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    • Forever nab Fons Schiedon.Multidisciplinary artist Fons Schiedon has joined Forever’s bespoke roster for UK representation.
    • Game changer.This epic commercial for Facebook's Oculus is a game changer.
    • Dog Eat Dog sign Iain MorrisDog Eat Dog have signed acclaimed comedy writer and director Iain Morris to their roster.
    • Knickerbocker glory.Two-time NBA champions the Knicks celebrate New York's unquenchable character in stark black and white
    • Studio Desk arrive at Jelly London.Jelly London have bolstered their animation wing by signing Emily Downe and Kathrin Steinbacher, a.k.a. Studio Desk.
    • Home truths.This stirring piece of work offers a valuable insight into growing up Black in modern Britain.
    • Helena Coan joins OB's independent RosterOB Management have signed director, writer, and musician Helena Coan to their roster for independent representation.
    • Round eight for Papaya Young Directors.We take our good news stories where we can get them right now, and word of Papaya's eighth Young Directors competition certainly fits that bill.
    • The right direction.This delicately animated series for the CTCP takes a positive approach to attempts to quit smoking.
    • Step on my Day-Glo boots.This hyper-caffeinated Puma commercial riffs on Neymar's reputation as the ultimate wind-up merchant.
    • Scott Carthy joins SpindleLondon-based director and filmmaker Scott Carthy has joined Spindle's roster for representation in the UK.
    • Leading RoleThis intriguing film from Gillian Zinser interrogates traditional masculinity, focused on Cuban ballet dancer Andy Sousa and his story.
    • Vincenzo Lodigiani lands at Curate Films.Curate Films have completed the signing of Italian director Vincenzo Lodigiani to their growing animation roster.
    • Nil desperandum.You would think that failure would be frowned upon by the British Army, but this 30” recruitment film actively encourages it.
    • Matt Carter signs for Kode.Highly regarded director Matt Carter has joined Kode for commercial representation.
    • Mutt ado about nothing.This entertaining ad for Waggel puts a cinematic spin on animal-led horror.
    • Choc value.This Cadbury Creme Egg ad is the latest commercial to have its YouTube comments disabled to stop online abuse.
    • Retrofuturistic banking.Few are likely to be missing the in-branch bank experience, but the bank of Antandec is happy to oblige those who are.


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"First Steps"
3 mins 07s
12 January 2021

You know how Matt Berry says the word 'epic'? Well, this magnificent commercial for Facebook's Oculus is very much 'epic' in that sense. Director Ian Pons Jewell has become a director whom agencies turn to when epic is the name of the game, and, on this project, he's delivered in spades once again.

It would be easy to concentrate wholly on the spectacularness and scale of this film, but actually its greatest strength is the way it conveys the VR experience. For the first time that DAVID can recall, the idea of being immersed into another universe via a headset looks intriguing rather than intimidating. It was clever to shoot the whole thing from the perspective of the young woman wearing the headset… even before she puts it on. That, and her very human reaction to the situations in which she finds herself once she's immersed in the games, combine to represent a novice rather than an expert player.

VR has been the 'next big thing' in gaming for some time, but with a current market value of $11bn – which is approximately approx 8% of the total gaming market – and a forecast that this will grow exponentially to $92 bn by 2027 – which is expected to be approximately 50% of the total gaming market – its moment has clearly arrived.

All of this is successfully conveyed by the aforementioned epicness of this commercial as it makes clear that there are all manner of games available in this format. Who knows, perhaps future insurrections in the USA can be avoided by offering dubious patriots the opportunity to storm the Capitol from the benign safety of their mom's basement rather than attempting to upend democracy by participating in an actual coup. On the evidence presented here, said virtual revolutionaries would feel very much part of the action as they overpower the thin blue line protecting the seat of government.

Pons Jewell has successfully conveyed the participative element of this form of gaming with tremendous skill and, in that, he has been brilliantly assisted by the VFX magic of The Mill, and sound designer Lawrence Kendrick at String and Tins. But, beneath all of the smoke and mirrors of the clever post-production, lies a central performance which brings it all together, and that's where Ian Pons Jewell really delivers.

Dog Eat Dog sign Iain Morris

Dog Eat Dog have signed acclaimed comedy writer and director Iain Morris to their roster.

A multi-talented creative best known for his zeitgeist-capturing film and television work, Morris has been a standout figure in the UK comedy scene since the early 00s. He joins Dog Eat Dog for representation in the UK, Germany, and the USA - bringing his punchy, quick-witted work to an international audience.


