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Latest Work
    • We're feeling supersonic.This propulsive ad marks the return of Formula 1 to the sporting calendar, with a rare emphasis on unity instead of conflict.
    • Rainbow RolesBetween acting as a symbol of hope during the pandemic and flying on flags during Pride month, the rainbow has been busier than usual in 2020.
    • Paul Quinn rocks up at HunkyDory.HunkyDory are pleased to announce the signing of writer-slash-director Paul Quinn for commercial representation.
    • You Are Here like it RARE.A surge of interest in small-scale production has prompted You Are Here to rejig their tabletop division.
    • Personal Protective EquipmentDurex take the opportunity to remind viewers that it's not just Covid-19 they need to avoid spreading.
    • Culture ClashHSBC's latest campaign draws attention to the struggles that come from trying to live authentically in an unaccepting world.
    • Hell for leather.This diverting Czech ad offers an insight into wartime survival, with car manufacturer Aero under threat from both Hitler and Stalin at various points.
    • Tales of us.To say this three-minute Bodyform ad is a force of nature would be an understatement.
    • City LovingThis unexpectedly touching film features New Yorkers sharing their thoughts on the downsides of living in one of the world's busiest cities.
    • Characters and CreationVogue continue their Pride series with this bold and beautiful film which explores the intersection of disability and drag.
    • P.O.B. joins Darling Films.Darling Films have completed the signing of Irish filmmaker P.O.B. for representation in the UK.
    • The Visionaries laugh it up with Justin Reardon.Seasoned comedy director Justin Reardon says only the birth of his children trumps joining The Visionaries for UK freelance representation.
    • I've finished so I'll start.Coral highlight one of sport's early Covid-19 comeback stories: horse racing.
    • The Hidden PeopleThere's a charming sense of magical realism in this short film, directed by (and starring) Mark Jenkinson.


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Channel 4
"Be More Rainbow"
3 July 2020

Between acting as a symbol of hope during the pandemic and flying on flags during Pride month, the rainbow has been busier than usual in 2020. Channel 4 give the guy himself a chance to speak up about it in this amusing film, which sees the rainbow run ragged trying to keep up with all its pressing commitments around the country.

While the appeal for viewers to "be kind" feels oddly toothless for a channel which has always prided itself in pushing the boundaries of representation, it's nonetheless a timely message for an increasingly divided society.

Cheerful animation and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour ensure this personable character will be a hit with audiences of all ages, while Marcus Fraser's voiceover ensures the meteorological phenomenon has personality to spare.

Paul Quinn rocks up at HunkyDory.

HunkyDory are pleased to announce the signing of writer-slash-director Paul Quinn for commercial representation. Quinn brings an accomplished reel to his new home, making him a shrewd addition to the roster.

John Doris and co. were drawn to Quinn’s ability to handle scripts with a strong tabletop component. This knack for small-scale shoots is evident in a series of Lurpak ads from 2017 - check out this backwards twist on bruschetta to see what we mean.


You Are Here like it RARE.

A surge of interest in small-scale production has prompted You Are Here to rejig their tabletop division.

RARE Mark II, so to speak, boasts a new website and aesthetic, as well as a handful of new signings. According to You Are Here’s managing director Jeremy Goold, now's the perfect time for a reboot.


"Let's Not Go Back to Normal"
6 July 2020

As the country prepares to open up and further ease lockdown (and many seem to have already decided the pandemic is over), Durex take the opportunity to remind viewers that it's not just Covid-19 they need to avoid spreading.

After a forcible halt to hook-ups and dates has led to a drop in STD transmission, the brand attempt to keep the trend going with this appeal for better, safer sex. A variety of relationships are represented throughout the film, making it clear that condom use is encouraged across all genders and sexualities.

With pubs reopening and those emerging from self-isolation doubtless more eager for physical contact than usual, it's a timely reminder that entering a 'new normal' includes picking the responsibilities of the 'old normal' back up again. Condoms are the PPE of the bedroom, if you will.

