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Latest Work
    • David Edwards joins OB Management.Seasoned commercials director David Edwards is the latest big name to join OB Management’s independent roster.
    • Difficulty spikes.This 60” Adidas commercial celebrates unfair advantages to the hilt, albeit in a tongue-in-cheek, over-caffeinated way.
    • The invisible woman.Volkswagen steal a march on the upcoming reboot of ‘The Invisible Man’ with this measured piece of work.
    • Every Last DropKFC emphasise their taste-focused slogan with their latest tactile campaign.
    • BOLD sign Lena BeugBOLD have signed director Lena Beug to their roster for UK representation.
    • Milk it for all it's worth.This charming animated commercial for Milka makes the most of the brand's commitment to carefully sourcing their ingredients.
    • A Bird in the HandIt's nice to see that Dutch recruitment site Jobbird still appreciates so-called 'low skilled' jobs.
    • Red or dead.The days, hours, and minutes before kick-off propel this handsomely shot commercial for AXA.
    • Nice Shirt Films nab Matt Houghton.Nice Shirt Films have made another addition to their roster in the form of director Matt Houghton.
    • Hit the RoadModern life is rubbish, according to this intense commercial for Harley Davidson - who encourage people to ditch the screens and get out on the open road instead.
    • Pizza for the PlanetEnvironmental concerns are a top priority for any brand which generates waste, and the Co-op supermarket chain are doing their bit to reduce their output.
    • Meet the extended FAMILIA.FAMILIA are pleased to announce the arrival of eleven new directors after a recent signing spree.
    • Mea Culpa.Russian Doll’s Natasha Lyonne is the voice of reason in this turbulent Coca-Cola ad.
    • Ruff sea.Animal welfare charity Mayhew reinforce the human-canine bond in this sweet animated film.


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Coca Cola
"Could I Be Wrong?"
20 February 2020

Russian Doll’s Natasha Lyonne is the voice of reason in this turbulent Coca-Cola ad, which gleefully makes mountains out of molehills and gives insurance firms nightmares. Welcome, therefore, to Anywhere, USA.

Director Steve Rogers’s playground is a city block at breaking point. Road rage, noise pollution, and, er, charity workers don’t just push the cast’s buttons - they take a sledgehammer to them. As for the two superhumans battling overhead… well, ‘Man of Steel’ springs to mind.

Such wanton destruction is only brought to a halt by Lyonne, who recommends introspection with a thick New York twang. The result is a fun parody of self-righteous behaviour, which avoids the saccharine preachiness of past campaigns.

"A Life, Shared"
20 February 2020

Animal welfare charity Mayhew reinforce the human-canine bond in this sweet animated film, as we experience a trip to the beach in the shape of a line drawing. First, we hear the dog owner’s side of the story (voiced by actor Emily Raymond), as she describes how her pet would “belt right past me, sending water flying” and nab a chip or two into the bargain.

It’s the dog’s contribution (disarmingly voiced by Louis Theroux) that delivers the emotional punch, however, as the patience and understanding of a four-legged friend are laid bare. Meanwhile, a subtle watercolour aesthetic is both easy on the eye and complementary to the story being told. Gentle but engaging work from the London-based charity.

"Komodo Dragon"
20 February 2020

Last year, a striking ad for Barnardo’s showed a girl being stalked by a gang of vicious hyenas. Here, agency FCB Inferno and director Sam Brown return to that theme by way of Indonesia and Komodo Island.

This hard-hitting follow-up sees a young girl describe being groomed by an older man - her sense of dread embodied as a Komodo dragon. The creeping lizard then slinks its way through her bedroom and invades what should be a safe space to illustrate her sense of captivity.

It's an uncanny way to demonstrate how people - particularly vulnerable young people - can feel when they lack friendly faces to talk to about their worries. The change in mood by the end of the ad shows just how important the advertised charity's work is, as it offers a lifeline to those facing dragons of their own.

