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Latest Work
    • Places to BeDrivers sneak out to play with their toys in this dreamy ad for Audi.
    • Word up.Keen to maintain board games' lockdown sales momentum, Alias (Finland's answer to Taboo) present this quirky film shot by Pete Riski after restrictions were eased.
    • Vision Artists present Nikita Popkov.Latvian cinematographer Nikita Popkov has joined the Emerging Artists wing at Vision.
    • Zoe Koperski joins Vision Artists.Vision Artists have completed the signing of Zoe Koperski to their production design roster.
    • A penchant for parody.Australian plonk makers McGuigan ease the tension with these Drama channel sponsorship bumpers directed by Laurence Dunmore.
    • Pulse Films sign Winston HackingPulse Films have expanded their music promo roster with the addition of director Winston Hacking.
    • Alexander Dunning joins Park VillageFormer Grey and McCann Erickson creative Alexander Dunning has joined the director roster at Park Village.
    • Freedom of MindThis intriguing film from Mat Hale paints an inspiring portrait of Stephen Akpabio-Klementowski - a former drug dealer, inmate, and current PhD candidate.
    • Every Little Detail This arresting take on Neil Hilborn's poem 'OCD' offers an intense look at how mental illness can impact relationships.
    • Dog days.Calum Macdiarmid’s atmospheric short film uses brooding animation to convey the monotony of lockdown.
    • Narghi moves to Missing Link Films.Kyrgyzstan-born director Narghi Dotieva has joined Missing Link Films for representation.
    • Next to NormalGeorge the Poet is in fine voice in this uplifting ad for Coca-Cola, which takes a lyrical look at lockdown.
    • No Place Like ItThis charming outing for Rightmove bids to make even the most trepidatious house hunter feel excited about their future home.
    • Klaas Diersmann joins Greatcoat FilmsGreatcoat Films have added YDA-winning director Klaas Diersmann to their roster.
    • La la land.Nike have a strong track record when it comes to tuning into local sensibilities, and they've done it beautifully in this smashing film celebrating Liverpool's counterculture instincts.
    • Rising TollsThere have been many reflections on lockdown, but this offering from director Charlie Watts has more bite than most.


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"Tell Us Never"
8 August 2020

Nike have a strong track record when it comes to tuning into local sensibilities, and they've done it beautifully in this smashing film celebrating Liverpool's counterculture instincts. This is the city that refuses to buy The Sun newspaper because of the lies that were printed after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989. This is the city that forced Tommy Robinson's fascists to retreat to the railway station while ridiculing them with the Benny Hill theme music. This is the city which bore the brunt of the worst excesses of Thatcherism at the same time as suffering the blatant self-abuse of the Labour Party's militant tendency, and somehow still managed to keep smiling. This is a city of long memories and fierce loyalties, where keeping the faith has become a regional pastime.

The footballing reds of Liverpool have put their fans through a lot over the last thirty years. Unlikely successes have nestled alongside heroic failures as its supporters have impatiently waited for the club's first Premier League title. And it hasn't helped that Manchester United – their bitter rivals just along the M62 – have taunted them repeatedly with their own bounteous success during this lengthy drought.

If it weren't for a certain pandemic, Liverpool's domination of this year's elite football competition would have been the story of the season. Instead, despite their runaway lead, it looked for a little while as though fate might deny them the trophy they have coveted above all others. In the end though, not even Covid 19 could come between the club and its destiny.

The pride that the city has in its football clubs is something to be envied. The young woman who guides us through a whistlestop tour of Liverpool possesses a perfect combination of irreverence and passion... and she's been given some great lines: "this is where miracles come for their big night out" and "if it can't be done, it'll happen here."

Juergen Klopp knows all about tuning into local sensibilities and his excellent cameos reinforce his place in the hearts of the club's supporters.

Director Glenn Kitson has captured all of this beautifully, and helped Nike sustain the immensely clever ploy for a massive multinational with an enviable global market share somehow aligning itself with underdogs and mavericks.

Short Films
"Distant Future"
5 mins 34s
7 August 2020

There have been many reflections on lockdown since restrictions began to ease, but this offering from director Charlie Watts has more bite than most. The poignant film presents people's candid thoughts about how the past few months have been for them, and doesn't fall back on pulling together or summoning a 'Blitz spirit'. Things have been shit, and it's alright to acknowledge that.

Which isn't to say that the film is without hope. From a father who's been able to watch his young child grow up to people finding some inner peace in confinement, there are glimmers of light among the gloom. But missed funerals, lost jobs, and bouts of mental ill-health can't be forgotten via positive thinking, and this gives viewers permission to grieve the year that wasn't.

