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    • Hearts and MindsA precocious tyke fronts the British Heart Foundation's latest campaign, kicking off this informative film with prepubescent brio.
    • A Whole New WorldComic Relief strike a heartfelt tone in this charming film, drawing attention to the charity's thirty-odd years of fund-raising.
    • Nice Shirt Films sign Kim Geldenhuys.Nice Shirt Films have serendipity to thank for their latest signing, Kim Geldenhuys.
    • Open for business.Nationwide announce their commitment to bricks and mortar branches via the medium of - you guessed it - poetry.
    • SixtyFour Music are Yorgos Lanthimos's favourite.SixtyFour music's Nick Payne has been watching this year's movie awards with more interest than usual as The Favourite - which his company worked on - has become the favourite to pick up the major gongs.
    • Andy Humphreys adds bite to BarkIt's been a little while since Andy Humphreys added his clout to Bark Soho, so we popped by to see him and Simon Elms so find out how it's working out.
    • Hope for the FutureThe animation style matches the story in this pixelated, retro-futuristic tale.
    • Sync or SwimAudi take synchronicity to a new level in this elegant commercial.
    • The future is ours.Converse tap some of London's up-and-coming female talents for this 60" ad.
    • Olly Williams arrives at Vision.Production designer-stroke-director Olly Williams has joined Vision's design roster for representation.
    • Bruce St Clair joins Rattling StickRattling Stick have signed director Bruce St Clair to their roster for UK representation.
    • Pints of future past.Guinness promise to remove pub crowds from the equation with their latest competition prize: free reign in an Irish boozer.
    • A sideways look at life.O2 explore the ups and downs of life quite literally in this skilfully constructed ad.
    • Goat got your tongue?Over a decade since a Peruvian goat broke the internet, McVitie's unleash their own bleating beast on an unsuspecting public in this off-kilter ad.
    • Isolation nation.The potential consequences of the over-use of antibiotics are thrown into into stark relief in this dystopian film.


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The Verge
"Better Worlds: A Theory of Flight"
3 mins
18 March 2019

The Verge have launched this affecting film from their sci-fi project 'Better Worlds' - a collection of fiction dedicated to hope. Adapted from a short story by Justina Ireland, the film uses space travel as an allegory for the current refugee crisis - tackling themes of poverty, revolution, and beating an unfair system.

The animation style impeccably matches the story's retro-futuristic tone, as pixelated imagery recalls vintage video games while charting the protagonist's open-source rocket rebellion. Emotive and emboldening, we highly recommend reading the original tale in addition to watching.

"Synchronised Swimming"
18 March 2019

Audi take synchronicity to a new level in this elegant commercial. Shot by car wrangler Johnny Hardstaff, the film offers a fresh take on synchronised swimming as a pair of motors move in precisely choreographed unison.

Swirling and swooshing to the sounds of Faultline's 'Follow You Follow Me', the ad delivers a hypnotic demonstration of the vehicles' features - pulling off fluid moves which would be nigh impossible to accomplish otherwise.

Meanwhile, slick visual trickery creates the illusion of the cars ‘swimming'… though even all of Audi's bells and whistles haven't quite made their latest offering amphibious. Attractive, though? Certainly.

"Spark Progress"
18 March 2019

Converse tap some of London's up-and-coming female talents for this 60" ad, which sticks two fingers up to those who rule the roost without a nugget of understanding about the younger generation. Needless to say, the diverse and enterprising cast of director Paco Raterta's film are keen to show what they're made of.

Musicians Raye, and Ama Lou, and Lava La Rue along with fashion designers Feng Chen and Paria Farzaneh, each appear via a combination of home footage and quicksilver vignettes. This restless approach chimes with the cast's upstart attitude, while the shoe brand are content to keep a relatively low profile throughout.

Olly Williams arrives at Vision.

Olly Williams's twin passions are directing and production design, and he's done a commendable job of balancing the two throughout his career. Now that he's joined the production design roster at Vision, Williams is well placed to continue advancing on both fronts.


