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    • A shared goal.World Cup heroes Gordon Banks and Geoff Hurst appeal for help on behalf of the Alzheimer's Society.
    • Like watching paint fly.Those who’ve recently given their house a fresh lick of paint may be tempted to go again thanks to this vivid Sherwin-Williams commercial.
    • Be a LegendRussell Brand is doing his bit for the Teenage Cancer Trust in quite possibly the most meta way he can.
    • ADCAN Awards 2017 open for entries.Aspiring filmmakers and animators take note: this year’s ADCAN Awards are looking for entrants.
    • Truly, Madly, DeeplyA teenage boy enjoys 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' a little too much at the dinner table... but not as much as his parents did.
    • Taking a strollThis moody piece for Hugo Boss is keen to get a move on. A restless man ventures into the city after-hours - of course, he cuts a rather dapper figure while he’s at it.
    • When intolerance is better than nothingThis ad for the Alzheimer's Society uses a clever trick to draw attention to the indiscriminate nature of dementia.
    • Morning gloryLocal park superstars will appreciate this ode to Sunday league football from My Accomplice’s Lewis Arnold.
    • Facts from the frontlineAs media outlets contend with the onslaught of fake news, the New York Times assert their authority with a Darren Aronofsky-shot campaign.
    • Running ringsLo-fi production values and shaky audio evoke home shopping's golden era nicely in this fun Dunkin' Donuts ad.
    • A dog's lifeAndrex pick a lovely way of marking their advertising heritage with a warm nostalgia hit.


Wednesday, 26th April.
Betwen 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

The LSE, Sheffield Street, Holborn, London, WC2.

Tickets: £20 plus VAT.

● McDonald's McCafe.

● Crossover Club: Peter Souter.

● Nationwide's Mothering Sunday.

● Seb Cardinal of MindsEye.

● The Reunion: Johnny Walker.


Alzheimer's Society
"Spirit of '66"
27 April 2017

Wembley may have changed since Gordon Banks and Geoff Hurst's day, but the memories of their 1966 World Cup victory remain. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for some of their teammates. We’re told dementia has stricken Nobby Stiles, Martin Peters, and Ray Wilson. For Banks and Hurst, it’s a team game till the end - and we can play our part, too.

The ad builds on the charity’s collaborative message, and the presence of two footballing greats will stir emotions even further.

It's a timely communication, too. With the long-term effects of heading a football under increasing scrutiny, the Alzheimer’s Society hopes more can be done to safeguard future generations while comforting past ones.

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27 April 2017

Those who’ve recently given their house a fresh lick of paint may be tempted to go again thanks to this vivid Sherwin-Williams commercial. Plumes of paint surge through space before colliding in spectacular fashion. As hues mingle, the camera glides through clouds and cyclones of colour. Not a bad view, eh?

Psyop’s palette consists of the brand’s Emerald range, and this artful execution does the product justice. What’s more, it’s all achieved in-camera - be sure to check out the making-of video to see how it’s done. Stylish and expressive, the ad suggests our walls deserve a better class of paint... and it's an attractive argument.

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Teenage Cancer Trust
"Be a Legend"
1 min 48s
27 April 2017

Russell Brand is doing his bit for the Teenage Cancer Trust in quite possibly the most meta way he can. It's refreshing to see a celebrity being so frank about his charitable motivations, and Brand's frenetic delivery means he packs an awful lot of observations about charity advertising in less than two minutes.

While Brand's exaggerated, self-aware ego can be too much for some, he fits the self-referential nature of this film perfectly. He draws attention to the nature of their work (the white background of an appeal film, the fact most marathon runners are trying to look charitable on social media, referring to himself as 'the new Diana'), leaving it to cancer sufferer Chris to be professional and make sure slogans are delivered succinctly.

This film offers a satisfying counterpoint to the typical interaction between sufferers and spokespeople in charity ads - there's no trying to guilt trip the viewer, no attempt to inspire via the suffering of others, and nobody will pity Chris after watching this. Well, maybe only for being stuck in a room with Russell Brand all day.

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ADCAN Awards 2017 open for entries.

Aspiring filmmakers and animators take note: this year’s ADCAN Awards are looking for entrants.

Now in its fourth year, the show aims to bring more untapped talent to the fore in 2017. For those unfamiliar with ADCAN, the organisation encourages unsigned talent to show creative leaders what they’re made of.

As well as giving the next generation of filmmakers a leg-up, the competition gives charities and worthy causes some welcome exposure.


26 April 2017

A teenage boy enjoys 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' a little too much at the dinner table... but not as much as his parents did in the past. That's the narrative of this extremely amusing ad for music streaming service Spotify's family premium plan -

executed with aplomb by director Matt Devine - which suggests sometimes sharing music taste with your parents isn't as sweet as it sounds.

The performances here are excellent, as the camera pans from the teen's expressive cover of the Savage Garden track (we get the feeling he has a vlog where he posts these flashes of artistic brilliance) to his mother. She addresses the camera with a raised eyebrow and the self-assured confidence of a woman who doesn't regret one moment of enjoying that song in this room... on this table.

