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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

Latest Work
    • Blue Monday.If Manchester City fans thought losing the Premier League to Liverpool by eighteen points was bad, perhaps this three-minute Xylem commercial will offer some perspective.
    • Body and SoulFew things have changed for the better in recent months, but Coca-Cola explore one of the silver linings of lockdown in their latest ad.
    • Jim Hosking arrives at The Sweetshop.Jim Hosking, the man behind such oddities as ‘The Greasy Strangler’ and Adult Swim’s Tropical Cop Tales, has joined The Sweetshop for global representation.
    • Park Village sign NosPark Village have bolstered their roster with the signing of cinematographer-turned-director Nos.
    • Staycation NationHeinz encourage Brits to make the most of their Covid-enforced staycations in this personable ad.
    • The Sweetshop pick Tom Gould.New Zealand director and photographer Tom Gould has joined The Sweetshop’s world-spanning commercial roster.
    • The waiting game.Adidas and director Sarah Chatfield focus on Olympic/Paralympic hopefuls delayed - but not defeated by - the coronavirus pandemic.
    • Hole In One... HundredThis entertaining ad for the Irish Lotto demonstrates that dreams, however improbable, can come true
    • The Whole TruthThe reality of the Covid-19 pandemic is thrown into horrifying relief in this cautionary short film.
    • Courage and Caffeine.Macmillan are determined that nothing will stop their annual fundraising coffee morning from happening.
    • The lost and the damned.This darkly funny Kia ad features a cast of lost souls who never found their way back to their cars.
    • Uncomfortable TruthsThe Born Free Foundation evoke Creature Comforts in this engaging piece of work.
    • Rae of hope.Insecure’s Issa Rae ‘stars’ alongside NBA big guns in this 60” hype film.


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Jim Hosking arrives at The Sweetshop.

Jim Hosking, the man behind such oddities as ‘The Greasy Strangler’ and Adult Swim’s 'Tropical Cop Tales', has joined The Sweetshop for global representation.

Anyone who uses the term ‘bullshit artist’ on a daily basis may be familiar with Hosking’s work. It features regularly throughout 2016 cult gem ‘The Greasy Strangler’, alongside a host of singularly strange but endearing characters, plot threads, and musical numbers.


Park Village sign Nos

Park Village have bolstered their roster with the signing of cinematographer-turned-director Nos.

Having first cut his teeth as a stills photographer and then honed his craft to become a skilled DOP, Nos (aka Ntando Brown) brings an eye for detail and distinctive visual flair to each project. From boldly shot live performances to thought-provoking documentary work, his reel boasts a wealth of content.


"Squeeze the Most Out of Summer"
29 July 2020

Heinz encourage Brits to make the most of their Covid-enforced staycations this summer in this personable ad. Directed by Fred Scott, the film boasts a chirpy rendition of folk classic 'English Country Garden' to create an appropriately sunny atmosphere. Well, partly sunny.

From rain-soaked barbecues to improvised cooking surfaces (a wheelbarrow is a creative choice, it must be said), this ad offers morale-boosting encouragement to make the best of things. The brand acknowledge that we've been stuck at home for ages, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun.

With mandatory quarantines for travellers heading abroad and government advice that seems to shift by the minute, hanging out in the back garden seems like the smartest choice this summer. Heinz manage to make it look like a larf, too.

The Sweetshop pick Tom Gould.

New Zealand director and photographer Tom Gould has joined The Sweetshop’s world-spanning commercial roster.

Born in Auckland and currently based in New York, Gould says he’s “honoured and excited” to join a team which includes fellow Kiwis Mark Albiston, Melanie Bridge, and Damien Shatford, among others.

As well as a healthy dose of Antipodean pride, Gould brings experience in commercials, music videos, and documentaries to his new home. The Sweetshop now aim to share this with clients across the globe.


"What's One More"
2 mins 08s
29 July 2020

Earlier this year, a superb film showed female athletes hitting their stride to the beat of Madame Gandhi’s ‘Top Knot Turn Up’. Here, Adidas and director Sarah Chatfield focus on Olympic/Paralympic hopefuls delayed - but not defeated by - the coronavirus pandemic. “After waiting a lifetime for this moment,” says boxer Caroline Dubois, “what’s one more year?”

