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    • She's there waiting for me.One of Dementia UK's 'Admiral Nurses' offers a helping hand in this poignant animation.
    • Drink it ThroughKicking off a comic campaign for Dare Iced Coffee, this film stars a baby who almost ends up with a truly terrible name.
    • Murky waters.Director David Schofield depicts life at the bottom of the fish tank in this accomplished short film.
    • Eyes on Easter.Lidl steal a march on Springwatch with this well-observed spoof.
    • Norman Bates joins CaviarDirecting duo Norman Bates have joined Caviar's roster for UK and European representation.
    • CraftWorks Season II is upon us.The second season of CraftWorks kicks off on March 28th with a fantastic show.
    • Embrace SafetyTh!nk put their own spin on a cinematic classic in this entertaining ad to discourage drink-driving.
    • Don't look down.Nicorette scale new heights in this beautifully-shot film urging smokers to kick the habit.
    • Laurie Smith is a MermanLaurie Smith has joined Merman's growing roster for worldwide commercial representation.
    • Senna and now.McLaren and auto specialists Carnage continue their fruitful relationship with another Ayrton Senna tribute.
    • Something extra.This deft piece of advertising for Paddy Power reminds DAVID of 'Extras' - the excellent comedy series co-created by Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.
    • Mozz OffAardman Animation have created this excellent ad for Malaria Must Die.
    • Luke White arrives at OB Management.OB Management have added Luke White to their independent directors roster.
    • Body TalkThis intriguing short film from director Phoebe Arnstein examines body image in an unusual, intimate way.


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● Strictly Super Bowl.

● Homespun Yarns.

● Kate Herron.

● Jeff Labbť - a tribute.


Dementia UK
"Together Again"
3 mins 10s
15 March 2018

Alone and shipwrecked, things look bleak for this elderly gent - until one of Dementia UK's 'Admiral Nurses' offers a helping hand. The two brave the squall before arriving in familiar waters. However, their true goal awaits at the top of a lighthouse.

Having salvaged tokens and memories from the sea, the man tries to coax his wife from her debilitating lull. It's a delicate process, but they have the right support looking on.

The couple's tender reunion is patiently realised, while the animation has a stark yet painterly quality. Meanwhile, the charity suggest their specialist staff can help those affected by dementia see the light.

Dare Iced Coffee
"Callum Murray"
15 March 2018

Prolific director Nick Kelly has been responsible for some cracking work from Down Under lately - including spots for Canadian Club and Purple Bricks - and his knack for comedy is back in full force with this excellent ad for Dare Iced Coffee.

The first in a series, this film stars a baby who almost ends up with a truly terrible name. Luckily, the advertised coffee drink gives his dad enough time to think things through... and spares 'Callum Murray' from a lifetime of fish puns.

The film is nicely structured, as we see a flash-forward montage of how the poor kid's life will play out if his unfortunate name sticks. From schoolyard teasing to hilarious traffic stops and botched wedding vows, each scenario is fully realised in just a few seconds. This is extremely entertaining work with a lovely laid back comic sensibility - and we're particularly impressed with the baby's incredulous expression.

Short Films
19 mins 16s
15 March 2018

Director David Schofield depicts life at the bottom of the fish tank in this accomplished short film. Blending kitchen sink drama and marine biology, Schofield charts Leighton's (Josh Casswell) bid to become more than small fry.

His efforts lead him into an unlikely triangle with his brother - sealife savant Cass (Matthew Mellalieu) - and impoverished Cheryl (Charlotte Rhodes). Her debt to Leighton's seedy boss ensures a fraught trip to the seaside.

Schofield draws on aquatic imagery well. Leighton's growing dread is leavened by a visit to the local sea life centre, while his flat is littered with oceanic trinkets. One shouldn't be too surprised to learn the villain is a loan shark, either.

Despite the grim subject matter, Schofield and his cast offer ripples of hope in this coastal triumph.

"Spring Spotters"
14 March 2018

Lidl steal a march on Springwatch with this well-observed spoof. Having secreted various hidden cameras up and down the country, the Spring Spotters celebrate lambing season with - you guessed it - 'Lamb Cam'. Namely, lamb of the white chocolate variety.

The performances are nicely judgedÖ though the same can't be said for that yellow jumper. Meanwhile, the ad teases future instalments like "nest-building" - a droll take on the nation's seasonal DIY spree.

We don't envy those charged with finding new ways of presenting Easter fare. Fortunately, TBWA\London 's new work suggests the budget supermarket have deals worth tuning in for.

Norman Bates joins Caviar

Directing duo Norman Bates have joined Caviar's roster for UK and European representation (in Belgium, Holland, and Spain).

The pair - who we're sure are very nice boys who like their mothers a normal amount - are Belgians Inti Calfat and Dirk Verheye. They met on a script-writing course and decided to make movies together. The rest, as they say, is history.



