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Latest Work
    • City LovingThis unexpectedly touching film features New Yorkers sharing their thoughts on the downsides of living in one of the world's busiest cities.
    • Characters and CreationVogue continue their Pride series with this bold and beautiful film which explores the intersection of disability and drag.
    • P.O.B. joins Darling Films.Darling Films have completed the signing of Irish filmmaker P.O.B. for representation in the UK.
    • The Visionaries laugh it up with Justin Reardon.Seasoned comedy director Justin Reardon says only the birth of his children trumps joining The Visionaries for UK freelance representation.
    • I've finished so I'll start.Coral highlight one of sport's early Covid-19 comeback stories: horse racing.
    • The Hidden PeopleThere's a charming sense of magical realism in this short film, directed by (and starring) Mark Jenkinson.
    • Viva la Villa.Premier League sponsors Barclays wish to ease at least one Aston Villa fan’s suffering this season.
    • Online and in form.BT have launched ‘Digital Dash’ - a free mobile game that combines athletics with digital skills training.
    • Where's your costume?This short film gives new meaning to the phrase ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’.
    • Graceful Under PressureThis affecting short film for Vogue focuses on the brutal struggles and beautiful triumphs of the trans art community in one of Brazil's deadliest favelas.
    • Video nasty.This super piece of work for the National Centre for Domestic Violence turns user-generated content into something sinister.
    • Me and the Moon8th century Chinese poet Li Bai's work 'Drinking Alone in The Moonlight' provides the inspiration for this striking short film.
    • Non-party crashers.Domino's Pizza's JOMO tagline returns with these 15" sponsorship plugs for All4.


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Short Films
"F*** I Love NY"
30 June 2020

As anyone living in a major city knows, the love-hate relationship with one's surroundings is a real phenomenon. This unexpectedly touching film features New Yorkers - notoriously emphatic with their opinions - sharing their thoughts on the downsides of living in one of the world's busiest cities.

Extortionate rent, frustrating pedestrians, and reviled tourists all get their moment in the spotlight. But this isn't business as usual - residents are masked, keeping their distance, and actually missing all those irritating little details that make home, well, home.

It's an affectionate and believable reminder that the city's spirit is still very much alive, as it will take more than a pandemic to keep NY residents down. This is quirky and heartwarming work, a love letter to the city which trades schmaltz for more genuine - and forthright - sentiment.

"Drag Syndrome"
6 mins 33s
2 July 2020

Vogue continue their Pride series with this fascinating film which explores the intersection of disability and drag. Director Jess Kohl takes a documentary approach as she profiles Drag Syndrome - an artistic collective of drag kings and queens who happen to have Down's syndrome.

One key aspect of this film is that it directly debunks two significant myths: a) that LGBT culture is somehow inherently 'adult' and sexualised and b) that disabled people must be sheltered from such things. The members of Drag Syndrome are unfailingly articulate as they explain their artistic approaches, touching on sexuality, aesthetics, and character creation.

As it shines a light on a little-explored corner of the LGBT community, this film offers a heartening reminder of how liberating and life-changing authentic self-expression can be. It's a bold and beautiful reminder that there's room for everyone under the rainbow - all without a hint of 'inspiration porn'.

P.O.B. joins Darling Films.

Darling Films have completed the signing of Irish filmmaker P.O.B. for representation in the UK.

P.O.B. - also known as Peter O’Brien - studied sound design at Dublin’s Institute of Art, Design, and Technology before stepping behind the camera with Motherland and Event Junkies.


The Visionaries laugh it up with Justin Reardon.

Seasoned comedy director Justin Reardon says only the birth of his children trumps joining The Visionaries for UK freelance representation.

All jokes aside, the New Jersey native explains: “As the industry finds its footing in our new normal, I think this partnership with Corin West and The Visionaries makes a lot of sense”.


"At the Races"
1 July 2020

With more professional sports preparing to resume as the country eases out of lockdown, Coral highlight one of the early comeback stories: horse racing. This canny 60” film measures anticipation at different points during a race, working backwards from the elation of a winning bet to the anticipation under starter's orders.

