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    • Let battle commence.Betting firm Tipico suggest Bayern Munich take match days a little more seriously than others.
    • Hop to it.O2's blue rabbit is joined by an entire warren in this Chemical Brothers-scored ad.
    • Don't Let GoCentrepoint Mall introduces a young man who finds himself rendered invisible around his peers... especially his crush.
    • Bingo BeatsBingo goes grime in this entertaining ad for the Sun newspaper's bingo app.
    • Jacob Hopewell joins Bare FilmsBare Films have signed up and coming talent Jacob Hopewell to their roster for commercial representation.
    • Don't let the juice loose about the hoose.This is a very simple idea and its charm has been accentuated by an excellent execution from Bare's Gus Filgate.
    • Skirting close to the edge.Irn Bru and The Leith agency have danced this controversial tango before and they know all the right moves to create the impact they're looking for.
    • Pointing the finger.A cut-price Bruce Lee tutors a cut-price Olivia Colman on the art of topping up your utility account via Boost.
    • Life in the Slow LaneDorset Cereals encourage us to take a step out of the fast lane and enjoy our morning munch at leisure.
    • Merits of observation.There are shades of Radiohead’s ‘Fitter Happier’ to this Swedish Three commercial.
    • Make your move.Tinder have launched this wonderfully choreographed film to capture the imagination of their Indian market.


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"Match Days"
22 February 2018

Betting firm Tipico suggest Bayern Munich take match days a little more seriously than others. Scored by thunder and lit by copious red flares, this 60" ad flits between crowded streets and the Bayern dressing room. Shell-shocked Besiktas players best look away now.

Academy's Dorian & Daniel craft an intense pre-match routine. Heightened visuals brim with Bavarian zeal, while there's even a cameo from former shot-stopper Oliver Kahn. Mind you, the brand may be hard-pushed to replicate this rush with every flutter.

"Follow The Rabbit"
2 mins
22 February 2018

After hopping into the spotlight in 2017, O2's blue rabbit is joined by an entire warren. Guess they've been breeding like... well, you get the picture.

The mobile network's spirit animal appears before those who need to get out more. Some prove resistant to change; easier said than done when you've got Thumper staring into your soul.

Humans in tow, the azure horde inspire a citywide exodus. Their destination? The world's trippiest rabbit hole… and exclusive access to Priority gig treatment.

The brand raid the CG rabbit hutch to good effect, while veteran beatmakers The Chemical Brothers provide the pulsing score. Their repetitive beats won't be to everyone's taste, but the brand seem confident their VIP scheme will get people moving.

Centrepoint Mall
"The Boy Nobody Could See"
2 mins 47s
22 February 2018

Following their last commercial - an epic which championed embracing greed in all its forms - Centrepoint Mall have stripped things back for their latest outing. Rather than wholesale conquering and pillaging, this film tells a beautifully quiet tale of unrequited love.

The production design - and use of cassette tapes - gives the film a pleasingly timeless feel, as a young man finds himself rendered totally invisible around his peers... especially his crush. A resourceful sort, the guy decides that if he can't be seen... then he'll just have to be heard.

Director Martin Stirling ensures the narrative plays out delicately here, culminating in a last-ditch effort to be noticed which is sure to tug at the heartstrings of anyone who's loved and lost. With a moving soundtrack and clever visual trickery, this is enough to make even the coldest heart thaw... just a little bit.

Sun Bingo
"Are You Gonna Bingo?"
22 February 2018

Bingo goes grime in this entertaining ad for the Sun newspaper's bingo app. 'People Just Do Nothing' director Jack Clough brings his distinctive eye for the absurd into play here, as a boring wait for the bus turns into something far more lively.

With intentionally-obvious green screen work and questionable rhymes, this film gleefully takes a trashy aesthetic and elevates it to art.

From mini golf courses to tea fields and even at the races, this is bound to inspire the bingo-inclined to log on wherever they are. We highly recommend checking out the extended cut, too.

Jacob Hopewell joins Bare Films

Bare Films have signed up and coming talent Jacob Hopewell to their roster for commercial representation.

A rising star in the film world, Hopewell cut his teeth assisting some of the most respected names in the business - including Dougal Wilson, Tom Tagholm, and Simon Willows.



Recent Promos
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Paloma Faith
"'Til I'm Done"
3 mins 54s
21 Feb 2018
We like to think every artist at one stage in their career asks the question: "When am I going to shoot a desert promo?" Seems Paloma Faith did just that with ‘’Till I’m Done’. The singer swaps Hackney for rural Spain as she carries her stricken companion across the arid landscape. Despite the inconvenience, she relishes her disco oasis.

