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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

Latest Work
    • Bob Harlow joins Blink.Director Bob Harlow has joined Blink's roster for representation in the UK and Amsterdam.
    • Absolute Post swoop for Rosanne Crisp.Absolute Post have bolstered their proposition by hiring Rosanne Crisp as a senior producer.
    • Emily McDonald at The Visionaries.The Visionaries have completed the signing of filmmaker Emily McDonald to their ever-growing freelance roster.
    • There is the love.Technically, this isn't a piece of political advertising because it was not paid for by Joe Biden's campaign… nonetheless, it has to be the most impressive piece of political communication that we have ever seen at DAVID.
    • Just in time.This important campaign aims to clarify an ambiguity lingering in the minds of people doing their best to ensure they don't burden the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic.
    • Sweats appeal.Those still haunted by Mountain Dew’s 2016 Super Bowl ad may find this 30” outing more palatable, if a little moist.
    • Say it with flowers.A lifetime of love is packed into 60" in this delicately drawn ad for Bloom & Wild florists.
    • Driving dumber.Road Safety Scotland's gran-forward campaign takes a poetic turn in this latest instalment.
    • Crouching Carlton, Hidden Beer.Aussie beer brand Carlton skewer cheesy kung-fu movies in this entertaining ad.
    • Ron Brodie is a 1stAveMachineForward-thinking director and creative Ron Brodie has signed to 1stAveMachine for representation.
    • Play it again, Ron.With the night-time economy paralysed by the coronavirus pandemic, this toe-tapping trailer for 'Ronnie’s' hits home.
    • Bot, bot, need.Sky Q enlist Iron Man, BB-8, Megatron, and a pack of robot dogs for this polished commercial, but the real star is a young boy.
    • Nick Armstrong heads to tenthree.Experienced editor Nick Armstrong has joined tenthree’s bespoke roster as the company embrace life post-lockdown.
    • The wheels keep turning.While few substantial positives have emerged from 2020, the compassion of communities helping those in need has been one of the bright spots in a very dark landscape.
    • Bare but hanging on.Tinned Pears' gives voice to families across the country struggling to make ends meet, for who even the very back of the cupboards are bare.


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Sisterhood is free to join and free to view.

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Ranya El-Refaey joins Vision.

Up-and-coming production designer Ranya El-Refaey has joined Vision’s Emerging Artists roster.

The Wimbledon College of Art graduate works in theatre, fashion, and installation art, while she's also made a successful transition into music videos. Check out her claustrophobic visuals for Sega Bodega's 'Salv Goes to Hollywood' to see what we mean.


Short Films
"We Shall Not Return"
22 October 2020

Shot during lockdown with the support of a network of DOPs, this striking short film from Stuart Langfield suggests a return to normal isn't the goal we should be aiming for post-Covid. The atmospheric piece urges us to become better, more compassionate humans in a post-pandemic world - ones who focus less on personal gain and more on the wonder of the world around us.

While moving forwards seems as far away now as it did back in March, there's a compelling conciseness to Langfield's film which suggests that even though the future may feel in permanent limbo, it will - eventually - be in the offing. Distinctive visuals of fire, water, and plant life emphasise a commitment to healing nature in addition to ourselves, too.

21 October 2020

A second instalment of Amazon's latest campaign continues to explore the couch-bound chaos of voice activated technology. This time it's a dignified opera performance which gets the rough treatment, as a bloke on a sun lounger barges his way through an a la mode crowd to ask the singer to change their tune.

Excellent production design does a lot to enhance the film's humour here. From white-wigged patrons with painstakingly-applied beauty marks to warm candlelight creating the perfect stuffy atmosphere, it provides a great scene for the protagonist to crash.

And crash he does, like a throwback Matthew McConaughey in black budgie smugglers who is totally oblivious to just how, er, underdressed he is for the occasion. A classical cover of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' only feels appropriate after all that, really.

"There's a Monster in My Kitchen"
2 mins 12s
21 October 2020

Greenpeace attempt to recapture the storybook magic of 2018's 'Rang-Tan' in their latest animated outing. Still concerned with the issue of deforestation, this film focuses on the impact of the industrial meat industry on the environment, as it razes endangered habitats to the ground in favour of the mass production of animal feed.

