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    • Sounds of the sea.Havas London and Sharp's Brewery have launched ‘Keynvor' - a musical venture designed to help keep Cornwall's Atlantic coast in good nick.
    • Dance, Baby, DanceDanone have released this charming ad for the Irish market, showing childhood development in an unusual way.
    • Rose Hendry joins HLA.Scottish filmmaker Rose Hendry has joined HLA for commercial representation.
    • A Walk in the ParkThe BBC's 'The Social' platform has released this intriguing film about homophobia.
    • Friends like these.Aptly scored by Sofi Tukker's 'Best Friend', this Triumph ad is a confident portrayal of sisterhood.
    • Podcast - Wes PollittWes Pollitt's directing career has taken him down some very interesting avenues. And you can listen to his story in our latest podcast.
    • Expect the UnexpectedSchweppes embark on a new direction with this glitzy ad for their tonic water.
    • Everyday HeroesThe British Red Cross suggest unity through kindness in this 60" commercial.
    • The Boy Needs TherapyTED explore the future of A.I. in this entertaining film - created for their 2018 'Age of Amazement' conference.
    • Smooth MovesKlarna offer another smooth outcome in this wonderfully weird commercial for their online payment service.
    • Twenty-years of tooning in.Cartoon Network marks twenty-five years on Latin Amercian screens with this vibrant promo courtesy of Le Cube.
    • Life of the PartyDougal Wilson has directed another beautifully designed ad for IKEA.
    • UNIT9 blend sweat and pixels.Chinese runners meet their video game counterparts thanks to Nike and UNIT9.
    • Rage Against the MachineBetVictor stand out from the betting site crowd with this intriguing ad.


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19 April 2018

Last time Triumph graced our screens, the lingerie maker tried to give Disney a run for its money. Now the brand opt for a live action portrayal of sisterhood in this 30" ad.

Aptly scored by Sofi Tukker's ‘Best Friend', the film depicts camaraderie in various forms, whether it's helping a busy mother with the shopping, turning an assault course into a team effort, or bringing newlywed brides closer together.

The brand itself is content to play a supporting role, as it were. While the label's designs remain unseen, the ad's confident tone should encourage discerning viewers to investigate further.

Podcast - Wes Pollitt

Wes Pollitt has directed TV commercials and serious documentaries but when we recorded a podcast with him a few weeks ago, we mainly wanted to know about the iconic TV series he's worked on, including 'Wife Swap', 'First Dates' and 'Hunted'.

His is an amazing story and he tells it with real charm so we heartily recommend you pop your headphones on and find out how these TV classics were made.


"What Do You Expect?"
18 April 2018

Schweppes embark on a new direction with this glitzy ad for their tonic water. Riding the recent wave of popularity for non-alcoholic drinks, the brand present themselves as the tipple of choice for those who want to experience the night life without getting completely sloshed.

The polished montage is well constructed, flowing seamlessly from scene to scene as a woman chases her beverage down an endless bar. The Chemical Brothers' 'Hey Boy Hey Girl' provides a fitting soundtrack, as we move smoothly between karaoke, dancing, and even a bar inside a washing machine.

The brand's slogan has only changed slightly ('What do you expect?' rather than 'What did you expect?'), but the subtle shift gives the phrase an entirely new connotation - providing a sense of immediacy and distance from the innuendo-filled imagery of yore. It's a welcome move, effectively updating the brand for a modern audience.

Red Cross
"The Power of Kindness"
18 April 2018

At a time when many charities have seen their public image sullied by questionable fundraising methods and other scandals, the British Red Cross suggest unity through kindness in this 60" commercial.

The ad encourages a hands-on approach to helping others, whether it's learning first aid or simply knocking on a neighbour's door. Thus, staff and volunteers are shown putting others first come rain or shine (more so the former).

Dismal weather aside, it's an engaging portrayal of the charity's UK arm, aptly book-ended by cups of tea. Relatable moments like this ensure the film neatly draws attention to our ability to make a difference.

