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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

    • Boiler room anticsFor Glow-worm's first UK ad in ten years, they've struck a decidedly discordant note... but we've a feeling they know what they're doing.
    • Bear hugs.This touching ad for the East of England Co-operative Society's funeral service sketches a tender father-daughter relationship throughout the years.
    • Ich bin ein Berliner.This inspiring film was released in the run-up to a referendum on socialised housing in Berlin.
    • Rube awakening.This well-designed commercial for Gallio turkey bacon takes innovation in the kitchen to a whole new level.
    • Coop final winner.This energetic Nike commercial profiles footballer and pigeon lover Richarlison.
    • It's Devon Ferguson for Birth.Canadian comedy director and former mullet wearer Devon Ferguson has joined Birth for commercial representation.
    • Nosa Eke joins Rattling StickRattling Stick have added London-based director Nosa Eke to their roster for representation.
    • Bubble BurstThe fragility and fantastic possibilities of the brain are explored in this polished commercial for Netherlands-based charity Brain Foundation.
    • Sound advice.TopCashback introduce the Hmmm…ingbird to one unsuspecting internet shopper.
    • Thomas Thomas welcome Alex Dunning.Thomas Thomas have added Alex Dunning to their bespoke commercial roster.


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It's Devon Ferguson for Birth.

Canadian comedy director and former mullet wearer Devon Ferguson has joined Birth for commercial representation.

The Toronto-born redhead cut his teeth at the Upright Citizens Brigade School of Improv and the Groundlings, which makes him one of the most amusing and agile directors on the circuit.

Ferguson's pithy style is evident in his work for recruitment website Monster. Seventeen seconds is enough for some razor-sharp commentary on gender discrimination, with all three performances on point.


Nosa Eke joins Rattling Stick

Rattling Stick have added London-based director Nosa Eke to their roster for representation.

The up-and-coming talent is known for her interest in exploring the limits of different media platforms, using their various constraints and freedoms to enhance rather than hinder her films. Her work has a strong narrative focus, and she has a knack for rendering complex stories around identity and belonging in relatable ways.


Brain Foundation
"Your Brain is Precious"
20 October 2021

The fragility and fantastic possibilities of the brain are explored in this polished commercial for Netherlands-based charity Brain Foundation. The film uses a split-screen technique to good effect, as the tops of people's heads are replaced with various spherical images - the sun, a disco ball, and, most notably, a bubble which pops unexpectedly.

It's an effective visual metaphor for the sorts of cerebral crises which can strike without warning, and reminds viewers that awareness of such possibilities is vital. Director Wouter Stoter strikes a poignant tone without being alarmist here, celebrating the good alongside acknowledging the potential devastation that could occur.

"The Hmmm…ingbird"
17 October 2021

The word 'top' lost all meaning when TopCashback last appeared on our screens in 2017. Four years later, the brand return with a near-wordless piece of stop-motion animation that introduces the Hmmm…ingbird to one unsuspecting internet shopper.

Before she can buy a new pair of sneakers, the woman is distracted by a quibbling, fluttering sound. She's then locked in a cinematic staredown with the bird, who - thanks to some crafty sleight of wing - opens the advertised reward website on her laptop.

Cheery art direction creates a bright and airy atmosphere, which also lets the bird's homespun design stand out. The sudden shift to reproach and then understanding is also well done, offering a likeable spin on the "a little bird told me" meme.

Thomas Thomas welcome Alex Dunning.

Thomas Thomas have added Alex Dunning to their bespoke commercial roster.

The move reunites Dunning with co-founder Kevin Thomas, who says: "I directed a shoot for Alex when he was a creative at Grey. He had such an obvious hunger for filmmaking, film craft, and storytelling. I always knew he would end up behind the camera."

Since then his cache has continued to rise thanks to work for brands like Crystal Palace F.C. His 2021/22 curtain-raiser shows one fan struggle with a tight-fitting home top from the late eighties/early nineties, while others make a beeline for Selhurst Park after months in pandemic-imposed exile.



