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Latest Work
    • One World, One CurrencyNew cryptocurrency outfit Libra Coin say they have a solution to worldwide strife: an accessible global economy.
    • Use The ForceAn effective back and forth between protagonist and narrator drives this energetic ad from the Royal Air Force.
    • A giant leap through time.Boston's John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum are revisiting the moon landing for its fiftieth anniversary via a new augmented reality app, Moonshot.
    • Nerdo hook up with Partizan Studio.Partizan Studio are pleased to announce the signing of Italian animation outfit Nerdo to their roster.
    • No Hair DayA bloke suffering a bad hair day is lectured by a fellow commuter with a very different problem in this amusing outing for Supercuts.
    • Deadliest DupesSantander enlist the resident, er, bad boys of Kurupt FM to educate younger customers about the dangers of identity fraud.
    • Won't you show me new tricks.Online mattress vendor Eve convey the benefits of a good night's sleep via Moloko's ‘Pure Pleasure Seeker' and a dancing toy sloth.
    • Richard 'Stretch' Russell joins Big Buoy.Flame artist Richard Russell - otherwise known as 'Stretch' - has joined the growing team at Big Buoy.
    • Johnny Kelly arrives at Antidote.Animation whizz Johnny Kelly has joined Antidote for representation in Ireland.
    • Here comes the sun... ?Google pay tribute to the Great British summer in this 30" commercial.
    • Stoked.As today's cricket World Cup final reached its astonishing denouement, the marketing team at Red Bull must have been praying for an England victory.
    • Cutting remarks.House of Cards actor Michael Kelly may seem an odd choice to advertise a hairdressers, but bear with. The follically-challenged thespian wanders the city streets being affronted by the things the hirsute do with their hair.
    • Ancient inkers.Although their films are a little portentous for our tastes, travel company momondo are very skilled at engaging with the online audience, and their latest offering is no exception.


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"The Great British Summer"
13 July 2019

Multiple washouts and rain delays ensured this summer's Cricket World Cup was the wettest on record, cementing the Great British weather's reputation as a reliable party pooper. For Google, however, it just makes that odd day of sunshine all the more satisfying.

Such meteorological quirks are celebrated in this 30" ad, which offers a lively snapshot of how our nation reacts to clear skies. From sunbathing on the pavement to scrambling directions to the nearest beach, it's hardwired into our vitamin D-deprived brains.

The ad itself, meanwhile, is comprised of clips shot by viewers, who presumably gave permission for their information to be used... unlike, say, Google Home users in Belgium and the Netherlands. Talk about a dark cloud over your brand, eh?

Red Bull
"Tactical Training"
14 July 2019

As today's cricket World Cup final reached its astonishing denouement, the marketing team at Red Bull must have been praying for an England victory, regardless of their own nationality. They got the outcome they craved and, better still, the man of the match was Ben Stokes - star of their latest commercial, which was scheduled to run on Sky Sports following the conclusion of the match.

It must be a considerable relief for Stokes to no longer be considered persona non grata by advertisers… especially as it could have gone either way when he was stood in the dock at Bristol Crown Court after some late-night shenanigans had got out of hand the year before last.

At least when he gets an opportunity to appear in a commercial he's handed a script which doesn't shred his credibility, which is more than can be said for most of his England colleagues.

In this terrific piece, the Durham all-rounder is put through his paces by a series of tests held in a grungy location. It's visually intriguing and the excellent camerawork makes the most of its star's athleticism. Best of all, after appearing immediately after his match-winning performance, it's better timed than the crispest of cover drives.

"Don't Take Your Hair for Granted"
13 July 2019

House of Cards actor Michael Kelly may seem an odd choice to advertise a hairdressers, but bear with. The follically-challenged thespian wanders the city streets being affronted by the things the hirsute do with their hair.

Director David Shane brings his distinctive brand of humour to the project, making it great fun to watch. Even though some of these tropes have become a little familiar, Shane delivers them with aplomb, and makes them funny.

DAVID is not accustomed to seeing commercials for hairdressers but Supercuts appear to be the McDonald's of the business with thousands of outlets in the USA, and more than a few over here. This explains how the company can afford the likes of TBWA Chiat Day in Los Angeles to make their advertising. And why one of the world's best directors appears to be making TVC for his local hairdresser.

"The World Piece"
5 mins 14s
13 July 2019

Although their films are a little portentous for our tastes, travel company momondo are very skilled at engaging with the online audience, and their latest offering is no exception. Copenhagen advertising agency &Co and Smuggler's Joshua Neale are responsible for bringing together a diverse collection of people to create a piece of living art. Part installation and part performance, this artful collaboration is designed to draw attention to the benefits of global corporation.

Each of those who volunteered to have their backs tattooed for this project talk inspiringly about their motives. There are one or two surprises, but mostly their stories feel rather familiar to our jaundiced ears.

