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Latest Work
    • Breaking the SurfaceAlzheimer's Research UK address the sense of hopelessness which accompanies the public perception of dementia.
    • Looking GoodThis charmingly vintage ad from British Vogue and Selfridges suggests that any and every activity can improved by wearing fancy glasses.
    • Bubble and squeak.This cuddlesome stop-motion ad for boiler outfit Hometree claims "a warm home is too important for a broken boiler to get in the way"… and that mantra covers field mice dwellings as well, apparently.
    • Old and New Masters.Audi may not have invented electric car technology, but they claim to have perfected it.
    • Gnu IdeasHuawei encourage their customers to develop a sense of digital responsibility in this unusual ad.
    • Nothing left behind.his thought-provoking documentary from directors Simon + Ben probes the aftermath of Kenya's unprecedented crackdown on plastic bags.
    • Lust for life and death.One wouldn't normally associate ancient Greek power fantasies with Danny Boyle's adaptation of ‘Trainspotting', but the marketing team behind ‘Assassin's Creed Odyssey' think there is crossover appeal.
    • California dreamin'.Virgin Holidays follow their sister brand's recent airborne jaunt with their own dose of escapism.
    • Go Heavenward.This Mercury Prize film from Boiler Room sees Wolf Alice perform 'Heavenward' in decidedly gloomy surroundings.
    • André Maat arrives at Darling.German director and all-round SFX whizz André Maat has joined Darling Films for commercial representation.
    • Milking MattersThis tongue-in-cheek ad from Elvie draws attention to their innovative breast pump technology.


We're sorry to say that we've had to take the decision to discontinue CraftWorks.

Although there is a lot of verbal appreciation of it, this has failed to translate into ticket sales and we cannot afford to run it at a loss.

It's important to put our hands up and admit that we failed to construct an event the industry was willing to support.

That said, the industry's priorites are weird and if you're interested in knowing how we feel about the failure to get behind it, and you have an appetite for champion swearing, give us a call.

Pathé Gaumont
"Big Stories"
2 mins
16 September 2018

Earlier this year, it emerged that there's a sub-culture of young men in the world who identify themselves as Incels. It's a portmanteau abbreviation for 'involuntary celibates' and is a vehicle for a bizarre mixture of self-pity, self-loathing, misogyny, racism, and a sense of sexual entitlement. Essentially, these fellas can't get laid and they're angry. They're angry with the women who don't want to fuck them, and they're angry with the men who those women want to fuck. It is a despicable movement. Malignant too... its adherents have been responsible for some of the mass shootings in the US this year.

It may seem strange to draw your attention to this phenomenon when considering a piece of advertising but it's relevant, because this film is nothing less than an Incel fantasy. The male protagonist behaves like a complete creep. A lot of women have spent the last year patiently trying to explain to men how they feel about this kind of coy predation. Unfortunately, films have been telling men for years that behaviour which would be characterised as 'stalking' in a court of law is precisely the kind of persistence that eventually wins a woman's heart. Even as men are told again and again that 'no' means 'no', they choose to believe that you should never take 'no' for an answer.

Admittedly, the man in this commercial doesn't get that far, preferring to linger in the background and stare resentfully at the man his quarry prefers, rather than ask her out and face rejection.

And - obviously - because this is the ultimate Incel fantasy, it turns out that the attractive woman he's been furtively watching has noticed the attention he's been paying to her and invites him to sit next to her. You'd hope this is because she wants to skewer one of his bollocks with a knitting needle but, no, it turns out that she appreciates the silent stalky approach. Was this, perchance, written by a man?

It's ironic that this should be an ad for the cinema and that we should hear snippets from a number of well-known films. Hollywood has been shaken to the core by the unsurprising revelation that the industry which literally has a cute nickname for systematic sexual abuse - the casting couch - turns out to be infested with sex pests.

The press release from BETC Paris which delivered this to us demonstrates a stunning lack of awareness. They think they've made a love story... which is exactly how stalkers often try to justify their behaviour.

