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    • Shall We Dance?ITV announce the new season of wintry competition show Dancing on Ice in charming style with this animated commercial.
    • Festive Fun-raiserSave The Children have a festive coach ready to put some pep in even the most Scrooge-leaning character's step.
    • Christopher Hewitt rejoins Knucklehead.Knucklehead say they're "dead chuffed" to see director Chris Hewitt return to the fold.
    • UNIT9 bring Luke & Joseph on board.Directing duo Luke & Joseph have joined UNIT9 for worldwide representation.
    • Ringing the changes.The Pogues' ‘Fairytale of New York' may reference the NYPD choir, but the Co-op choose to throw their weight behind the BTM (Bedwas, Trethomas & Machen) Brass Band this Christmas.
    • Tonight's the night.Edinburgh Gin mark their TV debut with a little help from Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons and their 1972 single, ‘The Night'.
    • Global BootstrapsMoney transfer business Azimo go against the grain of current anti-immigrant rhetoric.
    • Justin Tyler Close joins OB Management.OB Management are pleased to now represent director, writer, artist, and photographer Justin Tyler Close in the UK.
    • It's not you, it's me.How do you let a hulking, clingy robot down gently? That's the premise of this slow-burning ad for Spark New Zealand.
    • All Pain, No GainNew Year's exercise pledges meet Black Mirror in this frankly weird commercial for electronic exercise bike Peloton.
    • Immaculate DeliveryThis cheeky commercial for the Norwegian postal service offers an alternative take on a familiar Christmas story.
    • The only way is Up.The track 'Married Life' by Michael Giacchino is so firmly attached to the 2009 Pixar film 'Up' that you'd think that it'd be necessary to cut an umbilical cord to use it anywhere else. But its use in this fantastically emotional film for Apple by Mark Molloy is simply perfect.
    • A Christmas cracker.According to the Daily Mail, this film for Hafod Hardware cost just £100 to make.


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Dancing On Ice
"Music Box"
6 December 2019

ITV announce the new season of wintry competition show Dancing on Ice in charming style with this animated commercial. A music box ballerina comes to life ‘Toy Story'-style and finds herself longing for companionship, only for an enterprising spaceman to strap on his skates and step up to the plate.

Director Will Studd handles the occasion nicely, with romantic musical swells balanced with levity from the inexperienced partners' fumbles. Despite the cast being mere inches tall, well rendered movements and facial expressions ensure maximum personality as they explore a child's bedroom-slash-wonderland.

The Pixar influence only grows when a parent pops in to switch off the light, and both toys return to their respective positions with more joy in their plastic hearts. The simplicity of the narrative ultimately pays dividends - proving that sometimes, the bells and whistles need not apply.

Save The Children
"Coach Christmas"
5 December 2019

If an overload of ads decked in boughs of holly and drowning in fake snow are starting to give you Christmas fatigue already fear not: Save The Children have a festive coach ready to put some pep in even the most Scrooge-leaning character's step.

The young spokesman for their annual Christmas jumper fundraising drive is in fine voice here, exuding buckets of charisma as he calls on grown-ups nationwide to do their bit for kids across the globe. Regardless of profession, each member of the diverse cast is transformed by the application of a colourful, seasonal sweater.

It's also hard not to be drawn in by this ad's energy and enthusiasm, but even worthy causes like this aren't immune to criticism from environmental groups. Let's see what issue weighs heaviest on viewers' consciences this year.

Christopher Hewitt rejoins Knucklehead.

Knucklehead say they're "dead chuffed" to see director Chris Hewitt return to the fold.

Managing Director Tim Katz says: "Chris joined us when he was just starting his career, and we made some really stunning work together - some of the work we're most proud of at Knucklehead."


UNIT9 bring Luke & Joseph on board.

Directing duo Luke & Joseph have joined UNIT9 for worldwide representation.

The pair - otherwise known as Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull - are well-versed in TVCs, documentaries, and art installations, among other things. They've also got the odd feature film in their locker, too, which is handy.