Recent Promos
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"Proud Of Me (ft Little Simz)"
4 mins 24s
15 Mar 2018
Nineteen year-old R&B singer Mahalia gives us a glimpse of her authentic self in Silent Tapes' perceptive clip for 'Proud of Me'. An acknowledgement of the family, friends and places in her life that have made her who she is, it's a portrayal both tender and grounded - plus it's refreshing to hear a young artist sing about their background in such a positive way.

3 mins 48s
14 Mar 2018
MNEK announces his arrival as a full-blown pop star with this sizzling promo for his latest single 'Tongue'. Directed by duo Bradley & Pablo, the slick video depicts a stylised 'will they - won't they' scenario, with MNEK weighing up whether to express his feelings to a potential beau. The visuals include vogueing, a choreographed routine on a table, and a hot pink jumpsuit.

Taylor Swift
3 mins 54s
13 Mar 2018
Taylor Swift has often been accused of drawing 'inspiration' from other artists... and the internet has been quick to note that the promo for her track 'Delicate' is no exception. With long-time visual collaborator Joseph Kahn at the helm, Swift grimaces and awkwardly dances her way through a familiar scenario - seemingly both elated and confused that nobody is paying her any attention. Where's Margaret Qualley when you need her?

Years & Years
5 mins 16s
9 Mar 2018
High-fantasy, high-concept, and high-camp - this promo is everything we've come to expect from Years & Years, who are back with their first new release in... well, years and years. The epic film is set in a dystopian future, in which humans have become a rare commodity and are captured to provide entertainment for their mysterious android overlords.

Janelle MonŠe
"Make Me Feel"
3 mins 51s
7 Mar 2018
Boundlessly creative bisexual icon Janelle MonŠe confirms her status as heir apparent to Prince with this outstanding track... and a brilliant promo to match. While simultaneous release 'Django Jane' saw MonŠe get political,'Make Me Feel' is pure, unadulterated sensuality. The promo blends tight choreography with gritty/glitzy party sequences, and sees MonŠe torn between two potential lovers.

Sigala, Paloma Faith
3 mins 29s
3 Mar 2018
Another stylish promo from Paloma Faith sees a series of dancers strutting their stuff on a deserted beach, the location adorned with naught but some fluttery scarves and a mysterious bed. Faith's powerhouse vocals elevate the otherwise pedestrian burst of electro-pop, as do the polished, sun-drenched visuals.

Janelle MonŠe
"Django Jane"
3 mins 16s
4 Mar 2018
The ever-fascinating Janelle MonŠe has a new album out in April - Dirty Computer - and 'Django Jane' is one of two releases from it, each with a terrific promo. Andrew Donoho's clip places her centre stage, holding court. Here, the steamily colourful set with its hot pinks and oranges is the seat of female power, a pulsing tropic of perpetual life presided over by the singer in a tightly buttoned suit.

"Money Towers"
3 mins 33s
2 Mar 2018
Danish singer-songwriter Lydmor (aka Jenny Rossander) sings about the conflict arising from towering wealth: while it brings luxury and power, it also exerts a corrosive influence on the psyche. As she wanders the streets of Shanghai, she switches from dressed-down gear to the neon and UV lights of clubland; embracing the city's opulence while maintaining a wary reserve.

3 mins 33s
2 Mar 2018
Most people prefer bathtime to be a private affair. Not Taya, it seems. The R&B up-and-comer enjoys a confetti soak in this 'Skin' promo. Given the hint of carnality in the track's title, one shouldn't be too surprised at her washtub antics. Elsewhere, director Sashinski and DP Callan Green use disco balls and glitter gowns to ensure optimum sheen.

Moss Kena
"Square One"
3 mins 42s
1 Mar 2018
Not much is yet known about singer-songwriter Moss Kena, but - having surfaced from SoundCloud last year with a dreamy Kendrick Lamar cover - their star is deservedly rising. 'Square One', an exquisitely rueful track about never learning from your mistakes, now has a video by Holly Blakey which lends it further gravitas.

Ocean Wisdom
"Revvin' (ft Dizzee Rascal)"
3 mins 54s
1 Mar 2018
'Revvin' is notable not least for its ridiculously dense word count - Ocean Wisdom is able to deliver lyrics at brain-bleeding speed. And director Sophie Jones has delivered an equally hi-energy video, with a biker gang providing the Greek chorus to Ocean and Dizzee's narrative. Indeed, dizzying sums up the sweep and thrust of the visuals, punctuated by moments that are cinematic in their impact.

Turin Brakes
"The Quiet Ones"
3 mins 35s
1 Mar 2018
Director Rob Brown complements Turin Brakes' slow-burner 'The Quiet Ones' with a video featuring a centuries-old tradition. Its origins are lost in the mists of time, but the crazy ritual during which folk run fearlessly through the streets of Ottery St Mary in Devon carrying flaming tar barrels continues to this day. Mesmerising photography from DP Jamie Harding.

Jay Rock
"King's Dead"
4 mins 24s
28 Feb 2018
The opening shot of this delirious promo for 'King's Dead' - featuring Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar, among others - has, thanks to the mad wisdom of the internet, already become a meme. Kendrick chills in a palm tree, eating corn on the cob and waiting for his moment to strike. That should give you some idea of where this sunny slice of hip hop madness is going.