In the words of one of the young female staff at DAVID: "When will the film world realise that we don't want or need any more 'big stories' from white men who are sad because their imaginary cool girlfriend won't fuck them?"

"Epic Sindy"
15 September 2018

Mother's final spot for moneysupermarket.com takes on another classic childhood toy - Sindy. Having already mined the rich veins of Skeletor and Action Man, the campaign goes out with a feminine bang.

Offering a new spin on 'Thelma and Louise', the ad features a rousing burst of Fleetwood Mac's 'Go Your Own Way' to hammer home its 'feel epic' message. The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide deliver this effective dose of nostalgia with the lovely design work and ironic sense of humour we've come to expect.

Iit's certainly nteresting to sign off with a suicide pact... are Mother trying to tell moneysupermaket something?

Red Bull
"Charge Ahead"
13 September 2018

Red Bull's rev-heavy ode to a Vietnamese motorcyclist makes a refreshing yet frenetic change from the brand's typical output. Gone are the energy drink's limp animated tales, replaced by a steely examination of a man's bid to craft the ultimate lean, mean, two-wheeled thrilling machine.

Director Noah Conopask proves up to the task as he zips between the protagonist's workshop and the open road, with only a portentous VO weighing matters down. While the script muses on the gap between the essence and the descent, the ad's tangible elements offer superior sustenance.

2 mins
14 September 2018

The National Lottery have launched a new campaign to demonstrate the life-enhancing effects of winning the jackpot.

adam&eveDDB's two-minute debut for the brand tells the story of a fisherman who has to leave his family for long stretches of time - ending with a characteristically heartwarming twist.

The narrative is astutely drawn, as director Mark Molloy switches back and forth between the man at sea and his family at home. While we're led to believe there's hardship on the horizon, the unexpected ending is bound to warm many a cockle.

Furthermore, the protagonists' relatively modest aspirations mean this scenario resonates more than any bloated spending spree ever could.

14 September 2018

This impressive flight of fancy from easyJet may leave future air passengers underwhelmed by their next window view. VCCP and directing duo The Sacred Egg's carte blanche approach to air travel pays dividends here as the brand take their commitment to dream holidays seriously.

From Cat Power's languid score to the ad's constantly shifting flight path - encompassing photongenic stone giants, cloud-based ice cream, and inflatable towns along the way - this 60" effort sweeps wanderlust-stricken viewers off their feet and, er, keeps them on their toes.

As the nights draw in and thoughts turn to sunnier climes, then, such technically accomplished whimsy should appeal to those with a lingering sense of wonder for travel… or reinvigorate it entirely.


Recent Promos
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"Mary Don't You Weep"
6 mins 41s
19 Sep 2018
Death is only the beginning if you're a popular musician, it seems. Elvis, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson… countless acts have, er, seen their work released posthumously, regardless of whether it's finished or not. Now it's Prince's turn to make a late tilt at chart success with ‘Piano and a Microphone 1983' and its first single.

Jon Hopkins
5 mins 23s
18 Sep 2018
The title track of Jon Hopkins's first album since his acclaimed breakthrough - 'Immunity' - back in 2013, 'Singularity' demonstrates what a monumental talent he is in the field of electronic music. And what a pleasure it is to watch the promo Seb Edwards has made for this track: a spellbinding tour de force of visual trickery and caprice.

Calvin Harris / Sam Smith
4 mins 05s
18 Sep 2018
Sam Smith's new joint release with Calvin Harris draws from the intriguing subculture of voguing. Having originated in the Harlem ballroom scene of the 1980s, the exuberant dance is performed here by a colourful cast of characters, each with their own unique style... and all far more interesting than Smith himself.

"What Have You Done"
3 mins 34s
18 Sep 2018
Director Femi Ladi brings KWAYE's heritage to the fore in this dance promo for 'What Have You Done'. The clip comprises three distinct looks referencing key points in African history - slavery, the emergence of black funk and hiphop, and the mass migration fashions of the '40s and '60s. In Ladi's words, it's about rediscovering identity; and it's a neat showcase for the singer-songwriter's performance skills.

