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    • Walk this way.Cadillac have their best foot forward in this single-minded commercial.
    • Ride of Your LifeThere's a unique perspective to this short film which is sure to grip audiences from the start: that order and chaos can exist simultaneously, and even be a thing of beauty.
    • UNIT think long-form with Duncan Cook.UNIT have described post-producer Duncan Cook as "the obvious choice" to help expand the TV & Film department at their new Berners Mews headquarters.
    • Taking Sam Pilling's pulse.Sam Pilling is a director with a great future, having already set out his stall with a number of brilliant films.
    • Style and SubstancesHip lip balm brand eos bring a little magic to their manufacturing process in this fantastical film.
    • Different strokes for different folks.McCain's occasionally controversial 'We Are Family' campaign returns with another warm portrait of domesticity.
    • Choose your path.This captivating ad for the Cupra Ateca is a road trip in more ways than one.
    • No, Nothing At AllIt's perhaps no surprise that Channel 4 take a, er, head-on approach to addressing their haters.
    • Pinkie PowerA normal day at the office gets a little bit posher in this entertaining outing for Bahlsen Choco Leibniz.
    • Celebrity SuperfanAndy Murray takes a spectator's seat at the US Open from the comfort of his own home in this amiable ad for Amazon Prime.
    • Are you ready?The National Football League (NFL) mark their one-hundredth season with this rousing commercial from 72andSunny and director Stuart McIntyre.
    • Rise and shine.Fruit juice brand Hohes C's natural enemy is the lie-in, says this attractively-shot commercial from Germany.


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Hohes C
"What do you get up for?"
13 August 2019

Fruit juice brand Hohes C's natural enemy is the lie-in, says this attractively-shot commercial from Germany. Shot with bleary-eyed warmth by director Liz Murphy, the ad urges viewers to consider what drives them to get out of bed in the morning... and preferably more than just a trip to the loo or to eat last night's leftover pizza.

The reasons proffered by the brand are predictably wholesome and enterprising, be it training for a career as a professional dancer or comforting a child after the loss of a tooth overnight. So long as that youngster doesn't drink too much of the advertised product, chances are it won't become a habit.

"Hot & Crispy"
16 August 2019

Fried chicken takes a dramatic turn in this intriguing South African ad for KFC. Things are heating up in the city - literally, sweat dripping from every surface - and it's down to one grizzled detective to find the source of the mysterious heatwave.

The result is a note-perfect parody of gritty crime shows, as the gumshoe attempts to track down his target by snooping around town, badgering local businesses, and eavesdropping on water bottle shipments. Director Robin Goode shows a clear affection for the genre throughout, which makes the payoff all the sweeter.

It will come as no surprise that the advertised fast food chain's new recipe is source of the detective's angst... at least, to everyone except him. The portrait of Colonel Sanders on the wall of a seedy club is a lovely touch that's bound to clue in audiences, even if it's missed by the unobservant protagonist.

"Parking Space"
16 August 2019

Online car dealers Heycar tap into the excitement of getting a new vehicle in their first commercial campaign. A series of quirky vignettes shows people ensuring their new wheels will have a proper place to rest: a parking space of their very own.

Director Scott Pickett has the tone just right here, as garages are emptied, reserved signs are placed, and street spots are secured via wheelie bin. The surreptitious nature of these efforts has a very British feel, which fits the film's humour to a tee.

ITV Sport
16 August 2019

As brands steadily roll out their respective takes on the 2019 Rugby World Cup, ITV promote their coverage of the tournament through one of host nation Japan's most eye-catching exports: anime.

Through a blend of live action and vivid animation, the broadcaster chucks sleeping rugby fans into a world of neon, transforming bullet trains, and giant All Blacks with red eyes. No doubt many a shell-shocked player has dreamed of the latter.

What awaits telly viewers in September may not be quite as dynamic, but the rugby union showpiece is likely to provide good entertainment value nonetheless.

"Change is Coming"
1 min 36s
16 August 2019

Greenpeace insist we're well past the scaremongering stage when it comes to the effects of fossil fuels (specifically coal) on the environment. Thus, the NGO present Australians with a country ravaged by bushfires, drought, and polluted air.

