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Latest Work
    • Breaking the SurfaceAlzheimer's Research UK address the sense of hopelessness which accompanies the public perception of dementia.
    • Looking GoodThis charmingly vintage ad from British Vogue and Selfridges suggests that any and every activity can improved by wearing fancy glasses.
    • Bubble and squeak.This cuddlesome stop-motion ad for boiler start-up Hometree claims "a warm home is too important for a broken boiler to get in the way"… and that mantra covers field mice dwellings as well, apparently.
    • Old and New Masters.Audi may not have invented electric car technology, but they claim to have perfected it.
    • Gnu IdeasHuawei encourage their customers to develop a sense of digital responsibility in this unusual ad.
    • Nothing left behind.his thought-provoking documentary from directors Simon + Ben probes the aftermath of Kenya's unprecedented crackdown on plastic bags.
    • Lust for life and death.One wouldn't normally associate ancient Greek power fantasies with Danny Boyle's adaptation of ‘Trainspotting', but the marketing team behind ‘Assassin's Creed Odyssey' think there is crossover appeal.
    • California dreamin'.Virgin Holidays follow their sister brand's recent airborne jaunt with their own dose of escapism.
    • Go Heavenward.This Mercury Prize film from Boiler Room sees Wolf Alice perform 'Heavenward' in decidedly gloomy surroundings.
    • André Maat arrives at Darling.German director and all-round SFX whizz André Maat has joined Darling Films for commercial representation.
    • Milking MattersThis tongue-in-cheek ad from Elvie draws attention to their innovative breast pump technology.


We're sorry to say that we've had to take the decision to discontinue CraftWorks.

Although there is a lot of verbal appreciation of it, this has failed to translate into ticket sales and we cannot afford to run it at a loss.

It's important to put our hands up and admit that we failed to construct an event the industry was willing to support.

That said, the industry's priorites are weird and if you're interested in knowing how we feel about the failure to get behind it, and you have an appetite for champion swearing, give us a call.

"Gnu Gnu"
1 min 40s
19 September 2018

Huawei encourage their customers to develop a sense of digital responsibility in this unusual ad. While most phone brands urge users to create the latest viral hit using their tech, China's answer to Apple do the exact opposite.

Indeed, a teenager's joy at discovering a new species of animal soon fades when he remembers that humans are awful and will mistreat anything for their own amusement. Fortunately, visions of lucrative viral marketing deals are quickly cancelled by the decision to let the critter live life in peaceful obscurity.

Cuddly CG and a wry flash forward (one laden with Gnu Gnu merchandise) sell the offbeat concept, reminding smartphone addicts that sometimes - just sometimes - not everything has to end up on Instagram.

Short Films
"Plastic: A Second Life"
6 mins 55s
18 September 2018

Thought paying 5p for a plastic shopping bag was steep? Try $38,000 and four years in jail instead. That's just one measure introduced during Kenya's widespread crackdown on environmental waste, and this thought-provoking documentary from directors Simon + Ben probes the aftermath of this unprecedented edict.

What begins as grassroots activism soon attracts those in higher office, and the film ultimately probes humanity's relationship with all things polythene. In Kenya's case, it's a highly toxic relationship.

Shots of rubbish-strewn towns and streets are then juxtaposed with more hopeful endeavours, like jewellery crafted from plastic shards or the construction of an all-plastic boat. As the world struggles to contain the fallout of the plastic revolution, this offers a bold alternative.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey
"Choose Life"
1 min 38s
20 September 2018

One wouldn't normally associate ancient Greek power fantasies with Danny Boyle's adaptation of ‘Trainspotting', but the marketing team behind ‘Assassin's Creed Odyssey' think there is crossover appeal.

Sure enough, this pacy launch ad for Ubisoft's Peloponnesian epic pays homage to the 1996 film's opening foot-chase on the streets of Edinburgh - right down to the Iggy Pop soundtrack and Renton's "Choose Life" monologue. Needless to say, the similarities are few.

Lush Mediterranean backdrops replace Edinburgh's clouded over New Town, while heavily armoured soldiers are an imposing substitute for store detectives. At least the protagonist matches Renton in the stamina department.

The overall effect is pacy yet jarring. While the main chase is effectively staged, the VO is no match for Ewan McGregor's snide burr… and it's hard to imagine 4K-compatible games consoles escaping Renton's anti-consumerist ire, either.

