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    • Pulse think THE REST are a cut above.Pulse Films are pleased to announce the signing of directing duo THE REST for global representation.
    • Chicken foo yung?There's a useful ambiguity in the casting of this delightful ad for Tui and we're not sure how intentional it is.
    • Out of the mouth of babes.This affecting film for the ONE campaign continues the charity's bid to draw attention to the sexist elements of poverty.
    • Let's be Frank(lin).Director MJ Delaney brings her usual zest to this feel-good outing for the Global Girls Alliance - an initiative spearheaded by Michelle Obama and the Obama Foundation.
    • Ready or not, here they come.This ad for costume store Party City reminds spook enthusiasts to prepare for Halloween in advance.
    • Pay Up, J.R.TV Licensing hark back to the golden age of soap opera in this vintage-style ad.
    • Repeat offender.This PSA-cum-music promo from March for Our Lives is a triple threat.
    • Mike Warzin goes Bold.Bold have added to their American contingent by signing director Mike Warzin for UK and European representation.
    • Noah Harris's Agile move.Noah Harris has joined Agile Films, so we had a chat about it.
    • It's all about truthful performance for Tomboy's Justin Chadwick.It's all about truthful performance for Tomboy's Justin Chadwick.
    • Message in a BottlePlastic Free Pledge offer a darkly comic slant on saving the planet with this Tony Burke-directed short film.
    • It all goes downhill from here.Red Bull's latest high-caffeine outing sees World Rally Championship driver Dani Sordo and mountain biker Andreu Lacondeguy navigate Portugal's Lousã Bike Park in a one-on-one race.
    • Private PartyThis quirky blend of live action and animation draws attention to Gemfields's commitment to responsibly sourced coloured gemstones.
    • Sin it to win it.Sin is in, if this latest promo for Amazon Prime is to be believed.



Has anyone said we're wrong about awards?


Literally no one.


So, everyone agrees with us?


I expect so.


And they'll stop entering awards?


Almost certainly.


What do you think they'll do with the money they save?


I expect they'll buy unicorns.


Unicorns?! Oh, I've got you.

Pulse think THE REST are a cut above.

Pulse Films are pleased to announce the signing of directing duo THE REST for global representation.

Comprised of filmmakers Lewis Levi and Alex Motlhabane, THE REST cut their teeth on a Digital Film Production course at Northampton College before easing into the world of promos, short films, and now the Pulse roster.


15 October 2018

There's a useful ambiguity in the casting of this delightful ad for Tui and we're not sure how intentional it is. It seems likely that this depicted duo are intended to be mother and daughter but - because the relationship isn't explicitly defined - it's also possible that they're sisters, or aunt and niece. It prompted some lively discussion here at DAVID HQ, that's for sure.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter. What we do know is that these two have a close bond underwritten by their own rituals. When the older of the two begins dancing, the younger reflexively joins in, even though her face suggests she's literally going through the motions.

This slowly changes over sixty seconds as the girl slowly yields to her companion's bonhomie.

Creatives Phil Clandillon and Gavin McGrath, and director Simon Cahn have demonstrated some real restraint and it's really paid off. Everything here could have been less subtle: the relationship between the two; the suggestion that the girl doesn't want to be there; and even the mood shift. But a hint of ambiguity combined with understated performances have given this real charm, and really helped to promote the idea that a holiday can be good for the soul.

ONE Campaign
"When I Grow Up..."
1 min 38s
12 October 2018

This powerful film sends an important message about the way poverty often has a greater impact on female members of society. A number of schoolgirls are answering a question about their future and - at first - they reflect the typical aspirations of those their age.

They are upbeat, even though they clearly reflecting the reality of growing up in a relatively benign patriarchy.

But as the piece goes on, the mood darkens. The children begin to reflect a different reality - that of their equivalents in societies where they are valued as commodities rather than as young people.

It's painful to hear some of the children's utterances, and there will be some who disapprove of asking them to say such things... but only by those who wish to sweep these issues under the carpet.

Director Joanna Bailey allows her young cast to stand up and be counted, and it's clear from the looks on their faces that they have some understanding of the message's importance.

It would be better still if the shift in the music wasn't so grindingly obvious - sometimes what is intended to underline a message, actually manages to undermine it. But it doesn't detract from the power of the performances drawn from her young actors by an uncompromising director.

