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Latest Work
    • James Tupper joins NOMINT.Director, designer, and all-round creative whizz James Tupper has joined NOMINT for representation.
    • You're Saint Nicked.This rollicking two-and-a-half minute ad from Sainsbury's charts the origins of one Nicholas the chimney sweep.
    • Unimpeded Undercarriages This stylish piece of work for bespoke fashion retailer Spoke focuses on what the company does best: making trousers to suit the modern man's needs.
    • Attendance for AllUK charity Freedom4Girls draw attention to the increasingly prevalent issue of period poverty in this hard-hitting short film.
    • ZCDC hook up with UNIT9 Films.California-based directing duo ZCDC are the newest addition to the roster at UNIT9 Films.
    • My lovely raptor.This German McDonald's ad suggests the notorious velociraptor has a bad rap, so to speak.
    • Let me begin.Marks & Spencer cut loose in this festive ad directed by Jake Nava.
    • One-Stop ShopIt's that time of year again - time to try and work out what to give friends, family, and what feels like everyone else under the sun for Christmas. That's where Boots come in.
    • And After AllRenault chart the evolution of a relationship through the years in this touching commercial for their Clio model.
    • Home For The HolidaysLidl encourage customers to ditch the idea of an idealised Christmas in this relatable holiday outing.
    • Grime Over SchmaltzHouse-shaming takes a curious new form in this entertaining outing for IKEA.
    • Two through the door at ENVY Advertising.ENVY Advertising have bolstered their ranks by signing the experienced duo of Jax Harney and Ross Culligan.
    • The tree of life.This CG-heavy epic from home improvement retailer Leroy Merlin suggests life in a post-apocalyptic world is nowhere near as bad as books, films, and video games make out.


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ZCDC hook up with UNIT9 Films.

As Venn diagrams go, a mash-up of fact, fiction, documentary, scripted, and experiential is hefty to say the least. There is an overlap, however, and that's where you'll find California-based directing duo ZCDC.

Comprised of Zack Canepari and Drea Cooper, ZCDC are the newest addition to the roster at UNIT9 Films, who are keen to share the ambitious duo's talents with clients in the UK and Europe. According to UNIT9 Managing Director Adam Dolman, the union has been a long time coming.


11 November 2019

This German McDonald's ad suggests the notorious velociraptor has a bad rap, so to speak, and that a boy's real best friend is a bipedal carnivore with razor-sharp teeth. Oh, and a secret love of seesaws.

Like a U-rated version of ‘Jurassic Park', director Sune Sørensen's charming film trades gore for larks as a child explores the woods with his scaly new friend. Playing with your food, it turns out, has its merits.

Equally worthy of praise is the raptor itself, which is brought to life through a blend of CGI and animatronics. There's even a cheeky nod to the animal's famous run-in with a kitchen door - which should please viewers both young and old.

Marks & Spencer
"Go Jumpers"
10 November 2019

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but Marks & Spencer still found it hard to cut loose in their opening festive gambit. This 60" outing from ODD and director Jake Nava, however, has no such issues.

Scored by House of Pain's ‘Jump Around', the ad extols the transformative power of knitwear with a diverse cast of movers, shakers, and inbetweeners. Whether it's the pub, the office, or a petrol station forecourt, layers reign supreme.

It remains to be seen whether this inspires further engagement with M&S's troubled clothing department, but at least the on-screen shackles are off and viewers can begin planning their festive wardrobe in earnest.

"Gifting is Hard"
11 November 2019

It's that time of year again - time to try and work out what to give friends, family, and what feels like everyone else under the sun for Christmas. Does your nephew still like videogames? Does your vegan co-worker make exceptions for chocolate? Does your mum really need yet another scarf?

These questions, and more, are addressed in this amusing commercial for Boots, who acknowledge the agonising minefield that is trying to keep everyone happy in this late-capitalist dystopia. From fitness fanatics to make-up addicts, the brand reckon they've got something for everyone on offer.

Lovely performances (particularly the man who's seen and shopped too much) and rapid-fire vignettes fuel the proposition, as directing duo Si & Ad ensure that no gift-giving angle goes unexplored. This is a strong piece of work which gives the impression that a Boots gift will be far more satisfying than the inevitable toiletry set from a distant relative... as well it should.