Co-op Supermarkets
"BTM Brass Band Society"
4 December 2019

The Pogues' ‘Fairytale of New York' may reference the NYPD choir, but the Co-op choose to throw their weight behind the BTM (Bedwas, Trethomas & Machen) Brass Band this Christmas. That's because the brand are determined as ever to put local talent in the spotlight - in this case, a merry band from South Wales.

Their pleasant cover version may not supplant the original, but it does offer an alternative to those who've already heard enough about scumbags and drunk tanks for one year. It's also good to see Adland's tradition of cramming brass bands into confined spaces is alive and well.


On This Day
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Orangina Red
9 Dec 2009
And we thought black cats were supposed to be lucky. A middle-aged man is forced to strip by a black cat wearing a bikini in this bizarre French ad which suggests that a new variant of the drink made with blood oranges is perhaps a bit too bloody.

9 Dec 2010
This hilarious spoof of the current Foster's campaign takes advantage of recent events in Australia. The good news for Foster's is that it's rather an affectionate spoof and you can't really imagine the brewer being unhappy about the way its ad has been subverted.

Pot Noodle
"A Pot Noeldle Christmas"
9 Dec 2010
A fantastic spoof of the annual Coca Cola ad shows a Pot Noodle van delivering Christmas cheer. As you'd expect, it isn't quite as wholesome an idea of the festive season as the one depicted by the soft drink giant from America.

Lady Dior
"Burlesque Miracle"
6 mins
9 Dec 2010
A burlesque dancer appears to cure a man's impotence in this overblown piece of nonsense featuring Marion Cotillard and Ian McKellen who should both know better. There's a side plot involving Russell Tovey as an artist but it doesn't add any coherence.

Victoria's Secret
9 Dec 2010
After watching this ad directed by Michael Bay, we're pretty sure we've worked out what Victoria's secret is... she's actually a bald, overweight man with a penchant for soft pornography. About as sexy as receiving a rectal examination from Abu Hamza al-Masri.

"Manchester Fans"
9 Dec 2012
This is a terrific exposé of the rivalry between football fans. Two similar Mancunians - one supporting United and the other City - talk about how tragic their lives would be if they supported the opposition. Split screen is used excellently to drive home the message that they'd be exactly the same.

Marks & Spencer
"Christmas Food"
9 Dec 2012
No one does Christmas food like Marks & Spencer and, just as importantly from our point of view, no one does Christmas food advertising like Marks & Spencer. An absolutely sumptuous display of gorgeous food is used to persuade punters to take the easy option by selecting a Christmas menu from the masters of the chiller cabinet.

"A Holiday Haven"
9 Dec 2015
Fans of Edward Koren's work will find much to enjoy in this charming ad for department store Hermés. The New Yorker magazine illustrator's signature furry style is lovingly brought to life in this tale of a reindeer, a Christmas tree, and a fuzzy creature of no fixed species making their way to Paris.

1 min 35s
9 Dec 2015
It's another Christmas tradition that advertisers use the festive season to promote togetherness through their products. With a roguish glint in their eye, Mobistar show why you really should keep in touch with your family. The path to true love never runs smoothly, and these two wind up tumbling into a ravine thanks to a party guest's revelation.

Old Mout
"The Voice"
9 Dec 2015
We've all been stuck at the bar next to someone who just can't put a sock in it, but what are you supposed to do when you can't even see the chatterbox? That's the amusing conceit behind this ad for Old Mout Hard Cider. When Tommy strolls into a bar looking to quench his thirst, the VO - a graduate of the School of Drink Ad Narration - begins describing why the man has supposedly picked Old Mout.

"Cash Cowboy"
9 Dec 2008
A cowboy explains how the internet has changed things. Intenaxx enables people to invest online which has made life a good deal easier as previously it was necessary for him to lasso cattle to make an 'investment'. To ensure we understand this is all allegorical, the cows are dotted with currency symbols.

Got To Dance
"Davina McCall"
9 Dec 2009
This amusing trail for a new series on Sky One has Davina McCall appearing to recreate a famous moment from the film Flashdance. This is all the more effective for the slightly awkward way in which McCall clambers on to the desk. Très bien.

Olympus Pen
"Call Me"
9 Dec 2009
Kevin Spacey invites us to call him so that we can make beautiful pictures with him in the latest instalment of this engaging campaign. Shall we all do it? We could all turn up at the Old Vic with our cameras and surprise him. Come on... it'll be fun.

