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Latest Work
    • Savings Well SpentAgency Joint and director Kevin Thomas deliver a playful 60" ode to money well-saved.
    • The Bond identity.Heineken celebrate Daniel Craig's tenure as James Bond with this two-minute caper directed by Miles Jay.
    • Julia Fetterman joins LS Productions.In their ongoing effort to secure the services of all the nicest people in the business, LS Productions have persuaded Julia Fetterman to join their merry crew.
    •  OB Management welcome Jörn ThrelfallOB Management have welcomed Jörn Threlfall to their roster for commercial representation.
    • This is the PitsThis Dove commercial takes a stand against the latest ridiculous, arbitrary beauty standard women are expected to develop anxiety about.
    • The long and short of it.UNICEF offer children a literal lifeline in this quietly effective commercial.
    • Forever sign Danica Kleinknecht.Sasha Nixon and Forever are "thrilled" to confirm the signing of Los Angeles-based director Danica Kleinknecht.
    • Seed it to believe it.This suitably nutty trio of commercials for the Almond Board of California (ABC) shows what a handful of seeds can do for snackers across the UK.
    • Kes 2.Volvo’s latest collaboration with Sky Atlantic focuses on Professor Carl G. Jones - conservation biologist, Welshman, and saviour of the Mauritius kestrel, among other species.
    • Age of the OverstatementThis NHS campaign encouraging people to visit their local pharmacist couldn't have been released at a more appropriate time.
    • Rise of the Eco-Worrier.This adrenaline-fuelled commercial for Friends of the Earth takes on the very modern phenomenon of eco-anxiety.
    • Trey Edward Shults Signs to AcademyUp-and-coming director Trey Edward Shults has joined Academy films for representation in the UK and Europe.
    • Peas in a PodOlympic cyclist Laura Kenny stars in this peppy outing for online estate agents Purple Bricks.
    • The hole package.BT cut loose and spark controversy with this ad for their Halo package.


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"Before and After"
26 January 2020

Along with a complete overhaul of their look and logo, price comparison site Uswitch have launched their biggest commercial campaign for twenty years this spring - kicking off with this playful ode to money well-saved.

Whatever our pastime - be it for garish trainers, geekdom, or going all out on dates - the brand reckon they can save us enough cash on energy bills to pursue a hobby with fresh vigour. This is ably illustrated by an affectionate montage of weirdos, who each revel in their own oddities with pride.

Boasting quirky visuals and a welcome sense of humour, director Kevin Thomas’s ad marks the next step up from 2017’s coach-focused campaign - as Uswitch have become increasingly sophisticated in their advertising strategy. Hopefully this means the Philip Glenister days are consigned to the history books for good.

"Daniel Craig vs James Bond"
2 mins 08s
26 January 2020

As Daniel Craig prepares to hang up his tuxedo once and for all, Heineken celebrate his tenure as James Bond with this two-minute caper directed by Miles Jay. Yet despite Craig’s best efforts, putting 007 to rest is easier said than done.

Thanks to an overenthusiastic taxi driver, the actor is left sans passport in rural Italy. Unlike his fictional alter ego, Craig struggles to pursue his target - humorously encapsulated by two locals observing a winded bloke who, er, looks a bit like James Bond.

This meta streak continues as Craig infiltrates a castle party through standard MI6 operating procedure (ie pinching a spare tuxedo). It tests the often tetchy actor's patience to the limit… and that’s before the band starts playing an overly familiar tune.

The whole thing is delivered with tongue firmly in cheek, as Craig gamely riffs on his physique and his love-hate relationship with Bond. Enough to keep fans satisfied until ‘No Time to Die’ finally hits screens.

Julia Fetterman joins LS Productions.

In their ongoing effort to secure the services of all the nicest people in the advertising business, LS Productions have persuaded Julia Fetterman to join their merry crew.

Julia's wealth of experience will prove invaluable in her new role as head of LS's London service production arm. Having successfully operated as a freelancer for the last ten years, Julia is incredibly well positioned to ensure the UK-wide company goes from strength to strength in the capital.


OB Management welcome Jörn Threlfall

OB Management have welcomed Jörn Threlfall to their roster for representation.

The London-born director's work spans a vast range of genres and formats, as Threlfall studied film and theatre in Berlin before moving to London and working for the Discovery Channel and Channel 4. This has given him a wealth of experience which OB will represent across commercials, music promos, and narrative films.