While the film's painterly animation creates a hand-crafted feel, and actor Wagner Moura (Narcos) provides a well-considered voiceover, this instalment doesn't quite capture the same vibe as its widely-acclaimed predecessor. Perhaps it's the more sinister soundtrack, or the emphasis on personal choice when a child's diet isn't the planet's greatest concern.

Regardless, this is a lovey piece of work which suggests that we can still have an impact on world-threatening issues - however small that may feel. Characterful design work on the jaguar really ups the film's poignancy and emotional impact, too.

Raman Djafari joins BlinkInk

Blinkink have added Hamburg-based animator and director Raman Djafari to their roster for representation.

A background in illustration heavily influences Djafari's surreal style, which makes intricate transitions and layered explorations of the human psyche feel effortless. Alternate realities become manifest in his work, spinning out spellbinding tales across commercials, music promos, and short films.



On This Day
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Anti Smoking (Australia)
30 Oct 2008
An outstanding anti-smoking film from Australia which tugs at the heartstrings. A little boy is abandoned at a railways station by his mother.. faceless passers-by pay no heed to the youngster even as his distress slowly increases. Smokers are asked to imagine what it would be like for the child to be abandoned permanently.

"Strange Taste"
30 Oct 2009
John Cleese is the star of this marvellous spoof of Calvin Klein's perfume ads. Despite the brilliance of this parody, almost all perfume houses continue to broadcast advertising which is as absurdly portentous as it ever was. Will they never learn?

Levi's 501s
30 Oct 2009
One of the great Levi's ads from the 1980s has a passer-by stopping to rescue a geeky-looking man and his beautiful girlfriend. She does little to hide her attraction to their rescuer and appears quite happy when he abducts her by proving the jeans aren't as tough as he hopes.

"Water In Majorca"
30 Oct 2009
One of the best commercials of all time features a Sloane Ranger trying to perfect a cockney accent. Her aristocratic vowels make her efforts a disaster until she refreshes herself with a bit of Heineken but she's not the only one affected by the Dutch lager.

"Welcome Home"
30 Oct 2009
The first of many commercials featuring Gary Lineker is one of advertising's all time classics. In real life, Lineker was returning to Britain after a stint playing in Japan and this ad played on his reputation as football's Mr Nice Guy.

30 Oct 2012
Channel 4, we have a suggestion... why not ask the people who make the trails for Hollyoaks to start making the programme? If each episode was marked by the aesthetic qualities displayed in this minute-long trail, then it might draw a more discerning audience and provide some quality entertainment.

30 Oct 2012
The protagonist in this wonderfully silly commercial for Freesat doesn't want to tell us what he does for a living but the attempt to mask his identity falls a little short of what's required. Because he's "away a lot", he sometimes misses the programmes he most enjoys but with the advertised service, he can record them and even watch stuff he's missed altogether.

"Megan the Marine Biologist"
30 Oct 2012
The advertised computer allows Megan Fox's intellect to blossom in this amusing ad for Acer. It would punchier if they shaved off thirty seconds and the premise is a bit insulting but there are some very funny moments and there's always something appealing about Hollywood stars sending themselves up.

Samsung NX1000
"We Are David Bailey"
30 Oct 2012
A collection of men named David Bailey are handed the advertised camera in a bid to prove that anyone can use it. Backed by a social networking element - we can track down the photographs they take online - this is the very epitome of a smart campaign working across the old and new media spectrum.

"Underwater Bar"
30 Oct 2014
This accomplished-looking spot for Skol is set in an underwater bar with a house DJ and sharks on leashes. The premise is that the ad reflects the drink's strapline: "Blue on the outside, mysterious on the inside"; and it's done a great job of visually interpreting this. Mixing scenes overtly filmed in water with others that are more ambiguous, it creates an otherwordly environment with a very earthy atmosphere.

Replay Jeans
30 Oct 2015
According to this super commercial for Replay, there are three inviolable laws of the universe: you can't live forever; you can't travel faster than the speed of light; and you can't work out in jeans. Well, Replay have some news for you... one of these three laws needs to be updated and you can probably guess which one.

