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Latest Work
    • A Double-Hit for Missing Link.Missing Link Films have announced a couple of new additions to their roster: Laura Scrivano and Christophe Dolcerocca.
    • New Land bring Natanael Ericsson into the fold.Former director's assistant Natanael Ericsson is now a director in his own right at New Land.
    • Same difference.Tanqueray's discerning spin on a blind taste test starts in 1830 and finishes in the present day.
    • Destination DignityThe limitations of travelling while disabled are explored in this touching partnership between Tesco and accessibility charity Changing Places.
    • Another Bank in the WallBanking becomes even more of a dystopian nightmare than usual in this ominous commercial for Nubank.
    • James Tupper joins NOMINT.Director, designer, and all-round creative whizz James Tupper has joined NOMINT for representation.
    • You're Saint Nicked.This rollicking two-and-a-half minute ad from Sainsbury's charts the origins of one Nicholas the chimney sweep.
    • Unimpeded Undercarriages This stylish piece of work for bespoke fashion retailer Spoke focuses on what the company does best: making trousers to suit the modern man's needs.
    • Attendance for AllUK charity Freedom4Girls draw attention to the increasingly prevalent issue of period poverty in this hard-hitting short film.
    • ZCDC hook up with UNIT9 Films.California-based directing duo ZCDC are the newest addition to the roster at UNIT9 Films.
    • My lovely raptor.This German McDonald's ad suggests the notorious velociraptor has a bad rap, so to speak.
    • Let me begin.Marks & Spencer cut loose in this festive ad directed by Jake Nava.
    • One-Stop ShopIt's that time of year again - time to try and work out what to give friends, family, and what feels like everyone else under the sun for Christmas. That's where Boots come in.
    • And After AllRenault chart the evolution of a relationship through the years in this touching commercial for their Clio model.


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"Silence the Critics"
8 November 2019

House-shaming takes a curious new form in this entertaining outing for IKEA. When a woman hesitates on inviting friends over due to the state of her abode, knickknacks around the room take up a call for the family to get the place spruced up sharpish.

With this being the brand's first Christmas campaign for the UK market, it's a bold move to eschew the traditional feel-good or intensely-poignant festive approaches for something more idiosyncratic... but it works.

Figurines rapping criticism over a Grime-inspired beat is sure to cut through the Christmas chatter, particularly for viewers beginning to get twitchy about hosting holiday gatherings for potentially judgemental relatives. While the idea of spending money on home furnishings right before Christmas might be galling, it can't be worse than dealing with familial nit-picking on the big day.

Two through the door at ENVY Advertising.

ENVY Advertising have bolstered their ranks by signing the experienced duo of Jax Harney and Ross Culligan.

Harney joins the Mortimer Street outfit as a Senior Colourist, while Culligan slots in as Executive Producer. In the eyes of ENVY Managing Director Greg White, it's yet another bit of good business.


Leroy Merlin
"A Life to Build"
1 min 42s
7 November 2019

This CG-heavy epic from home improvement retailer Leroy Merlin suggests life in a post-apocalyptic world is nowhere near as bad as books, films, and video games make out. In fact, it's the ultimate blank canvas.

This is illustrated by a family who use a ramshackle house in the middle of nowhere for shelter. While a storm rages overhead and mutant cannibals run amok nearby (probably), the clan set about making this shell of a home liveable.

With a little help from the boffins in the visual effects lab, the house magically shifts and contorts to suit the protagonists' every need. How every frazzled parent must wish for a playroom/quarantine zone to appear out of nowhere during a sibling tiff.

This and other whimsical touches - plus an urgent score by Swiss-German duo Grandbrothers - ensure the brand come across as a lofty yet practical option... whether the sky's been scorched or not.

"Leafy Blinders"
7 November 2019

Kevin the Carrot makes his triumphant return in Aldi's 70" Christmas film, and the brand have sneaked in two pop culture references for the price of one. Perhaps astutely realising that a outright Peaky Blinders parody might be a little dark for the season, things launch into full 'The Greatest Showman' territory once Kevin escapes the flat cap-wearing sprouts' clutches.

The CG vegetable's cover of Robbie Williams' 'Let Me Entertain You' is a touch jarring (mainly because of the difference between his singing and speaking voices), but some droll festive lyrics and food-based shenanigans still ensures good value for all ages. Mind you, the Leafy Blinder stuck at the top of the tent may disagree.