Burger King
"Restaurant Removal"
9 Dec 2009
To illustrate the importance of 'taste' to Burger King, a restaurant is stripped away until a pair of customers are sat outside on their own. Oh that's right... punters make the mistake of going to Burger King for the décor instead of focusing on the food. Yeah, right.

"Salmon Snacks"
9 Dec 2009
Another addition to orange supermarket's ongoing Christmas campaign shows Jamie Oliver knocking together some attractive looking smoked salmon snacks and washing it down with some Cava. This year's seasonal advertising continues to reflect the austere mood.

LG Vacuum Cleaners
"Something's Lurking"
9 Dec 2010
If you're going to suggest that household dust is perilous then you might as well do it in a fun way as LG have in this American ad. Dolls are used to face the figurative danger posed by ordinary dirt around the home as a rousing soundtrack brings home the action thriller metaphor.

"Christmas Cheese"
9 Dec 2011
Children dressed as mice steal Jamie Oliver's cheese in the latest of orange supermarket's Christmas commercials. All these postscripts have softened the impact of Jamie's farewell... a bit like finding out that your flight is delayed just after you've done the big goodbye at an airport.

Terre d'Hermès
9 Dec 2012
In this typically absurd - but aesthetically impressive - perfume ad, a man is coated with sand as he walks through the desert. We can only assume that the advertised smelly stuff has an arid quality and of that's the kind of thing that rocks your boat then clearly it's the perfect product for you.

Gran Turismo
2 mins
9 Dec 2013
This takes beatboxing to a whole new level... instead of creating percussive sounds, the young guy in this spot produces the throaty, turbo-charged revs of a racing car engine. He continues for so long there comes a point when you're wondering if his larynx will start bleeding, but it's very impressive and demonstrates that wherever you are, your head can be still competing in the vehicle of your choice thanks to Gran Turismo.

The Sun
"Christmas & New Year Magazine"
9 Dec 2013
The inimitable voice of Derek Griffiths plus some smart casting do a good job of making this a better ad than the product deserves. In this age of Sky Plus etc, TV guides feel anachronistic - but this shrewdly appeals to its older, conservative target audience without alienating younger markets thanks to its judicial use of humour.

"Christmas Lights"
1 min 50s
9 Dec 2013
An unsociable old grouch trudges along a roadside in the Scottish highlands; giving short shrift to the van driver who greets him in a festive manner. On and on he goes in the permanent gloom; finally fumbling for his key when he reaches his home miles from anywhere. What happens next takes us totally by surprise - but in a very good way indeed.

The Economist
"Mandela's Walk"
9 Dec 2013
Arguably the greatest legacy of Nelson Mandela is the strength of the unity generated by the goodwill he invoked. So many people have spent the last twenty-three years naming him as their greatest hero that it's easy to forget he was such a divisive figure throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Many on the right were convinced that Mandela was a dangerous revolutionary and would not have been unhappy if he'd never been released from his long incarceration.

"Christmas Dinner"
9 Dec 2014
It's a nice ad, this - it feels warm and cosy... but it struggles a bit with some of the product. Mulled wine cheesecake doesn't sound very appetising at all, let alone something a little girl would tuck into. That aside, it does what it needs to do - and as we've said before, it manages to be a solid ad which looks good without rocking the boat.

9 Dec 2014
Lovely ad, this - while two women sit and talk at a festive dinner party, their tongues no doubt loosened by port, a chap in a nice pully sits quite happily between them eating from the cheeseboard. The VO tells us that it's an aged cheese he's focusing on, and it's best sampled bit by bit... which he duly does... again and again.

"The Astonishing Treat Machine"
2 mins 10s
9 Dec 2015
Jessica Ennis-Hill is the voice of Santander's 'Astonishing Treat Machine' in this sweet Christmas stunt. So as not to give the game away, Ennis-Hill is tucked away in a booth while she talks to customers in the guise of the world's friendliest ATM. Once this lot have proved their love of Christmas, the machine churns out the kind of treats everyone wishes they could get from their local hole in the wall.

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