateur psychics, the tenement block has plenty to keep impressionable minds engaged.

Rejjie Snow
"Egyptian Luvr"
4 mins 24s
17 Apr 2018
An extraterrestrial fugitive finds love in this promo - directed by Martin C. Pariseau. As with so many intergalactic romances, however, it isn't long before the authorities catch up with these star-crossed lovers. Blending hazy environments and VFX flourishes, Pariseau delivers an engaging piece of sci-fi for Irish up-and-comer Rejjie Snow.

"Get Mine/Golden Ticket"
4 mins 19s
11 Apr 2018
This intriguing promo for Tahir's 'Get Mine/Golden Ticket' comes in two distinct parts. The first (a highly choreographed take on a turbulent relationship) shares a visual aesthetic with the second (a stylised underground party scene) - that's where the similarity ends. Washed out neon lighting accompanies both films, as we're led into an unsettling underground world.

"I See You Shining"
2 mins 47s
10 Apr 2018
London rapper Nines certainly enjoys his, er, greens in this slick video for 'I See You Shining'. Riffing on old school rap promo excess, director Oliver Jenning depicts a morning routine driven by rapid-fire lyrics and wry visuals. Engaging stuff... though we doubt you'll find Nines's breakfast cereal of choice down the local supermarket any time soon.

Leon Bridges
"Bet Ain't Worth the Hand"
4 mins 54s
5 Apr 2018
This engrossing promo for Leon Bridges's 'Bet Ain't Worth the Hand' combines magical realism with a subtle emotional sensibility. The second collaboration between Bridges and director Natalie Rae, the film plays with Rae's characteristic balance of ethereal and gritty imagery. Bridges takes on the role of guardian angel, appearing in the presence of people who are having a hard time.

Mike WiLL Made-It
"Aries (YuGo), Part 2 [ft. Big Sean, Pharrell]"
5 mins 11s
4 Apr 2018
Aries (YuGo) Part 2 sounds more like a revamped urban car than a track title, but who are we to argue with Mike WiLL Made-It, Big Sean, Pharrell, Quavo, and Rae Sremmurd? Regardless, Ben Newman has made an out-of-this-world performance video set on planet Aries - complete with utterly entrancing aliens.

2 mins 35s
4 Apr 2018
Up and coming singer-songwriter Jeshi takes obsession to a whole new level in this intriguing promo for 'Daydream'. Director Bafic makes the most of a single shot, as the camera slowly pans back to reveal that the artist has ended up somewhere he really shouldn't be... The ending - when it dramatically arrives - must be seen to be believed.

"Big Part of a Big Sun"
4 mins 16s
3 Apr 2018
This curious promo for French electronic artist DeLaurentis' latest track 'Big Part of a Big Sun' shows an unusual approach to creating sci-fi blockbusters. Rather than rely on CGI and prosthetic makeup, the hypnotic film shows the set of what turns out to be an alien snuff film, as a young heroine blows a blue meanie to kingdom come.

Jack White
"Over and Over and Over"
3 mins 36s
28 Mar 2018
The latest single from Jack White's critically-confusing album 'Boarding House Reach' (described variously by Pitchfork as 'a long, bewildering slog' and the NME as 'totally brilliant') has a discordant feel which encapsulates the album's experimental quality. Layered over the promo's frantic, ever-moving visuals, it makes for a confronting experience for both the eyes and ears.

Leon Bridges
"Bad Bad News"
6 mins 06s
27 Mar 2018
Model Paloma Elsesser delivers a captivating performance in this Leon Bridges promo. At one point in ‘Bad Bad News', Bridges sings: "I hit ‘em with the style and grace, and watch their ankles break". Sure enough, a slighted Elsesser lets her inhibitions fade on the streets of New York.

Caitlyn Scarlett
3 mins 12s
27 Mar 2018
Up and coming artist Caitlyn Scarlett frolics moodily through a Chinese supermarket in this stylish promo for her latest track - 'Ornaments'. With scenes split between the neon-lit aisles, a darkened hotel room, and a city-scape at dusk, the film has a lovely grainy quality - giving it a timeless feel which compliments Scarlett's soulful vocals.