Sky Nature
7 August 2020

Sky’s love of butterflies is well-documented, with previous ads for sports and arts channels each starring the colourful insects. The launch of Sky Nature offers another chance to raid the lepidopterarium, and the results are captivating.

Made by Sky Creative and Time Based Arts, these two idents feature a butterfly and a lizard respectively, with each animal’s distinctive textures providing access to exotic worlds. Furthermore, both journeys come full circle in satisfying ways.

A lush blend of stock, CG, and live-action footage brings the concept to life, while the ambient soundtrack helps the channel stand out from its more boisterous counterparts. A soothing alternative to rejoining the outside world.

Dog Eat Dog sign Matthäus Bussmann

Following their signing of director Julian Marshall, Dog Eat Dog have grown their commercial roster further with Matthäus Bussmann.

With a showreel that oozes cool across a wide variety of formats and genres (from polished car work to evocative mood pieces and visceral dramas), Bussmann brings his distinctive visual flair to DED's UK stable.


"Autumn-Winter 20-21"
14 mins 42s
6 August 2020

There's a fairytale sensibility to this sumptuous film from Dior, showcasing the fashion label's autumn/winter collection. Opening with the meticulous construction of delicate, tiny couture sample dresses, director Matteo Garrone fully embraces fantasy from the word go.

From frolicking nymphs to Pan-like wood spirits and sentient statues, a pair of bellhops diligently deliver their cargo to these discerning, ethereal clients. It's an evocative way to emphasise the playfulness of fashion, while still retaining the brand's glossy, high-end aesthetic.

However, the ad is nearly fifteen minutes long, which may appeal to hardcore fashionistas only. Luckily, the majority of viewers have time to spare right now.


On This Day
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"Food Fight"
14 Aug 2007
Has a food fight ever looked so good? In a posh restaurant diners representing the competitors in a new reality show begin to hurl food at one another. The depiction is entirely in keeping with the grandeur of the restaurant as food majestically flies across the room creating quite beautiful destruction.

"Like A Golf"
14 Aug 2009
Various people are shown seeking a car or comparing a car with the VW Golf. But, as the super at the end asks, why drive something like a Golf when you can drive a Golf? This is that rare beast... a car ad which feels like it could be very effective.

2 mins 30s
14 Aug 2009
A gorgeous piece for the American footwear giant which combines basketball and a music track with some beautiful photography. This outcome makes DAVID wonder why pop promos and TV commercials don't just merge... ad breaks would be much more fun.

Johnnie Walker
"The Man Who Walked Around The World"
6 mins 20s
14 Aug 2009
There's an astonishing performance from Robert Carlyle in this captivating ad for Johnny Walker in which he tells the history of the brand. Not only does he get through a lengthy monologue in one take, he times his walk to perfection to grab the props. Brilliant.

Coca Cola
14 Aug 2013
Coca Cola is using an interesting approach in its bid to persuade us that their drink isn't an unhealthy as we might assume. In this ad from Argentina - for example - it's suggested that our consumption of sugary drinks poses no risk provided we try to emulate the healthy activity of our grandparents.

Back Me Up
14 Aug 2016
Whether you regard them as remote control playthings or the humble kite's nefarious upgrade, drones have caught the public's imagination. Plundering the drone's potential for mishaps is this lovely ad for insurance app Back Me Up. One of four ads for the e-insurer directed by Chris Palmer, this execution does a swell job of communicating the outfit's sympathy for when life's foibles get the better of us.

"Sister Madonna Buder"
14 Aug 2016
Nike once again flummox Oscar Isaac in the voiceover booth - this time by introducing Sister Madonna Buder a.k.a. the 'Iron Nun'. No, don't worry, she isn't the latest addition to cinema's ever-increasing roster of superheroes - eighty-six-year-old Buder is a triathlete with a spry attitude to the whole mind, body, and soul business. Another engaging distillation of the sporting brand's universal message of boundless endeavour.

"Coming Home"
14 Aug 2019
This smartly-designed film for Starbucks emphasises the universal allure of a good cup of coffee. The brand cultivate a unifying atmosphere - exploring the various incarnations of their cafes and take-home products alike - and the result is an ad with a surprisingly homey feel... as much as a multinational chain can seem homey, at least.

14 Aug 2005
Another in this series of short ads prepared specially to run with Channel 4's cricket coverage has a member of the Portuguese team talking admiringly about former player Graham Gooch who, like he, had a magnificent bushy moustache.

"Shark Tamer"
14 Aug 2008
We are told the story of a man whose need for thrills led him to take greater and greater risks in his dalliances with sharks. If only he'd known about ladbrokecasino.com then he could have got the same excitement by losing his savings and his house instead of his life.

