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    • Flights of FancyVirgin Atlantic encourage customers to flee the UK for sunnier climbs in this fantastical ad.
    • Scary monsters (and super creeps).A horrifically ill-judged piece of crap portraying the upside of stalking.
    • Puppetry in MotionMother's final spot for moneysupermarket.com takes on another classic childhood toy - Sindy.
    • No wings, just wheels.Red Bull's rev-heavy ode to a Vietnamese motorcyclist makes a refreshing yet frenetic change from the brand's typical output.
    • When the boat comes in.The National Lottery have launched a new campaign to demonstrate the life-enhancing effects of winning the jackpot.
    • Another plane of existence.This impressive flight of fancy from easyJet may leave future air passengers underwhelmed by their next window view.
    • Here, There and Everywhere.O Positive's Jim Jenkins has masterfully drawn a bravura performance from Clive Owen in this splendid commercial for SAP... whatever they are.
    • No worries.As a woman's pregnancy reaches the point of no return, her partner is ready with the trusted Vauxhall to get her to the hospital in the nick of time.
    • Just a minute... Preparation is key in this lively ode to pre-night out rituals from Boots.
    • Mild MaxThis great Kiwi ad takes a Mad Max-style chieftain and plonks him in the middle of an MOT test.


CraftWorks is on its summer break.

The last two events were held in the evening and attendees have been able to offer their full attention without worrying about emails or phone calls.

Because of this, we're going to stick with this slot when it returns in September.

We don't claim to provide a secret formula to help you achieve success in the future - we'll leave that to the snake oil salespeople who charge hundreds to attend dull seminars.

We created it because the industry needs an event which celebrates creativity and craft in an entertaining way. We've achieved that.

Please support us by coming along when you can.

Fruit of the Loom
10 September 2018

This entertaining ad for Fruit of the Loom's Everlight underwear is focused on things you notice... and things you don't. The brand claim their pants are so unobtrusive customers won't realise they're wearing them, and introduce a conspicuously inconspicuous cast of characters to drive that point home.

From black-clad burglars to a surveillance van in classic 'plumber' guise, it's a multi-layered joke that ensures the audience absorbs the brand's message. We particularly like the secret agent with cold ears - a lovely bit of absurdity to finish on.

10 September 2018

IKEA offer a fresh take on their classic 'Lamp ad with... another 'Lamp' ad. Eagle-eyed viewers will recognise the little red light that could from the brand's 2002 outing, as the tale of upwardly mobile consumption is updated for the modern, more environmentally-conscious era.

The latest film shows the familiar desk lamp being rescued from the binmen by a kid, who takes it home to love as her very own. A sugary sweet montage of her treating the appliance like a new puppy skirts close to parody... mainly because it is, after a fashion.

Everything makes sense when 'Swedish Man' Jonas Fornander returns at the end to puncture the saccharine bubble. Whereas before he told viewers they were crazy for having feelings about an inanimate object, he now congratulates them on understanding that reusing things is better than throwing them away. The fact the ad has reused an already successful concept is just the ironic icing on the cake.

Movember Foundation
"Man of More Words"
12 September 2018

Sometimes, any word can be the hardest word. Those struggling with mental illness know this all too well, and this commendable Movember film from Australia - released to promote World Suicide Prevention Day - features one such reluctant mute.

Whether its with friends, colleagues, or on a karaoke stage, Mark keeps shtum no matter what. While the ad presents this in a somewhat jovial light, one silent retreat from the pub underlines the severity of his situation.

This tonal shift emphasises the wider change in outlook towards mental health. While the charity acknowledge the angst associated with speaking up, they insist 2018 is the best time to do so.

"The Next Move"
9 mins 06s
10 September 2018

Michael Kuku may not be a household name, but the nineteen-year-old protagonist of this absorbing Lucozade film has a fan in Anthony Joshua. To mark the sports drink's ‘B Active' initiative, Joshua teaches aspiring football coach Kuku what it takes to achieve one's goals.

There are enough sage quotes here to put motivational speakers out of business. From Joshua's "Don't be the guy at 29 who wishes they'd done it at 19" to Kuku's own "You struggle for it, or you end up struggling", the duo trade mantras like punches.

Fortunately, there's plenty of humour to leaven proceedings. The heavyweight champion is well matched by his new companion (in attitude, if not height), while Joshua's trainer Sean Murphy is good value as a grizzled joker.

The result is an engaging slant on one of the UK's biggest sporting successes. Rather than focus entirely on Joshua, the brand acknowledge those like Kuku and Murphy who crave life as a coach - one who helps others achieve their ambitions.

Two new arrivals at Merman.

Directors Michelle Coomber and Jaci Judelson are the latest to join Merman for commercial representation.

The company's ongoing talent trawl soon led them to Coomber and Judelson, with each bringing nuanced reels and an abundance of filmmaking savvy to the table.