Five Star Work
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"Open Spaces"
2 mins 24s
19 Oct 2021
A commercial like this is a shot across the bows of the traditional model. Arguably it's an epoch-changing moment for the advertising industry because, after watching it, no one could possibly claim that the involvement of an advertising agency is a necessary component in the creation of a brilliant and effective commercial. It's a game changer. It doesn't signal the end of the traditional model, but it makes it clearer than ever that you don't have to compromise when you step outside of it.

"Secret Apartment"
19 Oct 2021
In an age where it seems like everyone is desperate to go viral, social media micro-movie app TikTok explore what the phenomenon means offline in their latest commercial. The film taps into a story from earlier this year, in which a New York woman found a whole apartment hidden behind her bathroom mirror.

That Guy
"Don't Be That Guy"
17 Oct 2021
So much of the messaging which followed the murder of Sarah Everard has concerned itself with the measures that women should take to protect themselves from men. In contrast, dispiritingly little attention has been paid to the behaviour of men themselves. And when male behaviour has come into focus, it has often provoked a vigilante instinct among men unwilling to consider whether they have personally contributed to the discomfort of women.

"Buy a Thing, Sell a Thing"
18 Oct 2021
Musicals are a love-hate proposition: delight for some, torture for others. This lyrical eBay commercial may not tickle those in the latter camp, but it does seed the brand's new pre-loved drive with gusto. The ad encourages a one in, one out approach to consumerism ("Bought a new thing that's tickled your bones?/Flog that thing you've definitely outgrown"), with nothing condemned to landfill.

"For Real Athletes"
15 Oct 2021
Wattbike appeal to would-be cyclists with busy off-bike lives in this kinetic commercial. An appealing blend of the small details of exercise - dripping sweat, bulging veins, intense looks of concentration - and real-world interruptions make the film feel lived in, as athletic fantasies are dampened by day-to-day realities.

2 mins
15 Oct 2021
Daredevils abound in this two-minute Lego caper, as the brand draw attention to their Stuntz range. Directed by Andy Lambert, the stop-motion animated film sees characters like Rocket Racer and Incognitro (a name so bad it's good) demonstrate their skills on the city streets. They may be miniature, but the crew put on a big show.

Ben's Original
13 Oct 2021
Families all over the world bring their own flair to the table in this polished commercial for Ben's Original rice. Households of all colours, creeds, and compositions use the brand's microwavable rice as the basis for a meal during the 55" montage, proving that the kitchen is truly at the heart of every home.

"La Punition"
14 Oct 2021
A dire maths grade proves a feckless teenager’s downfall in this droll Canal+ commercial. Dismayed by her son's indifference, mum pulls the plug on the advertised channel. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but the casualties soon rack up. Mum's helpful reminders of what he's lost are relentless...and she's happy to work overtime.

13 Oct 2021
Plant-based food is all the rage at present, as consumers become increasingly aware of their dietary impact on the environment, and Wagamama ride the trend gleefully with this entertaining commercial. The film draws attention to the chain's 50% plant-based menu, and sees a Godzilla-style monster rampage through a city as the planet strikes back against its human overlords.

"Sticking Together"
12 Oct 2021
Enduring friendships can be built on the strangest of foundations - shared hobbies, mutual interests, or even a love of gravy. At least, the latter is according to this charming ad for Bisto, which sees a pair of girls growing up together and bonding over their shared love of a good roast dinner.

"Proud Parent"
2 mins 57s
9 Oct 2020
This paean to acceptance will doubtless have earned some opprobrium for Oreo in its home country because it's currently impossible to issue an inclusive message in America without offending the people who are convinced that the rest of us are offended by everything.

Chicken Licken
"Feel the Fire"
1 min 40s
12 Oct 2021
A bloke makes his po-faced way through life in this amusing ad for South African fast food chain Chicken Licken. Entering the world as a humourless baby and quickly progressing to a smile-less adolescent, it seems that nothing can crack his flat exterior - not sporting victory, needle jabs, or even a somewhat terrifying classroom clown.

John Lewis
"Let Life Happen"
11 Oct 2021
A nine-year-old boy lays waste to the family home in this fabulous commercial for John Lewis's insurance services. A fully committed performance has been coaxed out of the youngster by director Tom Kuntz, and a lot of care and attention has gone into the choreography.