Director Kevin Lim and DP Ashley Barron do a convincing job of showing the Land Down Under on its knees, as farmers survey fields of dirt and sheep skulls, homes are ravaged by flames, and children struggle to breathe during playtime.

The ad culminates in a typically stirring call to arms. Whether setting off green smoke flares in a crowded area is a wise move or not remains to be seen, but it does help sell the brand's combative ethos.


On This Day
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22 Aug 2013
This beautifully written 90 second spot could make even the most lumpen of couch potatoes want to get up, stare their reflection down, and get out and prove something to themselves. Bradley Cooper's laconic yet goading tone is perfect for putting you in the mindset to achieve above and beyond your own expectations.

"Business Trip"
22 Aug 2016
Handled with less love, this could have been a fairly run-of-the-mill spot for LateRooms.com. Instead, it delivers a lot of clout - in more than just the obvious way. A bloke on a business trip is relaxing in his hotel room when his indolence is interrupted by a person-sized discount sign crashing through his ceiling (or someone else's floor). So far, so-so. But the rest of the ad lifts it above the usual offer-led approach to commercials.

Kit Kat
22 Aug 2017
There's krafty konstruction in this klever ad for Kit Kat... okay, unlike Donald Trump, we'll stop with the Ks now. This funny film features an excellent satire of the endless woes provided by flat pack furniture, as two blokes try to build a medieval weapon via picture-only instructions. Director Trevor Clarence draws out the comedy, including some relatable moments of frustration.

National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse
"Dad Jokes"
22 Aug 2017
A quick glance at this year's top Edinburgh Fringe gags confirms groan-inducing puns are alive and well. This ad for the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (or, er, fatherhood.gov) celebrates lame dad jokes by letting their intended audience deliver the punchlines. No matter how hard you wince at the material, the cast's laughter is infectious.

Ford Focus
"Car Of The Year 2005"
22 Aug 2005
The car is the focus here in an ad that crows about the achievement of being made Car of the Year 2005 by mentioning all the features that probably helped to secure the award. The ad may not be pretty but it'll probably work.

"Mates Rates"
22 Aug 2005
According to this attractive looking ad for mobile operator T-Mobile, nothing will come between you and your mates if you sign up for the latest offering to make your tariff even more confusing than it used to be.

T Zone
22 Aug 2005
Masks have been discarded all over the place in nicely-filmed piece for T Zone which is an antibacterial wash for teenage skin that will keep the spots away . One mask goes into the back of the bin lorry whereas another is discarded on a football field.

"Extreme Sports"
22 Aug 2005
Extreme sports are added into the mix here to persuade us that Scotland isn't just about calming scenery and deer wandering about the place.

Channel 4 +1
22 Aug 2007
Longer version of the trail for Channel 4's new plus one service has Shameless's Frank (David Threllfall) in a similar position to that of Tom Hanks's charcter in the film Cast Away. But when the rescuers turn up, they inexplicably miss him. Luckily they can catch him in an hour's time on the new channel.

Carphone Warehouse Talk Talk
"X-Factor Sponsorship"
2 mins 10s
22 Aug 2009
Shapes drawn using light cleverly illustrate Carphone Warehouse's Talk Talk service's sponsorship of the enduringly popular talent show. Many of the contributions appear to have been sent in by viewers so we assume there'll be delight in the winners' homes.

Wink Bingo
"The Cube Sponsorship"
22 Aug 2009
'Strange' and 'cute' may seem like opposite aims but they appear to be the aim of this series of bumpers advertising Wink Bingo's sponsorship of The Cube - ITV's latest attempt to recreate the success of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

"We Have Shrimp"
22 Aug 2009
This is a strange ad for a strange product. Why wouldn't the client ordering the rubber ducks order them from the advertised service themselves rather than using an intermediary? Doesn't this service threaten their business model?

22 Aug 2010
This animated commercial is a first for the trading web site which aims to help people find others locally with coincidental needs. The animated crowd murmurs with interest at each offering and then someone takes advantage of it.