23 January 2020

This purpose-driven Dove commercial takes a stand against the latest ridiculous, arbitrary beauty standard women are expected to develop anxiety about. While the concept of an ideal underarm might not occur to some, the state of one's pits is yet another way for women to be told they're not good enough - and Dove are at their wits’ end.

More than a standard celebration of individuality, however, this film from director Lisette Donkersloot addresses bodily autonomy beyond the usual 'if you've got it, flaunt it' mentality. Hair, tattoos, and even the decision not to show off armpits at all are included, making it clear that liberation isn't limited to how much skin you show. Progressive and heartfelt work - something we've come to expect from the brand's recent campaigns.


On This Day
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Diet Coke
28 Jan 2013
The iconic Diet Coke campaign is back and it's bigger and cheekier than ever. Neil Dawson and Clive Pickering of BETC obviously realised it wasn't going to be enough to just retread the old template so they've ramped it up... the advertised drink positively ejaculates over our hero after some picnicking women roll him a can.

"Farmed and Dangerous"
2 mins 16s
28 Jan 2014
This trail heralds the launch of a four-part series by Chipotle, to be broadcast on Hulu. Quite hilariously mad, it's a swipe at the world of industrial agriculture; and - although it doesn't feature anything explicitly to do with the brand- the message is clear: eat their food, go to their restaurants, because they make a stand against the ruthless world they're depicting.

Old Spice
28 Jan 2014
Who says 15 seconds isn't enough to deliver a fully-evolved, stand-alone concept? Hard for anyone to make that claim after seeing this. A handsome dude and his lady are at the funfair when suddenly, his hair - a wig! - falls off his head. Well, not so much falls as slithers, because it takes on a life of its own and begins to operate the 'grabber' slot machine with joyous results. Inspired.

2 mins
28 Jan 2014
In this intriguing car spot from Australia, a man wakes in hospital after being washed ashore with head injuries. His wife tries to remind him of their life together but it clearly means nothing. Only when he spots a familiar car key on the bedside table does a flicker of recognition pass across his eyes.

BMW i3
"Newfangled Ideas"
28 Jan 2015
The 1994 snippet from America's Today programme which opens this ad is a little bit of gold dust. Former hosts Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel are shown trying to grasp the concept of the internet when it was just trembling on the cusp of life. Likewise, the ad suggests, the BMW i3's electric technology is as hard for them to comprehend today, but will be ubiquitous in a couple of decades.

28 Jan 2015
Canal+ is always a good bet for an entertaining ad, and this doesn't buck the trend. With just fifteen minutes before the deluge begins and the Ark is sealed, Noah notices he's short of two animals. "Where are the unicorns?" he asks a lackey with ominous calm. The lackey dashes off, and - happily - returns with the beasts. All is well... or is it?

"The Bear"
28 Jan 2016
A man changing a tyre in a frozen wilderness almost has the job finished when a bear begins menacing him. Terrified, he leaps into his car where - for a moment or two - he feels safe. Director Ben Gregor has ramped up the terror to ensure the best possible pay-off when it emerges that this man is able to make his awful situation seems perfectly all right just by thinking about some of the food available from McDonald's.

"Your Future is Not Mine"
28 Jan 2016
This sensational film by RSA's Terence Neale has a group of upcoming artists and cultural influencers showing how they intend to forge their own way. They include Luka Sabbat, Kyu Steed, Aleali May, Ikwa Zhao, Reese Cooper, Design Butler, Yuki Matsuda and Iman Shumpert and if, like DAVID, you aren't familiar with any of them then it may be because - in the words of John F Kennedy - "the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans... born in this century".

Shock Top
"Unfiltered Talk"
28 Jan 2016
Silicon Valley's TJ Miller and comic Martin Montana star in this Superbowl teaser for US craft beer Shock Top. Playing a bar customer and the beer's mascot 'Wedgehead' respectively, the pair fill the 75-second spot with a relentless barrage of quick-witted, inventive insults that they bat back and forth, and which were apparently all ad-libbed.

"Right There With You"
28 Jan 2019
This accomplished Macmillan film comes as many cancer patients admit that the language commonly used to describe the disease is a hindrance rather than a help. Phrases such as "cancer-stricken" and "fighting a losing battle" turn treatment into a battlefield - an image the charity's latest appeal is keen to avoid.