Like February’s ‘Fail to Finish’ ad, director Jack Driscoll delivers a handsome spin on the ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’ meme. Judicious use of mist and mud splatter create an almost mythical atmosphere, with shots of pre-lockdown crowds reinforcing the uncanny vibe. At least it’s business as usual for the bookmaker’s app.


On This Day
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3 Jul 2007
Beautifully realised evocation of the idea of wirelessness to advertise the new phone which is among the new generation which use Bluetooth to enable the user to listen to music without headphones cables. A young man unwinds himself from wires and dances to celebrate his freedom.

Sony Digital Cameras
"Photo Heads"
3 Jul 2007
Stunning evocation of the idea we are the sum of photos we have taken. People are shown with photos where their heads should be... apart from one sad bloke who only has one. He probably turns out to be a serial killer which suggests we should, routinely, have to show our photo albums to the police.

Anchor Butter
3 Jul 2007
Beautiful commercial for Anchor reminds us the butter is a free-range product by recalling a traditional test to see if we like butter by seeing if there is a yellow glow on the underside of our chins when a buttercup is held beneath. The flower is gently passed along until it appears to spark a romance.

"Impatience Is A Virtue"
3 Jul 2009
This roller coaster of a commercial has so much packed into its sixty seconds that it actually feels like a much longer ad... but in a good way. After being told how little we like waiting, the ad goes on to suggest that impatience is responsible for life's good things.

3 Jul 2011
Geoff feels on top of the world because he saved so much money by using the advertised service. So he celebrates by going surfing and his hubristic mood is enhanced by dramatic success in this endeavour too. Wonderfully over the top silliness designed to knock a meerkat from its perch.

Irn Bru
"Born to Support"
3 Jul 2014
The Leith Agency in Edinburgh continues to produce potent advertising for Barr's Irn Bru and - as you might expect - they've come up with something suitable irreverent for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Demonstrating the self-deprecating humour that has continuously characterised Irn Bru's advertising, this has been played with a straight enough bat to be quite stirring.

The Sun
3 Jul 2014
One of those ads that proves the truism right: simple ideas are the best. This one centres round a young boy preoccupied with a wobbly tooth and takes us on a journey through his school day as, from the moment he brushes his teeth to the moment he gets onto the playing field, he can't leave that precariously attached peg alone.

3 Jul 2014
CHI's TV work for Lexus continues to exude class... albeit in a fashion that doesn't always feel that it'll be directly responsible for forecourt sales. This has the look of something that was done for real... as indeed it was. Apparently, a team of forty engineers were required to erect and control the large-scale rigging that allowed the 'Lightmen'.

Peugeot 108
3 Jul 2014
According to Peugeot, the (mostly female) target audience for their 108 model "see the car as an extension of themselves, in line with their way of life: connected, personalised, sophisticated". So it's a smart move to align themselves with a track by Swedish singer songwriter Lykke Li, whose credibility and connectedness with her fans appeal to this market in a big way. Slick and poppy in a good way, this spot is bound to get the right attention.

3 Jul 2014
This is a beautifully judged piece of work that will appeal to film and television buffs everywhere. Each of the vignettes is powered by a short recreation of an iconic moment from a film or a television series and - as well as being very funny - this is a lovely little quiz to test your knowledge. We got four out of five (admittedly the last is a gimme but see if you can get each of the other four).

3 Jul 2015
Every parent will either know or remember the peculiar faces pulled by their babies when filling their nappies and - if they've forgotten - they'll certainly be reminded by this extraordinary video almanac. The perfectly-cast youngsters all possess the look of concentration which marks the passing of a poo and this film seems likely to stir both recognition and nostalgia for every parent who watches it.

Right Guard
"Kung Fu Fighting"
1 min 55s
3 Jul 2015
Right Guard have been advising us to "start the day right" for some time now, but they've have never really caught our imagination. With this buoyant film, however, we'll all want to start the day like this hairy go-getter. With a bushy beard and a skip in his step, he's a ray of sunshine to everyone around him... much to the chagrin of the corporate clones.