Let's take look at Merman's dynamic duo in more detail, starting with Michelle Coomber…



Recent Promos
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"Nina Cried Power"
3 mins 55s
13 Sep 2018
Hozier has returned from his jaunt in the woods - or wherever he goes when he's not making music - with a new EP of powerful songs. Eponymous track 'Nina Cried Power' is a love letter to activism, paying tribute to the figures of protest who have paved the way for the current generation's political engagement.

2 mins 55s
13 Sep 2018
Irish beat maker Talos's latest track ‘Seance' receives a suitably mysterious promo courtesy of director Niall O'Brien. As Talos - aka Eoin French - conjures an ethereal soundscape, his compatriot weaves an uncanny tale of suburban intrigue which juxtaposes moments of repose with distressing acts of violence.

Bishop Briggs
3 mins 14s
10 Sep 2018
Search for Bishop Briggs online and you may be directed to a town outside Glasgow. That's because the London-based singer (otherwise known as Sarah Grace McLaughlin) chose her parents' hometown as her stage name. While her moniker finds comfort in familiarity, this promo for Briggs's latest release is a work of psychedelic escapism.

Paul McCartney
"Fuh You"
4 mins 09s
12 Sep 2018
Paul McCartney just keeps on truckin' - this, believe it or not, is the third single from his latest album. The track puts McCartney squarely in dirty old man territory, as he fudges a word to sing about how he wants to "fuh" someone. The promo itself is lovely - a black and white clip which follows a jubilant teenage boy as he wanders the streets of Liverpool after a date.

"Black Rose"
4 mins 20s
11 Sep 2018
Acclaimed grime MC Ghetts brings his own spin on the issue of colour and casual racism - pointing out that it doesn't just radiate from the white community but from the black community itself, specifically from black men towards black women. The promo by Netti Hurley with its framed glimpses of family life subtly illuminates his words.

Amber Olivier
"One Unread"
3 mins 30s
10 Sep 2018
Savannah Setten directs this promo for R&B singer Amber Olivier. The track's dreaminess belies the truth that Olivier - immaculate in the searing heat of the desert - is raking over the ashes of a love gone cold. The object of her erstwhile affection appears like a vision, and a tree in the background bursts into flame as desire ignites inside her... only to remain unfulfilled.

3 mins 30s
10 Sep 2018
This gritty offering from Kenzie makes for a cryptic watch. Directed by Camille Summers-Valli, the promo accompanying 'Funeral' cuts quickly between rainy streets, odd camera angles, and unexpected flashes of urban decay. The result is an intriguing visual collage, intimate even as it distances the viewer with usually composed shots.

The Kooks
"Four Leaf Cover"
3 mins 34s
11 Sep 2018
Noughties survivors The Kooks summon a different kind of flower power in this Sophia + Robert-directed promo for ‘Four Leaf Clover'. What begins as a distressing depiction of school bullying morphs into a halcyon trip into the English countryside - one which replaces malicious camera phone footage with psychedelic visuals and horticultural reverie.

"Dark July"
3 mins 37s
10 Sep 2018
One of two promos released for singer-songwriter Kenzie's ‘Dark July' EP, this piece by Camille Summers-Valli offers an accommodating spin on the title track. Set in a hotel brimming with déjà vu and off-kilter patrons, Kenzie (not the Blazin' Squad one) betrays little emotion as she strides through her uncanny lodgings.

Maverick Sabre
4 mins 34s
10 Sep 2018
The low-key, trip-hop beat and high register of Maverick Sabre's voice make 'Drifting' an unexpected release from the soulful singer-songwriter. But it's a grower, and it's gorgeous. Henry Dockrill directs the promo, and films oblique, beautifully-observed glimpses of smalltown Irish life to capture the track's reflective mood. Lovely editing from Ed Cooper complements Adam Clarke's muted colour palette, too.

3 mins 20s
26 Aug 2018
This promo - directed by Anna Radchenko - is every bit as languid as the track, both exploring the whole idea of growing up. Jgrrey's distinctive hairstyle provides a useful clue in the storytelling as we see her as a child pondering the very idea of 'growing'.

Sam Fender
"Dead Boys"
3 mins 28s
5 Sep 2018
Up and coming singer-songwriter Sam Fender has penned a track confronting the issue of suicide in young men. 'Dead Boys' asks why our society is still inherently hostile to the idea of men showing emotion, and Vincent Haycock's promo reflects the bleakness felt by those who are afraid to show what they feel.

"Deja Vu"
1 min 38s
30 Aug 2018
Compton rapper Boogie's latest track receives a polished promo courtesy of director Andreas Nilsson… and time is of the essence. Even though 'Deja Vu' lasts just over ninety seconds, both the music and visuals make the most of every moment. Driven by a laidback, looping guitar sample, repetition permeates the piece from the word go.

