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    • Sounds of the sea.Havas London and Sharp's Brewery have launched ‘Keynvor' - a musical venture designed to help keep Cornwall's Atlantic coast in good nick.
    • Dance, Baby, DanceDanone have released this charming ad for the Irish market, showing childhood development in an unusual way.
    • Rose Hendry joins HLA.Scottish filmmaker Rose Hendry has joined HLA for commercial representation.
    • A Walk in the ParkThe BBC's 'The Social' platform has released this intriguing film about homophobia.
    • Friends like these.Aptly scored by Sofi Tukker's 'Best Friend', this Triumph ad is a confident portrayal of sisterhood.
    • Podcast - Wes PollittWes Pollitt's directing career has taken him down some very interesting avenues. And you can listen to his story in our latest podcast.
    • Expect the UnexpectedSchweppes embark on a new direction with this glitzy ad for their tonic water.
    • Everyday HeroesThe British Red Cross suggest unity through kindness in this 60" commercial.
    • The Boy Needs TherapyTED explore the future of A.I. in this entertaining film - created for their 2018 'Age of Amazement' conference.
    • Smooth MovesKlarna offer another smooth outcome in this wonderfully weird commercial for their online payment service.
    • Twenty-years of tooning in.Cartoon Network marks twenty-five years on Latin Amercian screens with this vibrant promo courtesy of Le Cube.
    • Life of the PartyDougal Wilson has directed another beautifully designed ad for IKEA.
    • UNIT9 blend sweat and pixels.Chinese runners meet their video game counterparts thanks to Nike and UNIT9.
    • Rage Against the MachineBetVictor stand out from the betting site crowd with this intriguing ad.


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Sounds of the sea.

Havas London have partnered with Sharp's Brewery to launch ‘Keynvor' - a musical venture designed to help keep Cornwall's Atlantic coast in good nick.

With the help of Universal Music label Mercury KX, the campaign has already produced its first ‘single' to promote marine conservation.


Danone Milupa
"Dancing Babies"
20 April 2018

Danone Milupa have released this charming ad for the Irish market, showing childhood development in an unusual way. Three babies at different ages perform a dance routine to Chic's 'Everybody Dance' ... with a little adult supervision, of course.

Upbeat and playful, the ad brings new meaning to underage discos. The babies' performances - if they can be called that - are utterly endearing, as they range from joyful to confused in front of their admirably straight-faced parents. Uplifting work from director Richard Chaney and Chemistry.

Rose Hendry joins HLA.

HLA's new signing Rose Hendry has come a long way since her student degree show at the Royal Scottish Academy in 2012.

She quickly realised directing was her true vocation and began filming at will. Now boasting an eclectic reel of short films and branded work, Hendry aims to develop her skills further at HLA.

Right from the get-go, Hendry has enjoyed subverting audience expectations. For example, her RBS commercial brings unexpected humour to the sector as the bank offer near-unanimous praise for their mobile app... though some customers prove harder to satisfy.


BBC The Social
"Time for Love"
4 mins 27s
19 April 2018

The BBC's 'The Social' platform - which features content from across Scotland - has released this intriguing film about homophobia. Spoken word poet Sean McInally performs his piece mainly to camera, musing on the continued social pressure same-sex couples face around displaying public affection.

The film is well-intentioned and has made a deserved splash across social media, but the piece isn't without its flaws. It feels like several poems mashed together, dancing between subjects and forms without giving any of them a chance to make an impact.

The more pressing issue is that including multiple edgy topics (the Catholic Church is perhaps the most hot-button issue) creates unnecessary controversy without artistic merit - and actually detracts from the film's central message. The decision to include a needlessly graphic miscarriage scene, in particular, is baffling and off-topic, if not insensitive.

While it makes gestures towards being universal without ever becoming truly intersectional, this will doubtless provide a valuable jumping-off point for discussion... or fighting in the YouTube comments section.

19 April 2018

Last time Triumph graced our screens, the lingerie maker tried to give Disney a run for its money. Now the brand opt for a live action portrayal of sisterhood in this 30" ad.