DJ Carnage
"Plur Genocide (ft. Steve Aoki)"
2 mins 49s
26 Feb 2018
This intriguing film for DJ Carnage's 'Plur Genocide' sees a heavenly war play out... with a twist. The Sacred Egg are on excellent form, bringing their sense of the surreal to the screen as heavily tattooed cherubs duke it out in super slow motion. The visuals are beautifully rendered and compellingly cryptic, and elevate the rather pedestrian track to something far edgier.

"Hallelujah (So Low)"
4 mins 02s
23 Feb 2018
Long-time Editors collaborator Rahi Rezvani produces a stark promo for the band's latest track, 'Hallelujah (So Low)'. Shifting between light and dark, frontman Tom Smith and co give their all in confined settings. Frenetic performances and shaky camerawork draw us in before Smith endures an especially localised shower.

Paloma Faith
"'Til I'm Done"
3 mins 54s
21 Feb 2018
We like to think every artist at one stage in their career asks the question: "When am I going to shoot a desert promo?" Seems Paloma Faith did just that with Ď'Till I'm Done'. The singer swaps Hackney for rural Spain as she carries her stricken companion across the arid landscape. Despite the inconvenience, she relishes her disco oasis.

Tom Misch
"Water Baby (ft Loyle Carner)"
4 mins 29s
20 Feb 2018
Georgia Hudson captures the solitary mood of Tom Misch's 'Water Baby' with real insight. The strange exhilaration that being alone can produce is reflected in the images of a single skater on - and under - a lake at night; the vast, blue-violet expanses of the landscape like lungfuls of air between shots of grimy urban environments.

"Thought Contagion"
3 mins 36s
19 Feb 2018
Muse's Eighties odyssey continues with this 'Thought Contagion' promo. Electric vampires and SWAT teams infest this dingy neighbourhoodÖ and caught in the middle is one immaculately-quiffed gamer. Part 'Thriller', part 'Streets of Rage', Lance Drake's video is a retro wet dream... though Matt Bellamy's lyrics spoil the party.

"River (ft. Ed Sheeran)"
6 mins 54s
16 Feb 2018
This promo for Eminem and Ed Sheeran's track 'River' turns a straightforward tale of adultery into a messy love triangle, exploring the narrative through documentary style interviews in which both artists and characters make cryptic comments about love and fidelity. Melodramatic and heavily stylised, director Emil Nava ensures there's plenty of visual flair.

DZ Deathrays
"Like People"
3 mins 51s
15 Feb 2018
Those au fait with early-Nineties children's entertainment from Down Under (yes, it's a long shot) may recognise Murray Cook. A founding member of kiddie band The Wiggles, Cook now teams up with the more adult-oriented DZ Deathrays. The punk duo aren't in a sociable mood with their latest track. However, their ennui soon fades when they chance upon a sweaty Cook.

Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Tony Lanez
"Miss You"
3 mins 07s
7 Feb 2018
Discounting the fact that the Winter Olympics are round the corner, there appears to be no connection to the silky track 'Miss You' and its attendant promo featuring swathes of ice skaters. But that doesn't matter. Director Austin Peters ably demonstrates that the visual interpretation of a song is less important than the ability to enhance its impact.

"Stir Fry"
4 mins 37s
1 Feb 2018
This is one Stir Fry that keeps you coming back for more. Not only has Migos delivered a track that is deliciously addictive, but director Sing J Lee's promo is a visual feast into the bargain. Nunchucks, Mahjong gambling dens and cinderblock smashing all earn their place in this clip whose restaurant setting pays homage to the Chinese takeaway run by Lee's parents.

Manic Street Preachers
"International Blue"
4 mins 35s
30 Jan 2018
Perennial Welsh rockers the Manic Street Preachers are back to their cinematic best with latest single International Blue. Penned as a response to 1992's Motorcycle Emptiness, the trio demonstrate they're still able to pull off sweeping guitar and esoteric lyrics more than two decades on. The visuals are elegantly constructed here, making much of angular architecture as a photographer documents Nice like a lover.

Franz Ferdinand
"Feel The Love Go"
3 mins 43s
30 Jan 2018
Now the elder statesmen of early Noughties indie rock, one can forgive Franz Ferdinand for exploring alternative career paths. Alex Kapranos's choice? Pill-addled faith healer. A mix of public access TV preacher and spectral frontman, Kapranos cleanses souls in rakish fashion. Well, at least the Glasgow rockers are giving something back to the community.

D Savage
"I Know"
2 mins 33s
26 Jan 2018
D Savage is a rapper fresh out of school for whom the novelty of peppering lyrics with bitches, faggots and pussy has yet to pall. Pasqual Gutierrez has made an appropriately frenetic clip to accompany 'I Know' featuring D Savage and his friends on a typical night out. There's a spontaneity about it that feels it could have been filmed on the fly by the group themselves, and the additional, stylised footage adds extra attitude.

Recent Promos
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