"Everybody Needs a Place Where They Rule"
1 min 44s
20 February 2020

IKEA have launched this curious ode to freedom in that well-known bastion of unfettered personal expression, the United Arab Emirates. It's a strange premise, even discounting the country's well-known propensity towards denying rights to whoever they deem fit, as each historical vignette focuses on a ruling class whose 'freedom' directly relies on other people bending to their will.

The production design is admittedly strong, however, and each era is quickly identifiable through the exuberant costumes and period details. Nonetheless, it's hard to get past the supremely odd notion that one should aspire to dictatorship - even if only in the confines of a newly kitted-out living room. Vive la guillotine, if you ask us.

Burger King
19 February 2020

Other advertising pundits have understandably used the label 'bold' to describe this extraordinary gambit from Burger King. It's certainly that. It's also going to achieve one of its key aims… everyone is going to be talking about it.

But… and this is as big a 'but' as can be imagined, its makers appear to have completely forgotten about the importance of positive association.

It's when the advertising industry focuses its attention on pleasing itself with its own cleverness that it's most likely to lose sight of what works for the general public. And this is a casebook study of this phenomenon. In a bid for online attention and the praise of ovine juries, Burger King have served the public an image of a rotting and fetid monstrosity without properly recognising the danger that that's the only thing that will be remembered by anyone who doesn't consider it part of their job to analyse advertising.

That's not to say that the aforementioned jurors, ever eager to demonstrate their grasp of the zeitgeist, will not reward Burger King for their foolhardy boldness… there's every possibility that they will, thus vindicating those in the industry who measure their success by counting their gongs rather than examining the improvement in their clients' bottom line.

Still – on the plus side – perhaps everyone who complains about the absence of risk-taking in modern advertising will pipe down for a little while.


Recent Promos
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Red Moon
4 mins 10s
21 Feb 2020
There’s a pleasingly autumnal look to this Red Moon promo, wherein the Norwegian-Swiss artist is joined by a contemporary dance troupe. As dead leaves lie on the ground and muted tones dominate the screen, Red Moon responds with powerful vocals and corporeal lyrics ("Breathe all my flaws and all my strength/I am the secret and the senses").

The Howl & The Hum
"The Only Boy Racer Left on the Island"
4 mins 33s
24 Feb 2020
A charged portrait of an Australian town and its inhabitants accompanies The Howl & The Hum's latest track, ‘The Only Boy Racer Left on The Island’. Director Matthew Thorne returned to his hometown for the project, and his intimate knowledge of local culture pairs beautifully with DP Adric Watson's considered shots - framing the people and their raw landscape as inextricable from each other.

Oliver Malcolm
"Switched Up"
2 mins 33s
21 Feb 2020
This edgy promo for Oliver Malcolm's 'Switched Up' sees the powerhouse producer debut as a solo act. Fusing R&B, rap, and electronica, the artist gives an enigmatic performance as he rolls around in the snow, hangs out in a neon-lit truck cab, and rides the track's sleek beats with ease. It's an energetic, intriguing debut for the twenty-year-old, leaving us keen to see what he comes up with next.

Tim Burgess
"Empathy for the Devil"
4 mins 28s
17 Feb 2020
The Rolling Stones had sympathy for the devil; now former Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess has empathy for the beast. Sure enough, AB/CD/CD’s accompanying promo suggests we give Satanism a chance… or at least ask if he was bullied at school and could really use a friend right now. The devil that greets us, however, is a snarling, thrusting beast with a tongue that seems desperate to break free and run wild

Salvatore Ganacci
"Boycycle (ft. Sébastien Tellier)"
4 mins 02s
19 Feb 2020
This surreal, sinewy promo for Salvatore Ganacci's 'Boycycle' just gets - as Alice in Wonderland once said - curiouser and curiouser as it goes along. Vidran Rupic’s film combines the story of a found family, a quest for belonging, and, er, fleshy motorcycle men all at once. Think centaurs with wheels and you won't be far off.