Comedy Central
"Waiting: Gum"
3 mins 15s
7 November 2019

A brother and sister's grief over their late grandfather quickly dissipates in this comedy short from director Freddie Waters. While the deceased lies in an open casket, Ross (Ryan Samspon) and Kerry (Harriet Webb) vent their spleen, chew sour apple-flavoured gum, and bicker how to pronounce the term "anger issues". Yes, it's trickier than you might think.

Their tactless back-and-forth is sold well by Sampson and Webb, as is a gross-out gag that shows why caskets and confectionary should never go together. Ultimately though, it's a cheeky reminder that if you can't say something nice, you can always say something cruel instead.


On This Day
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"Family Reunion"
14 Nov 2005
Drunken pepperami snuggled up to a rolled roast and a porkchop in celebration of family reunions. Very tasteful. Vegetarians, cover your eyes..... now!

14 Nov 2012
Do you remember Fenton the dog who caused worldwide mirth when his exasperated owner couldn't stop him from chasing the deer in Richmond Park? Well, EE do and this viral is designed to suggest that the already hilarious original might have been even more funny if bandwith had allowed the true enormity of the event to be depicted in all its glory.

Sky Movies
14 Nov 2012
This lovely film for Sky Movies has a little girl explaining to her younger sister how it is possible for so many movies to be delivered to their home. Don't take notes though... we've a feeling that not every aspect of her account is entirely reliable. A thoroughly charming reminder of Sky Movies's claim to be part of Christmas.

"Chad Strider"
3 mins 30s
14 Nov 2013
This is something of a radical departure for BUPA. Never really known for their goofball sense of humour, they've bitten the bullet and gone all out for it; inventing a walking inspiration called Chad Strider whose Hollywood rise, fall, and ultimate rehabilitation is told in this online short as a vehicle for BUPA's Ground Miles app.

Road Safety
"50th Anniversary"
14 Nov 2014
It's astonishing to learn that fifty years ago - when there were far fewer cars on the road - deaths caused by drink driving were over seven times higher than they are today. The Road Safety campaign has been largely instrumental in this, and so they have good reason to celebrate this startling reduction. But that's not going to be of any help to the 230 each year who die, as this brave and sensitive film tells us.

"The Muppets"
2 mins
14 Nov 2015
The Muppet Show's recent revival on Sky doesn't seem to have caught the public's imagination particularly, but that might change when they get a look at the new ad for Warburton's featuring Kermit and the crew. It opens with Kermit the Frog (or "Mr the Frog" as he's formally introduced) turning up at the offices of Jonathan Warburton. Like Sylvester Stallone before him, Kermit wants to pitch an idea to the baking supremo.

"Santa's Star"
14 Nov 2016
The diminutive stars of Myer's 2015 Christmas ad return for another entertaining outing. This time, the four tree decorations have an astronomical repair job on their hands. When the star crash lands in the back garden, the angel sums up the situation eloquently: "Nah, that's carked it". They decide to rebuild the star with the department store's extensive collection of goods. Oh, and plenty of duck tape.

"The Greatest Gift"
3 mins 30s
14 Nov 2016
As Sainsbury's saunter across London and park their account between the penny farthings at the HQ of Wieden+Kennedy, their heads will be filled with a parting serenade created for them by outgoing agency AMV. Sung by James Corden and written by Flight of the Conchords's Bret McKenzie, it's a part of a farewell gift that may have the retailer questioning the wisdom of their decision to part company with the agency after forty years.

14 Nov 2016
We suspect a lot of folk will find themselves muttering that there's something in their eye while watching this festive offering from Lidl Ireland. It tells the tale of an extended family gathering at what appears to be their abandoned homestead of years gone by, hurrying to get things ready for a very special guest.

14 Nov 2016
If we had to sum up the cleverness of TBWA's advertising for Lidl in a single phrase it would be this: it gives us permission to shop there. And their Christmas ad provides a brilliant example of how effective this approach can be. As families get ready for a meal many consider the most important of the year, they will focus on the single most crucial decision: the turkey.