Amazon Fire
"Jeremy Clarkson"
30 Oct 2015
Jeremy Clarkson's legion of fans have been impatient for the opportunity to watch their hero deliver his distinctive combination of overwrought metaphors and curiously emphatic enunciation on a channel which isn't funded by an organisation with a prissy disapproval of punching subordinates in the face. Well, now their wait is nearly over.

Quaker Oats
2 mins
30 Oct 2016
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day - especially when you're planning to blast off into space later. Who better to argue this point than Buzz Aldrin? This evocative film from Quaker Oats takes us back to the golden age of space travel, with eighty-six-year-old Aldrin musing on the past, the present, and the future.

30 Oct 2017
As the Weinsteins and Spaceys of the world are being exposed, German DIY retailers Hornbach have released an ad which - timed by accident or intention - feels like an appropriate allegory. Gone are the brand's usual cast of characters - hale and hearty men indulging in their very masculine home improvement hobby - instead, the film stars a lone woman.

"The Heist No One Is Talking About"
2 mins 20s
30 Oct 2017
Why should we get angry when corporations don't pay their taxes? Obviously there's a sense that it's unfair, but that sits uneasily alongside the idea that it's rational to minimise our tax burdens. A lot of people acknowledge that they'd probably take advantage of loopholes to avoid paying tax if their wealth put them in a position to do so.

Ovarian Cancer Action
"I Will Survive"
30 Oct 2019
Ovarian Cancer Action are the latest brand to enlist Gloria Gaynor's services as the charity bid to safeguard the next generation - represented here by a young cast performing a spoken-word version of ‘I Will Survive'. Some of the children sound more confident than others - one girl never rises above a whisper - but this only adds to the film's careful mix of vulnerability and strength.

Domino's Pizza
30 Oct 2019
Introverts rejoice: the fear of missing out is officially cancelled. At least, according to this entertaining ad for Domino's Pizza, who encourage people to have a little self-indulgent anti-social time and take part in JOMO - the joy of missing out. Silent discos are sweaty, karaoke is awkward, and other people are, generally, awful - much better to order in and avoid human contact for as long as possible, really.

30 Oct 2005
An appealing stream of folk pledge to spend one night a week enjoying a real family meal with loved ones, doused in proper gravy. A real feel-gooder, even if water plus granules resembling freeze-dried rat droppings now counts as 'proper'. Move over, Granny, with your meat juice and cornflour.

Philly Splendips
"Bad Halo Day"
30 Oct 2005
Pretty film where an angel picks up a colleague in her convertible Beetle. Zipping along highway cloud 9, her pal shows un-angelic selfishness in refusing to share her snack. Although wickedly tempting, they're low -fat enogh to take you to heaven at 9 a.m. Final giggle from driver unconvincing.

"Happy Feet Dance"
30 Oct 2006
Ah, now we know what the penguin thing in the last ad was all about... Persil is involved in the promotion of a new children's film called Happy feet which revolves around animated penguins and here the girl from the previous commercial does a charming dance routine with said flightless bird.

Party Poker
30 Oct 2006
A cowboy finds himself playing poker alone after asking an unwise question of his fellow players in this amusing ad for the online gaming facility. Previously seen as a sponsorship ad, this is the full length version DAVID promised a while back.

30 Oct 2007
As everyone else dashes to and fro in a desperate bid to buy everything they need for Christmas, one woman looks on. There is an alternative to the mad Christmas rush... you can purchase everything you need online from Argos as Stephen Fry's calming tones remind us.

Mr & Mrs Smith
"Get A Room"
30 Oct 2007
A couple strain for space for a bit of saucy fun but the distractions of everyday life won't permit it. Watch out for a post-it note signalling an intervention from a canine with an aggravated anus. What this couple need is a service enabling them to find some privacy at a luxury hotel... the very thing being advertised.

Virgin Rail
"Go Greener"
2 mins
30 Oct 2007
A wry take on the current focus on environmental issues imagines a group of animals getting together to discuss the way in which their lives are being affected by climate change and coming to the conclusion that their lot would be considerably enhanced if they could persuade us to start using Virgin Rail.

30 Oct 2009
In this Irish ad, an Eircom salesman doodles as he talks to a client from his airy office where he wanders around using a headset. His animations come to life which cleverly draws more attention to the special offers than would otherwise be the case.

On This Day
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