Slay Duggee
"Everything is Awesome"
2 mins 11s
22 Mar 2018
Just when we thought it was safe to remove our ear muffs, Slay Duggee strike again with this infernal cover of 'Everything is Awesome'. The heavy metal playgroup inject extra aggression into the Lego Movie's ubiquitous theme song. Even if the music isn't your cup of, well, bricks, the affectionate visuals merit a watch.

Bipolar Sunshine
"Easy to Do"
5 mins 44s
22 Mar 2018
Manchester singer-songwriter Bipolar Sunshine returns with this intense, intriguing promo for his latest single 'Easy to Do'. The cinematic film sees a woman - possibly a personification of death - slink through an abode, sensuous and threatening by turns as she inflicts supernatural punishments on the men she finds.

Alex Hepburn
"I Believe"
2 mins 50s
21 Mar 2018
Emerging talent Alex Hepburn tells the haters where to go - quite stridently - in this intriguing promo for her song 'I Believe'. A diverse cast of characters populate the stylish black and white film, which opens with someone being told exactly how off they can fuck.

Jon Hopkins
"Emerald Rush"
3 mins 22s
21 Mar 2018
To add a visual dimension to this new track from his latest album, Jon Hopkins approached collaborators on previous compositions - Elliot Dear and Rob Hunter of Blink. Together they came up with a trippy scenario in which a teenage boy finds himself alone in woodland after ingesting something mind-altering. It's a hypnotic piece of work, both to listen to and to watch.

Arcade Fire
15 mins 57s
20 Mar 2018
Despite copious record sales and legions of fans, financial planning isn't one of Arcade Fire's strong suits. Faced with Toni Collette's corporate executive, the penniless band have only one option: sell out. In keeping with the band's consumerist neuroses, David Wilson's promo-cum-short-film distils the Canadians' latest LP into a grocery list.

The Kills
"List of Demands"
3 mins 57s
19 Mar 2018
The Kills return with a roaring rework of Saul Williams' incisive 'List of Demands (Reparations)' - a fearsomely pissed off cover accompanied by a politically pointed promo from director Ben Strebel. The band appear to have suffered for their art, as their part in the tightly-choreographed film involves a lot of banging handcuffed wrists on a table during an unusual interrogation scene.

3 mins 28s
16 Mar 2018
What happens when you can't stop thinking a certain way and your mind feels it'll never be free again? Director Lucrecia Taormina elegantly depicts such a dilemma, as Cuckoolander finds herself trapped in a smoky, translucent box with no apparent exit. Accompanied by three others, she dances her way to a resolution choreographed by the talented Jamie Neale.

"Proud Of Me (ft Little Simz)"
4 mins 24s
15 Mar 2018
Nineteen year-old R&B singer Mahalia gives us a glimpse of her authentic self in Silent Tapes' perceptive clip for 'Proud of Me'. An acknowledgement of the family, friends and places in her life that have made her who she is, it's a portrayal both tender and grounded - plus it's refreshing to hear a young artist sing about their background in such a positive way.

3 mins 48s
14 Mar 2018
MNEK announces his arrival as a full-blown pop star with this sizzling promo for his latest single 'Tongue'. Directed by duo Bradley & Pablo, the slick video depicts a stylised 'will they - won't they' scenario, with MNEK weighing up whether to express his feelings to a potential beau. The visuals include vogueing, a choreographed routine on a table, and a hot pink jumpsuit.

Taylor Swift
3 mins 54s
13 Mar 2018
Taylor Swift has often been accused of drawing 'inspiration' from other artists... and the internet has been quick to note that the promo for her track 'Delicate' is no exception. With long-time visual collaborator Joseph Kahn at the helm, Swift grimaces and awkwardly dances her way through a familiar scenario - seemingly both elated and confused that nobody is paying her any attention. Where's Margaret Qualley when you need her?

Recent Promos
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