Tom Misch
"Water Baby (ft Loyle Carner)"
4 mins 29s
20 Feb 2018
Georgia Hudson captures the solitary mood of Tom Misch's 'Water Baby' with real insight. The strange exhilaration that being alone can produce is reflected in the images of a single skater on - and under - a lake at night; the vast, blue-violet expanses of the landscape like lungfuls of air between shots of grimy urban environments.

"Thought Contagion"
3 mins 36s
19 Feb 2018
Muse's Eighties odyssey continues with this 'Thought Contagion' promo. Electric vampires and SWAT teams infest this dingy neighbourhood… and caught in the middle is one immaculately-quiffed gamer. Part 'Thriller’, part 'Streets of Rage', Lance Drake’s video is a retro wet dream... though Matt Bellamy's lyrics spoil the party.

"River (ft. Ed Sheeran)"
6 mins 54s
16 Feb 2018
This promo for Eminem and Ed Sheeran's track 'River' turns a straightforward tale of adultery into a messy love triangle, exploring the narrative through documentary style interviews in which both artists and characters make cryptic comments about love and fidelity. Melodramatic and heavily stylised, director Emil Nava ensures there's plenty of visual flair.

DZ Deathrays
"Like People"
3 mins 51s
15 Feb 2018
Those au fait with early-Nineties children's entertainment from Down Under (yes, it's a long shot) may recognise Murray Cook. A founding member of kiddie band The Wiggles, Cook now teams up with the more adult-oriented DZ Deathrays. The punk duo aren't in a sociable mood with their latest track. However, their ennui soon fades when they chance upon a sweaty Cook.

Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Tony Lanez
"Miss You"
3 mins 07s
7 Feb 2018
Discounting the fact that the Winter Olympics are round the corner, there appears to be no connection to the silky track 'Miss You' and its attendant promo featuring swathes of ice skaters. But that doesn't matter. Director Austin Peters ably demonstrates that the visual interpretation of a song is less important than the ability to enhance its impact.

"Stir Fry"
4 mins 37s
1 Feb 2018
This is one Stir Fry that keeps you coming back for more. Not only has Migos delivered a track that is deliciously addictive, but director Sing J Lee's promo is a visual feast into the bargain. Nunchucks, Mahjong gambling dens and cinderblock smashing all earn their place in this clip whose restaurant setting pays homage to the Chinese takeaway run by Lee's parents.

Manic Street Preachers
"International Blue"
4 mins 35s
30 Jan 2018
Perennial Welsh rockers the Manic Street Preachers are back to their cinematic best with latest single International Blue. Penned as a response to 1992's Motorcycle Emptiness, the trio demonstrate they're still able to pull off sweeping guitar and esoteric lyrics more than two decades on. The visuals are elegantly constructed here, making much of angular architecture as a photographer documents Nice like a lover.

Franz Ferdinand
"Feel The Love Go"
3 mins 43s
30 Jan 2018
Now the elder statesmen of early Noughties indie rock, one can forgive Franz Ferdinand for exploring alternative career paths. Alex Kapranos's choice? Pill-addled faith healer. A mix of public access TV preacher and spectral frontman, Kapranos cleanses souls in rakish fashion. Well, at least the Glasgow rockers are giving something back to the community.

D Savage
"I Know"
2 mins 33s
26 Jan 2018
D Savage is a rapper fresh out of school for whom the novelty of peppering lyrics with bitches, faggots and pussy has yet to pall. Pasqual Gutierrez has made an appropriately frenetic clip to accompany 'I Know' featuring D Savage and his friends on a typical night out. There's a spontaneity about it that feels it could have been filmed on the fly by the group themselves, and the additional, stylised footage adds extra attitude.

James Blake
"If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead"
4 mins 33s
26 Jan 2018
The Sweet Shop's Alexander Brown has created a powerful video for James Blake's 'If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead'. Headlong, hypnotic and disorientating, it's footage of motorway journeys turned into a synaesthetic experience: whipping past lights in the dark; picking up the flickers and dazzles and reflections and trails that hurtle towards us and flee past in our peripheral vision.

Tommy Cash
"Pussy Money Weed"
3 mins 34s
24 Jan 2018
Estonian 'post-Soviet rapper' Tommy Cash is pale and skinny and sports a spivvy pencil 'tache above a smile revealing broken teeth. He's also a shrewd operator who understands exactly how to grab our attention and whose often lewd, self-directed promos are also surprisingly knowing and inventive.

Fever Ray
"Wanna Sip"
3 mins 38s
24 Jan 2018
Martin Falck's second promo for Fever Ray's album 'Plunge' brings back the bald, ghoulish character we first saw her play in 'To The Moon And Back'. This time the action consists almost completely of Fever Ray behaving very badly on a banqueting table as she makes her lascivious way along to her female equivalent seated at the far end.

