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    • Podcast - Wes PollittWes Pollitt's directing career has taken him down some very interesting avenues. And you can listen to his story in our latest podcast.
    • Expect the UnexpectedSchweppes embark on a new direction with this glitzy ad for their tonic water.
    • Everyday HeroesThe British Red Cross suggest unity through kindness in this 60" commercial.
    • The Boy Needs TherapyTED explore the future of A.I. in this entertaining film - created for their 2018 'Age of Amazement' conference.
    • Smooth MovesKlarna offer another smooth outcome in this wonderfully weird commercial for their online payment service.
    • Twenty-years of tooning in.Cartoon Network marks twenty-five years on Latin Amercian screens with this vibrant promo courtesy of Le Cube.
    • Life of the PartyDougal Wilson has directed another beautifully designed ad for IKEA.
    • UNIT9 blend sweat and pixels.Chinese runners meet their video game counterparts thanks to Nike and UNIT9.
    • Rage Against the MachineBetVictor stand out from the betting site crowd with this intriguing ad.
    • Through the fire and flames.Sports retailer Rebel Sport combine Rebecca Wood's dual pursuits into one blazing rush to the try-line.
    • Sorrell dilemma.Martin Sorrell has stepped down as head of WPP because of unspecified improprieties and ad industry commentators aren't quite sure what to make of it.
    • Darling @ RSA emerges from Bare split.Bare Films is no more. But fear not... Darling @ RSA is one of two new entities emerging in its place.
    • The pursuit of greatness.Cognac makers Hennessy profile twentieth-century cycling great Marshall ‘Major' Taylor in this steely commercial.
    • An Extra Pair Of HandsGoogle show off their Assistant app in this entertaining commercial.


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13 April 2018

Google show off their Assistant app in this lively commercial. Celebrities including John Legend and Sia demonstrate how they use the function to streamline their hectic lives... with amusing results.

From cleaning up kids' birthday parties to writing jokes in the shower or coming up with songs on the fly, each well-constructed vignette demonstrates a different aspect of the app's usefulness.

Director Matt Aselton keeps things pacy and tight - ensuring we're fully engaged throughout. Both mundane and fantastical situations are covered, leaving the audience entertained and genuinely considering how helpful an extra pair of 'hands' would be.

Kettle Chips
13 April 2018

As the age of fakes news rumbles on, Kettle Chips strike a blow for authenticity in this engaging commercial. Agency Joint and director Vince Squibb keep it real, so to speak, with a tactile montage - one which celebrates everything from vinyl records to passionate snogs. Say you will about sat-nav, though, couples and road maps still don't mix.

Navigational woes aside, the brand insist real is always better. This philosophy carries over into their gourmet crisps, conveyed by strong food photography and a bag ripped open with gusto. This should convince discerning snackers that Kettle Chips are the real deal.

Busy times at Nexus Studios.

Nexus Studios have been busy lately, so here's a quick round-up of what the team's been up to.

As well as their TVC work, the company have been tinkering with everything from augmented reality to ice cream.

Here are three of their recent projects for your consideration...


Tuna Bora joins Nexus Studios

Nexus Studios have signed acclaimed talent Tuna Bora to their roster for global representation.

Originally from Turkey and currently based in Los Angeles, Bora is an illustrator and designer whose work has been featured across many platforms including advertising, gaming, and publishing.


Boots No 7
"The Wave"
11 April 2018

Mother aim to go out on a high with their final Boots No 7 commercial, and asking surfing great Lisa Andersen to ‘climb' a giant wave certainly ticks that box.

Forty-nine-year-old Andersen may not have encountered many kahunas like this before, but she scales the blue colossus without breaking a sweat. Naturally, what goes up must come down, and four-time world champion Andersen shows her younger rivals how it's done.

While Andersen claims age proves no barrier, the cosmetics brand ensure there's a selection of, er, age-defying serums waiting for her on dry land. Minor quibble aside, the ad is another positive addition to this sector.