Ben Chatwin
3 mins 43s
18 Sep 2018
Ben Chatwin's thoughtful exploration of the natural versus the manmade is brought to life in Zak Emerson's promo for 'Knots'. Taken from the album 'Staccato Signals' - a title referring to those flashes of inspiration that make a creation greater than the sum of its parts - the track is mesmeric, and Emerson delivers a fitting vision that's half steely monochrome and half glistening, visceral flesh.

Born Dirty
"Get Up Get Out (ft. jstlbby)"
3 mins 36s
16 Sep 2018
The artist formerly known as DJ/producer Son of Kick, Born Dirty fuses hiphop, house, techno and Afro Beats - to name but a few influences - into big ol' club choons. 'Get Up Get Out' is an insanely catchy example, and director Matt Devine's promo observes that being of pensionable age is no barrier to belting out a banger... even if it means enlisting the help of a vintage tape recorder.

"Nina Cried Power"
3 mins 55s
13 Sep 2018
Hozier has returned from his jaunt in the woods - or wherever he goes when he's not making music - with a new EP of powerful songs. Eponymous track 'Nina Cried Power' is a love letter to activism, paying tribute to the figures of protest who have paved the way for the current generation's political engagement.

2 mins 55s
13 Sep 2018
Irish beat maker Talos's latest track ‘Seance' receives a suitably mysterious promo courtesy of director Niall O'Brien. As Talos - aka Eoin French - conjures an ethereal soundscape, his compatriot weaves an uncanny tale of suburban intrigue which juxtaposes moments of repose with distressing acts of violence.

Bishop Briggs
3 mins 14s
10 Sep 2018
Search for Bishop Briggs online and you may be directed to a town outside Glasgow. That's because the London-based singer (otherwise known as Sarah Grace McLaughlin) chose her parents' hometown as her stage name. While her moniker finds comfort in familiarity, this promo for Briggs's latest release is a work of psychedelic escapism.

Paul McCartney
"Fuh You"
4 mins 09s
12 Sep 2018
Paul McCartney just keeps on truckin' - this, believe it or not, is the third single from his latest album. The track puts McCartney squarely in dirty old man territory, as he fudges a word to sing about how he wants to "fuh" someone. The promo itself is lovely - a black and white clip which follows a jubilant teenage boy as he wanders the streets of Liverpool after a date.

"Black Rose"
4 mins 20s
11 Sep 2018
Acclaimed grime MC Ghetts brings his own spin on the issue of colour and casual racism - pointing out that it doesn't just radiate from the white community but from the black community itself, specifically from black men towards black women. The promo by Netti Hurley with its framed glimpses of family life subtly illuminates his words.

Amber Olivier
"One Unread"
3 mins 30s
10 Sep 2018
Savannah Setten directs this promo for R&B singer Amber Olivier. The track's dreaminess belies the truth that Olivier - immaculate in the searing heat of the desert - is raking over the ashes of a love gone cold. The object of her erstwhile affection appears like a vision, and a tree in the background bursts into flame as desire ignites inside her... only to remain unfulfilled.

3 mins 30s
10 Sep 2018
This gritty offering from Kenzie makes for a cryptic watch. Directed by Camille Summers-Valli, the promo accompanying 'Funeral' cuts quickly between rainy streets, odd camera angles, and unexpected flashes of urban decay. The result is an intriguing visual collage, intimate even as it distances the viewer with usually composed shots.

The Kooks
"Four Leaf Cover"
3 mins 34s
11 Sep 2018
Noughties survivors The Kooks summon a different kind of flower power in this Sophia + Robert-directed promo for ‘Four Leaf Clover'. What begins as a distressing depiction of school bullying morphs into a halcyon trip into the English countryside - one which replaces malicious camera phone footage with psychedelic visuals and horticultural reverie.

"Dark July"
3 mins 37s
10 Sep 2018
One of two promos released for singer-songwriter Kenzie's ‘Dark July' EP, this piece by Camille Summers-Valli offers an accommodating spin on the title track. Set in a hotel brimming with déjà vu and off-kilter patrons, Kenzie (not the Blazin' Squad one) betrays little emotion as she strides through her uncanny lodgings.