"All Ears on You"
11 Oct 2021
Spotify encourage potential advertisers to reach a truly immersed audience in this polished commercial. The film follows people in their own little worlds as they float through life without distractions, literally encasing them in a bubble of sound as they navigate traffic, meditate the morning away, or simply release some stress with headbanging tunes.

2 mins 47s
11 Oct 2021
Ad industry burnout is the target of this mini-musical from Canadian charity nabs, who present a stressed-out worker with support from an unexpected source. A singing and dancing cracker may not be the most traditional route to realising you're over-worked and near breaking point, but it certainly gets the message across in eye-catching fashion.

Nintendo Switch
"When Life Gives You a Moment"
9 Oct 2021
This isn't entirely relatable for those of us whose misspent youth involved pool halls and jumpers for goalposts, but younger generations seem sure to understand the appeal of a date night which involves settling the baby; cracking open a takeaway; and spending an evening playing with the advertised games console.

Uber Eats
"Bring It"
9 Oct 2021
During these straitened times, we need a morale boost wherever we can find it, and so many current commercials seek to hit an uplifting tone with a rallying cry. This splendid ad for Uber Eats simultaneously lampoons this fashion, and participates in it. An Uber driver delivers an eclectic array of different food items to the demoralised staff of a dismal-looking workplace, describing each as he hands them out.

"McDelivery & The Movies"
7 Oct 2021
This classy new campaign for McDonalds establishes something of a McCinematic Universe. Brief spots span multiple movie genres, each drawing attention to the fast food giant's delivery options in a visually distinctive way. From tearful lovers insisting the other take the last chicken strip to a superhero arriving to save the whole house with a feed, it's an eye-catching collection.

5 Oct 2021
Winnie the Pooh, Ted, and Old Bear may suffer gym envy after watching this super IKEA commercial. When a father and daughter arrive home on a rainy night, they're greeted by two of the cuddliest bouncers in the world: a pair of jacked teddy bears that take the sanctity of home very seriously.

"Yours to Make"
1 min 35s
5 Oct 2021
Instagram present an ode to users of all stripes in this intriguing film. Clocking in at just over a minute and a half, the piece takes place in a mysterious digital void populated by creatives and influencer types going about their business - choosing outfits, discussing self-esteem, and (oddly enough) riding scooters on a mini-ramp.

Starling Bank
"Set Yourself Free"
4 Oct 2021
Starling Bank's latest ad follows the company’s fourth Best British Bank award in a row - not bad for something founded in 2014. As rivals Virgin Money close more High Street branches, the brand reckon now's the time to attract more customers online. They harness the power of flight (and Sixties supergroup Cream) in this agile commercial.

"It's The Very Best Excuse"
4 Oct 2021
Following last year's understandably muted version of the Christmas ad arms race, online retailer Very are first out of the gate in 2021 with a stunningly premature effort eighty-two days before Santa comes to town. Thankfully, a self-aware sense of humour and tongue-in-cheek approach allow the brand to pull off such an audacious move.

"Work Anywhere"
1 Oct 2021
This globe-trotting German ad for HP takes the ad-hoc nature of remote working to the extreme. The pacy film sets up two characters in parallel - one who's embraced the advertised brand's swanky laptop, and another who's stuck in the technological dark ages.

"Welcome to the Club"
1 min 47s
30 Sep 2021
Apple invite viewers to join a gym with no restrictions in this sweat-soaked film. Well, no restrictions bar the cost of an Apple Watch, that is. Director Sara Dunlop takes the brand's message that working out can take place anywhere under the sky literally here, taking viewers on a whistle-stop tour of bedrooms, basketball courts, and other spur-of-the-moment workout spots.

"The Legend of Pedro Rodríguez"
29 Sep 2021
This pacy commercial pays tribute to racing driver Pedro Rodríguez, fifty years after the Mexican’s death at the wheel. A veteran of Formula One and endurance races like Daytona and Le Mans, Rodríguez returns thanks to animation studio Clubcamping and long-time employers Porsche. Vinyl collectors and motorsport fans alike will doubtless approve.

Five Star Work
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