Five Star Work
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Red Cross
"The Power of Kindness"
18 Apr 2018
At a time when many charities have seen their public image sullied by questionable fundraising methods and other scandals, the British Red Cross suggest unity through kindness in this 60" commercial. The ad encourages a hands-on approach to helping others, whether it's learning first aid or simply knocking on a neighbour's door

17 Apr 2018
Klarna offer another smooth outcome in this wonderfully weird commercial for their online payment service. Continuing the vibe of their last outing - which featured a fish gliding across a polished floor - this film takes a laid-back approach to the surreal. Online audiences are sure to appreciate the view, as a bloke stands in front of a collection of speakers for an unusual belly dance.

16 Apr 2018
Dougal Wilson has directed another beautifully designed ad for IKEA. While his last starred a flock of t-shirts coming home to roost, this film depicts a house party... with a twist. The, er, lively action is provided by a collection of ghosts, who come out to play once the house's residents are gone for the evening.

Rebel Sport
"Rugby Fighter"
16 Apr 2018
Every shift could be Rebecca Wood's last. The New Zealand firefighter tackles perilous situations constantly, but that's just the day job - Wood also plays for the women's national rugby union team. Determined to coax other busy Kiwis into action, retailer Rebel Sport combines Wood's dual pursuits into one blazing rush to the try-line.

13 Apr 2018
Cognac makers Hennessy profile twentieth-century cycling great Marshall ‘Major' Taylor in this steely commercial. With a nickname like ‘Major', you'd expect Taylor to have something about him and the ad depicts him in his prime, seemingly without equal. As he surges past his rivals in the velodrome, the mood darkens as Taylor's true race begins.

13 Apr 2018
Google show off their Assistant app in this entertaining commercial. Celebrities including John Legend and Sia demonstrate how they use the function to streamline their hectic lives... with amusing results. From cleaning up kids' birthday parties to coming up with songs on the fly, the well-constructed vignettes each demonstrate a different aspect of the app's usefulness.

12 Apr 2018
Promotion for the upcoming Star Wars film 'Solo' kicks off in style with this entertaining ad for US food chain Denny's. The film plunges us into a dimly lit sci-fi world of aliens, smugglers, and gambling. The production design is excellent, and there are plenty of visual references for nerds to sink their teeth into - from a droning cantina singer to blue milk and even an appearance from Chewbacca himself.

"What Next?"
10 Apr 2018
This measured Audi commercial crams plenty of ambition into 60". While the protagonist enjoys a quiet moment after his office farewell, he muses on his future goals: starting his own business; delivering a lecture; and, er, flipping the switch on a light installation. Granted these aren't the most universal life goals, but then, Audi are targeting a specific kind of go-getter.

Dos Equis
11 Apr 2018
Dos Equis celebrate the art of spinning yarns in this entertaining 30" ad. Rather than simply reel off facts, the Mexican lager urge viewers to channel their inner raconteurs. Just in case anyone's short of ideas, the brand offer a few examples of their own... including what Abraham Lincoln really keeps under his hat.

10 Apr 2018
Haribo offer a fresh twist on their baby-voiced campaign with an amusing instalment set in an elevator. What should be a quiet ride is interrupted when a man produces the advertised sweets, inspiring his companions to launch into impassioned declarations of sugary love. The inclusion of a role-reversing kid heightens the humour.

2 mins 03s
9 Apr 2018
This film for Babbel is a beautifully measured combination of comedy and poignancy. As Charlie Chaplin demonstrated a century ago, when these qualities are cleverly entwined, they tend to amplify one another to create a powerful outcome. The main character is adrift in a sea of strangers. His visible otherness doesn't appear to prompt any reaction from those around him but his alien tongue makes it impossible for him to be understood.

9 Apr 2018
Online furniture retailer Swoon launch their hip new brand identity with this cool campaign. Director Holly Blakey's renowned choreographic talents are in full effect, as a woman explores a sleek environment with precise moves. A pleasantly warm grade makes the featured furniture look both modern and timeless.

"Small v Big"
7 Apr 2018
It's nearly twenty years since Anthony Hopkins's rumination on the value of all things 'big' for Barclays Bank, and giffgaff have just issued a commercial which, advertently or inadvertently, is a perfect riposte to it. Director Ed Morris - who also wrote the script - points his camera at a captivating young woman called Molly who recites his artful monologue.

