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Latest Work
    • Raman Djafari joins BlinkInkBlinkink have added Hamburg-based animator and director Raman Djafari to their roster for representation.
    • Final Cut welcome Justin BrukmanJustin Brukman joins Final Cut as US Managing Director and Director of Global New Business.
    • Lives of LackPoverty is one of the greatest threats to families across the globe, and this touching film highlights the plight of those on the breadline in Romania.
    • Re(re-re-re)-windAmazon takes a cinematic approach in their latest campaign to convince consumers they're missing out on the joys of voice activated technology.
    • Things that go meow in the night.This fantastic short film for Temptations is built around a truth about cats of which many may be unaware.
    • Get ready for what exactly?It's ironic that the propaganda juggernaut should continue to roll even as it appears that actual juggernauts are likely to be stalled in the giant Brexit car park (neé Kent) as the transition phase of the UK's painful departure from the EU comes to an end on January 1.
    • Going the DistanceThis rather charming commercial for Bud Light breathes a little life into such cardboard sport supporters, as it follows one on a quest for refreshment.
    • Dazed DaysVegan bodycare brand Happy Dance are using celebrity power to get in on the craze for cannabis-adjacent products.
    • Living on PauseThis affecting film for ERUK has a sting in the tail which will draw compassion from even the most tuned-out viewer.
    • Trump joins Lincoln in fields.Let's face it, satire isn't going to hasten the end of Donald Trump.
    • Put Hate on HoldWith public tensions at an all-time high due to Covid-19, it feels like a very fitting moment to highlight the abuse that public-facing workers are subjected to on a regular basis.
    • Dog Eat Dog sign Marc BethkeDog Eat Dog have added noted automotive director Marc Bethke to their roster.
    • Mind and BodyThis nifty piece of work for Asics emphasises the importance of mind over matter.


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Dog Eat Dog sign Marc Bethke

Dog Eat Dog have added noted car director Marc Bethke to their UK roster.

The German's love of film was sparked at an early age, as he immersed himself in life on-set and worked all manner of internships and AD roles to build up his skills. A filmmaking degree in Los Angeles followed and the rest, as they say, is history.


"I Move Me"
16 October 2020

This nifty piece of work for Asics emphasises the importance of mind over matter. Nimbly shot by director Fabio Jansen, the film offers an insight into the mental and physical fortitude it takes to keep moving even when one's resources are all but depleted.

While the long-running campaign's plans for a global virtual marathon throughout 2020 were, er, somewhat scuppered by current events, it's clear from this punchy commercial that it's going to take more than a pandemic to keep these committed athletes down.

Kinetic visuals and moody lighting are complemented by a dynamic soundtrack, which is enough to increase even the most committed couch potato's heart rate. Just the kind of energy we need to get us through to 2021, even if we end up crossing the finish line with a limp.

Need For Speed
"Hot Pursuit Remastered"
2 mins 14s
16 October 2020

Forget 666 - the real number of the beast is 5-10. That’s the premise of this super piece of work for EA's Need For Speed franchise: namely, a remaster of 2010 fan favourite 'Hot Pursuit'.

The protagonist is haunted by defeat a decade later, his mate’s winning time of five minutes and 10 seconds mocking him at every turn, business meeting, and café. Fortunately, the remaster offers Michael a shiny chance of redemption.

Non-gamers may run out of patience with him before then, but the numerate visual gags and breezy, self-aware script keep viewers onside. Those with similiar scores to settle must get some practice in (and pray for their partner's understanding, too).

Meet Factory's new creative directors.

Experienced sound designers Dan Beckwith and Jon Clarke have been sworn in as Factory’s new creative directors.

Dubbed the "Ryu and Ken of audio" (one for Street Fighter fans), Beckwith and Clarke have risen through the Factory ranks together and become integral parts of 54/55 Margaret Street.

The pair are now responsible for providing the "highest levels of audio craft" to clients, as well as mentoring the next generation of Factory talent. They may even chuck in a hadouken or two.


"A Million More"
1 min 53s
15 October 2020

This moving film opens by describing public and media resistance when Volvo introduced the three-point safety belt. It could hardly be more timely, as it encapsulates the dissent faced by those advocating various public health measures in our fight to control coronavirus… not least, the encouragement to wear face coverings in a public setting.

It's a useful reminder that there has always been a section of the population for whom personal sacrifice is too big a price to pay for public good. (Ironically, this selfish minority is most likely to lionise the sacrifices made by their armed forces in years gone by… but, given the opportunity to emulate - in some small way - the heroism they admire by sacrificing a little personal comfort for the greater good, they hide behind spurious notions of personal liberty and behave like spoiled brats.)