New York Knicks
"The New New York"
14 January 2021

New York has always been known for its unique attitude and irascible population, and despite the best efforts of the coronavirus this dynamic film shows there's fight in the ol' girl yet. Two-time NBA champions the Knicks celebrate the city's unquenchable character in stark black and white, as residents assure us that the New York spirit is in no way diminished by circumstance.

The city’s essence is deftly evoked here, as directors Henry & Rel weave a passion for sport and hometown pride through each character vignette. While tabloids may scream about the city being in irrevocable decline, this spirited missive makes it clear that while NYC may be bowed, it's not going down without a hell of a fight.

Studio Desk arrive at Jelly London.

Jelly London have bolstered their animation wing by signing Emily Downe and Kathrin Steinbacher, a.k.a. Studio Desk.

Before founding London's only female animation studio, Downe and Steinbacher studied together at both Kingston School at Art and the Royal College of Art. Now their combined talents have landed them a place on Jelly's esteemed roster.


Football Beyond Borders
"Black &6Teen"
4 mins 31s
12 January 2021

This stirring piece of work offers a valuable insight into growing up Black in modern Britain. Built around a poem written by a 16 year old girl called Abi who grew up in Thornton Heath, it contains truths which demonstrate how far this country still has to go before it can claim to offer equal opportunities to each of its young people.

Director Lainey Richardson invades her subject's private space with her camera to establish intimacy, amplifying the potency of her words. The brutality which regularly punctuates the lives of the Black diaspora is represented by still photographs juxtaposed between the clips of Abi reciting her poem.

The film starkly reminds a white audience of its discomfort at seeing a congregation of young Black people: "you see a gang, I see an unbreakable bond of young Kings and Queens" and reveals how this Black teenager already knows that "without a video phone or a witness, the odds will never be in my favour".

Even triumphs cannot be enjoyed in an uncomplicated way – as the camera catches sight of Abi's impressive haul of medals, we learn that she has "made many angry, uncomfortable and hostile at the thought of [her] success."

As the film nears its climax, it confronts a topic which arouses controversy within the Black community itself, as Abi reveals that it took her time to reject products designed to lighten skin and straighten hair, eventually learning to love her melanin.

It's heartbreaking to know that our society puts such a burden on its youngsters, and while there are doubtless pressures on 16-year-olds regardless of their skin colour, Richardson's film and – more importantly – Abi's poem reveals that the weight upon the shoulders of Black children is greater by far.


On This Day
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"Car Insurance"
16 Jan 2005
The usual nonsense from Mark Benton's bank manager character, here asking a series of increasingly silly questions of a man wanting car insurance. The poor man gives up entirely when it is suggested that he will get a better deal if he pretends to drive the car instead of really doing so.

Silver Spoon Light
"Mistaken Identity"
16 Jan 2006
Wonderful animated film in which a female animated sugar cube accidentally gets into bed with some Silver Spoon Light because he so resembles her husband, Mr Sugar. Exceedingly silly but good fun.

Toyota Yaris
16 Jan 2007
Hats off to whoever decided the two scenes should be shown in reverse order here as it is the key to this ad working. When a woman crashes her boyfriend's model aeroplane, we are not quite sure whether it was an accident. All becomes clear when we drop back a couple of days to an earlier incident.

"Liverpool Street Station"
2 mins 40s
16 Jan 2009
This commercial features three hundred and fifty dancers filmed using hidden cameras at Liverpool St Station. Onlookers are mesmerised as the dancing appears to spread outwards and the overall effect is brilliant.

"Get It On"
16 Jan 2009
A fiendishly clever piece for Durex uses balloon animals to illustrate the fun that can be had with the advertised product. This is the kind of film that usually flushes out half a dozen art students in the Paraguaya. Jungle claiming that they thought of it first. Hats off to whoever did.

Live Aid
16 Jan 2010
Ben Kingsley reprises his role from Jonathan Glazer's Sexy Beast in this winning piece for the Live Aid charity. Kingsley gives a sublime performance as he describes how he accidentally donated a tenner after originally thinking a pound would do.

"Frozen Moment"
16 Jan 2010
The drama of a crucial moment during a basketball match is captured to perfection in this vintage ad for Nike. The audience in the stadium is gripped as well as those watching on television... will he dump the ball in the thingy? Watch it and find out.

"Whatever You Ride"
16 Jan 2010
The only constants in a young man's life as he journeys across America are his Wrangler jeans and the soundtrack from the Wizard of Oz. He wears the former while the latter plays endlessly in his head... a brilliant vintage ad from Jonathan Glazer.

1 min 40s
16 Jan 2010
Guinness advertising at its surreal best in this sure which introduces us to the champion of the dream club. He goes to sleep with questions and wakes up with answers... although, it has to be said, not all of the answers entirely make sense.