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Recent Promos

Father John Misty
"Total Entertainment Forever"
2 mins 53s
27 Apr 2017
That Father John Misty a.k.a. Josh Tillman dabbles in LSD for medicinal purposes should give you some idea of what to expect from this promo for ‘Total Entertainment Forever’. Sure enough, who knew George Washington was a fan of virtual reality and Viagra? Downstairs issues aside, Washington appears in rude health as he loads ‘Constitution Hack’.

"Not The Same"
3 mins 09s
25 Apr 2017
American rapper Kyle has the magic touch in this promo-cum-movie teaser. Inspired by upcoming film 'Sleight', Kyle pulls off some eye-catching tricks during his quest for fresh milk. What's more, it looks like the whole thing's been done in one continuous take. Now that's magic... or some impressive directorial sleight of hand, at least.

Mark Lanegan
3 mins 57s
25 Apr 2017
Mark Lanegan sounds like he's been gargling with gravel for a thousand years, so it's fitting that Zhang + Knight have directed a video for 'Beehive' featuring a vampire couple. Reduced to feeding off white mice, they make a suicide pact and go out into the night-time world of a seaside town before waiting for sunrise on the beach.

All We Are
4 mins 52s
25 Apr 2017
We've never seen the process of obtaining planning permission played out quite so compellingly as in this promo for All We Are's 'Human' by Eoin Glaister and Agile Films. The narrative threads of small town life threatened with destruction - a church, a farm, a zumba class - converge to form something infinitely watchable and compellingly foul-mouthed. Well worth a second watch to take all he entertaining touches in.

Tinie Tempah
"Text From Your Ex (ft Tinashe)"
3 mins 30s
25 Apr 2017
Tinie Tempah riles his scantily-clad new love in this promo when she discovers he's not finished with his ex. Oh, Tinie, you bad lad, you. His charisma evidently ensures women can't resist a bit of Tempah-time, and he explains he can't help responding to a call from an equally scantily-clad previous because he has a reputation to maintain, right?

6 mins 35s
21 Apr 2017
Alt-J's debut track from their third album 'Relaxer' comes with a strange and unsettling promo by Young Replicant. Telling a tale of forbidden love in rural Mexico where fate manifests itself as a bolt from the blue, the clip feels more like a short film that's scored by Alt-J than a visual complement to the song... in a good way.

"Black Spider-Man (ft. Damian Lemar Hudson)"
5 mins 37s
24 Apr 2017
2017 has - for obvious reasons - seen demand for upbeat tracks soar. Luckily, rapper Logic supplies this optimistic anthem. The Maryland singer may not look like your conventional rap artist, but it’s hard to resist his celebratory rhymes. Promoting diversity and staying true to one’s self, Logic and guest vocalist Damian Lemar Hudson parade through suburbia before hitting the city streets.

"The Road"
6 mins 21s
21 Apr 2017
While many of us let our drones gather dust, UNKLE put theirs to good use in this visually striking promo. As the group's latest track gathers pace, director Norbert Schoerner sheds new light on arid plains and long-abandoned townships. The roving spotlight produces some arresting imagery, bathing forgotten landmarks in an ethereal glow.

Dua Lipa
"Scared To Be Lonely (Acoustic)"
4 mins 14s
21 Apr 2017
This latest collaboration between Dua Lipa and Park Village's Jake Jelicich turns 'Scared To Be Lonely' into a stirring ballad. Club-friendly beats give way to orchestral strings as Lipa delivers a soaring vocal performance while minimal lighting and sweeping camerawork from Jelicich and DP Rina Yang ensure an absorbing studio session.

Beth Ditto
3 mins 21s
21 Apr 2017
Who said a barroom brawl had to be an ugly affair? This boisterous promo for Beth Ditto’s ‘Fire’ sees the former Gossip frontwoman whip the Cowboy Palace into a frenzy. Bar stools are smashed and time shifts as happy hour unfolds. Say what you want about the grizzled clientele - they sure know how to line dance.

Royal Blood
"Lights Out"
4 mins
18 Apr 2017
There's something of a Doctor Who vibe about this promo for Royal Blood by Riff Raff's The Sacred Egg. The band are playing the track in a nondescript room in an unremarkable house when something strange starts to happen... and young women begin splashing about like an unlikely water-borne virus.

Dua Lipa
"Thinking 'Bout You"
3 mins 50s
19 Apr 2017
Dua Lipa's sultry vocals take centre stage in this stripped-back film by Park Village's Jake Jelicich. Utilising a spilt screen effect reminiscent of early 00's RnB promos - intercut with intimate close-up shots of the singer - the clean visuals here let the song be the star of the show. The surreal bed setting offers a nod to Darren Aronofsky’s 'Requiem For A Dream' - though thankfully without the film's disturbing tone.

Pale Waves
"There's A Honey"
3 mins 51s
19 Apr 2017
Manchester four-piece Pale Waves are making, well, waves in the indie scene, and this promo for 'There's A Honey' is an appealing calling card. Luminous blues and purples ripple overhead as lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie asks: "Are you sure that you want me?" Shimmering visuals and the track's breezy sound turn her doubt into something anthemic.