Global Girls Alliance
2 mins 40s
15 October 2018

Director MJ Delaney brings her usual zest to this feel-good outing for the Global Girls Alliance - an initiative spearheaded by Michelle Obama and the Obama Foundation. As well as tapping the former First Lady, Delaney and her young cast channel the late Aretha Franklin for a near-three-minute think piece.

Driven by a largely a cappella cover of Franklin's ‘Think', this is an in-your-face plea for cooperation and common sense where safeguarding girls' education is concerned. Even if the film can't quite sustain its initial thrust, there is enough girl power and soul power to command attention.

Party City
"It's On"
12 October 2018

America takes Halloween pretty seriously, being that they're major fans of the horrific and macabre (just look at their politics). On the lighter end of the scale, this ad for costume store Party City reminds spook enthusiasts to prepare for the holiday in advance - well before the deluge of trick or treaters arrives.

From superheroic muscle suits to competitive neighbour-baiting garden displays, the film weaves together the brand's wares into one seasonal onslaught - think a jollier version of ‘Assault on Precinct 13'. This is all guided by the light touch of director Jonathan Herman, who channels the brand's all-or-nothing approach to Halloween well.



On This Day
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"The Hinted"
17 Oct 2005
The sinister cows return to reclaim their milk in this new offering from Cravendale and they are spookier than ever. His mother seems oblivious to their menace as a small boy watches the strawberry-coloured cows get closer and closer.

"Harmonious Dance"
17 Oct 2005
Beautifully made ad depicts a couple so harmonious that their movement around each other is literally a dance as they prepare to leave the house for a romantic walk. As with the other executions in the current campaign the connection to Orange is spurious but captivating nonetheless.

Audi R8
"Slow Build"
17 Oct 2007
A pleasing, gentle ad for the Audi R8 which seems to suggest each of the cars is individually built from scratch. The music choice is crucial here and the Beep Beep Song by Simone White fits the bill perfectly as it not only expresses the idea behind the ad, it also gives the commercial its languidness.

"Just Has To"
17 Oct 2009
This commercial looks at some of life's inevitabilities... sod's law, if you will. The majority of them are negative, but only mildly so, but the one positive inevitability is that "it has to be Heinz". Another gallant effort to fight back against own brand competitors.

17 Oct 2010
A young man tries to sneak off for a shower but his girlfriend has so many bottles around on the edge of her bath that it's like playing Jenga and he provokes an enormous collapse. We don't ever recall seeing a joke about this feminine habit before... top stuff.

"Pliktisijiteur Pageant"
17 Oct 2011
This extended version of a recent ad for V05 is only getting play on the Internet at the moment and that's a shame. As we observed when we added the telly version, this campaign deserves plaudits for merely attempting to create a decent haircare ad... all the more so because it succeeds.

"From Memory"
17 Oct 2013
There's something peculiarly British about the conceit behind the new campaign for Halfords. After all, what other nation's citizens would sooner pay money to get their car fixed than risk the possibility that something might be asked in return by a friend or neighbour? And it strikes a truthy chord... many of us really do prefer the cold anonymity of the business transaction to the unknown price of asking a friend to help. This ad cleverly reminds us of the kind of quagmire we may enter if we choose the latter.

Haig Whisky
"David's Beckham's Club"
17 Oct 2014
This grand ad has David Beckam as laird of the manor welcoming a group of überglam guests to his Scottish estate for a gathering of the Haig Club. The Haig Club dedicated to the spirit of toasting, and now it's been revived with debonair Becks in green velvet and dickie bow trying his hand at photography on the shores of a loch.

2 mins 10s
17 Oct 2015
The latest series of Gogglebox seems sharper, funnier and altogether more unmissable than it did even in its early, novel days. And while the collaborations between the Gogglers and various advertisers have been a bit hit and miss, the use of the show as a vehicle is starting to work really well. This spot for the National Lottery is a case in point.

Lotto Powerball
"Mum's Wish"
17 Oct 2016
This heartfelt ad for the New Zealand Lotto Powerball warms our cockles as it tells the story of a deceased mother's last gift to her children. 'Home movie' footage tells the story of the siblings' childhood as they grudgingly turn up at their mother's house to complete one last chore. The mother is portrayed as a creative person who encouraged her children to be themselves... and left them the means to do so after she was gone.

