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    • Joe Walton joins Whitehouse PostWhitehouse Post have bolstered their London roster with the signing of editor Joe Walton.
    • Should I stay or should I shave?Laissez-faire grooming brand Harry’s believe every man has the right to shave or not to shave, and no question about it.
    • Fiona McGee lands at BOLD.BOLD’s global talent search has led to Australian director Fiona McGee joining their compelling roster.
    • Luzian Schlatter joins Mad Cow Films.Swiss director Luzian Schlatter has joined the fold at Mad Cow Films for commercial representation.
    • The winning percentage.The BBC stoke anticipation for the 2019 Women's World Cup with this gutsy promo.
    • Gut reaction.The last in Amazon Prime's amusing series of films offers one of the most dramatic applications of the Heimlich manoeuvre we've seen for some time.
    • Never Mind the Bollocks.BrewDog are attempting to hold on to their nose-thumbing reputation with a 'brutally honest' ad campaign.
    • CraftWorks at BAFTA 195 on June 10th.We're doing another CraftWorks at BAFTA and it's going to be extremely good.
    • What is a man?Prostate Cancer UK celebrate masculinity in all its forms in this touching commercial from BBH and director Nicolas Jack Davies.
    • 76 Ltd sign Olivier Venturini.Beauty director and amateur pastry chef Olivier Venturini has given 76 Ltd plenty to smile about as he joins their bespoke roster for representation.
    • Love will tear us apart.This rousing film for Lacoste is in keeping with the brand's tendency to celebrate love and all its complications.
    • Ad Break - Gogglebox 17th MayIn the first of a new series, DAVID takes a look at an entire ad break to comment on some TVCs in context.
    • The Fridman Sisters arrive at You Are HereYou Are Here have signed Brazilian directing duo The Fridman Sisters for representation.
    • Horrifying Point of ViewThis wonderful mini-horror flick from Italian remedy brand Dr Giorgini explores the power of cutting edge technology.
    • Happily Ever AfterThis poignant film from Anthony Nolan draws attention to the vital importance of the charity's work with stem cell donors.
    • We're coming out.Boots throw shade at potential body-shamers with their annual summer effort.
    • Diego Nuñez Irigoyen signs for Knucklehead.Acclaimed comedy director Diego Nuñez Irigoyen has joined the roster at Knucklehead.
    • Like Nobody's WatchingFast fashion label Zalando encourage customers to dress purely for their own pleasure in this kooky outing.


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"Shave If You Want To"
22 May 2019

Laissez-faire grooming brand Harry’s believe every man has the right to shave or not to shave, and no question about it. This characterful ad from director Simon Ratigan sells the Harry’s credo via an assortment of beards, moustaches, goatees (emphasis on the ‘goat’) and clean-shaven mugs.

Part history lesson, part whisker parade, the ad claims menkind is at a good point in time; no longer constrained by fussy societal mores or non-existent equipment, the hairy gent has never enjoyed such freedom at the bathroom sink.

Naturally, Harry’s think their easy-going ethos makes them the ideal candidate for no strings shaving. Given there’s no mention of their subscription service either, the ostensibly online-only brand now seem keen to bring offline shavers into the fold.

Fiona McGee lands at BOLD.

BOLD’s global talent search has led to Australian director Fiona McGee joining their compelling roster.

Regarded as one of Down Under’s foremost commercial directors, McGee manages to harness her country’s distinctive brand of humour with consistently memorable results. Chuck in a raft of industry accolades and you have a director operating at the peak of her powers.


Luzian Schlatter joins Mad Cow Films.

Swiss director Luzian Schlatter has joined the fold at Mad Cow Films for commercial representation.

Schlatter has more nuggets of wisdom to impart than your average director, having studied both film and psychology at the University of Zurich. Funnily enough, one of Schlatter's core interests was the psychological impact of advertising on consumers.


BBC Sport
"Change The Game"
1 min 40s
21 May 2019

A gutsy reinterpretation of Fort Minor's ‘Remember The Name' drives this 100" promo from director Georgia Hudson, as the BBC stoke anticipation for the 2019 Women's World Cup. London-based rapper Ms Banks takes on vocal duties as she reminds players from home and abroad what it takes to go down in history.

Flitting between Banks and a match-ready cast, Hudson sets her stall out with restless camerawork, brooding compositions, and shrewd cuts to footage of tournaments past. The result is an elevated take on the pre-tournament trail, with its music promo sensibilities conveying a sense of hard-earned swagger for the women's game.

Amazon Prime
21 May 2019

The last in Amazon Prime's amusing series of films offers one of the most dramatic applications of the Heimlich manoeuvre we've seen for some time. As a man chokes on his dinner, his fellow restaurant patrons can only watch in abject horror - save for one fearless diner.

Wrapping her arms around the victim like a medically trained bear, the protagonist blows and thrusts as if trying to exorcise a demon, let along a piece of food. The fact that we hear none of the carnage - only another soothing backing track - heightens the comic effect, as does the source of her sudden medical gumption.