Virgin Holidays
"When You're Smiling"
15 September 2018

Virgin Holidays follow their sister brand's recent airborne jaunt with their own dose of escapism. A woman finds herself transported from her grey cubicle existence by thoughts of a holiday to California, a postcard serving as a portal to a world of surreal fun.

From giant newspaper boats sailing by the Golden Gate Bridge to life-sized pinball machines acting as a huge tourist trap, director Dante Ariola's film certainly lives up to the brand's 'The World is Your Playground' tagline.

Meanwhile, a swinging burst of big band classic 'When You're Smiling' provides an appropriately upbeat accompaniment while projecting a retro sense of pleasure.

Mercury Prize
"Wolf Alice"
5 mins 41s
19 September 2018

The Mercury Prize (or the Hyundai Mercury Prize, to use its full title) and indie music platform Boiler Room aim to get the under the skin of the 2018's competition's nominees with a trio of films from director João Retorta. This instalment finds London four-piece Wolf Alice in a gloomy basement as they discuss their prize-sniffing album, ‘Visions of a Life'.

Despite the ominous location - one befitting a slasher movie rather than a band profile - Ellie Rowsell and co. deliver a delicate rendition of album opener, ‘Heavenward', with Retorta and Joel Honeywell handling this one-shot effort with equal grace. A low-key appetizer before Thursday's main event.


On This Day
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Kronenbourg 1664
"Seat Search"
22 Sep 2006
Longer version of the recent commercial finds time in its extra twenty seconds for a cameo by a dog who is after the protagonist's beer while he is aboard the bus and then is seen following him later on. Certainly a more relaxed version of the ad, proving one again that directors' cuts work best.

24 Sep 2008
A vintage piece from Frank Budgen which uses the filmic paraphernalia of a horror movie to show a man being menaced by his sofa. Instead of being a couch potato, he should pop on his running shoes and get fit. An absolutely classic piece of advertising from one of the greats.

BBC Radio 3
24 Sep 2009
A beautiful trail for a series of programmes on Radio 3 dedicated to the composer John Tavener. As we look out of a window with rain dribbling down the outside, it's unclear what shapes lay behind but slowly as the music permeates they come into focus.

24 Sep 2012
The second James Bond infused commercial in a month suggests that the latest instalment of the movie franchise must be imminent. Daniel Craig himself shows up in this ad which has a young man inadvertently following him around as the two of them both look to get their hands on the advertised beer. We're guessing there is a longer version out there which has a bit more room to breathe.

"Encyclopedia Atlantica"
24 Sep 2013
This ad explains the dangers of being unable to interpret your sales data - which doesn't sound the premise for a great piece of communication. But this dry sounding proposition has been turned into an excellent piece of advertising by Goodby Silverstein in San Francisco.

Lloyds Bank
"First Home"
24 Sep 2013
Various TV personalities from Mary Portas to Ade Adepitan talk about the first home they ever bought in this spot targeting first time buyers. They all note how humble those beginnings were, and Adepitan ends it with a wonderful line about the appearance of his flatmate.

The Sunday Times
"Bringing the World to Britain"
6 mins 45s
24 Sep 2014
Christina Lamb is - in many ways - an unlikely-looking war correspondent but if you watch this film, you'll quickly realise how little someone needs to resemble the stereotype of the battle-hardened tough guy to possess the requisite bravery and fortitude. This is a mesmerising portrait from a really excellent series and as much as its makers try to persuade us that this isn't really advertising, it possesses a tremendous power which makes you want to support the work of people like Lamb far more effectively than a 30" commercial ever could.

Kit Kat
2 mins
24 Sep 2014
Not content with using one character to showcase his talent, actor Martin Mahogany ambitiously plays two parts at the same time. Well, not quite at the same time... the two sides of his body wear different costumes and make-up so that he has to turn 180 degrees to switch character, as we learn in an explanation offered with perfect deadpan.

Tena For Men
24 Sep 2015
After his show-stopping introduction earlier this year, Tena For Men's Stirling Gravitas has become the saviour for incontinence control. Look the words up in the dictionary and you'll find his satisfied face next to them. In another terrific Jeff Low-directed outing, Stirling demonstrates just how unflappable he is in the face of… well, everything.

AT & T
"Fletcher's Drive"
6 mins 10s
24 Sep 2015
It's a gutsy move for AT & T to release a film of this length, but the story of rising football star Fletcher Cleaves produces the impact required to reach drivers with one eye too many on their phones. It takes countless push-ups, many miles of distance run, and a steely resolve for Fletcher to achieve his dream... yet it only takes one moment of inattention from a reckless driver to take it away.

