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    • The big squeeze.This latest CoppaFeel! ad is a lively call to arms (or hands, at least).
    • From B to AHyundai get historical in this sweeping commercial, highlighting the South Korean brand's journey from its inception to the present day.
    • London calls for ETC's Jason Wallis.Electric Theatre Collective's Jason Wallis says "it's great to be back in his hometown" as the colourist rejoins the company's London office.
    • Biff Butler knuckles down to Work.Work Editorial are unsurprisingly delighted to have secured the services of Biff Butler - an all-round editing superstar based in Los Angeles.
    • Who's the driver?While the muscular fella is taking advantage of his home gym to tone his impressive six pack, and his other half is enthusiastically throwing paint at a canvas, someone is making off with their prized BMW!
    • Paint the town red.After over two years' worth of cringe, Vodafone have wisely ditched Martin Freeman as their spokesperson and gone in a very different direction with their latest campaign.
    • Found FamilySergei and Aleksandr continue to break ground as an iconic animated couple in this touching outing for Compare the Market.
    • Vision sign Arthur Loveday.Vision have added another capable cinematographer to their ranks in the shape of Arthur Loveday.
    • Just kitting.Huddersfield Town sponsors Paddy Power execute a wry U-turn in this 90" ad.
    • Tash Tung arrives at Blink.Blink have added director, photographer, and visual artist Tash Tung to their burgeoning roster.
    • That sinking feeling.Ubiquitous comedian Katherine Ryan gives an amusingly physical performance in this 60" Barclaycard ad
    • Gaia Borretti joins The Assembly Rooms.Talented editor Gaia Borretti has bolstered the team at The Assembly Rooms.
    • Charity run.There are echoes of the 'Lust for Life' sequence from the opening of 'Trainspotting' in this hard-hitting film promoting Action For Children, a charity which looks after the interests of children in care.
    • Pulse Films sign Finn McGoughPulse Films have signed director Finn McGough for worldwide representation.
    • The calm and the storm.This bracing documentary introduces Danielle MacGillivray: single mother, proud Hebridean, and MS sufferer.
    • Hard to swallowSubway bid to steal Extinction Rebellion's thunder with an ad that sees rival fast food outlets turn nasty.


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"Breast On"
23 July 2019

This latest CoppaFeel! ad is a lively call to arms (or hands, at least). Like its predecessors, 'Breasts On' urges women and men alike to probe their chests as thoroughly and as regularly as possible. Unlike previous instalments, however, this swaps plain backgrounds for the real world.

Jumping between bedrooms and bathrooms, parks and rugby pitches, director Eloise King's film is a varied, personable reminder of what viewers stand to lose if they let breast cancer go unnoticed (e.g. friends, family, and favourite pastimes). The best way to prevent this is to go all hands on deck, so to speak.

Thanks to a diverse cast and some quick-fire editing from tenthree's Ellie Johnson, the campaign's proactive message lands with both heart and attitude to spare. Furthermore, it's good to use the word 'handsy' in a positive sense for once.

"Next Awaits"
1 min 55s
23 July 2019

Hyundai get historical in this sweeping commercial, highlighting the South Korean brand's journey from its inception to the present day. Director Dante Ariola executes the concept with gusto, as the timeline reverses and we see the marque's progress running backwards - from technological advances to the simple business of building roads.

It's easy for vehicle brands to lose their sense of place and national identity, so dominated has the image of personal cars become by the 'American dream' idea. This makes it all the more striking that this film is deeply Korean at its core, and delves into the country's past to show how far it has come - both in infrastructure and its place on the international stage.

London calls for ETC's Jason Wallis.

Electric Theatre Collective's Jason Wallis says "it's great to be back in his hometown" as the colourist rejoins the company's London office.

After a successful stint at ETC's Los Angeles branch, Wallis decided it was time to rejoin his old muckers Luke Morrison and Ruth Wardell: "Working with Luke has been inspiring, while it's great to work with Ruth again. She's doing amazing work, so it's great to come home and see how far the department has come."