But, to judge by the comments on social media, this film has hit the exact nerve it was aiming for. So, credit where credit is due – plainly, the agency and the filmmakers know exactly what it takes to generate positive viral attention.

"Calm Before the Storm"
12 July 2019

There's a significant change of tack in the latest commercial for Camelot's Lotto, as we're given a glimpse of the company's inner workings. Michelle – a real life employee – explains that she has a very unusual job as we see her arriving for work. She's not wrong. She is one of the people discharged with the responsibility of handling the calls from hopeful holders of winning lottery tickets.

DAVID has long argued that there is a significant problem with the way the National Lottery is managed and the way it's marketed. It's actually rather strange that there appears to be an acceptance on the part of Camelot and its advertising agencies that their role is to manage and mitigate the decline in ticket sales rather than reverse it.

While tacitly accepting this inevitability, they have broadly ploughed on with the same strategy: enticing the public to purchase a ticket in the hope of becoming a multimillionaire. The reason for this is obvious… ticket sales are always boosted by a rollover and an increased jackpot. The promise of obscene wealth can appear to be the most reliable lure, but clearly this only achieves a short-term spike in sales, while the overall trend continues to move downwards.

This is a global pattern. Every country which runs a lottery has faced the same dilemma, and they all appear to have drawn the same conclusion: there's nothing they can do about the overall decline, but they can benefit from an occasional frenzy driven by contriving a massive jackpot.

None of them appear to have considered the possibility that the short-term boosts and the long-term decline have a common root.

Perhaps, ticket sales would be steadier if there were many more wins of around, say, £50,000. That's enough money for anyone to feel its impact… indeed, it could be argued that it's a much healthier sum to receive than a potentially ruinous fortune. If each £10m jackpot was divided into wins of £50k, then there would be enough dosh for two hundred individual winners. That would massively increase the chances that we would all know someone who – at some point for other – had been blessed with a win. Instead of seeming like a faraway possibility that happens to people we don't know, a lottery win would become a lot more proximate. The power of this would be tremendous.

And instead of advertising lottery tickets by showing us some wanker on a jetski who never has to work again, the focus would be on ordinary people whose lives have been made a great deal easier by a more modest bolt from the blue.

If that were the case, then the featured clip is what we would expect the advertising to look like… a calm, measured piece of work eschewing the trappings of wealth.

This lovely film may not come in tandem with the changes longed for by DAVID, but like the punters buying a ticket on a Saturday night, he can dream.


On This Day
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17 Jul 2006
Marvellous film for a Hotpoint washing machine has the clothes becoming fish when they floating around inside it. This is one of those ads where the actualisation is everything - had we been looking at the 'fish' and wondering what on earth they are supposed to be, it wouldn't work.

17 Jul 2009
An excellent series of bumpers advertising VW's ongoing association with documentaries on Channel 4. In each of four pieces, an understated narrator introduces a wonderful piece of hyperbole to draw a parallel with the car's engine.

"Exploring Is Beautiful"
17 Jul 2010
Eurostar's first ad for three years is a charming piece focusing on a little girl searching for a little companionship. She offers a "hello" to all creatures great and small and is quite astonished when she finally receives a reply.

"Big Day"
17 Jul 2011
Members of a family compete with one another in a bid to determine which of them has the biggest day ahead. Each account seems more colourful than than the last and it climaxes with a highly idiosyncratic view of a toddler's life from the inside.

Dove Colour Care
17 Jul 2012
You have to watch this all the way through to realise that this is a commercial about more than "ordinary beauty". If you don't know what's coming, the reveal is genuinely startling and certainly ensures that punters' awareness of Dove will be more heightened after they have viewed this.

"Susan Glenn"
17 Jul 2012
Kiefer Sutherland narrates this commercial about missed opportunities. Apparently, when he was a young man Sutherland never plucked up the courage to ask out the girl of his dreams and he now identifies her as Susan Glenn. It's just a guess but we reckon Julia Roberts is going to be pretty pissed off it wasn't her.

Channel 4
"Meet The Superhumans"
17 Jul 2012
Another outstanding piece of work highlighting the athletes who take part in the Paralympics. This concentrates on ability rather than disability but it isn't squeamish either and it's this combination that creates such potent positivity... a genuine, vibrant positivity completely stripped of condescension. Really excellent work.

Telecom NZ
"The Wait's Over"
17 Jul 2013
Telecom NZ have used the frozen in time metaphor to illustrate a claim about improved broadband speeds. No longer will their customers have their entertainment interrupted by endless buffering. It's not an entirely original idea, of course, but it's been done with sufficient elan to make it entirely worthwhile.

"Bring It On"
17 Jul 2014
If this is the kind of advertising we can expect from FCB following their merger with Inferno then we must commend both companies on an astute business decision because this is a massive improvement for a brand whose advertising has often been so anodyne that our TV screens might as well be coated with one of their moisturising creams.