"200 Years"
2 mins 20s
24 Sep 2015
The poets have had their say, now it's time to hear what the residents of Islay have to say about Laphoraig. Those wary of listening to talk of "hints of this" and "suggestions of that" when it comes to whisky will find these unique and colourful perspectives on the single malt far more engaging. For some it's history in a glass, for others it's drinking "burnt knickers", but one thing is for certain - it's a single malt that gets people talking,

"A Little Bit Rude"
22 Sep 2006
Award-winning viral for Charmin toilet paper employs a number of euphemisms for going to the toilet before suggesting that whatever we call it, we should use Charmin's product to clean things up afterwards.

EA Sports
"The Football"
24 Sep 2006
A young man drives to a football ground with a determination to get it right this time. His pent-up fury puts one in mind of Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver and DAVID sincerely hopes he doesn't bring the same intensity to the games where he has to shoot everybody.

"Lose Yourself"
24 Sep 2006
A woman is taken over by reverie when she eats a piece of Toblerone chocolate and makes DAVID wonder whether there are hallucinogens as she pictures herself lying a boat as it coasts through a World made entirely of chocolate and then becomes part of an elaborate clock.

Marks & Spencer
24 Sep 2006
Charming companion piece to the current ad featuring twiggy and friends uses the same locations and props to show off the High Street store's range of children's clothes. The tune used, appropriately enough, is The Monkees theme song and many of the familiar moves from the show's title sequence are evoked.

24 Sep 2007
Chirpy Ian Wright is upstaged by one of his colleagues from the Asda fish counter in this ad in which various fish types are being shown to the former footballer. When Wright's instructor ropes his colleague Sam into the conversation, the latter makes an X Factor style bid for fame.

24 Sep 2007
Dashed clever art direction here as a small group of youngsters turn their living room upside down to illustrate an offer from Orange that enables us to have both broadband and telephone in the house. This inspired DAVID to see if he could construct a model of the Loch Ness monster from his furniture. Alas, no.

Ladbrokes Bingo
"Fun Fun Fun"
24 Sep 2008
Don't try this at home... a really fun piece for Ladbrokes Bingo shows people in giant bingo balls being pushed through the streets. The shots of the balls sitting atop tall building are enough to give anybody the heeby-jeebies... not least someone with DAVID's sensitivies when it comes to heights.

24 Sep 2009
The latest wheeze from O2 is a 'pay as you go' service which enables users to have unlimited internet access and as many text messages as they can eat. All of which is available provided they top the thing up with £15 of credit every month. Not that that's a contract, naturally.

Anti Smoking (NHS)
"Fight Back"
24 Sep 2009
This anti-smoking film picks up the idea that your body takes a beating if you smoke and runs a very long way with it. A man is savagely beaten by an invisible assailant after lighting up. It's an attention-grabbing approach but too violent for TV so only available online.

"The Gambler"
24 Sep 2009
This Finnish ad for Schweppes feels more like a film trailer than a commercial... one of those strange film trailers that gives away the entire plot. Or maybe this is Finland's answer to Derren Brown. Take our advice, Finland, the correct answer to Derren Brown is "no thanks".

Microsoft X-Box 360
"The Life"
2 mins 30s
24 Sep 2009
An extraordinary ad for a new video game which looks like a cross between a trailer for a new film and an Army Recruitment ad. It opens at a military funeral for a fallen comrade before we see a retributive attack on a fearsome looking enemy.

Knorr Soup (Ireland)
"You'd Be Amazed"
24 Sep 2009
This Irish ad for Knorr has the daughter of a family introducing all of its members as they sit down to eat a meal prepared using the advertised product. It's a pretty straight-forward ad but not without its charm.

Panasonic Viera
"Immerse Yourself"
24 Sep 2010
A woman feels as though she is inside her television as she watches programming made using the latest 3D technology. Slow motion is used well to good effect and her sense of wonder is well captured but the thing she'd be wondering more than anything is: why did I buy a 3D TV when there's so little 3D programming?

"Walk Tall"
24 Sep 2010
It's the turn of grown-ups to tower above buildings as they 'stand tall' in their Clarks shoes. A clever combination of modelling and special effects makes it appear as though they really hired extras from a planet of outsized talent.

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