2 mins 52s
17 Oct 2016
Comfort and Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might present this enlightening tour of Boring, Oregon. Obviously, the town's moniker carries certain connotations: as one resident remarks: "Some people would say you have to be boring to live here, but... you don't." Gentle humour permeates throughout the film as we learn more about Boring's history, culture, and local amenities.

US Cellular
420 mins
17 Oct 2016
US Cellular have beaten the world record for longest - and possibly most tedious - preroll with this ad for their data service. 'So much data,' brand spokesperson Darien explains, 'that you can stream almost anything'. Including seven straight hours of grass growing... if you really feel like it. The ad was shot in one continuous take, an impressive commitment to getting an organic shoot from MullenLowe and director David Gray.

Lenovo Yoga
"No More of the Same"
17 Oct 2017
This stylish ad for the Lenovo Yoga is an effective slice of choreographed weirdness which encourages us to shake things up. The unusual narrator gives the film a unique quality, with the heavily-accented VO and electronic soundtrack lending an air of cool to the proceedings. Indoor forests, blue alligators, and bullwhips - this film suggests nothing about the Yoga is ordinary.

"Woe is Me"
17 Oct 2017
There's nothing like a home cooked meal... or is there? McDonald's attempt to disprove the old adage in this amusing US ad, featuring a grandma who's not entirely unhappy that her cooking is being usurped. There's a great central performance here, as the deadpan granny declares she's got better things to do than cook for her rotten family members.

17 Oct 2004
The two men who treat the Scottish countryside as their own living room are back. This time they are sat beside a loch and fascinated by a shell they find on the beach. Scotland's landscape looks beautiful, as ever.

Anti Binge Drinking
17 Oct 2006
In a scene that will be familiar to many, a man decides to come to the rescue when a woman loses a grasp on her balloons. Imbued by alcohol with a sense of his own invincibility, he climbs some scaffolding in a absurd and unnecessary act of chivalry destined to cost him his life. Sobering.

Sony PlayStation
"Champions League Idents"
17 Oct 2006
Beautifully realised series of idents advertising Sony Playstation's sponsorship of ITV's Champions League football coverage has footballs formed from a number of people holding on to each other's hands and ankles.

"Sumo Cars"
17 Oct 2006
Neat illustration of the extra power provided by BP's fuel has two identical cars having an automotive bout of Sumo Wrestling. One of them has BP's fuel and the other doesn't so you may be able to guess which of the two triumphs and which ends up in the briny.

Channel 4
"Favourite Books"
17 Oct 2007
This trail marries Channel 4's literacy campaign with their Twenty Question series in ingenious fashion as various stars from the station's programmes tell us what their favourite children's books are. You have to love Stephen Mangan's narcissistic reasons for choosing Alice In Wonderland.

"Cranberry Mix"
17 Oct 2007
Using a similar technique to the previous ad figures are formed from splashes. This time the focus is cranberry juice and the figures are slightly more distinct than last time. The club style music seems to be inviting us to enjoy a few Bacardis while out on the tiles... something that may turn the metaphor into reality.

Sky One
"Twister 1"
17 Oct 2008
Another impressive demonstration of High Definition in the new idents for Sky television. This time objects being flung around by a 'twister' collide with the giant numeral and shatter it impressively.

Sky One
"Whack 1"
17 Oct 2008
In a fairground, teenagers play 'Whack A Mole' with numerals replacing the part of the small mammals who normally pop their heads up to be smashed. This is the latest of the new series of visually impressive idents being used by Sky to promote their main entertainment channels.

Sky One
"Boxes 1"
17 Oct 2008
A series of blue crystal objects flow from one cardboard box to another until the second moves aside and the objects form a numeral. This is the latest in the new series of idents which convincingly gets across the idea of high definition output on the satellite broadcaster's main entertainment stations.

BBC Sport
17 Oct 2008
Gary Lineker takes one for the teams in this ad in which he puts on the colours of just about every team in the land. the makers of this ad must have been grateful for the ever-expanding girth of football fans... presumably, the last few shirts are all in areas of North where the catering is done by Greggs.

17 Oct 2008
A very amusing ad from Canada has a man acting out the role of a cat. He explains that he's a carnivore who needs meat and warns that he will not be the same loving feline if he's given vegetarian fare... which is fair enough really. Next time you stroke your cat... picture this guy... see how it makes you feel.

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