"The First Week"
14 Aug 2009
A man aiming to quit smoking struggles to shake the habit. This is illustrated by showing a pack of cigarettes literally stuck to his hand. All his efforts to discard it fail until he uses the advertised product and is finally able to let go.

"Where's Nigel?"
14 Aug 2009
A very amusing ad purports to show how Weetabix Minis are made. It's a nice touch to shoot it on a set with a very low ceiling as it helps create an Alice In Wonderland feel about the factory where they minimise the giant weetabixes to get them to the right size.

"We Can Help"
14 Aug 2009
An amusing ad for Currys has an overweight man getting a bit carried away as he joins in with an exercise programme he's chanced across on TV. Indeed, he gets so enthusiastic that his bouncing around causes his telly to crash to the ground.

"The M"
14 Aug 2012
All the way through the Olympics, McDonald's were unable to show any of their food in their commercials because it would have been like soaking all the wholesomeness in trans fats so they're making up for lost time with this ad that quite literally focuses on the food like they've never done it before.

"Autumn Drama"
14 Aug 2012
Now that the Olympics are over, the BBC is making the case for people to stay tuned because of their marvellous array of dramas. Although this trail is made up of clips from the programmes, it's put together in an impressively dynamic fashion and we thought it merited inclusion at our illustrious web site.

Ripper Street
"After The Olympics"
14 Aug 2012
This trail explicitly acknowledges that the end of the Olympics is likely to leave a void in people's lives. And what could help to maintain the feel good factor engendered by the Games? Why a drama about Jack the Ripper of course? What replaces murderously hard-won medals better than malignant murders.

14 Aug 2012
Another of the trails the BBC is using to remind its audience in the wake of the Olympics that there are more strings to their bow than spirited medal-winning performances by plucky Brits. A new series called 'Murder' marks the directing debut of Birger Larsen - the man behind Danish hit The Killing. Can't wait.

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
"Bear Joke"
14 Aug 2012
Another joke from one of the elderly West Indians with mischievous glints in their eyes. This chap has had a go before but his accent is so thick that we couldn't make it out so it's a relief to discover that this time we can identify the joke... it's a hoary old favourite but you can't have everything.

14 Aug 2012
A little girl with ginger hair reveals that her mum likes the own-brand mayonnaise as much as she likes Hellmann's. She then produces a badge made for her by her brother that says 'monster'... she apparently believes that it says 'angel'. Another winning addition to an excellent series.

Back Me Up
"Inside Horse"
14 Aug 2016
Insurance app Back Me Up depict another silly scenario to show it's useful to have something to lean on when the effluence hits the fan. A man engrossed in his laptop is given a fright by a horse helping itself to the fruit bowl, resulting in a milky keyboard. Given that he and his more enthusiastic partner live in a high-rise, you can understand his consternation - though the advertised app means he can relax about one thing in this situation.

Back Me Up
14 Aug 2016
Insurance app Back Me Up depicts another terrific scenario to show it's useful to have something to lean on when the effluence hits the fan. A tourist decides to nab a selfie with a snake charmer's reptile - which is never going to be a good idea - and the cut to the local A&E is done with sublime economy. A great reminder that the e-insurance app can be a more beneficial addition to one's phone.

Back Me Up
14 Aug 2016
Ineptitude always looks funnier at a distance, and this chap's strenuous efforts to cross the sea in a zorb (pretty much a hamster ball for humans) are well captured in this Back Me Up ad. We observe this inflatable odyssey in all its glory before the VO informs us that a new kind of app-based insurance provides us with protection from misadventures instead of leaving us adrift.

Talk Talk
"Daft Stuff"
14 Aug 2017
It's giggles all round in this fly on the wall ad for Talk Talk. The residents of 9 Merwick Street guffaw, chortle, and chuckle their way through amusing videos online, all streaming smoothly courtesy of the broadband provider's totally unlimited fibre plan. The documentary style works well for the brand, giving them an air of authenticity and trustworthiness.

Marks & Spencer
14 Aug 2017
A lad starting his big-school career addresses his parents in this charming ad for M&S. The kid can't promise to do everything perfectly - lost property and post-PE uniform mishaps are universal experiences, after all - but he's going to give it his best shot. This film carries on the brand's 'Spend it Well' campaign, positioning Marks and Sparks as part of pivotal life moments.

"Chicken Legend"
14 Aug 2017
The British are notorious for our love of an underdog, from Susan Boyle to Leicester City, so perhaps it's no surprise that McDonald's have given their latest 'Chicken Legend' the Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards treatment. We see a canoeist who isn't quite ready for his big race pausing to fix his glove before he sets off... losing his oar in the process.

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