It’s a mindset shared by the likes of tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas, swimmer McKenzie Coan, and sprinter Shaunae Miller-Uibo, who all have serious energy to burn. Whether Tokyo 2020 ever takes place remains to be seen, but Chatfield’s fizzing montage is a decent bid to stoke anticipation for an Olympic-sized comeback.


On This Day
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Ford Focus
4 Aug 2013
In this Ogilvy ad directed by Steve Reeves, Ford Focus owners are so chuffed with the car and the rave reviews it's been receiving that they can't resist poking various motoring columns in other people's faces. It taps truthfully into the way we often behave when we have a new car.

"5-Second Filmmaker"
4 Aug 2014
This is a charmingly daft piece of advertising. It introduces us to Marty Goldberg and his faithful assistant Gary, who together create five-second films. New Zealand director Adam Gunser has provided a bone-dry execution which perfectly captures the silliness of the premise and - as well as being very funny - there's a real pathos in Gary's devotion to his mentor.

Sky Sports
"Dare To Dream"
3 mins
4 Aug 2014
To properly understand the devotion of a true football fan, it's no use asking someone who supports Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea... you have to visit a small club from one of the lower leagues. In this trail for the coming season, a number of these extraordinary devotees talk about their connection with the club they support in this lengthy paean to the troublesome business of backing an unreliable group of footballers week after week.

Old Navy
"First Day of School"
4 Aug 2015
Taking a break from her decorated role in US comedy 'Veep', Julia Louis-Dreyfus is instead commander-in-chief of her son's wardrobe in this well-performed Old Navy commercial. Unsurprisingly, while looking like the family lawyer is a source of pride for this overbearing mother, it's an inconvenience Hunter could do without on his first day of school. Cue the youth in their Old Navy threads walking by in oh-so-cool fashion.

Smart Cars
4 Aug 2015
Considerable credit goes to Smart for nearly equalling the funny factor of their previous ad. This time, another Smart owner turns out to be not such a bright spark when it comes to remembering how roomy her little car actually is. Passenger safely away from the vehicle, the driver thinks this is the perfect time to indulge her inner child and stick her finger up her nose. Only... she has an audience.

"Olympic Refugee Team"
1 min 34s
4 Aug 2016
As the international community descends on Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have assembled a ten-strong team of refugees to give those in a state of flux a symbol of hope. This gripping film serves as a trailer for an upcoming documentary on the initiative, but it also stands on its own as an accomplished piece of work.

4 Aug 2017
Above+Beyond and Believe Media have created this excellent Bond spoof for gambling site Betway. The latest in a series of homages to classic cinema, we see a bloodied and battered Mr Bond threatened with a buzz saw to the knackers, while his captor is distracted by trying to cash out at just the right moment on Betway. There's even a pun and a satisfying cut-away before Bond swears his head off. Electric.

Kingsmill Bread
"Gone Fishing"
4 Aug 2006
A little boy is surprised to discover that his mother has put a fish into his pocket as he sets off for school. he is similarly surprised to see a fish tail sticking out of the ice cream he has bought. Kingsmill is a better way of getting Omega Oils into your child.

Maltesers Ice Cream
4 Aug 2007
The woman in this ad is so struck by the lack of calories in her Maltesers ice cream bar that she walks straight into her garden pond. The pond looks pretty small... it looks likely that she would have smacked her head on the stone border and died. But, obviously, that would have been less funny.

Norwich Union
"Happy's Back"
4 Aug 2008
Norwich Union has decided to revive the 'quote me happy' concept and to illustrate this they have decided to represent 'happy' as a person who was watching otters in the wild until he heard about the economic downturn and was called back. We'd ask 'who is happy?' but we know what your answer would be: 'not me'.

"Be Yourself"
4 Aug 2008
Inter Milan boss José Mourinho (and, as a Chelsea fan, you have no idea how painful those opening five words are for DAVID) talks about the importance of being yourself when it comes to football. As he does so, various luminaries of the game demonstrate their skills to youngsters learning to play.