"Food Freedom"
28 Jan 2019
Food delivery outfit Deliveroo bring new meaning to the old adage that variety is the spice of life in this entertaining commercial. The brand encourage their customers to embrace 'food freedom' - whether that entails trying something brand new, sticking with old favourites, or changing plans on the fly.

BT Broadband
"Mad House"
28 Jan 2019
A full house wreaks havoc on a man's wifi connection in this well-constructed ad for BT, wherein the protagonist arrives home to find the broadband rush hour in full flow. With laptops, tablets, and games consoles all fighting for bandwidth, chaos reigns… only for the brand's newfangled widget to restore the balance.

"Monuments Relax"
28 Jan 2005
Neat special effects are used to make it appear that a number of monuments around the World are becoming more relaxed after seeing a Qantas jet fly overhead. They include Abraham Lincoln, Admiral Horatio Nelson, The Sphinx and soldiers from the Forbidden City in Beijing.

The Observer
"Exotic Locations"
28 Jan 2005
Parody of the current MasterCard campaign shows a variety of very humdrum English locations as it names an exotic destination with a suitably exotic price for each. The Observer's travel magazine has loads of special offers and two for the price of one deals.

"House Of Cards"
28 Jan 2007
Half of More4's pub quiz team are building houses of cards on the pool table. Tony Robinson is explaining the finer details of his area of expertise to Kevin McCloud as the latter constructs a suitably 'grand design'. McCloud is chided when he suggests most of Robinson's modest construction must be underground.

Chicago Town
"American Idol"
4 mins
28 Jan 2007
An attempt to parody the unparodiable here as spoof auditions for a talent contest are almost as awful as the real thing. In fact, the so-called amusing bit of American Idol when we see the truly hopeless audition was like watching a showcase of the mentally ill.

"Area 22"
28 Jan 2010
In this Irish commercial for Guinness, a rugby player is lowered by a secret elevator to Area 22... a high-tech laboratory/training ground where, it's implied, the Irish team are preparing for the Six Nations tournament where they will once again attempt a Grand Slam.

New Zealand Book Council
"Going West"
2 mins 25s
28 Jan 2010
This animated film for the New Zealand Book Council cleverly illustrates the power of words by depicting a scene being read about using pages from a book. It's a beguiling effect which focuses our attention on the words themselves... which is obviously the idea.

"Horse Race"
28 Jan 2010
This pleasant Irish commercial offers scenes from a traditional rural horse race. It all looks pretty idyllic as the competitors gather and set off down the course marshalled by young families sustained by hot dog sausages made by the advertised company.

28 Jan 2011
This American ad for a range of male grooming products features an excellent central performance from a robbery witness who concentrates so much on the hair style of the perpetrator that the police stop taking him seriously.

28 Jan 2013
Paul Whitehouse once again dons a prosthetic nose to sell insurance in the latest of his ads for Aviva. He plays the role of Toni - an Italian restaurateur - who believes the three most important aspects of his trade are 'service, service and service'. It's like watching a Dolmio puppet that's been brought to life.

Absolut Vodka
"Thomas Doyle"
28 Jan 2014
You can tell this lovely little film has been made by someone with a documentary maker's eye. Following the progress of a young model-making artist who is creating a piece for Absolut's BLANK project, it captures in subtle shots and details the passion that drives him. Clever positioning by the brand, too - keeping their profile high among those likely to enjoy this spot by demonstrating support for the arts while being integral to the resulting artwork.

Sky Movies
"Children's Films"
28 Jan 2014
The elder statesmen of epic blockbusters has already aimed an ad at couples, asking when was the last time they couldn't get a movie out of their heads. It was a tad portentous - only reasonable when you think who's delivering the lines - but here, directing his questions at families and children, it's lighter. And you do get to see him being hit in the face with with a foam pie, so there's that.

28 Jan 2014
A group of young twitchers wait patiently in the woods as their ranger attempts to check a tickly cough. Happily for all, she has some Halls Soothers, which not only quell the tickle but enable her to give voice to her authentic bird cries. Hurrah! This means they can return home content in the knowledge they've seen a kestrel or two. Sweet little ad, although there's scope for even more fun to be had with the part of the ranger.

Ford Transit
"When Will I See You Again"
28 Jan 2014
We like this. The fact that you can go a long time between fuel stops in a Ford Transit is nicely conveyed by what appears to be an emotional farewell between a grizzled old dude and his son. Then it dawns on us that this is just the young guy's regular petrol pump assistant, anticipating such a lengthy absence before his return that it's as if he's hitching a ride on the next comet.

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