"The Button"
3 Jul 2017
adam&eveDBB and director Gary Freedman manages to satirise and pay homage in equal measure with this instalment in a series of film-focused outings for VW. It sees villains from across genres come together in agreement over one thing: the importance of having a big, bad button to push as they carry out their nefarious plans with a cackle.

Tennent's Lager
3 Jul 2017
While it's hard to envisage Tennent's joining Pimm's on the Wimbledon drinks menu, the lager makes an amusing rallying cry to the Tartan Army. What better way to ease the pain of England's late, late Hampden equaliser than with a spot of tennis? Don't worry - Judy Murray's got the supporters coach sorted.

"Lunchtime is Coming..."
3 Jul 2017
Learning lines has been a cinch for Kristian Nairn a.k.a. Hodor from Game of Thrones. Having left the monosyllabic strongman behind in 2016, Nairn has since found alternative employment… behind the KFC counter. Nairn steels himself for the lunchtime horde - something that would make even White Walkers flinch.

1 min 40s
3 Jul 2017
This moving film directed by Nice Shirt's Liz Murphy for a German charity tells its tale of compassion with extraordinary intimacy. An unhappy looking boy looks at others eating their lunches in the school playground and your first thought is that he's being bullied. It appears to be his teacher's thought too and he reaches out to the boy's mother who decides to find out for herself what's going on.

Anchor Spreadable
3 Jul 2017
Anchor's monster family return in another cheerful ad for the spreadable butter. Grandma Monster searches in the fridge for spread, only to be surprised when a robotic voice answers her questions... There are some great comedy moments in this film, from the old lady's wondering murmur of 'Science...' to the kids being caught out by Siri/Alexa/Cortana.

Urban Decay
"Pretty Different"
3 Jul 2019
What better way to give your brand a boost (on these shores anyway) than to luckily feature Glastonbury 2019's breakout performers in your latest ad? That's the position Urban Decay find themselves in with this punchy ad starring rapper and body positive campaigner Lizzo. Spunky and energetic, the ad makes the most of its already photogenic cast.

"Balloon Ordeal"
3 Jul 2006
Another film showing what a blackcurrant might have to go through to become Ribena has one of the little fruits being picked up by a bird before finding itself sent through the turbine of a jet and the flame of a hot air balloon. And then, getting splatted by the bird.

Hellmann's Mayonnaise
"Opinions (Celebrity Free)"
3 Jul 2006
This version of the Hellmann's ad first broadcast earlier this year is notable because the celebrities that adorned the original have all been edited away making for a much tighter end product. Good decision.

"Petrol Station"
3 Jul 2006
Once again we are urged to make sure we ask for the right kind of Sprite to avoid the misfortune of this couple at a petrol station who fail to say that they want a soft drink rather than a goblin creature.

Dairy Products
"Beauty Products"
3 Jul 2006
Ad seems to be introducing a range of beauty products and certainly the three female protagonists think so. So much so that when it emerges that it is milk, cheese and yoghurt that can make them beautiful they think they must smear it on rather than eat it.

Ford Fiesta
3 Jul 2006
A young waiter looks admiringly at the Ford Fiesta and asks a dining couple if it is their car. When he discovers it is, he asks what it is like to drive. The woman pulls him towards her and gives him a huge snog, thus answering his question.

"Internet Phones"
3 Jul 2006
Tesco's efforts to take over the World move into new territory here with a blatant attempt to subvert conventional telephony and destroy BT. Apparently, for less that Ł15 anyone can buy an internet phone that enables them to talk to anyone else in the World who has one. These will sell.

Fairy Active Bursts
3 Jul 2007
Reflections of people in their gleaming pots, pans and cutlery are used to show how clean they become when Fairy Active Bursts are used in their dishwashers. Mercifully, Ainsley Harriott's role is reduced to an uncharacteristically subdued voiceover.

On This Day
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