Maverick Sabre
4 mins 34s
10 Sep 2018
The low-key, trip-hop beat and high register of Maverick Sabre's voice make 'Drifting' an unexpected release from the soulful singer-songwriter. But it's a grower, and it's gorgeous. Henry Dockrill directs the promo, and films oblique, beautifully-observed glimpses of smalltown Irish life to capture the track's reflective mood. Lovely editing from Ed Cooper complements Adam Clarke's muted colour palette, too.

3 mins 20s
26 Aug 2018
This promo - directed by Anna Radchenko - is every bit as languid as the track, both exploring the whole idea of growing up. Jgrrey's distinctive hairstyle provides a useful clue in the storytelling as we see her as a child pondering the very idea of 'growing'.

Sam Fender
"Dead Boys"
3 mins 28s
5 Sep 2018
Up and coming singer-songwriter Sam Fender has penned a track confronting the issue of suicide in young men. 'Dead Boys' asks why our society is still inherently hostile to the idea of men showing emotion, and Vincent Haycock's promo reflects the bleakness felt by those who are afraid to show what they feel.

"Deja Vu"
1 min 38s
30 Aug 2018
Compton rapper Boogie's latest track receives a polished promo courtesy of director Andreas Nilsson… and time is of the essence. Even though 'Deja Vu' lasts just over ninety seconds, both the music and visuals make the most of every moment. Driven by a laidback, looping guitar sample, repetition permeates the piece from the word go.

King Krule
"Biscuit Town"
3 mins 46s
3 Sep 2018
This noirish promo for 'Biscuit Town' sees King Krule aka Archy Marshall looking out glumly over a cardboard city. The track's retro vibe is complemented by pleasantly grainy visuals, as Marshall laments his various woes in a deep, distinctive boom. With creative use of lighting and a cryptic finale, this is one to watch again in order to fully absorb the ambience.

Childish Gambino
"Feels Like Summer"
4 mins 46s
3 Sep 2018
Childish Gambino's follow-up to ‘This Is America' may not share that promo's incendiary power, but ‘Feels Like Summer''s animated stroll through hip-hop suburbia has its own topical streak - and enough cameos to headline several music festivals. From Janelle Monáe cruising by on a skateboard to Drake trying - and failing - to stop a bicycle thief, the promo is a wry who's who of contemporary rap and R&B.

Yves Tumor
"Licking An Orchid (ft. James K)"
4 mins 38s
31 Aug 2018
As song titles go, ‘Licking an Orchid' certainly paints a picture. Those expecting some kind of avant-garde spin on Gardeners' World however are in for a surprise. Instead, this carnal promo from director/photographer Daniel Sannwald sees artist Yves Tumor writhe and thrash in a black void. Lit in phosphorus red, Tumor's wiry form ebbs and flows as he yearns for an especially kinky encounter.

Joel Baker
"Harder to Fall"
3 mins 13s
28 Aug 2018
Singer-songwriter Joel Baker may only be a relative nipper at twenty-eight, but he's already had enough heartache to last a lifetime if his latest track, ‘Harder to Fall', is any indication. Yearning for a time "way back when love used to mean something", the Nottingham artist offers a doleful insight into his East Midlands gloom.

Vick & The Velvicks
"Old Mistakes"
4 mins 19s
24 Aug 2018
James McLean shoots a minimalist promo for Vick and the Velvicks' debut track, ‘Old Mistakes'. Occupying a white void, frontman Vick Nader and co. draw the eye as multicoloured waves emanate from their bodies. These vibrant flourishes and lively cuts ensure it's worth investing in the rockers' ode to hindsight.

Ray Blk
"Run Run"
3 mins 34s
22 Aug 2018
This promo for Ray Blk's latest single 'Run Run' takes place in an urban dystopia... one which isn't a million miles from reality. Amidst reports of increasing violence within the capital, director Tom Green shows us a London of nightmares - in which a young man tries to escape the knife-wielding demons on his tail.

Recent Promos
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