"A.I. Therapy"
2 mins 19s
17 April 2018

TED explore the future of A.I. in this entertaining film - created for their 2018 'Age of Amazement' conference. The project takes the form of a mockumentary set in the future, addressing the emotional development of artificial intelligence and its... difficult third generation.

The humour is spot on, as a therapist (Rebecca Front evoking her work on 'Psychobitches') explains the "mental health crisis amongst A.I. bots" to camera, interspersed with shots of troublesome patient Archie (Hugh Skinner) and his issues. The production design is excellent, making things appropriately futuristic - in addition to some satisfying nods to classic sci-fi (unisex silky robes, for one).

Functioning as both a tongue-in-cheek look at the future of the 'Alexas' and 'Siris' of the present, and a satire on privileged young people blowing their parents' hard work on 'finding themselves' in Bali, directors Emerald Fennell and Chris Vernon have created something special for creative agency Mother. The final line, in particular, is killer.


On This Day
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"La Dolce Vita"
3 mins 30s
23 Apr 2006
Full version of the epic that aired during America's Superbowl in February which is based on Fellini's classic 1960 feature film. The Peroni brand crops up regularly throughout but always in the background cleverly suggesting it is part of the fabric of Italian life.

John Lewis
"Always A Woman"
23 Apr 2010
This utterly beautiful minute-and-a-half somehow manages to encapsulate a woman's entire life from babyhood to elegant seniority. The film is dripping in sentimentality but Blink's Dougal Wilson gives it so much warmth and humanity that it's utterly irresistible.

2 mins
23 Apr 2014
Home video clips show a young man growing up, from tot to late teen. What sets him apart is the fact he only has one leg: from the torso, where his thigh should be, there is nothing. We don't know what happened - whether he was born this way or had to have his leg removed as a baby - but what we see is how he matures into a sports-lover whose team mates treat him as an equal.

"Lamp Post Announcement"
23 Apr 2006
A man suspended from a lamp post announces to a small audience that there is a new lottery game available to those disillusioned with the National Lottery. A smaller main prize but a better chance of winning might make this a winner.

888 Ladies
23 Apr 2009
A beautifully executed piece of understated comedy introduces us to Jenny as she takes part in a photo shoot for a bingo calendar. Thanks to the dry delivery it all looks very plausible and you have to love the line: 'I am not doing this for me, I am doing it for bingo.'

"We've Never Been Closer"
23 Apr 2009
This Australian ad suggests that Lexus is closing in on something... we assumed that it was chasing a slightly better car but it was merely a metaphor... this car is skulking around in the dark looking for "perfection". Worth trying the next time you get pulled for kerb crawling.

"Lost On Blizzard Mountain"
1 min 50s
23 Apr 2009
A piece of animation which seems to deliberately bring to mind the distinctive work of Tim Burton follows two strange figures in the snow. Quite what it says about the advertised provider of fashions is not easy to decipher... but that probably met the brief.

"Pizza Fairy"
23 Apr 2010
A family is pretty fed up with the same old same old and are mightily relieved when the pizza fairy shows up and waves his wand. The American-accented magical creature delivers pizza to their individual taste and a pony... for dessert?

"Road Trip"
23 Apr 2010
There was a time when no ad break was complete without a quick blast of this track by The Dandy Warhols so it feels quite nostalgic to hear it again and the imagery that it's accompanying is only a sixties icon away from pure M& S.

Alternative Election Night
"Carr, Mitchell & Brooker"
23 Apr 2010
Don't know what you think but this looks like the best bet for election night. Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker are fronting Channel 4's coverage and it seems likely they'll be as entertaining as they are informative.

"The Wedding"
23 Apr 2011
Adam and Jane tie the knot in the latest ad in the ongoing series for BT. As we've pointed out on many occasions, this soap opera hasn't caught the public's imagination in the way its authors clearly hoped it would but this doesn't seem to have diminished their ambition for it and they continue to broadcast each instalment in a fashion that suggests we're on the edges of our seats.