Renault Clio
"The French Exchange"
2 mins 10s
9 November 2019

Renault chart the evolution of a relationship through the years in this touching commercial for their Clio model. A reluctant exchange student finds herself increasingly taken with the child of her home-stay family - a friendship which evolves into more as the pair stay in touch and grow up together.

Breathy acoustic covers of pop songs (let alone 'Wonderwall') are usually a bad call in Adland, but this version of the Oasis classic helps establish the film's bittersweet tone perfectly. Through first kisses, forced smiles, break-ups and make-ups, the two are always drawn back to each other.

Director Frédéric Planchon has done a great job of charting the ups and downs of love here, which means the final reveal that the women are spending their lives together happily lands with emotional heft to spare. It's enough to stir what romance is left in DAVID's jaded soul, no less.


On This Day
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"Happy Factory"
13 Nov 2009
It's the fact that all the components in this idealised version of a McCain factory are made from wood that's most significant. Because it's this decision which sends a subliminal message about the naturalness of the end product.

13 Nov 2009
A stylish update of the fairy tale about the imprisoned young woman with very long hair has Rapunzel using her impressive locks to secure escape in less conventional manner than is customary. It's been beautifully put together with an amusing twist.

American Airlines
"The Individual"
13 Nov 2011
Kevin Spacey showcases his versatility in this commercial for American Airlines by playing each of several passengers preparing for a journey on one of their planes. Plainly, the intention is to draw attention to their tendency to treat each passenger as an individual... even those who aren't world famous actors.

"Sainsbury's Panto"
13 Nov 2011
Jamie Oliver takes his final bow for orange supermarket in this charmingly lively commercial which has the thick-tongued chef preparing a slap up meal for a collection of pantomime characters coalescing at a London theatre. So long... and thanks for all the pish.

"The Split"
13 Nov 2013
To the dulcet tones of Enya, Jean-Claude Van Damme ostensibly performs the splits between two moving Volvo lorries. The golden sheen of the trucks echoes the golden light of early morning on a deserted Spanish road as he serenely stretches his legs to full horizontal capacity in order "to demonstrate the stability and precision" of the steering.

"Chocolate Reindeer"
13 Nov 2013
A glorious return to form in this succinct 20-second spot. Top marks to whoever cast this little boy, because his performance is utterly delicious as he explains in a stage whisper which edible Christmas gift he thinks his sister will prefer. Add the production design - intimate and simple - and you're right there with him, nodding sagely at his decision.

"Coming Home"
1 min 50s
13 Nov 2016
adam&eveDDB have created a greater synergy between John Lewis's and Waitrose's advertising this Christmas. It's just over a year since they took over the supermarket's account and because of the way they've implemented some of the strategy that has made their partnership with John Lewis so successful, the connection between the two seems ever more evident.

"Show Them You Know Them"
13 Nov 2017
Ogilvy & Mather's first piece of work for Boots is a sisterly affair. An evocative sequence covers parental squabbles, teenage love, and other notable milestones. Back in the present day, the sisters prove a taste in gifts only improves with age. The retailer itself plays a small but significant role. Various cosmetics feature thoroughout, emphasising the brand's enduring presence in its customers' lives.

T K Maxx
"White Christmas"
13 Nov 2017
T K Maxx announce their intention to spray 'actual' snow all over some lucky customers' houses in this entertainingly quirky Christmas ad. The colourful film - directed by Ian Pons Jewell - appears to take place in the same saturated universe as their last outing: the excellent 'Why Shop at T K Maxx?'. We see a family opening presents before a very special one emerges from the pile - one of the brand's limited edition snow globes.

13 Nov 2018
The season of goodwill may be upon us, but KFC are in a fighting mood if this 60" outing is anything to go by. Scored by Ennio Morricone's ‘The Ecstasy of Gold' from ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly', the ad depicts one of nature's, erm, fiercest rivalries: chicken versus turkey. A tongue-in-cheek reminder that the chain are only interested in one bird.