Asda George
"Tug Of War"
4 Aug 2008
The girls take on the boys in a tug of war in this ad designed to let us know that Asda's school clothes are hardy despite the fact they are inexpensive. The ad was directed by Shane 'This Is England' Meadows but the ad doesn't benefit greatly from having him at the helm... it's pretty conventional fare.

Kellogg's Cereals
"Kelly Holmes"
4 Aug 2008
Proof, as if it was needed, that sporting prowess doesn't guarantee an ability to perform in other areas. Double gold medal winner Kelly Holmes tells us we might 'perform better' if we wake up to Kellogg's... we can only suggest that Dame Kelly eats a dustbin full of Bran Flakes if she ever has to get in front of the cameras again.

The Natural Confectionery Co
"Jelly Snakes"
4 Aug 2008
Proof that a lack of budget needn't hamper creativity. A dialogue is imagined between two of the sweets contained within a bag of Jelly Snakes. The droll and unenthusiastic vocal performances give it a wryness which raises it well above what might be expected.

"Out Foxed"
4 Aug 2008
The bizarre tale continues. This time Cactus Kid and his devoted girlfriend manage to evade the police by climbing to the ceiling of their motel room when it's raided. You'd think the way he supports her body might lead to a nasty puncture wound or two... but perhaps she's used to that.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut
4 Aug 2008
A woman at a bus stop gets a bit peckish and decides to use the hood of a young lad's jacket as a bowl so she can indulge in her favourite snack. It's very amusing except, of course, that in real life she'd have ended up with a knife through her neck which is why we recommend that you don't try this.

"Circus Acrobats"
4 Aug 2008
There has to be an easier way of making a cocktail. Acrobats at a circus swing high above a sinister looking ringmaster and manage to combine ice, ginger ale and Smirnoff vodka into a single glass to make a Moscow Mule. It's not clear whether Smirnoff are suggesting we do this with their vodka or they're selling it ready mixed.

Pot Noodle
"Back With No Appetite"
4 Aug 2008
A typical piece of glorious nonsense for Pot Noodle has a man complaining about his partner's cooking explaining in song that her cabbage risotto gets his bowels moving before heading out the door... only to return through the wall aboard a motorbike and eating the advertised product. Exceedingly silly.

4 Aug 2009
Aren't bankers lovely? No, really they are. Watch this ad and you'll see the lengths they'll go to in order to help us lead happy and contended lives. You might have seen some stuff lately which suggests otherwise but watch this and you'll know the truth.

LG Mobile Phones
"Channel 4 Sponsorship"
4 Aug 2009
An amusing series of bumpers advertising LG's sponsorship of The Inbetweeners on Channel 4 feature a black soul singer incongruously singing about the phone's features as he sits with young people using it.

"School Routine"
4 Aug 2010
Endlessly cheery Mum has to get her young son ready for school in this commercial for Sainsbury's. Apparently, this can be quite difficult after the long summer lay-off when the lazy little buggers have become used to long lie-ins and general indolence.

"Picnic Ready"
4 Aug 2010
A man strips his business clothes from his back as he enters a park carrying some food purchased from the advertised retailer. Apparently, he has everything he needs for a perfect picnic... apart from anything decent to eat, obviously.

"The Pursuit"
4 Aug 2011
This French public information ad takes the idea of free love and uses it to send an amusing message about sexually transmitted diseases. As a number of carefree folk pursue each other across a beach, we're reminded that all of them are also being pursued by various maladies.

BT Vision
"Drama On Channel 4 Sponsorship"
4 Aug 2011
This series of bumpers advertising BT's sponsorship of Channel 4's drama output shows typical scenes from a variety of different genres taking place on top of the digibox supplied by the telecommunications company. Short, fun and apposite.

4 Aug 2012
A spoof of an old-fashioned musical has a father singing to his daughter about the positivity of 'imagination'. The rather unfortunate message here is that imagination isn't required if you have a subscription to the advertised service as you can sit in front of the television all day instead of using your inventiveness.

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