2 July 2020

HSBC's latest campaign draws attention to the struggles that come from trying to live authentically in an unaccepting world. Championing minority voices, the work features stories from people across all walks of life - each of whom faces their own mental, emotional, and practical challenges in a society that presumes everyone is straight.

This instalment focuses on Florence, whose colleagues try to find her a boyfriend while she fears being outed in an office environment. Her anxiety and inner turmoil are eloquently drawn, as the film catalogues her step-by-step approach to passing for heterosexual.

It's an important reminder for businesses that - despite HR policies about discrimination - company culture around these issues matters. Homophobia is insidious, and often leaves people like Florence constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.


On This Day
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Post Office
"The New People's Post Office"
7 Jul 2010
This is a much better fit for the Post Office than the advertising campaign it replaces. Ordinary people get ready for their holidays and take advantage of the helpful facilities available from their local branch... it's simple, it's charming and it will generate business.

"So Good"
7 Jul 2011
Like a cross between last year's John Lewis ad and the film Cocoon, an elderly couple roll back the years after looking at some youngsters sharing food from the advertised fast food joint. Music maketh the ad as ever (and this version of Your Song was used in another John Lewis ad).

"The Homeless Polar Bear"
1 min 35s
7 Jul 2012
Powerful symbolism here as a polar bear poignantly explores an urban setting in search of sustenance. The CGI* that's placed the huge mammal in this situations is enormously impressive but it doesn't distract from the enormously important message and this will surely persuade punters to get behind Greenpeace's campaign.

* UPDATE - Apparently it's not CGI - see comments below the clip.

7 Jul 2013
Sainsbury's book of boredom-busting ideas better live up to its name because the ad suggests it's going to be a godsend to parents over the long summer weeks. We all know that feeling when the children are kicking around aimlessly with a sullenness that's ready to tip over into anarchy at any given moment, and this turns that negative energy on its head and makes it a thing of positive joy.

"Mark Watts"
7 Jul 2013
Ooh. The Halifax has certainly got its mojo back with this lovely ad. By the end of this sixty seconds, you feel you know Mark Watts and are rooting for him - so we like the Halifax for offering him the mortgage he so obviously deserves. Smartly done; with humour, compassion and warmth.

Imperial War Museum
"Flight of the Stories"
7 Jul 2014
This beautifully illustrated piece strikes the perfect balance between emotional resonance and dignified restraint. Instrumental music plays throughout as sampled speech, song and battle drifts in and fades away; ghosts of the past brought to rest in the new First World War galleries at the Imperial War Museum.

CLIC Sargent
"The Joke Appeal"
2 mins 05s
7 Jul 2014
This beautifully observed film publicising a worthy initiative by the charity CLIC Sargent portrays a playground scene with remarkable authenticity. A group of lads are exchanging banter typical of boys their age when one of them reveals that a friend of his - alone on the other side of the playground - is suffering from cancer.

"Piers Morgan (Extended Version)"
2 mins
7 Jul 2015
The extended version of The National Lottery spot featuring Piers Morgan, is - it has to be said - even better than the broadcast spot. Much as we hate to admit it, he plays the part frighteningly well, and the various scenarios bear the weight of additional time without sagging in the slightest - all of which goes to show how strong a piece of work this is.

7 Jul 2016
Chris made the foolish mistake of alleging that Lidl collect their fish from a ditch so they took him out in a boat across the darkened water. But instead of filling his boots with cement as you might expect, they show him where they source their mussels and demonstrate how keen they are on sustainability... at least, that's what they did while the cameras were rolling.

2 mins 53s
7 Jul 2017
This emotive film for HSBC explores the origins of the Pride march, tracing from its beginnings to where it is today. We're introduced to two men who have strong connections to the movement: Andrew, who was part of the first Pride march, and Jamie, a transgender man who carried the British flag during Pride London.