American Airlines
16 Jan 2010
This vintage commercial wryly speculates on what might have happened to the seats that the advertised airline has removed from its planes. Using music which could have come from Twin Peaks, the seats are spotted in the unlikeliest of places.

VW Polo
16 Jan 2010
This vintage commercial for VW Polo shows people feeling physically vulnerable in a variety of situations. In each case they protect themselves by rolling themselves into a ball and, it's suggested, that this may be the reason why we feel safe inside the advertised car.

BBC 1Xtra
"Street Music"
16 Jan 2010
This clever promo for the BBC's black music channel superimposes excerpts from tracks onto incongruous scenes filmed in the street. The net effect is beguiling and its irreverence will unquestionably appeal to the target audience.

VW Passat
16 Jan 2010
This amusing ad for the VW Passat has a German woman propositioning an engineer who works for the car manufacturer. When she asks him whether he has a ruler in his pocket or is just pleased to see her... he innocently produces a ruler.

"Kung Fu"
16 Jan 2010
There's some marvellous kung foolery in this vintage commercial by Jonathan Glazer. A lot of care has been taken to reproduce the look of a 1970s Hong Kong movie as a young man is surrounded by attackers as he bids to reach the launderette.

16 Jan 2010
This vintage commercial for Audi introduces us to a vile bunch of people who are members of an exclusive golf club. Any dread you feel that they are about to endorse the advertised car is quickly relieved... they wouldn't be seen dead in an Audi and that's the point.

"City Match"
16 Jan 2010
This vintage commercial for Adidas focuses on the pure joy of football... famous players mix with ordinary folk in an old part of the city to have some fun kicking balls around. The resulting footage combines candid footage with staged sequences.

"Swim Black"
16 Jan 2010
This vintage classic introduced us to a veteran swimmer who races against the pouring of a pint of Guinness in a special event every year. His brother reassures him that he'll never lose the race and the reason for his confidence is revealed to us.

Stella Artois
"Last Orders"
16 Jan 2010
An enduring classic for Stella Artois features an elderly man making a series of deathbed requests each of which is dutifully carried out by his son. Except the last, of course, which is a request for a pint of the Belgian beer.

Cancer Research
"Spot Cancer Early"
2 mins
16 Jan 2013
In this viral a casual approach to cancer is used to persuade is that we can talk to whoever we want about our health concerns provided we also speak to a doctor. Like all the best virals it grabs the attention early on and provides an incentive to stay tuned and find out what it's all about... which is good as this is an important message.

"Call to Arms"
16 Jan 2014
Are they kidding? If this was a Coca-Cola commercial then we wouldn't doubt its sincerity (while pouring scorn on it, natch) but Axe? Axe are suggesting that the world could be more harmonious if there was a bit more deodorant-inspired love around... and they appear to be pretty serious.

Land Rover
16 Jan 2014
Advertising quite frequently references our unreliable weather but we can't remember seeing anything quite like Land Rover's brilliant new commercial. The car itself barely gets a look in as we're led instead through a celebration of this 'grey and pleasant land' in a succession of vignettes depicting the foolhardy bravado our temperate climate appears to provoke.

"The Notebook"
2 mins 15s
16 Jan 2015
A stressed mother puts on a cheerful face when her young son comes home from school but is almost immediately distracted again; putting a piece of paper he hands to her down on the table as she answers the phone. He watches her thoughtfully, before taking out a notebook and beginning to record a series of chores that she would otherwise have to do.

Vauxhall Corsa
"A to Z"
16 Jan 2015
This vibrant slice of life positions the Vauxhall Corsa as a car we might find at the centre of normal human existence... a life utility vehicle helping young drivers who are trying to make their way into the adult world. It's a canny move. The vehicles of yesteryear that occupied this space - the Mini and the VW Beetle - have been seriously upgraded in the last decade or two and although this may mean they are far superior to their forebears, they are probably beyond the financial reach of many youngsters.

Apple AirPods
16 Jan 2017
The first advertising push for Apple's AirPod earphones has a job on its hands. Last year's Apple press conference sparked frenzied reactions online as headphone jacks and wires were consigned to history. Now the tech giant has to convince consumers that cordless earbuds are the future... and they've gone about it in typical Apple fashion.

"The Nightclub"
16 Jan 2019
A night club designed for sleeping - no, it's not the latest Millennial fad, it's the premise of this appealingly quirky ad for IKEA. The furniture giant have tapped Juan Cabral to draw attention to their extensive range of bedroom accessories. The film puts an entirely different, ahem, spin on the nightly routine, as a diverse group of revellers snuggle up into beds arranged around a trendy club.

On This Day
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