Biff Butler knuckles down to Work.

Work Editorial are unsurprisingly delighted to have secured the services of Biff Butler - an all-round editing superstar based in Los Angeles.

Despite possessing a name which suggests he grew up in an American high school movie, Butler is from the UK. He moved to LA in 1999 when he was a musician. His fascination with editing began not, as you might expect, with music promos but with the excellent title sequence for the movie Se7en.


22 July 2019

It's only when you are obliged to write the review that you pay sufficient attention to ask the really difficult questions… like, who's driving the car?

While the muscular fella is taking advantage of his home gym to tone his impressive six pack, and his other half is enthusiastically throwing paint at a canvas, someone is making off with their prized BMW!

Okay, we admit it, we are not absolutely convinced that that's the way this is designed to be interpreted, but if you keep it in mind then it makes for exciting viewing. And it needs this kind of angle because, in truth, this is slightly less than the sum of its parts. Each shot has been lovingly crafted and there's an impressive dynamism about the way it's been put together, but it doesn't really go anywhere… unlike the advertised vehicle which heads off down the picturesque coastal road in the hands of its new owner – the unknown thief.


Recent Promos
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Sam Smith
"How Do You Sleep?"
3 mins 49s
22 Jul 2019
Cementing his role as the king of break-up anthems, Sam Smith dances the blues away in this glossy promo for latest single 'How Do You Sleep'. With choreography by Parris Goebel, the film evokes the expressive movements of vogueing and the drag ball scene as Smith ponders why he's still so unlucky in love.

Pearl City
3 mins 08s
23 Jul 2019
There are plenty of muscles on show in this Pearl City promo, but, ironically, none belong to the two protagonists. They are a pair of gangly young men from Southport who wile away their time in the local arcade and lifting feather-light weights. Easing their boredom with cans of lager, the only time their eyes light up is when the female bodybuilders come to town.

"Sharpest Edges"
3 mins 43s
17 Jul 2019
Are we in a Prince revival era? So many recent releases seem to have been influenced by The Purple One's musical sensibilities - not that we're complaining. The latest on our radar, 'Sharpest Edges' from Gallant, has the click-shunt-swivel precision those of us old enough to remember Prince in his heyday recognise only too well: combined with Gallant's insinuating croon, it recalls a more laid-back 'Kiss'.

Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens
4 mins 09s
17 Jul 2019
A collaboration between Chris (emerging from Christine and the Queens) and Charli XCX can only be a good thing... and 'Gone' proves the point. The track shows them to be a Wendy and Lisa for the 21st century: this is a Prince-tinged funk-pop siren call to the LGBTQ community. Yet while it's about self-doubt and the relentless grind of pressure in the spotlight, director Colin Solal-Cardo's promo imbues the pair with a confidence based as much on self-reliance as it is eroticism.

"Be Someone (ft. Jake Bugg)"
3 mins 33s
19 Jul 2019
Two brothers take parallel paths in life in this literate promo for CamelPhat's latest single 'Be Someone' - featuring the vocal stylings of indie darling Jake Bugg. Following a death in the family, the pair go their separate ways and begin careers which are as similar as they are opposite: one as a rock star, the other as a charismatic preacher.

2 mins 05s
17 Jul 2019
This stripped-down promo for *J* track 'Freestyle' demonstrates that astute use of simple visual effects can produce impressive results. Director Zak Razvi uses light and shadow to great effect here, proving once and for all that reflective jackets can be both functional and stylish. Proof that sometimes less is definitely more.

Martin Garrix x Axe
"These Are The Times"
3 mins 11s
17 Jul 2019
Axe must think Martin Garrix's music stinks. After all, why else would a body spray brand (Lynx on these shores) partner with the Dutchman on his latest release? While this in itself would be a cruel-stroke-hilarious spin on patronage, the real reason is far more amiable. DJ Garrix is the latest artist to feature on the brand's music platform, with new single 'These Are the Times' receiving a promo shot by Ivana Bobic into the bargain.

