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Latest Work
    • LIA bring themselves into disrepute.The LIA's decision to spring Ted Royer upon an unsuspecting audience of young creatives was a toxic misjudgment.
    • Tireless ThreadsThis kinetic commercial for Rapha gives the audience a visceral insight into a stormy cycling trip.
    • Spooky SuppliesUS party supply chain store Party City prepare for Halloween with chutzpah in this well crafted ad.
    • Jason Evans joins Pundersons Gardens.Pundersons Gardens are pleased to announce the signing of director Jason Evans to their roster for UK representation.
    • It'll soon be here.A frail cover of Fleetwood Mac's ‘Don't Stop' propels this latest awareness film from the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
    • Right, wrong, and rabonas.One of two recents plugs for esports juggernaut Fifa 20, this busy commercial from adam&eveDDB and director Yann Demange examines the difference between right and wrong.
    • MindsEye score Uncle FriendlyMindsEye have signed Australian director Uncle Friendly to their roster for UK representation.
    • A Rogue's salary for Kate Taylor.Kate Taylor has been handed the reins at Rogue Films where she will combine the roles of Managing Director and Executive Producer.
    • Spencer Dodd is a Merman.Transatlantic production company Merman say they are "incredibly proud" to welcome Spencer Dodd to their London office.
    • Keep Your Shirt OnCharacter actor Matthew Goode's latest sponsorship deal takes a turn for the weird in this funny ad for Thomas Pink.
    • Speak UpAn unusual ad break intends to get Britain talking in a new campaign for ITV.
    • Mind aims.A new mental health action plan intends to get more people access to the resources they need, according to this informative ad.
    • Stick to it.Determination is the name of the game in this intrepid outing for Royal London insurance.
    • Hung Out To DrySustainable hanger brand Arch & Hook intend to cut waste in the fashion industry, announced by this sleek film.
    • Armoury enlist Otis Dominique.Up-and-coming filmmaker Otis Dominique has joined Armoury for worldwide representation.
    • Armed and gregarious.Jackpotjoy have delivered a legitimately fun addition to their campaign fronted by Paddy McGuinness.


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Arch & Hook
"Fashion's Dirty Little Secret"
8 October 2019

While people have long been aware that fast fashion is a major source of environmental damage, the same awareness hasn't been extended to the objects involved in getting said fashion into stores: namely, clothes hangers. Sustainable hanger brand Arch & Hook intend to change all that, starting with this sleek film directed by John Filipe.

'Fashion's Dirty Little Secret' will be the first time many will have been told about the common practice of shipping clothes with cheap plastic hangers which are then discarded, and it does so in fittingly stylish fashion. Artfully filmed with a grungy vibe (one shot evokes American Beauty's rose petals scene), the film delivers its message clearly without talking down to the viewer.

Sustainable fashion is a hot topic at the moment, with major retailers increasingly engaging in clothes recycling and upcycling schemes. Arch & Hook's reclaimed marine plastic hangers may be a less visible part of the industry's processes, but they're certainly a step in the right direction.

Armoury enlist Otis Dominique.

Up-and-coming filmmaker Otis Dominique has joined Armoury for worldwide representation.

Born in north-west London, Dominique has grown into one of the capital's most exciting prospects with an accomplished mix of commercials and music videos to his name.


8 October 2019

DAVID will be the first to question the ethics of online gambling (goodness knows, there's plenty of ammunition for us), but Jackpotjoy have delivered a legitimately fun addition to their campaign fronted by Paddy McGuinness. As this 30" ad shows, however, the Lancastrian comedian can't be everywhere at once.

To compensate, therefore, the brand provide customers with their own bespoke victory hugger - each dressed in McGuinness's blue tracksuit, but not necessarily of the same species. Broad and with tongue lodged firmly in cheek, the ad's manic energy and outlandish hair and make-up offer ironically good value.

"The Small Escape"
3 mins 51s
4 October 2019

Almost thirty years after the destruction of the Berlin Wall, BMW pay tribute to those who risked life and limb to help others escape East Germany in this compelling piece of work. Deftly realised by director Alex Feil, the ad follows a man who uses an unusual mode of transport to hoodwink the guards: an Isetta 'bubble car'.

Despite said vehicle's chucklesome appearance, the sense of dread conjured by Feil and his crew is palpable. Evocative production design draws us further into this bleakly uplifting scenario, which the brand leverage without becoming exploitative. A suitably tense depiction of Cold War ingenuity.

Short Films
"Jack's Poem"
3 mins 06s
8 October 2019

Actor Michael Kinsey stars in this poetry-focused short film, which delivers a manifesto about breaking the chains of the everyday working world with breakneck efficiency. Kinsey cuts an intense figure as he starts a rapid-fire spoken word performance right from the off - reflecting the relentless pace of the capitalist dystopia we find ourselves in.