"Calcium Mash Up"
22 Aug 2011
Using bits from previous commercials, this ad for the dubious dairy products looks like the opening title sequence of a drama series from the 1970s. Laughably, it tries to highlight the health benefits of the product because of its calcium content.

"Films On 4 Sponsorship"
22 Aug 2011
This collection of bumpers advertising HTC's sponsorship of Films On 4 shows a film crew using one of the company's devices in a variety of different ways whilst filming scenes from a movie. It's a shrewd move by HTC and seems certain to raise their profile.

"The Secret Cricketer"
6 mins 35s
22 Aug 2011
This lovely tale of revenge features former England captain Michael Vaughan as 'The Secret Cricketer'. After taking a battering in their previous fixture against Dishforth, Goldsborough decided they needed something a bit special this time around but not everything goes entirely to plan.

"Be Sensible"
22 Aug 2012
There's pandemonium on board a train when passengers realised that they could have saved money by using the advertised service. The sequence that follows is wonderfully over the top – there are moments reminiscent of the panic scenes in 'Airplane!' - but one passenger is calm amidst the carnage and you can guess why.

The Burrowers: Animals Underground
"Secret World"
22 Aug 2013
Chris Packham is beside himself with excitement because the BBC has built a glass-sided underground shelter for burrowing animals. He will be able to study these animals' habits at close quarters and share his enthusiasm with the watching audience. Big news for Spring Watchers.

22 Aug 2016
Kopparberg continue to espouse the fånga dagen spirit (or 'seize the day', if your Swedish isn't up to scratch) with this Facebook ad designed to reward anyone who increases the volume on online ads. The brand's softly-spoken VO informs those who've turned a cross into sound waves on their news feed that a free keg of strawberry and lime cider could be in store. The killjoys who opt to stay mute must, erm, drown their sorrows.

"Stag Do"
22 Aug 2016
A companion ad to 'Business Trip' in the new campaign for LateRooms.com, this features a group of lads on a stag do. Their faces are a picture as the stag walks diffidently out of the bathroom in the outfit they've given him to wear... but everyone's attention is suddenly diverted when a potential fifth member of the group crashes through the wall to join them. Marcus Brigstocke's VO completely nails what is a strong script - and there should really be more credit for a voiceover's contribution to an ad. It's something of an overlooked art, yet it can be the difference between a humdrum ad and one that zings out at us.

Air New Zealand
"Cockpit Karaoke"
22 Aug 2016
Air New Zealand aren't afraid to be quirky - and to that end, they're hoping to jump on the Cordon bandwagon and offer him a chance to take Carpool Karaoke to the next level... literally. It's a shame this viral urging Cordon to get in touch struggles to get off the ground, but the sentiment's fun and if he does take it up then it'll mean serious kudos for the airline.

Charlotte Tilbury
"Scent of a Dream"
22 Aug 2016
Kate Moss slips into sultry mode for a spot promoting the fragrance 'Scent of a Dream' by Charlotte Tilbury, whoever that is. Resplendent in sparkling bodycon dress, she sashays into a dimly-lit cocktail party scenario and starts dancing; which lures one particular chap towards her in much the same way the cat in the latest Sheba ad lures his owner towards his empty food bowl.

Virgin Media
22 Aug 2017
It's a pop culture bonanza as Virgin Media celebrate the 'age of promiscuity' in this upbeat ad. Cultural icons from vampires to Marilyn Monroe to the Mad Hatter join the King himself in a little white wedding chapel, all to encourage customers to sign up for their 'no strings' contracts. It's a rather offbeat creative, and the execution maximises its potential for fun.

"Southern Legends"
22 Aug 2017
KFC are bringing a selection of up and coming bands from the American south - Alabama, Texas, and Tennessee - to play at their stores around the country to advertise the new 'Southern Legends' burger range. Drum solos may be unfashionable but they get the job done here and make sure our attention is focussed when attention is drawn to the offer.

22 Aug 2017
We're beginning to think Moose will never grasp his owner's dealings with ClearScore. Still, the pooch has other things on his mind… like his squeaky octopus. The two are joined down the park by Kev and his very French bulldog, Dean. Alas, the latter can't abide by his cumbersome new collar. Now there's a good lamp.

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