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Use a little Jett force."Ask and you won't receive," says this punky blend of live action and animation for Nike Russia.
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    • Doing the donkey work.A donkey named Kong proves the ultimate escape artist in this entertaining ad for New Zealand hardware chain Mitre 10.
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19 June 2018

"Ask and you won't receive," says this punky blend of live action and animation for Nike Russia. While conventional wisdom suggests one can achieve anything if they speak up, the young protagonist of this 60" number disagrees.

Confronted by an older boy on a korobka (concrete pitches found in urban neighbourhoods), the lad decides to let his feet do the talking instead. What follows is a cartoon kick-about cast onto the surrounding walls and stairwells before things finally hit the AstroTurf.

We imagine such slick defiance would irk the likes of Vladimir Putin and his cronies, but - geopolitics aside - director David Wilson's hyperactive visuals and Joan Jett's ‘Bad Reputation' ensure a generation-hopping slice of rebellion.

In with the 'Dublin Old School' crowd.

Those already lamenting their World Cup sweepstakes performance may welcome the distraction presented by Dave Tynan's debut feature film, 'Dublin Old School'. Adapted from Emmet Kirwan's play of the same name, Mad Cow Films director Tynan is primed for his flick's Irish release on Friday 29th June.


Royal Navy
"Michael's Story"
18 June 2018

Walt Whitman must be one of adland's choice poets. From luxury saloons to Chinese milk, Whitman's verses pepper various works striving for poetic heft. Now the American bard and Breaking Bad plot device propels this latest ‘Made in the Royal Navy' film.

Scored by Whitman's ‘Song of the Open Road, the ad depicts Blyth native Michael as he swaps the local butcher's for "where winds blow and waves dash". As machine gunfire illuminates the night and monkeys photobomb a rare moment's peace, viewers witness Michael's transformation into a seasoned traveller.

His eventual homecoming is nicely judged, too. Those who doubted him in the past now offer a respectful hand, illustrating that a stint away with the fleet offers more than just practical benefits - it can give young people like Michael home advantage.

JW Collective welcome Park Village.

Production company Park Village and their stablemate Park Village Studios have joined Jane White's ensemble at JW Collective. The move sees Park Village's directing roster and PVS's expansive premises nestle alongside White's growing band of commercial makers and post houses.


Mitre 10
"Kong's Out Again"
18 June 2018

A donkey named Kong proves the ultimate escape artist in this entertaining ad for New Zealand hardware chain Mitre 10. Unlike its boisterous simian namesake, however, this pet beast causes more small-scale disruption.

His constant breakouts push dad to the edge, disrupting everything from shopping trips to a car wash disco boogie. When chain link fences and corrugated metal fail, dad seems doomed to accept Kong as man of the house… only for a blend of TLC and DIY to save the day.

As charming as the ending is, dad's suffering draws the best laughs. His weary efforts to contain the hee-hawing menace (naturally beloved by the rest of the family) will chime with any pet owner who's been in the inter-species wars.

Even if one's DIY project is less high-stakes than this, the advertised retailer make an enjoyable bid for custom… and demonstrate a shrewd understanding of the equine mindset, too.


Recent Promos
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"Rusty Pipes"
4 mins 24s
21 Jun 2018
It's a tale as old as time: obsolete humanoid sprinkler system becomes sentient and craves acceptance in an unforgiving world. Well, "as old as time" may be stretching it, but that's the premise of this quirky Eels promo. Like the impoverished cousin of Arcade Fire's mirror man, the one-time cover star of Handyman Magazine clanks through the city seeking a new purpose.

Florence & The Machine
"Big God"
4 mins 28s
22 Jun 2018
Florence & The Machine do dark magic in pyjamas in this atmospheric promo for latest single 'Big God'. Directed by Autumn de Wilde, the stripped back visuals draw influence from Francisco Goya's 'Witches' Flight' and give proceedings a classical twist. With sinewy choreography evocative of the All Blacks' haka, this is a war dance of the supernatural kind.

Young Fathers
3 mins 17s
21 Jun 2018
When we first saw 'Get Up' by Young Fathers back in early 2014, it was quite a moment. Three albums in, 'Toy' is their latest release; a driving, fiercely intense number that will not let you keep still; and director Salomon Ligthelm has used its pace and the chorus as inspiration for the video.