7 Jul 2005
Two women aboard horses are transformed into mud wrestlers when some Lynx is sprayed into by a young man. He watches on in delight as they get down and dirty, all the more so when they invite him to join them.

7 Jul 2007
Another salvo from a company determined to prove its green credentials. HSBC asks people around the world what they make of trees. The ad's makers cannot really get away from the footage of the goats that graze in the upper branches... and, frankly, who can blame them? Amazing.

"Weather Zoom"
7 Jul 2007
Another impressive zoom for Teletext illustrating how you can get straight to the information you need via the red button on your digital TV remote control and save yourself the trouble of getting online and using the Internet. One suspects this may be a losing battle but a good shot has been fired here.

Burger King
"Mature Desserts"
7 Jul 2007
Amusing spot for Burger King to introduce us to a new range of desserts which are a fusion between ice cream and other, more mature, offerings. The brand spokesman wears a skirt on his lower half and endures a number of mishaps that, if we think are funny, means we probably won't like the new desserts.

Scottish Gov't Anti Ageism
"Old Young"
7 Jul 2008
This film asks whether our attitudes to people of other ages would differ if life was lived the other way around. To illustrate this question, we see elderly people dressed like and behaving like youngsters and vice versa. Any bid to improve relations between the generations has to be laudable.

Film 4
"Summer Screen"
7 Jul 2008
A pleasant montage lets us know about a competition Filmfour are holding which will enable the winners to attend a screening of a film at Somerset House. To win, you have to send in a photograph of yourself and your friends enjoying your own outdoor screening in your back garden.

7 Jul 2008
A jet containing Trinny, Susannah and a load of tawdry clothes has crashed on a remote tropical island. A local tribe of model-types gather the cheap fashions and bind the presenters to a wooden frame using ropes... something that one of the duo admits she quite enjoys. Some advertising folk got a good holiday out of this.

Friends Reunited
"Keep Your Friends Even Closer"
7 Jul 2008
This film inadvertently taps into the great fear some people have when they consider using the advertised service to contact old friends... namely, that any of those contacted will want to stay within a machete swing of you for the rest of your days. The main message here is that the service is now free.

Wrigley's Extra Fusion
"Dance Fusion"
7 Jul 2008
There's an interesting illustration of the idea of fusion in this ad which has a young black man who is strutting his stuff in an urban setting joined by a ballet dancer. The two of them improvise together and in so doing create a visual metaphor for the "mixed-up flavours" of the advertised product.

Anti Piracy
"Office Nigel"
7 Jul 2008
A return for the campaign which seeks to persuade us to buy entertainment media through legitimate channels has a man in an office being identified as a knock Off Nigel. His accuser is a 1970s styled hunk which is a risk as the flippant approach could undermine the message but we suspect works well for the target audience.

Scottish Gov't Care Standards
7 Jul 2008
A rather sweet explanation of National Care Standards in Scotland delivered from a bath tub by an elderly man who is being washed by a carer. He has a laugh with the man diligently scrubbing his back when he drops the soap and he's told "you're on your own there pal".

7 Jul 2009
Of all the smells that a deodorant company might want to associate themselves, you wouldn't have thought that leather would necessarily be very high on the list. Nonetheless this intriguing film for the US makes that very connection.

7 Jul 2009
A jaunty musical offering on behalf of the American computer manufacturer makes much of the different colours available for their laptops. Any of you who imagine this might not matter much when it comes to buying a computer should ask a woman for her opinion.

West Coast Cooler
"It's Showtime!"
7 Jul 2009
As a bunch of women get ready to go out, they're given a musical accompaniment by members of a rock band. The musicians continue to accompany the women until they hit the town where, we suppose, they'll indulge in the advertised product.

7 Jul 2010
People who make commercials know that they can't control the British weather... that's why they spend so much time in South Africa. How ironic then that an ad built around the idea that we have too much rain should be aired during a drought. Bloody weather.

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