"Love Death Distraction"
4 mins 51s
18 Feb 2020
This atmospheric promo for Eden's 'Love Death Distraction' takes us out on the open road. The film follows a truck driver as he carts the wreckage of a small aircraft across the wide Kazakh plains, miles of open sky and mountains interspersed only by pit stops, cigarette breaks, and the rhythm of dawn and dusk.

"Me Because of You"
5 mins 33s
18 Feb 2020
HRVY (or Harvey Cantwell, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) receives a neon-soaked promo for ‘Me Because of You’ courtesy of Matthias Hoene. The result is a familiar but vibrant mix of ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Power Rangers’, as the one-time CBBC star escapes into a futuristic metropolis through a glowing red MacGuffin.

Declan McKenna
"Beautiful Faces"
3 mins 42s
18 Feb 2020
There's a touch of David Bowie about Declan McKenna's latest single 'Beautiful Faces', and a colourfully quirky promo only helps cement the association. With director Will Hooper at the helm, the film sees McKenna decked out like a modern-day Freddie Mercury - leading his band in a bedazzled leather jacket as digital glitches begin to suggest this is more than your average live performance.

"Hanging Off Your Cloud"
5 mins 46s
13 Feb 2020
This cryptic promo for the Courteeners' 'Hanging Off Your Cloud' is based on a short story by British novelist Emma Jane Unsworth. The film follows a woman as she journeys into the depths of her own psyche, exploring her inner world through a shadowy dreamscape before resurfacing with a deeper sense of who she is. A lovely central performance and restrained direction from Joe Connor ensures audiences are enthralled throughout.

Arlo Parks
3 mins 44s
13 Feb 2020
Directing duo the Coyle-Larner Brothers make their debut with this stripped-back promo for Arlo Parks' latest single 'Eugene'. The film sees a relationship evolve from the top down, taking a bird's-eye view on a couple's bed as their romance plays out in both laid-back and overt ways. Of course, it's not long before there appears to be trouble in paradise.

"Stop This Flame"
4 mins 50s
13 Feb 2020
British soul artist Celeste takes to the streets of New Orleans for this stylish promo for latest track 'Stop This Flame'. Directed by Leonn Ward, the film evokes the location's place in the storied history of jazz - featuring brass bands, military dance troupes, and shots of the city's iconic and instantly-recognisable architecture.

10 mins 20s
11 Feb 2020
This slow-burning Foals promo is the most fetching episode of Countryfile we’ve seen for a long time. Shot in and around Kent’s Botany Bay, the ten-minute film sees frontman Yannis Philippakis resemble a younger, moodier John Craven as he delivers a lament for the dead and our impending doom: "Now in the vastness of pines/Where my ghost lies in loose-limbed array."

Liam Gallagher
5 mins 33s
11 Feb 2020
Liam Gallagher may be a Manchester City fan, but even he must doff his flat cap to Eric Cantona. The ex-Man Utd forward fully embraces his ‘King Eric’ persona in this surprisingly touching music video, wherein Cantona swans around his country manor in a dressing gown and quaffs red wine like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, what does the future hold?

The 1975
"Me & You Together Song"
3 mins 48s
10 Feb 2020
Things get retro in The 1975's latest promo, which accompanies the imaginatively titled 'Me & You Together Song'. The Nineties and early Noughties are given the full nostalgia treatment from directing duo bedroom throughout, from Von Dutch t-shirts and old school performance set-ups to the slightly hazy grade which will send viewers a decade or two back in time.

L Devine
"Boring People"
2 mins 32s
7 Feb 2020
Are hairdryers used for anything other than social media subterfuge these days? Apparently not. This L Devine promo is the latest project to skewer image-obsessed millennials, and the lengths some will go to achieve the perfect shot. Like Apple’s recent ‘Slofie’ ad, director Anna Radchenko’s promo makes good use of the prop department to nail this twenty-first century phenomenon-slash-irritant.