Heathrow Airport
"Best Gift of All"
14 Nov 2016
It's fair to say not everyone will embrace Heathrow's Christmas cheer... particularly those living on the site of the airport's planned third runway. The issue will remain divisive into the New Year and beyond, but the airport's festive ad is a cuddly gem. Teddy bears won't be enough to sway the anti-runway brigade, but their message of bringing families together with ease should travel well.

"I Am You"
14 Nov 2017
This terrific film for S7 airlines transports us around the world... and to somewhere else entirely. From the opening shot, which literally turns everything upside down, we know this isn't going to be a standard airline ad. EasyJet, it ain't. We see a series of exotic images as a voiceover encourages us to experience the world head on - not just like it through a screen.

14 Nov 2017
Bose continue their inner life campaign with another understated ad, this time featuring a kid leaving a school dance. While initially the solo scoot home might seem lonely, the camera stays on his face long enough for the audience to notice a lipstick print.

Google Pixel
"Ask More"
1 min 53s
14 Nov 2017
Ask and you shall receive, says this entertaining Google Pixel ad. An initial "What is that?" sparks a two-minute Q&A session starring everyone from Dua Lipa to Salt Bae. The corporation's flagship smartphone receives a thorough grilling - luckily, Google Assistant and a composed narrator have all the answers.

Estée Lauder
14 Nov 2005
Gwyneth Paltrow looking like a Seveties poster girl burbling prettily about Estee Lauder's Pleasures in a field of pink flowers. Sugary enough to give David cavities at fifty yards.

Sony Walkman
"Be Careful"
14 Nov 2005
Filmed on a window ledge with some keys, a glass of water and the edge of Eric Morecambe's glasses for perspective. The walkman starts the size and colour of a recreational pharmaceutical and gradually blimps up. Voiceover informs us it's small but powerful. Getting bigger, but still small. OK?

Alberto V05
"Office Escape"
14 Nov 2005
A grey office drone engaged in rubber-stamping is liberated by foxy girl in red dress. Why she picked him to extreme style and how she got the job in the first place remain a mystery.

"Wear And Tear Tip"
14 Nov 2005
One more hot tip from the RAC: check the wear and tear on seat, pedal and steering wheel to calculate the true mileage on a used car. David hopes they also provide a workable formula for this one. Square root of m(depth of rubber erosion) x f(number of scuff marks) = miles per year?

"The 18th?"
14 Nov 2005
A couple waiting for party guests to arrive don't hear the doorbell which rings whenever he hits pulse on a blender full of Baileys and ice. Guests seem determined enough to get in, though, so it may turn out OK.

Dobbies Garden World
"Christmas Stuff"
14 Nov 2005
Feel-gooder featuring nice people getting their trees and holly from Dobbies. Cute kids and pretty girls. Nice soundtrack and a warm rush of relief when one realises that the two crinklies aren't going to grab a quick snog under that mistletoe.

Sony Walkman
"Bedside Table"
14 Nov 2005
There's something classy about the new films promoting the new Sony Walkman... DAVID suspects this is because of a certain gravitas that reminds us that this brand is the Daddy of all portable music players. Here the elegant new machine grows and shrinks on a bedside table.

The Link
"More Gay Banter"
14 Nov 2005
Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams take their 'suits you' characters into a whole new level of sexual innuendo in this ad which demonstrates how you can output your mobile footage onto a TV screen. They may have taken this far enough to urge a rebuke from Ofcom should people complain.

American Airlines
"City That Never Sleeps"
14 Nov 2005
James Gandolfini from the Sopranos reminds us that New York is the City that never sleeps as he gets comfy on board a plane thanks to the beds available on American Airlines... let's hope he doesn't wake up with a horse's head in the seat beside him. This happened to DAVID once... bloody stag parties.

14 Nov 2005
This sexy, stylish commercial has a snake-hipped, leather-clad rocker approaching a harp before knocking out a version of T-Rex's 20th Century Boy on the notoriously tricky instrument. As genuinely 'beyond the obvious' as the ad claims.

"Hello To St Pancras"
14 Nov 2007
Eurostar sensibly allows their impressive new building to do the talking in this ad reminiscent of one of those films they used to run before the main feature in the olden days. Who else remembers the one that used to show the London to Brighton train completing the journey in four minutes? No-one? Oh bollocks.

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