"Secret Santa"
13 Nov 2018
Discretion is paramount in this charming Cadbury ad, which sees a cadre of Secret Santas avoid detection through precision, good timing, and - most importantly - a paper Santa mask. As Mathilda Homer's cover of ‘Do You Want to Know a Secret' wafts in the background, Secret Santas young and old surreptitiously place their confections before beating a hasty retreat.

13 Nov 2005
Utterly bizarre film in which one of two young men in a kebab shop ordering a Doner smears the food all over himself as he writhes on the floor. Outside the shop his mate produces an Oxy wipe and cleans his (now super-greasy) face.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut
"Pay Rise"
13 Nov 2006
In the third in this amusing series from Kellogg's, the senior manager from the previous ad returns to our hero to offer him a pay rise. Once again oblivious to what is being said he appears to be a tough negotiator and the offer goes up and up.

Irn Bru 32
13 Nov 2006
Another amusing outing for Cookie when he returns in an ad for the high caffeine version of Irn Bru terrifying club goers when he bursts through a wall to tell them he's seen "more life in a glass eye". Dressing up as a giant blue bird is a hell of way to make a living.

"Free Fall"
13 Nov 2006
Eye-catching sequence shows people falling towards the ground and then landing on their feet signalling the suggestion that the Earth is your playground when you have access to a Canon 400D. Quite how is beyond DAVID but if Canon would care to send him one for free maybe he could figure it out.

Remington Shavers
13 Nov 2006
Amusing ad features a man who tries to figure out why he is so much less successful than his identical twin as we see that the latter lives in a big house; is dating Miss Argentina and drives a BMW. Could it be because whereas his brother is clean-shaven, our guy sports a ridiculous looking moustache.

13 Nov 2006
Amusing film in which a woman slips and falls in the street but no-one pays the least notice. She limps home and straightens her unruly hair and immediately every man in the World cannot do enough to help her.

"Ding A Ling"
13 Nov 2006
Amusing ad has Stephen Fry reprising his role as the stuffy English twit (that would be the one he's been playing for over forty years) promoting Twinings tea. Here trying to distance himself from any suggestion that the tea does anything for his ding-a-ling.

H Samuel
"Mr Sparkle"
13 Nov 2008
This attractive animated film claims that the High Street tat-monger acquire their offerings from a master craftsman who has jars of sparkles on the shelves of his workshop. A male voiceover reads a poem which tells us the resultant jewellery will last forever. Forever? We'd be impressed if they make it to New Year's Day.

CityCo Manchester
"Visit Manchester"
13 Nov 2009
An intriguing and lively piece of animation attempts to persuade North-Westerners to visit Manchester for their Christmas shopping. Isn't it a relief to see an ad for seasonal retailers that doesn't claim that visiting a shopping centre is like visiting a spa?

13 Nov 2010
This ad highlights the fact that BT's broadband can be used outside the home via their wi-fi hotspots. Sometimes it's worth pausing for a moment to take stock of how technically savvy consumers have had to become... it's amazing how familiar we've all become with IT jargon.

"Driving Home For Christmas"
13 Nov 2011
It says something about the state of modern music that it's possible to feel nostalgic about the original version of a lame Christmas song by Chris Rea. The Middlesbrough-born singer will be turning is his grave when he hears Stacey Solomon's cover of his song (and when he dies... obviously).

The Stake
"£100,000 In Your Hand"
13 Nov 2011
This trail for a new programme on Channel 4 promises that £100,000 will be handed to someone looking to develop an innovation. It sounds a lot like Dragons' Den (only without the dragons and Evan the cross-eyed lion) but this piece is rather intriguing.

The Range
"American Translator"
13 Nov 2011
After you've watched the second half of this commercial for The Range (no, us neither) you may find that you've forgotten that the first half contains a reasonably amusing premise. That's because the second half may leave your jaw in a dropped position.

"Being Good"
13 Nov 2012
One of a trio of new commercial for Orange Supermarket capturing a positive aspect of Christmas. In a bid to make sure he ends up on the most profitable of Santa's lists, a little boy spontaneously helps clear the table. Both mum and dad are impressed despite recognising the shameless mercenary aspect.

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