Brittany Howard
"Stay High"
3 mins 46s
18 Jul 2019
Alabama Shakes singer Brittany Howard has tapped Terry Crews to star in this charming video for latest single 'Stay High'. A considerable change of pace from his Old Spice outings, the actor plays an all-American working man who gets through his commute home while lip-syncing to Howard's dulcet tones. Syncing is the promo's main strength, in a number of different ways, as director Kim Gehrig shows us a journey fully consumed by its soundtrack.

One True Pairing
"I'm Not Afraid"
3 mins 39s
18 Jul 2019
One True Pairing - solo project of Tom Fleming, formerly a member British art-rockers Wild Beasts - makes a splash with this artsy promo for 'I'm Not Afraid'. With a debut album described as being shaped by '"class frustration and self-despair", it's no wonder that Fleming's taut performance is met by director Ewan Jones Morris's equally moody visuals.

Freya Ridings
3 mins 28s
16 Jul 2019
A deconstructed grand piano forms the centrepiece of this Isaac Rentz-directed promo for Freya Ridings. The instruments appears as if frozen in time after a bomb's gone off inside, with wooden shards and contorted innards stuck in mid-air. This quirky design is accompanied by the singer and her red-and-blue entourage flitting between rooftops and the streets below.

Mark Ronson
"Find U Again (ft. Camila Cabello)"
4 mins 11s
12 Jul 2019
The latest cut from Mark Ronson's 'Late Night Feelings' receives a noirish, Kill Bill-esque promo courtesy of directing duo Bradley & Pablo. As guest vocalist Camila Cabello bemoans the one that got away, the accompanying visuals see rival bounty hunters converge on a desert bar called Club Heartbreak - which is also the name of Ronson's playlist of sad bangers.

Beach Baby
"Human Remains"
3 mins 36s
11 Jul 2019
This latest from Beach Baby ponders the idea that we are all just human remains waiting to happen. But as we see in Jamie Gyngell's video, one unfortunate soul discovers what a ghastly prospect this is when his own body begins to decay while he's still living in it. There's some neat effects in the clip, all the more effective for being simple (that thumbnail!) but we're left asking who are the menacing dudes staring from the sidelines even as the unfortunate victim finally deliquesces?

4 mins 29s
11 Jul 2019
'Frankenstein' starts out sounding like a plangent plod-rock clunker - but suddenly it veers into unexpected territory and becomes a dancefloor banger with a nightmare beat... freaky, full-on and totally fresh. And Greg Ohrel's promo is in every way a match for it; tuning in to the sinister sexiness with the story of a jaded cop looking for bigger thrills than he's currently getting.

"Mine Right Now"
4 mins 34s
11 Jul 2019
Anyone who's had a shoot lurch from one disaster to the next will admire the resourcefulness on display in this promo for Sigrid's 'Mine Right Now'. The Scandi pop sensation opens the video by explaining that she couldn't make it to the shoot due to travel issues... so director Max Siedentopf stepped in. The artist appears at various points via FaceTime, although the director gamely flailing his way through various scenes is the real star of the show.

3 mins 30s
11 Jul 2019
US model and musician Cailin Russo graduates from her early appearances in Justin Bieber videos to this Sophia Ray-directed probe into social media addiction. Accompanied by Ritual's latest track 'Using', the promo sees Russo - herself a prolific Instagrammer - experience the dizzying highs and startling lows of life on a smartphone screen.

Headie One
"Back to Basics (ft. Skepta)"
3 mins 15s
9 Jul 2019
There's no shortage of hoods or cigars in this murky promo for Headie One and Skepta's 'Back to Basics'. Grime and drill forge an uneasy alliance here as the duo chart run-ins with the police ("Feds ask questions, I get evasive/That's "no comment" up in the station") and a shift in priorities, while director Hugo Jenkins laces the action with lo-fi menace.