Laerke Hertoni's beautiful film offers a perfect illustration of the true value of implementing effective safety measures, and it does it in the most human way possible by drawing our attention to some of the stories of the million or so people whose lives have been saved by one particular innovation.

In less than two minutes, we are introduced to a number of road crash survivors whose lives have been dramatically impacted by seatbelts, and we are left in no doubt that those who once claimed that wearing a seatbelt was an infringement of their liberty have been revealed to be fools on the wrong side of history.

The intimate storytelling delivers this idea without a hint of sensationalism, and this hugely amplifies the message's effectiveness.

This film was being prepared before the advent of Covid-19 and the parallels with the current crisis – stark as they are – are not intentional, but in our view that only adds to the power of the analogy.

The widespread acceptance of seatbelts today is a reminder that we shouldn't need hindsight to identify the wisdom of a selfless act.

It's worth noting that even without the powerful face-mask allegory that this is a fantastic piece of work which successfully reinforces the idea that Volvo are still at the forefront when it comes to the safety of everyone travelling inside a car, and that also makes this a very powerful piece of advertising.


On This Day
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"Star Wars"
25 Oct 2010
If you're going to use icons as well loved as R2-D2 and C-3PO in a television commercial, you'd better make damned sure you don't do it in a fashion that annoys Star Wars fans. That's what's been achieved in this version of an ad that ran during The X Factor on Saturday night in which the robotic heroes rifle through an empty branch of the electrical goods retailer.

Kronenbourg 1664
"Slow The Pace"
25 Oct 2010
This is a wonderful little confection. Lemmy and the boys have reworked their iconic hit Ace Of Spades to illustrate the idea that it's beneficial to slow the pace occasionally. It's not an idea that attaches itself to the product with instant certainty but let's give it time... and, er, slow the pace on our judgement, as it were.

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario
"The Undeading"
2 mins 55s
25 Oct 2012
This striking film from Canada offers a humorous reminder of the correct procedure if someone has a cardiac arrest. You could argue that - in a coded way - it is rather too candid about the futility of attempting CPR but this is entirely unintentional and worth overlooking in favour of the importance of its overarching message.

Sony PlayStation
"For the Players Since 1995"
3 mins 20s
25 Oct 2013
It's only when you realise that 1995 was eighteen years ago (seriously, it was!) that you recognise the Sony Playstation has a hugely powerful legacy and this wonderful flowing piece of film by Will & Adam obviously means a lot to anyone who grew up with the games console as part of their lives.

25 Oct 2013
Garth Davis has had a good year. He was responsible for directing most episodes of Jane Campion's modern noir masterpiece Top of the Lake and it's a huge compliment to the Australian director that a film-maker as accomplished as Campion trusted him to do so. Despite his success in the drama realm, he continues to make commercials and he brings a huge amount of photographic skill to this Australian ad for Smirnoff.

25 Oct 2013
This is one of those commercials that has such a perfect moment of unexpected comedy that you enjoy it each time you watch it. We're talking - of course - of the moment when the elderly residents of a care home resign themselves to the mistake unfolding in front of them and gamely attempt to follow the energetic moves of the myopic fitness instructor.

"The Music Box"
2 mins
25 Oct 2016
giffgaff's grip on Halloween tightens with another fitting tribute to the spookiest time of the year. It's been a shrewd investment by the mobile phone service provider as it's enabled them to establish a degree of ownership of an event which has increasing importance to their target market.

Stand Up To Cancer
"Check Your Balls"
2 mins 20s
25 Oct 2016
Stand Up to Cancer encourages men to cop a feel in the best way possible with this lovely short film. David Mitchell's well-meaning dad tries to give his teenage son some essential health advice, but he just can't find the words. Checking "down there" doesn't do the trick, nor does the "naughty zone". Sometimes, it's best to just be frank about such matters.

"Lucky Number Seven"
25 Oct 2016
This arresting ad for Sky Bingo gives the game of chance a fresh lick of paint. The Who's 'Baba O'Riley' shimmers away in the background as the number seven appears in a variety of guises. Whether it's on a swimming cap, the back of a jacket, or in handstand form, it's the digit that secures "full house heaven".

"Pink Kittens"
25 Oct 2017
This is an intriguing approach to road safety. Think! challenge viewers to spot an elusive pink kitten. Our first try is over in a flash - two-point-three seconds, to be precise. Slowed down, however, we realise there's a whole litter's worth. However, there's only one pink kitten that matters.... and it's not the one on the driver's smartphone screen.