Bruce St Clair joins Rattling Stick

Rattling Stick have signed director Bruce St Clair to their roster for UK representation.

Based in Madrid, the self-taught filmmaker specialises in exploring the hi-jinks and optimism of youth in his commercial work. That's not to say his portfolio is in any way limited, quite the opposite - it also includes sweeping landscapes, polished VFX, and deftly choreography.



On This Day
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Cadbury Dairy Milk
"First Love"
20 Mar 2006
This charming commercial has Dusty Springfield's rendition of Piece Of My Heart playing as we see the genesis of a love affair that turns into marriage and parenthood, whereupon their teenage son looks set to begin the whole cycle again by courting with chocolate.

"Extreme Shepherding"
2 mins 45s
20 Mar 2009
An incredible series of special effects are achieved using sheep, crafty camera work and LED in this hugely entertaining viral. Sit back and marvel at the craftsmanship of the loonies who made this. Probably the most fun had ever had with sheep outside Wales.

20 Mar 2010
It takes a little while to recognize The Booker T & The MGs classic Green Onions when watching this smart commercial but that's the tune which starts to form in the head of a Barclaycard user when he hears the blips made by the card consoles in the shops.

"Easter Bunnies"
20 Mar 2012
Another sparkling addition to a winning campaign. A young child dressed as a bunny explains that she wants her very own bunny after explaining that she likes both the chocolate offerings in front of her. If there's any justice in advertising then punters will be flocking to Aldi on the back of this campaign.

"Chocolate Bunny"
20 Mar 2013
Unshowy and unfussy, this ad suggests how we can attain a harmonious family Easter with orange supermarket's help. There are some delightful touches; not least the moment where dad notes - with slight alarm - the casual way in which his young daughter snaps the ear from a chocolate bunny and devours it whole.

"The Boy and the Lamb"
20 Mar 2013
Like the other supermarkets, Waitrose's spring marketing is centring on lamb. We see how Heston Blumenthal as "a young boy" visited Provence and fell in love with the local way of preparing lamb. In fairness to the boffin/chef, it looks rather delicious and seems likely to attract punters to posh supermarket for their Easter joint.

Made In Chelsea
"Mini Chelsea"
20 Mar 2014
There have been some excellent trailers for Made In Chelsea, and the latest does not disappoint. The childish behaviour of the reality 'stars' is here depicted by actual children to brilliant effect. Director Molly Manners makes it a delight from start to finish in this scenario whereby the group are gathered for Spencer's birthday party.

Scottish Police Federation
2 mins 15s
20 Mar 2014
This remarkable online piece, designed to remind us that the police often have to take extraordinary risks in order to protect the public, was filmed in a single sequence. This proves very effective - especially once the two officers are inside the house - and the effect of what happens at the end is pretty chilling. It seems to be throwing down the gauntlet to anyone considering this as a career: are you up to this kind of challenge?

"What Did You Say?"
20 Mar 2014
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em... and that's what Lidl appear to have done in their new campaign which feels influenced by the work done for Aldi at McCann Manchester. Not that this is criticism: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and done well, it has merit in its own right. While the structure of the joke isn't new, the spot is made with real relish and the casting's a joy.

20 Mar 2015
This delightful spot shows just a few of the ways that glasses can be lost... and why if only their wearers had gone to Specsavers it wouldn't have been such a pain. What's so lovely about the ad is the way the message creeps up on us. It's only as the scenarios accumulate that it dawns on us there's a theme... and the way we're returned to the ever-rising teddy is a triumph.

Red Cross
20 Mar 2015
This is one of two compelling spots for the Red Cross which show the action back to front to make a poignant point about the value of donating blood or money to the charity. In this film, a woman who is haemorrhaging dangerously during childbirth is saved by a transfusion... and by tracing the blood back to the donor, we're shown how his casual act of giving can make all the difference.