Accompanying this railing against the system is a film which feels like one long, unbroken shot as he walks through city streets - deserted save for the symbolic actors he passes. Whether it's a desperately busy receptionist or a man trying to free himself from being literally tied to his job or, the message to prioritise doing what we love is abundantly clear... even if Kinsey ends up with a briefcase by the end.


Five Star Work
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"Ride in the Rain"
10 Oct 2019
This kinetic commercial for Rapha gives the audience a visceral insight into a stormy cycling trip. Focused on the brand's collaboration with Gore-Tex to supposedly create the ultimate wet-weather cycling jacket, the action takes place on a hilly rural road - camera following closely as three riders battle through the inclement conditions.

"Break New Ground"
5 Oct 2019
One of two recents plugs for esports juggernaut Fifa 20, this busy commercial from adam&eveDDB and director Yann Demange examines the difference between right and wrong - although students of Kant, Aristotle, and the like have little to grasp on to here. Instead, we see players both virtual and physical ignore the rulebook.

"Britain Get Talking"
9 Oct 2019
An unusual ad break intends to get Britain talking in a new campaign for ITV. Amidst a sea of commercials trying desperately to capture and hold viewers as attention spans decrease ever further, the channel takes a far more low key approach with this spot - conceived in conjunction with mental health charity Mind.

Royal London
"Determination Since 1861"
4 Oct 2019
Determination is the name of the game in this intrepid outing for Royal London insurance. Gethin Alderman's memorable spokesman is replaced by a sticky wall climber who decides to get out and explore the world, steadily making his way to his ultimate destination: an entire building of shiny windows. The animation work is lovingly executed, as the tenacious toy navigates the world.

"The Small Escape"
3 mins 51s
4 Oct 2019
Almost thirty years after the destruction of the Berlin Wall, BMW pay tribute to those who risked life and limb to help others escape East Germany in this compelling piece of work. Evocatively filmed by director Alex Feil, the ad follows a man who uses an unusual mode of transport to hoodwink the guards: an Isetta 'bubble car'.

6 Oct 2019
No prizes for guessing how Churchill's nodding dog mascot responded when told he was being replaced by a computer-animated bulldog. That's the new approach taken by agency Engine and director Nicolai Fuglsig, who reimagine Churchie as a fully CG skateboarding mutt. Scored by Britney Stoney's 'O.D.', the ad draws you in with its sun-kissed visuals and unexpected sense of flow.

"Mind Control"
7 Oct 2019
Marmite offer a fresh take on their iconic 'you either love it or hate it' slogan in an intriguing new campaign. Yeast-spread haters from all walks of life are brought together to try and have their minds changed: not via persuasion, but by way of hypnosis. Director Martin Granger captures the confused delight of the test subjects nicely, making audiences wonder if there is some truth to the trick.

State Farm
"On the Board"
4 Oct 2019
Acts of kindness are encouraged - nay, demanded - in this catchy commercial for US insurers State Farm. The company is challenging all of its employees to commit one-hundred good deeds before its centenary in 2022, and two colleagues take to the unpaid task with an enthusiasm unique to those living in our capitalist dystopia.

"Sharing Makes Us Stronger"
4 Oct 2019
Poet and spoken word artist Aiysha Humphreys vocalises the burden of mental illness in this striking AXA commercial. Artfully shot by Brazilian directors Jones+Tino, the ad continues the insurer's introspective streak with a smattering of eye-catching moments for good measure. From levitating footballers to someone trapped in a hall of mirrors, the piece weaves together aesthetics that channel isolation and uncertainty.

"Donuts for Dogs"
1 Oct 2019
Donuts for mutts. Domuts. It's a barking idea, but a brilliant ad. The surreal premise, in which a gathering pack of dogs bolt towards a portal leading to Domut heaven, is given plenty of build-up time and a terrific soundtrack. Crucially, it bears lots of repeat viewing, and gets more amusing the more you think about it simply because it's so daft and the dogs look so joyful.

VW Vans
29 Sep 2019
Like its two companions, this is an automotive spot that ticks all the boxes instead of being a mere exercise in box-ticking. A professional cake maker, likening her current project to scaling Everest with just the right balance of earnestness and deadpan humour, calls her VW van her trusty Sherpa who helps her reach the summit.

"Coming Home"
3 Oct 2019
Emergencies - both serious and fanciful - can be dealt with quickly via train travel. At least, that's the premise of this amusing commercial for ticket booking app Trainline. A woman receives an unexpected phone call from her mother and drops everything to head home, barely pausing to pack lunch and book tickets along the way.