"Don't You Die On Me"
25 Oct 2017
Samsung take a dramatic approach to battery life in this effective ad for their wireless charging function. A series of vignettes introduce dramatic scenes of rescue, but all is not what it seems... The beauty of this ad is that it builds up the expectation of melodrama, before subverting tropes with beautifully understated performances. Great work.

Sport England
"Fit Got Real"
26 Oct 2018
Sport England's latest kick up the nation's collective backside comes courtesy of director Georgi Banks-Davies, and what follows is another sweaty, relatable rallying cry to women ready to bid the sofa adieu. Keen to make an extra song and dance about their 2018 fitness drive, Barbra Streisand's ‘Don't Rain On My Parade' accompanies a well-judged montage of activity.

AT & T
"The Codes We Live By"
25 Oct 2019
One typically associates AT&T with hard-hitting road safety films or movie parodies, but this 30" tie-in with the National Basketball Association suggests the brand have game, too. Brash and in-your-face, director Sara Dunlop's film turns telephone area codes including New York's 212 and Los Angeles County's 310 into badges of honour.

Miller Beer
25 Oct 2019
Social media takes on a life of its own in this artistic commercial for Miller Beer. The film opens in black and white, as a guy hesitates on leaving his apartment due to the shambling horde waiting outside. But this isn't The Walking Dead, oh no... this is Instagram come to life. Director Ringan Ledwidge balances the action nicely here, as looming terror meets slapstick humour.

Sony Wega
"Close Ups"
25 Oct 2004
Splendid long version of excellent ad which features a whole load of extreme close-ups on eyes, skin and switches coming on as well as bubble gum beling blown from a mouth and, of course, television sets and audio hi-fi equipment.

Virgin Radio
"DJ Banter"
25 Oct 2004
Wry ad featuring unusual animation features a conversation between two DJs discussing the signs people have outside their homes warning of the presence of a guard dog. The disc jockeys look like they have been made by using a black felt-tip on eggs.

Birds Eye
"A New Age Of Steam"
25 Oct 2004
Birds Eye promise a new age of steam in the latest salvo from their new agency BBH. Apparently, the new ready meals are steam cooked in your microwave with nothing artificial added. A visual and audio metaphor is provided by food cut to look like parts of a railway journey and the sounds of an old-fashioned steam train.

"Five Hundred Million Presents"
25 Oct 2005
According to this ad we will give each other five hundred million presents this Christmas and Boots are hoping a fair percentage of them will be bought there because they say giving is better than receiving... which is true if your wife buys you a lawnmower and you buy her a snooker table.

Channel 4
25 Oct 2006
Another beautifully crafted ident for Channel 4 zooms in a small rocky island just off the coast. As the camera comes around the perspective of the rock formations changes until a '4' is visible. Bet there are some who imagine Channel 4 has the most amazing location scouts in the World.

"Ring A Roses"
25 Oct 2006
Another of BBC One's new idents charmingly has a group of children in a flowery meadow playing and ultimately forming the circle that has become the new motif for the BBC's premier channel.

25 Oct 2006
Broadcast in Romania, this ad for Orange was made by Smith & Foulkes of Nexus in London and features two specially created animated characters: Millidge (the short stumpy one) and Doig (the one with the long neck... who is not short or stumpy, obviously).

Domino's Pizza
25 Oct 2007
Be careful what you wish for, as the old expression goes. The Domino pizza regulars manage to conjure a genie from a teapot and both make pizza-related wishes before one foolishly asks that the other be turned into a 'gorgeous blonde' without specifying a change of sex.

25 Oct 2007
The ability of the car to make its way up mountainous terrain is ably illustrated in this ad for Japanese marque. It takes on a horse in a race up a rugged path and manages an unlikely triumph. We're guessing, it's probably better than it's equine rival when it comes to a shopping trip to Tesco as well.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
"The Knives Are Out"
25 Oct 2007
A clever way of highlighting that the real reason for tuning in to Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare is to watch the chef lose it as he finds that not everyone to whom he offers his condescending advice is listening rapturously. Here his various foul mouthed epithets are illustrated with suitable bits of animation.

Philips Aurea
"Simplicity Is A Light"
25 Oct 2007
Attractively made film for the Philips Aurea looks like a dream sequence from a Swinging Sixties movie as a woman demonstrates her appreciation for the advertised product in such a fashion that you could almost think that the technology on offer was a Rampant Rabbit.

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