Recent Promos
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Trish Clowes
"Abbott & Costello"
6 mins 58s
22 May 2019
Those of a certain vintage will instantly associate jazz with The Fast Show’s Louis Balfour and his smoke-filled lair. Unlike the chain-smoker’s array of musically challenged guests, Shrewsbury-born saxophonist and composer Trish Clowes knows how to do her craft justice. Clowes’s latest track ‘Abbott & Costello’ receives a tricksy promo courtesy of director Rose Hendry.

Lil Nas X
"Old Town Road (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus)"
5 mins 06s
21 May 2019
Why did no-one think of it before? Of course hip-hop and country are a match made in heaven. It's so obvious listening to this, dammit. Thank you, Lil Naz (real name Montero Hill) for exploding onto the music scene with this magical number, and for asking the universe (okay, Twitter) for Billy Ray Cyrus to contribute a verse.

Dense & Pika
4 mins 34s
20 May 2019
This hypnotic promo for Dense & Pika's ‘Slowhand' is a phonographic trip. Set deep within the horn of a gramophone, director Ben Parkin's blend of live-action and animation shows precisely what happens when needle meets vinyl… and it involves, to borrow a phrase from Elton John, a tiny dancer. Surreal yet infectiously so.

Heavy Baile
"Ciranda (ft. Goes)"
3 mins 30s
17 May 2019
There's clocking off, and there's clocking off the Jonathan Neguebites way. Those unfamiliar with the passing dancer are in for a treat thanks to this celebratory promo for Heavy Baile, an electronic music collective from Rio de Janeiro. The city's back alleys and railway lines provide an engaging backdrop to Neguebites' joyful, infectious performance.

Mark Ronson
"Late Night Feelings (ft. Lykke Li)"
3 mins 41s
16 May 2019
Mark Ronson fuses steel drums and Scandi-pop in his mellow comeback single ‘Late Night Feelings', as guest vocalist Lykke Li lets inhibitions melt away in the accompanying promo. Director JP Chartrand mainlines 1970s glamour as the Swede cavorts around her swanky pad and melts into her shag carpet - with an uber-quiffed Ronson in her sights.

3 mins 36s
13 May 2019
Hardcore electronic band Sludge get a frenetic promo for their debut track, courtesy of Kenneth Karlstad. With its 90s VHS-style aesthetic and psychoholic skinheads it paints a bleak picture of an Eastern Bloc world where violence rules and victims are initiated into a warped, disorientating reality. Unsettling, original work that doesn't shy away from the track's viscerality.

Gorgon City
4 mins 01s
9 May 2019
Electronic duo Gorgon City - comprised of North London producers Kye 'Foamo' Gibbon and Matt 'RackNRuin' Robson-Scott - take sensuality seriously in this visceral promo for latest single 'Delicious'. Combining mouth-watering food photography and the surreal flares of a bad trip, the imagery is just as bold as the track's beat-driven tones.

The Voidz
"Permanent High School"
4 mins 13s
9 May 2019
On the evidence of new track ‘Permenant High School', The Voidz (formerly known as Julian Casablancas + The Voidz) have tempered the batshit excess of their first album for something verging on listenable. Persevere with frontman Casablancas's apathetic drawl and enjoy director Hala Matar's boisterous lo-fi promo.

Lee Ann Womack
4 mins 50s
8 May 2019
Country and western singer Lee Ann Womack's ‘Hollywood' tackles a stalling relationship through heartworn lyrics and an unexpectedly moving promo, courtesy of director Chris Ullens and, well, a couple of plastic dolls. Thus, broken hearts and articulated joints are the order of the day in Ullens's Californian toy story.

Joseph Shabason
" I Don't Want To Be Your Love (ft. Dan Bejar)"
4 mins 43s
7 May 2019
A mysterious dance in the dead of night propels this compelling promo for Joseph Shabason's ‘I Don't Want to Be Your Love', with Jared Harris (Mad Men, The Terror) confined to the passenger seat yet intimately involved in the ensuing spectacle. Lit by car headlights, a dancer becomes a surrogate for Harris's stricken observer.

"Come Down"
4 mins 07s
1 May 2019
This atmospheric promo from APRE accompanies latest single 'Come Down', an initially doomy track which quickly lightens up into anthemic territory. The music offers a jangling backdrop for singer Charlie Brown's echoing vocals, which give the whole affair a hint of 80s flare. The film has a similarly dreamlike, cryptic vibe.

"Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey)"
4 mins 12s
2 May 2019
The K-Pop invasion continues as boyband BTS hurtle ever further into the realm of global superstardom - making history as the first Korean act to win Best Group at the Billboard Music Awards. The group's latest promo capitalises on the 'flower boy' trend, with each pastel-soaked frame of film resembling the most skilfully filtered Instagram posts. Pop seems set to stay sugary-sweet this summer.