"Whiskey Kisses"
3 mins 33s
3 Apr 2017
The lead singer of Liverpool boy band MiC LOWRY' confesses he's "not that into drinking" near the start of 'Whiskey Kisses',.. which suggests that his relationship with this young woman may not be destined to go th distance. Sophia Ray's promo effortlessly catches the vibe of this teen-oriented track in which the lads cruise around like LA homies as young women dance at them.

"Castles (ft. St. Beauty)"
3 mins 42s
10 Apr 2017
Lacey Duke crafts this inviting promo for BOSCO and St. Beauty's 'Castles'. The Atlanta trio playfully evoke the choreography of Nineties music videos; a motif enhanced by the use of 16mm film stock. Sun-kissed visuals and a Miami Vice colour palette turn Atlanta into an urban arcadia - we imagine the city's tourism board will be delighted.

"Strange or Be Forgotten"
4 mins 07s
12 Apr 2017
Temples tap Colonel Blimp’s James Beale for this underground photo shoot. Frontman James Bagshaw peeks through his considerable barnet to snap an eclectic cast. From musclemen covered in tattoos to human canvases, the band let their subjects do whatever their thing happens to be. The promo celebrates those who defy easy or lazy categorization - something Temples know all too well.

Tom Grennan
3 mins 02s
6 Apr 2017
Tom Grennan has a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. This brisk promo for 'Praying' has the up-and-coming singer running his own London Marathon after hours, with the glow from late night kebab shops lighting the way. Grennan's bluesy vocals gives lines like "I've been praying, trying to find my way" the requisite weight.

Artificial Pleasure
"All I've Got"
3 mins 44s
6 Apr 2017
Sometimes it feels like one door closes only for another to slam in your face. And that's exactly how this under-appreciated chef feels in the promo for 'All I've Got' - Dylan Holmes Williams' latest clip for Artificial Pleasure. Mr Smooth brings his amour to a humble chip shop in order to pop the question (classy) only for the guy behind the counter to realise that she is The One.

John Mayer
"Still Feel Like Your Man"
4 mins 10s
7 Apr 2017
This strikingly odd promo sees John Mayer do his best Hotline Bling in a hallway, pal around with pandas, and try to win back an unattainable butterfly girl through the power of dance. The aesthetic is a slightly strange mash-up of vaguely Japanese things, but director Mister Whitmore's intriguing work captures attention and does a lot to elevate the somewhat banal song.

Comic Relief
"Ed Sheeran Meets Kurupt FM"
3 mins 40s
5 Apr 2017
'Gingerbread man sex symbol' Ed Sheeran is unwittingly transported to Kurupt FM's misguided and stunningly offensive version of Africa through the magic of green screen in this tongue in cheek ad. The group - of the BBC's 'People Just Do Nothing' fame - ride elephants, turn the water into champers, and try to liberate the locals with the power of garage.

"On My Mind"
3 mins 20s
5 Apr 2017
Director João Retorta and DP Rina Yang know a thing or two about close encounters. The pair's recent promo for Honne's 'Good Together' oozed desire; now they depict some nightclub lust in this slick promo for Disciples's 'On My Mind'. "Are we lost/Or is this love that I'm feeling" is Retorta's launchpad as Disciple Nathan Duvall lets desire take control on a night out.

Tinie Tempah
"Chasing Flies (ft. Nea)"
3 mins 33s
5 Apr 2017
The prolific Emil Nava delivers an intriguing promo for Tinie Tempah's latest track, 'Chasing Flies'. Mr Tempah doesn't make an appearance here; instead, the video focuses on blind rapper Stoner. It's a compelling reminder of how music can transcend disability, with Nava using jump cuts and raw footage to craft a vivid, intimate profile.

Danny Brown
"Ain't It Funny"
3 mins 37s
31 Mar 2017
Something tells us network executives will pass on Danny Brown and director Jonah Hill’s ‘Ain’t It Funny’. For the rest of us, however, it’s a dark and twisted spin on American sitcoms. Be warned - 'Happy Days' this is not. Subtitles reveal Brown’s inner turmoil while the studio audience guffaws. In the end, only cognac and Xanax can drown out the laughing track.

"You're in Love with a Pyscho"
4 mins 29s
30 Mar 2017
There's an awful lot of fun going on in this promo for Kasabian. Noel Fielding and Stephen Graham guest as the alter egos of two band members in a film which references some familiar films including 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and a piece of Marx Brothers brilliance as well as a coy nod to Kasabian's 2009 album 'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum'.

Chris Lake
"I Want You"
3 mins 50s
29 Mar 2017
Scotland produces some of the most innovative music around. There's the weird 70s vibe created by Boards of Canada; the indefinable brilliance of Young Fathers - and now, there's Chris Lake. '! Want You' falls into the deep house genre which can be pretty anonymous... but this track is so extraordinarily infectious it's as if the bass seeps into your veins and takes you over with your full permission.

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