"Fake Love"
5 mins 19s
14 Jun 2018
This promo for K-pop group BTS's 'Fake Love' takes the kind of kitchen-sink visual approach which could feel overcrowded, were it not for the polish with which it's executed. Exploding windows, balls of fire, waterfalls, dissolving cell phones, carpets of candy bars, slick choreography - the film throws so much at the viewer that it's impossible to look away.

5 mins 21s
13 Jun 2018
This engrossing promo for French-Congolese duo Tshegue depicts a deaf woman's daily grind in a bustling township. While the rest of the world unfolds at full volume, she seemingly absorbs the surrounding sounds and vibrations through her remaining senses. Once she's alone, she composes an internal rhythm that's impossible to resist.

2 mins 48s
13 Jun 2018
CANADA have created this eye-catching promo for Catalan artist Rosalia, whose edgy sound enhances the slick visuals. Mixing urban scenery with jerky choreography, the visual and audio components combine to create an enthralling watch... even if we don't understand the lyrics. Gritty snapshots of Catalan culture are interspersed with Rosalia and her crew, who perform while decked out in matching streetwear.

Ólafur Arnalds
3 mins 59s
12 Jun 2018
Those who've adopted Iceland as their second team at this year's World Cup may appreciate this soothing effort from artist Ólafur Arnalds. The Mosfellsbær native's evocative strings and warbling piano lull listeners into an instrumental stupor, while director Thora Hilmars's promo delivers a cryptic spin on the young and restless.

"Role Model"
4 mins 33s
8 Jun 2018
Helmut Newton's work depicted an unattainable world of otherness to the mortals who viewed it in Vogue. But Chris Hopkins's promo for 'Role Model' by Phoenix has given it an extra dimension by inserting the band into a rare '80s documentary about the photographer; making them part of the scene instead of simply being onlookers.

3 mins 14s
11 Jun 2018
Readers looking for an upbeat summer bop may struggle here, as GRAVEDGR creates more of a Halloween vibe with his latest track. While the lyrics aren't exactly Shakespearean ('bitch I'm on a rampage/ mask on my damn face'), the accompanying promo adds a layer of intrigue to proceedings. Influenced by classic horror, genre buffs are bound to enjoy the myriad of visual references.

"Wave (ft. Noga Erez)"
5 mins 01s
8 Jun 2018
Like it or not, the world is heading relentlessly towards a future which is firmly digital... perhaps in more ways than we might expect. That's the premise of this fascinating promo for French beatmaker Rone, directed by Greg Barth. The film opens on what appears to be an android waking up for the first time, and descends into a sensual yet glitchy robotic sex scene... with a twist.

4 mins 05s
5 Jun 2018
Bearcubs' ‘Landslide' ebbs and flows with smooth vocals and electronic warbles, matched by a beguiling promo featuring a lone wanderer. Lost in his own world, the protagonist glides through woodland and New York's Coney Island district. His impassive expression and gravity-defying poses only heighten the intrigue... and no answers seem to be forthcoming.

"Toast to Our Differences"
4 mins 16s
5 Jun 2018
Electronic collective Rudimental have released this timely promo for the title track from their latest album 'Toast to Our Differences'. The film offers a love letter to London, but there are no rose-tinted glasses to be found here. The promo follows a boy biking through the city as he runs errands, encountering reminders of tragedy and scandal... until the track's inclusive message shines through.

Father John Misty
"Please Don't Die"
3 mins 35s
5 Jun 2018
Hungover and with a new single to promote, Father John Misty comes face-to-face with his demons in this Claymation number from director Chris Hopewell. Misty - or the artist formerly known as J. Tillman - swaps his bottle bank of a hotel room for the underworld. Needless to say, it's not much of an improvement.

3 mins 20s
4 Jun 2018
From Plastic Beach to Venice Beach, animated troubadours Gorillaz sample the West Coast in this sun-kissed ‘Humility' promo. Vocalist 2D enjoys a spot of rollerskating while his bandmates rile the locals. With regular bassist Murdoc missing in action, however, erstwhile Powerpuff Girls villain Ace now joins the fray. It's hard to keep up with the comings and goings of animated music groups these days.