Marks & Spencer
"Your Thing"
23 Apr 2011
A series of attractively filmed vignettes featuring children wearing fashions from the advertised retailer are backed by a lively soundtrack. There appears to be a tie-in with ITV to judge by the web address at the end and an invitation to send in clips that may lead to your little darlings appearing in the next ad.

"Immunity Support"
23 Apr 2012
An intrepid blackcurrant takes on all comers including a squirrel and a bird in a bid to ensure it ends up in a bottle of Ribena. it's a deftly put together piece of animation but it would havet benefited from a more interesting music choice... we assume the game here is 'action movie soundtrack' but it's a bit naff.

Vauxhall Ampera
"William Trubridge, Scott Jurek & Steve House"
23 Apr 2012
This commercial appears to compare the advertised car with the extraordinary achievements of three extreme sports enthusiasts. It seems likely to us that the engineers and designers responsible for the car would find this spurious comparison embarrassing and it's really hard to see how this will help to drive sales.

"Split Screen"
23 Apr 2012
To illustrate the idea that Young's new Gastro range is akin to something you might be served in a restaurant, a woman is seen preparing her dinner in a split screen she shares with a chef creating something special in his kitchen. If you're going to make an outrageous claim you might as well make it a big one.

"Meeting Arrival"
23 Apr 2012
Oh dear. A young man makes a prat of himself after eating a piece of the advertised confectionery because he doesn't realise that he's visible to a room full of executives as he dances animatedly in front of what he assumes to be a mirror. His little shrug at the end implies that he's realised his mistake... but how?

Nescafé Azera
"Coffee To Go"
23 Apr 2012
You may recognise this conceit since every posh instant coffee that's ever been marketed in the UK has tried it at some stage or another. In this version of events, a young man pretends to go out in the rain to fetch coffee from a café for his slumbering girlfriend when he actually used the advertised product.

Irn Bru
"Blind Date"
23 Apr 2012
Did we say vodka? In fact, the latest advertising campaign for Irn-Bru is what we might expect to see on our screens if heroin is legalised and advertising for it is permitted. Only through self-medication is a young man able to survive his encounter with a robust mother of four he meets on a blind date.

23 Apr 2012
This beautiful film for the WWF uses an innovative piece of imagery to remind us that we're all interconnected. Figures made from string are linked by several strands to other figures made from string and it's an apt metaphor for the fragility of life on our planet.

Wind Setlers
23 Apr 2013
An unusual approach to the advertised indigestion remedy unexpectedly grabs the attention. An ill-mannered fish evocative of the 'Billy Bass' novelty singing toy from The Sopranos taunts a diner as she prepares to eat it. There's something quite likeable about this ad... possibly its ambition. The fabulous fish was made by Gary at ScaryCat Studio.

23 Apr 2013
Dove pull off their usual trick of siding with women who fall short of the standards required by modelling agencies. In this case women struggle when asked to name something they like about their own bodies but become positively effusive when asked to carry out the same exercise on behalf of a friend.

"Google Tow"
23 Apr 2013
To illustrate how handy it is to have Google Maps on board, an animated blue tractor beam pulls the advertised vehicle through the streets of the city. This could, of course, just as easily be making the same point about a SatNav device which has the added benefit of being in the natural eyeline of a driver.

23 Apr 2014
Apple are keen to show us how innovative it's possible to be with their iPhone 5 technology. This US spot demonstrates the different functions the model features enabling the creation of a live, collaborative audio-visual performance. It's always good to hear a Pixies track even when it's been garbled by a thousand Apple fangirls.

"Allocated Seats"
23 Apr 2014
Another deadpan ad in the new Ryanair campaign acknowledging a perceived pitfall in the brand. It's nicely judged: once again, they suggest that if there hasn't been the change for the better that we appear to be seeing, the family involved are in for a tough time. This confident, simple, and understated approach makes the claims they're making all the more believable.

"Just Right"
23 Apr 2015
The relaxed vibe of DFS's advertising manages to make it look as though giving your home a spring makeover can be a whole lot of fun. Fairground Attraction's 'Perfect' provides a bit of retro charm and the whole things adds up to another persuasive piece of advertising cunningly positioning DFS as a cut above their rivals.

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