"Vossi Bop"
3 mins 24s
1 May 2019
Crown Prince of Grime Stormzy returns with a low-fi, skulking single which confirms he's staying true to his roots... no matter if people object to him playing Glastonbury. The accompanying promo takes place in an abandoned London - streets empty save for Stormzy and his compatriots.

Hilton Dresden
"Cousin John"
4 mins 11s
1 May 2019
Languorous and lovely, this promo for Hilton Dresden's 'Cousin John' is a paean to a slower world of romance, longing, and sumptuous fashion. The track itself is a play on 'Cousin Jane' by 60s band The Troggs, and luxuriates in the unhurried unfolding of a love requited. Everyone is beautiful and non-binary; the sensuality of the fabrics and the opulent settings almost tangible.

Fat White Family
"Tastes Good With The Money"
5 mins 44s
30 Apr 2019
Since their first release 'Touch The Leather', we at David have followed Fat White Family's wobbly trajectory with interest. This is a band whose ramshackle, controversial, drug-fuelled crystallisation looked instinctively like the most interesting thing to happen to alternative music in a couple of decades. They'd either implode before they got real recognition, or they'd fuse into some new, crazy atom on the periodic table that would freak anyone who came in contact with them.

Dean Lewis
"Stay Awake"
3 mins 05s
30 Apr 2019
Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis has taken the States by storm in recent years. A former sound engineer, he's written a number of songs which have put him firmly on the musical map, and as a fan of Kodaline's promos he asked director Stevie Russell to make a video for 'Stay Awake'. The music is pretty much for a late teen audience, but the video has a cool road trip vibe about it.

Taylor Swift
4 mins 08s
30 Apr 2019
Taylor Swift seems to have given up on the world of grown up pop on her latest album, instead appealing to tweens and younger fans with a candy-coated single offering up such lyrical delights as "you can't spell awesome without me". The accompanying promo is equally sugar-soaked (if much more palatable), with Swift and compatriot Brendon Urie cavorting through a pastel-tinted vision of Paris.

The Hour
4 mins 26s
28 Apr 2019
Enigmatic group The Hour has released an excellent follow-up to debut single 'Wasted', continuing their promo collaboration with director Ben Strebel. The theme of anonymity picks up where it left off, with faces concealed as before... but this time, the action takes place in a hospital where one of the masked is giving birth.

Salvatore Ganacci
2 mins 46s
28 Apr 2019
For those of you who haven't heard of him, Salvatore Ganacci is a Bosnian-born Swedish EDM DJ who likes to mix things up in a way that extends well beyond his turntables. Sending up the whole onstage froideur of his ilk, Ganacci's presence is as immensely entertaining as his music itself. This promo by Vedran Rupic for 'Horse' tells you all you need to know.

Kris Kelly
6 mins 15s
23 Apr 2019
Texas-born singer-songwriter Kris Kelly is in no rush with new single ‘Birthplace', nor is he inclined to sing much above a whisper. While there is therefore little to raise pulses, Kelly's plaintive rumination on memory, purpose, and rebirth has enough to enthral listeners in a wistful mood. Adi Halfin's accompanying promo takes a while to get going, too.

Aldous Harding
"Fixture Picture"
4 mins 09s
12 Apr 2019
A picture paints a thousand words, and this artful promo for Aldous Harding paints a few more than that. Long shots explore stillness, highlighting the slight movements of the musicians performing, while flashes of nature and birds hint at a deeper yearning for freedom. Stylish work from co-directors Jack Whiteley and Harding herself.

"Never Let Go"
3 mins 29s
10 Apr 2019
A controlled colour palette and in-your-face photography drive this promo for indie-pop group Whenyoung, with a crisp aesthetic and probing camerawork ensuring that eyes never wander from the up-coming Irish trio. Clad in red, black, and white, band members Aoife Power, Niall Burns, and Andrew Flood accost the camera in a sharp, earnest performance.

"Piece of Your Heart (ft. Goodboys)"
2 mins 36s
10 Apr 2019
Director Tash Tung flips the script on Kiev in her promo for Meduza's ‘Piece of Your Mind', as she constantly turns the Ukrainian capital upside down. You could say Tung took the lyric "I'm turning you up to get down, down, down" and ran with it. The result is an askew, free-spirited tour of Kiev skate culture, as a group snake their way through the city streets.

"Don't Feel Like Crying"
2 mins 37s
5 Apr 2019
Quirky Scandi wunderkind Sigrid returns with another effervescent single to make it feel like summer might, one day, actually arrive. 'Don't Feel Like Crying' is a charmingly Millennial lyrical exercise, taking break-up tropes like wallowing on the couch eating junk food and turning them on their head. The promo is equally eager to defy expectations, as Sigrid turns a staid waiting room into her own personal disco.

James Blake
"Barefoot in the Park"
3 mins 58s
5 Apr 2019
James Blake teams up with Catalan starlet Rosalía for an uncanny stroll through Los Angeles in this promo for ‘Barefoot in the Park'. While the pair perform their English-Spanish duet, however, there's also the small matter of a temporal rift appearing in the sky to deal with. Fully understanding this one is no walk in the park.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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