"Jogg Jeans"
20 Mar 2015
Daniel Avery's 'Drone Logic' is used for a second time in recent weeks in a commercial. Daniel Avery's 'Drone Logic' is used for a second time in recent weeks in a commercial. The track is both icily remote and intimately hi-energy and - by making it the centre of the ad - Diesel has created a spot which will have fashionistas everywhere eager to get their mitts on a pair of Jogg Jeans.

2 mins 40s
20 Mar 2015
It's a terrific idea to ask children what imaginary place they'd fly to if they could and then prove how each place kind of exists. While a shorter edit would do the same job, we thoroughly approve of the way this takes its time as it lets us see the thought the children have put into it.

Crabbie's Grand National
"The Outsider"
20 Mar 2015
This stirring piece of animation advertises Channel 4's Aintree coverage in a grand style. Under the shrewd leadership of Chris Bovill and John Allison, 4 Creative has been consistently creating outstanding communication for some time and this film is only the latest in a strong sequence but it's clear that this trail is seen as a great opportunity to show off their skills.

"Panjabi MC"
20 Mar 2017
Berocca aim to energise the nation with this entertaining ad for their fizzy yellow vitamin tablets. Far from being just a hangover cure, the brand want you to know that the drink can give you bags of energy and all the get-up and go you need. Roccy the chameleon embodies this vitamin-fuelled nugget of joie de vivre as he struts his stuff deep in the jungle.

Travel Oregon
"Only Slightly Exaggerated"
20 Mar 2018
Oregon's tourist board pays tribute to Studio Ghibli with this gorgeously animated ad. The film takes us on a journey through a fantastical version of the state's landscape, with Miyazaki-esque flairs such as charming children fishing, giant rabbits carrying passengers, and herds of horses dashing across open planes.

"More Flexibility"
20 Mar 2006
Some elements of this ad appeared in the version that broke last week but there are a couple of new elements here including people using their ability to make unlikely objects flexible by riding on the sides of hard-sided vans.

EA Games
"The Godfather"
20 Mar 2006
When DAVID was a lad The Godfather was a film exploring the seductive power of criminality and cleverly depicting the consequent corruption of the youngest son of a Mafia family. Now The Godfather is a shoot 'em up video game... ho hum.

Green Wing
20 Mar 2006
The marvellous Green Wing edges ever closer to our TV screens... and event which continues to be advertised by a series of inspired trails perfectly encapsulating the chaotic nature of the programme itself without showing clips from the forthcoming programmes. Clever.

20 Mar 2006
This ad for Waitrose reminds us that the chain is owned by their staff and it is they, apparently, who insist on the authenticity of all the ingredients of the food that is sold in the supermarkets. Some new footage mixed with old in notoriously photogenic campaign.

Extra Ice Mints
"Glowing Group"
20 Mar 2006
Wrigley's Extra ice Mints may well be radioactive if this a proper illustration of the effect it could have on you and your mates if you start handing the stuff around. the small group appears to be literally glowing much to the bemusement of onlookers.

20 Mar 2007
Eat your heart out Dove, here's a woman who really appreciates 'ordinary' beauty as she sings a homage to her own backside. The gospel singing protagonist treats us to the line: 'I wish I was born with a rear-view mirror, anything to bring my sweet ass nearer'. A splendid viral.

2 mins
20 Mar 2007
Epic commercial for Shell Oil explores their relationship over the years with Ferrari as we witness two simultaneous journeys - one representing the evolution of Ferrari's Grand Prix cars over time and another depicting the various cars driving around the World. Jeremy Clarkson will need a box of Kleenex.

The Apprentice
"The Race To Impress"
20 Mar 2008
The competitors in this year's bid to become Alan Sugar's apprentice scrap with one another in a pursuit of the Amstrad founder's Rolls-Royce. Appropriately squalid behaviour in this trail for the reality programme for people who claim not to like reality programmes.

"Ricky And Bianca"
20 Mar 2008
Sid Owen's return to Eastenders is marked by this splendid trail which also lets us know that Patsy Palmer is also returning. Disturbingly, the voiceover sounds like Mike Reid... bringing Dirty Den back from beyond the grave was one thing... doing the same thing with Frank Butcher would be quite another.

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