4 mins 04s
24 Jan 2018
Heir apparent to Robyn's electro-Scandi-pop throne, Sigrid starts 2018 off with a bang with the music promo for her latest track 'Strangers'. Directed by Riff Raff's Ivana Bobic, this stylish film sees Sigrid cut angular shapes as she bounces around a sparsely innovative set. Her joyful performance contrasts nicely with the pulsing, crying in the club sadness of the track.

First Aid Kit
4 mins 34s
23 Jan 2018
Thanks to growing up in Stockholm, Klara and Johanna Söderberg never got to go to a school prom. But they always loved the idea - and so when director Mats Udd proposed to recreate one for 'Fireworks', they were delighted. But it's not just any old prom. This is a full-blown, no-holds-barred 80s extravaganza with big hair, leg of mutton puff sleeves, and lashings of smoky eyeshadow; all marinated in the weirdness of Twin Peaks.

Jorja Smith
"Let Me Down"
4 mins 19s
23 Jan 2018
Hector Dockrill has created a slick, noir-style clip for rising star Jorja Smith in which she plays a contract killer out to dispatch the man she loves. Filmed in Kiev's October Palace, it's delicious to look at. Smith's hardboiled blonde is confident and remote; her man a dancer who wears his heart on his sleeve, and later, wears it all over the bedroom wall.

Jai Wolf
4 mins 17s
22 Jan 2018
There's an element of Stranger Things in this promo by Andrew Donoho, as a young boy is cheered at a funeral by the presence of his older friend, and the pair take off on their bikes to leave the gloom behind. Sweet though the friendship is, something feels unsettling about the older boy as they set off to discover the landing place of a meteor which streaks across the sky.

Young Fathers
"In My View"
3 mins 23s
22 Jan 2018
Young Fathers continue to defy genre with 'In My View'. Thoughtful, subdued, intimate, it reminds us that nothing comes for free and even if our ambitions are achieved, the reality is never as good as the dream. Rattling Stick's Jack Whiteley conveys this message beautifully in a promo which strings together a series of vignettes obliquely depicting tensions, threats, soul baring, and promises - all of which come at a price.

Charlotte Cardin
"The Kids"
7 mins 37s
21 Jan 2018
Charlotte Cardin's track about the turbulent lives of a family in the flat upstairs has been expanded by Kristophe Brandl into a short about a young boy and his drug-addicted parents. Shot in monochrome, it has a cinematic expansiveness and any number of beautifully-composed images bookended by a figure - the boy? his father? - floating in space; distanced from the chaos surrounding them back on earth.

Adam French
"My Addiction"
4 mins 10s
19 Jan 2018
In his plangent song 'My Addiction', Adam French lets us know how his obsession with the woman he loves feels like drug withdrawal when she's not around. Directorial duo Silent Tapes have created a suitably moody video to match: glimpses of her compel him to follow her from a crowded city street to an inky void before he's enveloped in a collapsing parachute.

Jack White
"Connected By Love"
5 mins 03s
19 Jan 2018
The lead single from Jack White's new album Boarding House Reach, 'Connected By Love' feels disappointingly lacking in freshness. Still, the accompanying promo is more dramatic, as three separate families prepare for the end of the world which is due to collide with the moon. Restraint and wonder are the moods of the moment in contrast to the gospel vibe Jack gives himself over to.

Slay Duggee
"The Stick Song"
19 Jan 2018
Ever wondered what a heavy metal version of Hey Duggee's 'The Stick Song' would sound like? No? Well, erm, this madcap promo has you covered regardless. Thus, cutesy animation is offset by muscular guitars and vocals straight from the depths of Hell. Parental discretion is advised... and perhaps a lie down afterwards.

Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B
5 mins 17s
8 Jan 2018
Racing fans may feel short-changed by this garish collaboration between rappers Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B. Despite the fleet of supercars on display, burning rubber is at a premium. Instead, we're treated to rapid-fire lyrics and integrated marketing - notably ex-Formula One driver Bertrand Gachot's Hype energy drink.

8 mins 26s
13 Dec 2017
This touching promo for Jay-Z's 'Smile' focuses on the story of his mother, who came out as a lesbian in a poem which was included in his 4:44 album. Set in the 1970s, the period fashion and locations are spot on. With the sepia-tinged grade of a faded photograph, the film's emotional narrative is delicately drawn.

"Blinded By Your Grace Pt2 (ft MNEK)"
4 mins 01s
2 Jan 2018
Stormzy stands at the centre of a group of his fans as director Nez circles the camera around and about him. They're outside; a backdrop of nearby high-rises suggest that the British inner city community is one which - at its heart - stands firm together. At the end there is a powerful silence as the crowd reflects on the Grenfell fire before a capella singing starts up poignantly from a balcony.

Recent Promos
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