King Krule
"Biscuit Town"
3 mins 46s
3 Sep 2018
This noirish promo for 'Biscuit Town' sees King Krule aka Archy Marshall looking out glumly over a cardboard city. The track's retro vibe is complemented by pleasantly grainy visuals, as Marshall laments his various woes in a deep, distinctive boom. With creative use of lighting and a cryptic finale, this is one to watch again in order to fully absorb the ambience.

Childish Gambino
"Feels Like Summer"
4 mins 46s
3 Sep 2018
Childish Gambino's follow-up to ‘This Is America' may not share that promo's incendiary power, but ‘Feels Like Summer''s animated stroll through hip-hop suburbia has its own topical streak - and enough cameos to headline several music festivals. From Janelle Monáe cruising by on a skateboard to Drake trying - and failing - to stop a bicycle thief, the promo is a wry who's who of contemporary rap and R&B.

Yves Tumor
"Licking An Orchid (ft. James K)"
4 mins 38s
31 Aug 2018
As song titles go, ‘Licking an Orchid' certainly paints a picture. Those expecting some kind of avant-garde spin on Gardeners' World however are in for a surprise. Instead, this carnal promo from director/photographer Daniel Sannwald sees artist Yves Tumor writhe and thrash in a black void. Lit in phosphorus red, Tumor's wiry form ebbs and flows as he yearns for an especially kinky encounter.

Joel Baker
"Harder to Fall"
3 mins 13s
28 Aug 2018
Singer-songwriter Joel Baker may only be a relative nipper at twenty-eight, but he's already had enough heartache to last a lifetime if his latest track, ‘Harder to Fall', is any indication. Yearning for a time "way back when love used to mean something", the Nottingham artist offers a doleful insight into his East Midlands gloom.

Vick & The Velvicks
"Old Mistakes"
4 mins 19s
24 Aug 2018
James McLean shoots a minimalist promo for Vick and the Velvicks' debut track, ‘Old Mistakes'. Occupying a white void, frontman Vick Nader and co. draw the eye as multicoloured waves emanate from their bodies. These vibrant flourishes and lively cuts ensure it's worth investing in the rockers' ode to hindsight.

Ray Blk
"Run Run"
3 mins 34s
22 Aug 2018
This promo for Ray Blk's latest single 'Run Run' takes place in an urban dystopia... one which isn't a million miles from reality. Amidst reports of increasing violence within the capital, director Tom Green shows us a London of nightmares - in which a young man tries to escape the knife-wielding demons on his tail.

A Kind of Man
"Teddy Love"
5 mins 16s
22 Aug 2018
Danish troubadour A Kind of Man's debut track ‘Teddy Love' receives a heightened promo courtesy of compatriot Meeto. As the goateed singer meanders through a waking dream filled with indoor showers and gravity-defying coffee makers, his jangly strain of indie rock makes a decent addition to one's palatable listening playlist.

Roses Gabor
3 mins 47s
20 Aug 2018
This painterly promo for Roses Gabor's latest track 'Illusions' brings fine art to the small screen. Shot in brooding, dusky shades, the piece plays with a limited colour palette while wearing its Renaissance art and still photography influences on its sleeve. The film's highly composed aesthetic feels polished from head to toe - much like Gabor's restrained performance.

Sophie Hunger
5 mins 14s
17 Aug 2018
Rally fans will appreciate this promo for Swiss artist Sophie Hunger latest single, ‘Tricks'. Drawing on the sport's blend of brutal corners and full-throttle teamwork, director Matilda Finn depicts a forest lap with simmering undertones. Framed by a foreboding wake in muted surroundings, the promo soon roars into life accompanied by Hunger's sharp vocals and an insistent synth line.

"10 More Rounds"
3 mins 27s
16 Aug 2018
Rising talent Flohio shows off her formidable rhyming skills in this intriguing promo for track '10 More Rounds'. The South London MC's energetic delivery is complemented by the film's kinetic style, as she remains in constant motion throughout a trip through her hometown. Textures are used to great effect here, as director Duncan Loudon shows off the considerable versatility of his limited palette.

The Kooks
"No Pressure"
3 mins 34s
16 Aug 2018
The Kooks have returned from the ether (or wherever Noughties indie pop acts go) with a clutch of new tracks - plus an impressive video to accompany 'No Pressure'. Favourite Colour: Black directs this nostalgic piece which offers a diverting reinterpretation of a shotgun wedding. The film has a wistful feel, as vintage fashions and classic cars meet smartphones and a very modern elopement.

Neneh Cherry
4 mins 47s
14 Aug 2018
This measured outing from trip-hop doyen Neneh Cherry draws inspiration from a world beset by conflict and humanitarian woes. White paint splattered like freckles across her face and torso, Cherry delivers a low-tempo, high-stakes treatise on an increasingly fractured global community - one which has yet to learn from its past mistakes.

Recent Promos
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