5 Apr 2018
Adidas take an intriguing new approach in this subdued film, which looks at the daily routine of professional cliff diver Anna Baden. While we've come to expect sweat-drenched, high octane work from the sportswear brand, this ad offers a far quieter view on athletic life. In examining the relationship between outdoor sport and the natural world, the film highlights the threats facing the world's oceans

Wrigley's Extra
3 Apr 2018
Wrigley's present a funny fake-out in this amusing ad for their Extra gum. We're introduced to a young policeman who seems to be hitting a poignant milestone in his career - breaking bad news to a family for the first time. Luckily, the lad has something a little Extra to give him confidence as he approaches the door. We won't spoil the reveal, but it turns out the guy's task is less sensitive and more... sensual.

Lloyds Bank
1 Apr 2018
Director Sam Pilling has established himself as one of adland's go-to horse whisperers. His 2016 Sky Sports promo delivered an equine spectacle - and now he repeats the feat for adam&eveDDB and Lloyds Bank.

The National Autistic Society
29 Mar 2018
Knucklehead's latest signing Charlotte Regan (whom you can read more about here) has directed this intense film to kick off the third year of the National Autistic Society's 'Too Much Information' campaign. The powerful ad depicts a woman becoming overwhelmed with the pressures of travel... although not for reasons we might expect.

Apple iPad
2 mins 20s
29 Mar 2018
Apple indulge in another Stranger Things moment (far more appealing than their last attempt) with a film featuring a group of plucky youngsters who actually - brace yourselves - do their homework. With iPads at the ready, the group throw themselves into a project about gravity wholeheartedly - demonstrating the device's potential as a learning aid.

Far Cry 5
"The Sermon"
2 mins 22s
28 Mar 2018
Things haven't improved a great deal since our last visit to Far Cry 5's Hope County. The shooter's fictional chunk of Montana remains under Joseph ‘The Father' Seed's control. As this ominous trail shows, even the local constabulary haven't a prayer. Martin de Thurah's cinematic verve shows how far video game marketing has come in recent times.

Apple iPhone
"Fly Market"
28 Mar 2018
Apple take a stylish approach to advertising their latest iPhone X innovation - paying with your face. While we can see the potential issues with the technology, this film makes the whole process look cool as hell. A suave hipster takes his local flea market by storm, clothes and accessories flying onto him just as soon as he fancies them.

27 Mar 2018
For an ad entitled 'Runways', there's surprisingly little tarmac to speak of. Instead, this globe-trotting Delta commercial uses more diverse building materials. Driven by an aerodynamic score, the ad turns everything from tree bark to a flock of sheep into an airstrip. Megaforce's work typically rewards repeat viewing, and this is no exception.

Home Office Anti Knife Crime
27 Mar 2018
Another poignant film from the Home Office's anti-knife campaign focuses on Ben - a young man who lost his best friend, and almost his life, to violence. The story is a testament to the potential power of the campaign, as we're shown how Ben has managed to turn his life around. Stripped back visuals let the narrative speak for itself, effectively communicating the #knifefree message.

Home Office Anti Knife Crime
26 Mar 2018
The Home Office have launched a major new campaign aimed at tackling knife crime, urging young people to turn their lives around and go #knifefree. The campaign is kicked off with a series of quietly dramatic films, each telling the story of someone intimately affected by knife crime. This instalment focuses on Aliya - whose trauma comes from witnessing the effects of knife crime up close.

Home Office Anti Knife Crime
26 Mar 2018
The Home Office continue their intimately personal anti-knife campaign with another hard-hitting ad - this time focused on Sonny. The young man tells an all-too familiar story, of being caught up in a bad situation and carrying a knife for protection, before a violent incident changed his focus. It's a poignant film which ends with a much needed ray of hope - visceral work.

23 Mar 2018
German DIY retailer Hornbach have established themselves as masters of the weird and wonderful with past campaigns which have featured odd scenarios... including a joyful house collapse and some gleeful face-first surfing over a rocky landscape. So when we say this film is their strangest yet, it's a warning to brace yourself for something seriously weird.

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