Aptly scored by Sofi Tukker's ‘Best Friend', the film depicts camaraderie in various forms, whether it's helping a busy mother with the shopping, turning an assault course into a team effort, or bringing newlywed brides closer together.

The brand itself is content to play a supporting role, as it were. While the label's designs remain unseen, the ad's confident tone should encourage discerning viewers to investigate further.


On This Day
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Land Rover
"A Rough Tumble"
22 Apr 2013
To the strains of gentle classical music, a group of young men careen and somersault through land off the beaten track. There are four of them - each representing a wheel, perhaps, on the Land Rover which they're standing in for; and the slow motion beauty of their movement is a paean to the grace with which the aforementioned vehicle handles itself.

"Early Start"
22 Apr 2013
McDonalds has been playing a very smart game with their advertising over the past few years. From brash, slam-dunk, hi-energy offerings that divert attention away from the value of the product, they've moved further and further towards focusing on their fresh, wholesome, local goodness... and this is excellent fare.

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Multi-Grain
22 Apr 2013
Every parent will roll their eyes in affectionate recognition at the sudden, imperious enthusiams of children captured beautifully in this ad for Rice Krispies. It was written by the same creative team responsible for yesterday's excellent McDonalds spot - take a bow, Sabina Kelly and Philip Deacon of Leo Burnett.

"Cup Final Tickets"
22 Apr 2013
Packed with bribes, derring-do and exuberance, this ad with its good-looking chap at the centre takes us on his journey from a jolly nice boat party to the stadium hosting The Champion's League final. He's discovered he's won VIP tickets for the match and nothing will stop him. Nice spot for Heineken as one of the competition's major sponsors.

The National Autistic Society
"Sensory Sensitivity"
22 Apr 2014
It isn't immediately apparent what this impressive piece of work is for. When you begin watching, sounds seem to grow and layer in unison as if building towards something musical, or perhaps towards a dramatic event. We then discover that this is offering a glimpse of what's it's like to live with the sensory sensitivity suffered by many people who have autism and is both thoughtful and thought-provoking.

"What's He In?"
22 Apr 2014
Brilliantly conceived, written and acted, this campaign for HBO Go gets straight to the heart of why young people need the service. As a teenage boy and girl try to watch Game of Thrones, their well-meaning mum and dad witter all the way through; asking who's married to who, and which one that actor is. The girl in particular is marvellous, and you can hear the homicidal steel in her voice as she says: "That's not him".

"Don't Rely On Fate"
22 Apr 2014
A belter of an ad for Axe to mark their redesigned product range. A star-crossed couple are prevented by fate from getting together; and as they return time after time down the eras of history, they never quite manage to get it together. Until finally, our hero picks up a can of Axe and sprays himself liberally with it in a petrol station shop - which, for the first time, enables him to get his girl.

22 Apr 2015
No one does bombastic nonsense quite like The Mob's Paul WS Anderson. In this film - for example - it's pretty obvious that this gang of crooks would be better advised buying the cars they steal as it would certainly be the cheaper option. But that doesn't matter one bit... instead of thinking about that, just concentrate on the glorious spectacle of a well-organised heist.

"The Bucket Board"
3 mins 02s
22 Apr 2015
Every now and then, we'll see a film that grips us from the very first shot and doesn't loosen its grasp until the final frame - and this piece for the World Wildlife Fund by independent film maker Mac Premo is a rather wonderful example. It's always hard to be certain whether skills like these will be translatable in the world of TVCs but if Mac Premo could make a TVC as compelling as this, it would be quite a proposition.

"Top Cat"
22 Apr 2016
Halifax have turned to Hanna-Barbera's cult classic Top Cat to help them demonstrate that they're thoroughly decent when it comes to lending money for mortgages. The mischievous feline uses a sob story to gain the sympathy of the Halifax staffer helping with his application, though - it has to be said - it's hard to win over an algorithm and human decision-making has all but been eliminated from the mortgage application process these days!