Celebrity Cruises
"Wonder Awaits"
3 Oct 2019
While the traditional portrayal of cruise-goers has been that of older people who want some peace and quiet, Celebrity Cruises are shaking things up by attempting to appeal to a younger audience. They do so via an intriguingly psychedelic look at ship life, in which a passenger is plunged into an Alice in Wonderland-esque world.

"The Drop"
3 Oct 2019
It's raining men, mammoths, and Mortal Kombatants in this entertaining ad for Sony's cloud gaming service, PlayStation Now. Scored by The Platters' 'Twilight Time', director Mischa Rozema's aerial bombardment features some of the PS4's most iconic protagonists as they fall (or row) to earth. It's a thrill to see the platform's big guns form this part live-action, part CG display team.

"You're It!"
2 Oct 2019
A childhood game becomes a metaphor for the self-love revolution in this punchy outing for Nike. Focusing on female empowerment, the film sees a diverse array of girls from all over the world declaring their power and finding the inner strength to reach their potential. There's a distinct superhero vibe here as the kids are imbued with crackling electricity to symbolise their fortitude.

"Girls Invest"
1 Oct 2019
Beyonce's 'Run the World (Girls)' provides a seemingly ill-matched soundtrack to this smartly-conceived film for Norwegian financial services group DNB. One vital part of the lyrics is missing, however, seemingly explained by the distinct lack of any women in the film. It opens on an abandoned city - one where dancing has taken over.

Entelechy Arts
3 mins 01s
1 Oct 2019
One of two heart-rending films that promote the work of Entelechy Arts, this instalment focuses on Ted - an elderly man stricken by loneliness after the death of his wife. Like Rosaline before him, Ted is all too aware of the pain that isolation brings. Sat next to a photo of his beloved, Ted cuts a frail yet engaging figure as he describes their whirlwind courtship.

Magic: The Gathering
"Training Montage"
2 mins 40s
1 Oct 2019
Old-school fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering reaches out to a new generation of nerds in this entertaining commercial. A teenager (played by 'IT''s Sophia Lillis) is disheartened after being told to git gud by an online opponent, only for a fantastical mentor (Carl 'Apollo Creed' Weathers) to lead her through an offbeat training montage for the ages.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
"Gogglebox on 'Fence'"
2 mins
1 Oct 2019
Love it or loathe it, Channel 4's Gogglebox has developed a symbiotic relationship with advertising in recent years. Brands such as John Lewis, Sainsbury's, and the Electoral Commission (the less said about the latter, the better) have each tapped the show's eclectic cast at one time or another - now it's the turn of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

"Best Day Ever"
29 Sep 2019
If you ever find yourself caught up in a zombie apocalypse, let's hope you're not in New Zealand. Because it transpires that kiwi fizzy drink brand L&P reanimates the parts other sodas cannot reach; breathing new life into the bodies of the undead. What's more, it infuses them with a cheeky sense of fun.

Visit Norway
"We Have Survived Nature For Ages"
2 mins
29 Sep 2019
This unconventional approach to selling a country as a tourist destination manages to achieve its aim while maintaining an immensely cool vibe. There's no reason why these two aspects should be contradictory but they generally are. There is very much a standard approach when it comes to tourist board-financed advertising and it's depressingly bland, but it's been eschewed here in favour of something more esoteric.

27 Sep 2019
A woman has an unusual case of the Mondays in this amusing commercial for Nissan. Describing their latest model as 'boss-worthy', the brand show just how demanding being at the top can be - as the woman in charge attempts to leave the office despite colleagues trying desperately to get a moment of her time.

BBC Three
"RuPaul's Drag Race UK"
26 Sep 2019
Having brought drag and ball culture into the American mainstream for over a decade, RuPual Charles and co finally arrive on these shores to try and find the UK's best drag queen. Audiences get a first look at the contestants in this entertaining commercial, which takes the form of an old-timey sitcom before evolving into something far more fabulous.

Alzheimer's Research UK
"Samuel L Jackson"
2 mins
26 Sep 2019
Samuel L. Jackson is the latest celebrity to front Alzheimer's Research UK's 'Share the Orange' campaign, and there's nary an expletive to be heard. Instead, the 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Avengers' actor candidly discusses how dementia wreaks havoc on the human brain - one cell at a time. This is illustrated by an orange tree courtesy of Aardman Animation.

The Guardian
"Hope is Power"
25 Sep 2019
Having set themselves up as outliers within the advertising industry, Uncommon have elbowed themselves space to try something different every single time, and that makes them a breath of fresh air. In this commercial for The Guardian, for example, the entire message is contained within a single, lengthy metaphor. The sight of a butterfly vainly trying to batter its way through a window is captivating, and it demands your attention.

Five Star Work
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