Bat for Lashes
"Kids in the Dark"
3 mins 33s
9 Jul 2019
This dreamy promo for Bat For Lashes's latest single 'Kids in the Dark' mixes romance and nostalgia to good effect. Directed by the artist herself, the film sets up a mysterious boy-meets-girl (or possibly boy-is-hypnotised-by-girl) scenario, with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it flash of fang hinting at more supernatural motives. Subtle, sleek work with just a touch of looming darkness.

Bree Runway
"Big Racks (ft. Brooke Candy)"
3 mins 36s
8 Jul 2019
Bree Runway's latest collaboration with director Fred Rowson begins with a trio of statistics which indicate workplace discrimination is still alive and kicking in 2019. Using the struggles of BAME workers as a launchpad, the promo then offers an absurdist vision of Runway's one-woman cosmetics empire.

3 mins 39s
5 Jul 2019
Stormzy gets soulful on his latest track 'Crown', released on the heels of a stormingly successful Glastonbury performance. Appropriately, the single ruminates on the artist's meteoric rise to success, and what it really means to have all eyes on the 'king' of the UK rap scene. Director Charlie Sarsfield shows us Stormzy dressed in white, seemingly isolated in one unbroken shot before a choir of supporters is revealed.

The S.L.P.
"Favourites (ft. Little Simz)"
3 mins 56s
3 Jul 2019
A little Serge Pizzorno goes a long way, as demonstrated by this jerky promo for debut solo outing 'Favourites'. The mad-eyed Kasabian guitarist resembles a glittery dervish as he gyrates in front of a blank screen - ostensibly relishing the absence of his bandmates. We like that even guest vocalist Little Simz looks like she's had enough of Pizzorno's shtick by the end.

Ed Sheeran
"Beautiful People"
3 mins 48s
2 Jul 2019
Ed Sheeran and guest vocalist Khalid take aim at materialism in their new track 'Beautiful People', with the ginger troubadour rejecting a world of "Lamborghinis and rented Hummers" in favour of staying true to oneself. As Andy McLeod's accompanying promo shows, this credo extends to one's choice of holiday destination, too. Affable, tongue-in-cheek work.

David Kitt, Fehdah and Kean Kavanagh
"Follow the Sound"
4 mins 11s
1 Jul 2019
As part of Three Ireland's #MadeByMusic campaign, this summery collaboration by three Irish artists comes with a promo which demonstrates what can happen when you dig the music too much. The poor sap who's been looking forward to the first dance with his new missus is rightly beginning to have second thoughts before their vows have stopped echoing around the church.

1 min 54s
28 Jun 2019
Eva Michon has created a film to complement the entire tracklist of 'Adult Baby', the solo album released by Blonde Redhead vocalist Kazu Makino. This trailer provides glimpses of its dreamlike, seductive atmosphere; mixing languorous shots of the singer with sweeping panoramics of Elba - that tiny Mediterranean island known mainly as the location of Napoleon's exile.

"Ice Cream"
2 mins 50s
28 Jun 2019
Mika attempts to stay cool in the summer heat (aren't we all?) with this quirky, camp promo to accompany latest single 'Ice Cream'. The crooner cuts a striking figure in a variety of distinctive outfits, modelling everything from satin tops to pastel-hued trousers as he struts along to the funk-tinged track.

Anna of the North
"Thank Me Later"
3 mins 30s
26 Jun 2019
Anna of the North turns traditional pop tropes upside down in this sweet, surreal promo for her latest single. Directed by Harry Barber, the piece sees the aforementioned Anna playing matchmaker for a hapless young couple - supported by her pal in an ice cream cone costume. Alongside singing burgers and toilets playing bouncer, it's a pleasantly weird ride.

Recent Promos
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