BT Broadband
"Country House"
22 Apr 2017
Apparent Blur fan Ryan Reynolds lives in a very big house in the country in another amusing spot for BT Broadband. Reynolds gives the kind of brilliantly deadpan performance we've come to expect, quite a feat in a series which has seen him get slapped across the face and cling to a helicopter for dear life - all in the name of fast wi-fi.

"I Feel Pretty"
22 Apr 2006
The unlikely juxtaposition of teenage girls in a bus shelter singing I Feel Pretty from West Side Story is a wonderful conceit here and such a refreshing change from the usual tactic of teens going on about how anxious they get about adolescent acne.

"The Dawn Of Man"
22 Apr 2006
Shades of 2001 A Space Odyssey as an ape accidentally discovers music when he bangs two bones together. Before long, he and his simian chums are playing electric guitars in typically absurd fun for the minority channel.

"Mr T"
22 Apr 2007
When a parks footballer rolls about the pitch feigning injury he is quite surprised to find a tank rolling towards him being driven by Mr T reprising his character from The A Team. The ageing actor then gives him a mouthful and hurls a Snickers bar at him. Just watching it again in case we imagined it.

Amnesty International
"The Stuff Of Life"
22 Apr 2008
This impactful film for Amnesty International is designed to lull us in audience into thinking they are watching a commercial for bottled water or an expensive vodka which makes the dramatic payoff all the more effective. The brutality of torture is brought home through extreme frankness.

"What Dreams Are Made Of"
22 Apr 2008
A woman sat outside a café enoying some Galaxy chocolate considers how much better life would be if the city were full of people on horses instead of people in cars. Her fantasy is fleshed out via a dream sequence which shows urbanites on horseback. Each to their own.

"It's Not A Crying Game"
22 Apr 2008
An outstanding claim is made in this ad for an epilator designed to help women keep their legs smooth... namely, that the product is so efficient that it enables the protagonist, a transvestite, to keep his legs sufficiently feminine that they don't give away his secret. It's not often that an ad is both edgy and effective but this one is.

22 Apr 2008
This energetic trail heralds the well-publicised revival of Gladiators... the TV show which allowed members of the public to be battered with giant cotton buds. The PR cavalcade for the Sky show has been brilliantly orchestrated and it'll be interesting to see if it succeeds.

AT & T
22 Apr 2010
A visual treat as children's drawings are writ large across a city landscape in a most engaging fashion. Like the recent Sky campaign in the UK, it makes use of Pure Imagination by Gene Wilder from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Coors Light
22 Apr 2010
Seeking relief from the heat in the city, a man splashes black paint onto a wall and then fashions it into a representation of a tunnel. He adds a small white light and, hey presto, it becomes a freight train bringing gallons of the advertised beer to cool everyone down.

"Feel Like Never Before"
22 Apr 2010
Cripes, is this for real? When it first came on, we wondered if it was a sly film for Keep Britain Tidy but it swiftly became evident that it really is an ad for Durex. hard to imagine that American cops will enjoy the homoerotic inference.

"World Cup Preparations"
22 Apr 2010
This is like a companion piece for the recent ad promoting FreeSat. The character played by Fay Ripley seems uncommonly reconciled to the advancing shadow of the World Cup... what's her agenda?

BT Broadband
"Duran Duran"
22 Apr 2012
The geeky flatmate tries to impress by pretending that he has long been a fan of Duran Duran. He over sells his pitch however when he claims to have attended a concert that took place in 1984... it's a joke that probably works better if you aren't someone who was going to concerts in 1984. Ahem.

"Space Hoppers"
22 Apr 2013
A cute visual analogy for Mint Aero with consumers of the advertised confectionery casually bouncing up and down on green spacehopper-type balls. Filmed in that handy hidden camera style, we get to see the reactions of various people who appear to wonder quietly what's going on - though we're sure it's all been highly choreographed.

22 Apr 2013
Via webcam two friends discuss the merits of a top one of them must have bought while temporarily blind. The other is more excited about the new confectionery bar she's eating... more so, indeed, than she is about her new chap, who wanders into view and takes a bite of said confectionery.

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