"Momentary Bliss (ft. Slowthai and Slaves)"
5 mins
7 Feb 2020
Gorillaz recruit the SAS (that’s Slaves and slowthai) for new single ‘Momentary Bliss’, which proclaims: “We could do so much better than this.” Fortunately, this doesn’t refer to Laurie Vincent, Isaac Holman, Tyron Kaymone Frampton, or Damon Albarn’s performances. Nor does it refer to animation studio The Line’s hybrid promo.

Dua Lipa
4 mins 03s
5 Feb 2020
Dua Lipa's latest single 'Physical' has been sending fans into raptures for almost a week now, and the accompanying promo from CANADA seems likely to bring more party lovers under her thrall. Dominated by strong rainbow hues with animated flares punctuating key moments, the piece marries sex, dance, and a little romance to produce a heady concoction perfectly suited to the club scene.

Willie J Healey
"Why You Gotta Do It"
4 mins 07s
5 Feb 2020
Willie J Healey comes across as someone you’d like to share a drink or perhaps set fire to some butternut squash with. The latter features prominently in this lo-fi promo for ‘Why You Gotta Do It’, which sees Healey strum away in a decidedly analogue caravan, take farm equipment for a joyride, and hold a rooster, as you do.

Louis Tomlinson
4 mins 02s
5 Feb 2020
It's been a tough few years for erstwhile One Directioner Louis Tomlinson, and he attempts to channel his emotional energy into Britpop-tinged music with latest track 'Walls'. The result is bland and strangely underpowered, yet mercifully countered by a promo that sees him go between a sun-baked desert and a spiral-floored ballroom.

"Concrete Pony"
4 mins 06s
4 Feb 2020
This Ghostpoet video feels like a left-field Dulux commercial. Shot with oily flair by director Thomas James, ‘Concrete Pony’ sees Obaro Ejimiwe gradually consumed by sentient black ooze. So much for a quiet day in the flat, eh? Given two of Ghostpoet’s previous albums are called ‘Shedding Skin’ and ‘Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam’, it’s perhaps fitting that James leans towards viscosity like he does.

Leif Vollebekk
"Apalachee Plain"
3 mins 40s
4 Feb 2020
This moody promo for Montreal native Leif Vollebekk's latest track 'Apalachee Plain' explores the Icelandic wilderness to bracing effect. Vollebekk is shot in desolate black-and-white as he laments lost love, nothing for company but his own thoughts and “mustangs kicking in the field". Meanwhile, Joe Connor’s visuals offer a fittingly stripped-back interpretation.

"Fried for the Night (ft. EarthGang)"
3 mins 27s
31 Jan 2020
You tell Jennifer Lee aka TOKiMONSTA is living life to the full after surviving two brain surgeries The Los Angeles-born DJ arrives at a seriously fuggy house party to promote her new single ‘Fried for the Night’, and director Romain Laurent runs with the track’s title. Thus, we see Matryoshka revellers, animated costumes, and literal personal bubbles, among other chemically-enhanced sights.

Pet Shop Boys
"Monkey Business"
4 mins 11s
29 Jan 2020
The Pet Shop Boys are up to their usual flamboyant tricks with the promo for latest single 'Monkey Business'. An assortment of night owls dressed to the nines primp, pose, and throw shapes on the dance floor - closely observed by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, of course. Resurgent, disco-soaked catnip from director Vaughan Arnell.

JP Cooper
"In These Arms"
3 mins 33s
27 Jan 2020
JP Cooper’s latest promo is car-crash TV in the best way possible, as the dreadlocked troubadour prepares to be T-boned by a falling vehicle. Director Calum Macdiarmid has more up his sleeve, however, than a spot of demolition derby. Macdiarmid also serves up an effective relationship drama set almost exclusively in the backseat of a car.

La Roux
"Automatic Driver"
4 mins 38s
27 Jan 2020
Elly Jackson aka La Roux returns from a five-year musical hiatus with nostalgic comeback single 'Automatic Driver'. The perma-quiffed artist draws on retro video game graphics and the double meaning of 'driver', treating viewers to an arcade-style golf game with some trippy visuals that are, ahem, well above par.

Recent Promos
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