Audi Quattro
"Everyday Extremes"
17 Jul 2016
The best of Audi's advertising tends to focus on the car as an object of desire, serving it up in a fashion designed to give petrolheads an erotic experience. The emphasis is different here but it retains an important element of the other approach... a intensely visceral soundtrack. The bass guitar riff from the 'Are You Being Served?' theme music provides an excellent sound bed to which String & Tins's Will Cohen has added an appropriate array of other noises to give this after-hours exploration of a department store real vim.

Samsung Galaxy
17 Jul 2016
Samsung return to their partnership with the World Surf League in this gripping commercial starring a snail. Yes, you read us right - and you'll never look at a mollusc on the pavement the same way again. A narrator with the kind of voice that has a lot of stories in it relates the life and times of a humble snail as it aims to conquer its horizontal Everest: crossing the road in one piece. Inconsequential? Well, what are you doing?

"Polar Story"
17 Jul 2017
This whimsical ad for the Samsung Max Space fridge depicts a kid creatively passing the time. While the film was created with local concerns in mind - many Ukrainian kitchens need to be smart with space - the emotional message is universal as it shows the boy counting down the days until his dad comes back from working at a polar station.

Virgin Media
"Football Tunnel"
17 Jul 2017
As players loosen those muscles and pine for transfers, Virgin Media welcome the 2017/18 Premier League season with some vocal support. This lad enjoys a quiet kickabout in a familiar-looking tunnel. He's not alone for long, though - not when the Saints are marching on. Mark Jenkinson takes the fibre optic reins from Rogue colleague Sam Brown.

Cadbury Twirl
17 Jul 2018
VCCP has launched a new campaign for Cadbury - drawing attention to the brand's popular Twirl bar. This nicely restrained series of ads sees a pair of friends contemplate what makes the confection so, well, twirly. Sure enough, this coastal outing introduces Sarah and Myles - two young people on opposite sides of the sceptic-believer spectrum.

"Ham Sandwich"
17 Jul 2005
Jamie Oliver builds his ideal ham sandwich using fresh white bread, watercress, tomato, mustard and, of course, ham. Sometimes the simplest ideas work surprisingly well and many will find themselves hankering after a ham sandwich after watching this ad.

1 min 32s
17 Jul 2005
Beautifully composed trailer for the forthcoming TV Series Lost which is apparently very enigmatic and is, therefore, well served by this teasing glimpse of some of its participants moving in a balletic fashion on the beach as the remains of their crashed aeroplane burns in the background.

Fairy Liquid
17 Jul 2006
The difficulty of getting people to buy a more expensive product has been dealt with over the years by Fairy by suggesting that, because their glop goes further than average, it is in fact more economic and not less to buy the stuff. Provided, DAVID suspects, you apply absolute precision about how much you need.

Film 4
"Upside Down Banner"
17 Jul 2006
Lucy Liu takes drastic action when its reported to her that the banner unfurled behind her aeroplane is upside down. She turns her plane through 180 degrees so that the ad on the banner telling us that Filmfour is now free is the right way up.

"Quiet in the Country"
17 Jul 2006
Much to the bemusement of the target audience, a painting by Caravaggio is recalled in this striking piece for ITV's early evening soap opera. The residents are caught in a moment that manages to suggest tremendous events in the sleepy village with its unfair share of violent incident.

Road Safety
"Familiar Roads"
17 Jul 2006
A solemn hard-hitting ad to remind motorcyclists not to take their safety for granted just because they are on familiar roads. Apparently a large proportion of accidents occur very close to the home of the victim, suggesting more not less care is needed when negotiating home territory.

Channel 4
17 Jul 2006
Another superb addition to this series has the familiar emblematic 4 emerging from the various cranes visible at a dock. The amount of work that must go into making these shapes look as though they are really there must be breath-taking. Hats off to all involved.

17 Jul 2006
A young man looking like an adorable Labrador pup in a 1970s live action Disney flick finds himself lost in the huge corporate world that has just become his new working environment. Luckily, the familiar feel of Microsoft software enables him to make contact with a colleague... even if the other fellow is in Prague.

Kellogg's Bran Flakes
"Three Simple Steps"
17 Jul 2007
A rapid succession of ad spoofs promising fitness via outlandish approaches are replaced by the reassuring voice of Kevin ("what did you just say, Lewis?") Whately who explains that a combination of Bran Flakes, fruit and water is a much simpler way of achieving health.

Channel 5
"Windmills Of Your Mind"
17 Jul 2008
A man dozing in his office is remembering all the wonderful programmes he watched on Channel 5's online service... as is a traffic warden and a member of staff at a fast food restaurant. Oddly, the online service is represented visually as a spaceship floating in the sky.

17 Jul 2008
A fun ad for the Fiat designed to let us know that the car itself is fun. A trampoline is used by people who hold up various placards indicating attributes of the car before the automobile itself appears to bounce on it. How pleasing is it to see a car ad which is unorthodox without trying to do a 'Honda'?

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