"This is Nigeria"
3 mins 42s
25 May 2018
Childish Gambino's internet-breaking, cultural zeitgeist promo for 'This is America' has sparked controversy, conversation, and numerous parodies in the short time since its explosive release. However, while other artists have given a comedic or affectionate portrayal of their homeland in response, Nigerian rapper Falz instead offers blistering criticism of a corrupt society.

"War Dance"
5 mins 52s
25 May 2018
Conflict is ugly, but this captivating promo for French beatmaker Thylacine finds beauty both on and off the battlefield. Running with the track's double-edged title, director Cyprien Clément-Delmas blends graceful choreography with military hardware. Artfully shot by Clément-Delmas and DP Igor Kosenko, this cathartic promo matches the track's propulsive soundscape with equally striking imagery.

"Quarter Past Midnight"
3 mins 25s
24 May 2018
Bastille explore a night out gone weird in this intriguing promo for their latest track, 'Quarter Past Midnight'. Singer Dan Smith goes on a wild journey through the seedy underbelly of seedy underbellies - a rollicking montage which encompasses the best and worst of many different nights out back to back. Fans of his signature quiff may wish to brace themselves before pressing play...

Elle Watson
4 mins 32s
23 May 2018
Up and coming 'Noir&B' singer-songwriter Elle Watson has released this sultry, neon-lit promo for her latest track 'Pressure', directed by Tash Tung. Watson performs with a melancholy sense of longing, as she and a cigarette-smoking man are bathed in washes of colourful light. The minimalist set and limited palette work well together, allowing the viewer to focus on small details.

Calum Scott
"What I Miss Most"
4 mins 04s
21 May 2018
Calum Scott's ‘What I Miss Most' receives a wistful promo courtesy of director Ozzie Pullin. Flitting between an intrepid youngster, a carefree teenager, and a regretful old man, Pullin bridges the generational gap with lively pacing and some fetching rural photography. It just goes to show what a lungful of fresh air can achieve.

5 mins 23s
22 May 2018
Russian outfit Leningrad have released another of their characteristic ultra-violent promos, directed by Ilya Naishuller. This time the action is animated, as a gang of thugs is soundly ousted by... another gang of thugs. With visuals referencing a wide range of influences from anime classic 'Akira' to Gorillaz's angular character designs, the animated aspect gives the violence a comic twist.

De Likt
"Zelf Doen"
2 mins 37s
18 May 2018
Dutch hip-hop outfit De Likt riff on selfie obsession in this promo - shot by the Nursery of Evil's latest recruit, Max Siedentopf. Assorted oddballs pretend to snap themselves while downing questionable smoothies and throwing some equally dubious shapes. Not one for subtlety, gold-toothed frontman Jordy Dijkshoorn soon reveals his peculiar chest region.

Years & Years
"If You're Over Me"
4 mins 22s
17 May 2018
Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander shimmies through this glitzy promo like he's having the time of his life... and according to the opening graphics, that may well be the case. This second instalment of the group's ambitious 'Palo Santo' project takes place at a strange talent show, in which people dance until their audience (of androids, no less) feel an emotion.

Arctic Monkeys
"Four Out of Five"
5 mins 28s
15 May 2018
Directors Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown capture the sleazy/gritty vibe of the Arctic Monkey's latest track to a tee in this promo. Turner does his best Howard Hughes act while designing the titular Tranquillity Base resort. Immersive production design and nuanced grading help bring us into his mad world.

Wretch 32
"His & Hers"
4 mins 02s
15 May 2018
The scene is a car interior; the protagonists a couple driving home while having an argument. Wretch 32's 'His & Hers' lays out their gripes, playing both sides with equal force - and it makes a change to hear a rapper acknowledge the woman's point of view... even if the pair still depict the same old stereotypes that have been around for decades.

Sam Smith
3 mins 50s
14 May 2018
Sam Smith's latest single 'Pray' (featuring rapper Logic) is given the luxe treatment by director Joe Connor in this sweeping promo. Shot in Lake Como, the cryptic imagery sees Smith and Logic inside a mysterious mansion, with a rich, painterly grade lending the unusual cast of characters a timeless feel. Intriguing work with many layers to unpack.

Recent Promos
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