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    • Zak Razvi is FurlinedFurlined have signed acclaimed director Zak Razvi for US and UK representation.
    • Basil expedition.This seabound documentary charts Sergio and Luca Gamberini’s efforts to safeguard one farm’s basil crop.
    • Young puns.This ad for the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (or, er, fatherhood.gov) celebrates lame dad jokes by letting their intended audience deliver the punchlines.
    • Konsiderably Klever KonstructionThis funny film features an excellent satire of the endless woes provided by flat pack furniture.
    • A family affair.A Currys PC World employee tries (and fails) to test drive the new Lenovo IdeaPad at home.
    • The top twenty.Monday Night Football is back, and Sky Sports have given the programme a 2017/18 makeover.
    • Feeding time.While more and more taboos are broken, some remain shatterproof - like breastfeeding in public. Stink Studios’s Joe Lawton finds this, well, hard to swallow.
    • Hail to the KingThere's a new King in town in this entertaining ad for VW's Tiguan model.
    • Baller BeginningsNBA star Blake Griffin discusses the roots of his career in this stylish American ad for Jordan sneakers.
    • Daryl Chase joins Tomboy Films.Filmmaker Daryl Chase has signed with Tomboy Films for commercial representation.
    • Who's Corrie now?Coronation Street now has as many years as Heinz has varieties and despite a broadcasting landscape that has altered out of all recognition since the programme's 1960 debut, it remains one of ITV's most important assets.
    • Go West.Dominic West replaces the Italian puppets in a new campaign for Dolmio.


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● How We Made... Macmillans.

● Free the Bid.

● Alicia MacDonald.

● Straight 8.

● Fell.

● John Smith's Penguins.


Zak Razvi is Furlined

International creative powerhouse Furlined have signed acclaimed director Zak Razvi to their roster for US and UK representation.

After beginning his career as a producer at BBH London, Razvi ran the music promo department at Pulse. This extensive producing experience helped him learn to develop projects and influenced his move behind the camera.


"Nemo's Garden"
5 mins 41s
22 August 2017

Volvo’s Sky Atlantic partnership continues to promote thought-provoking feats of design and engineering. This seabound documentary charts Sergio and Luca Gamberini’s efforts to safeguard one farm’s basil crop. The answer? Underwater greenhouses.

Gamberini Snr. claims: “When you look deep enough, you will always find a solution” - turns out he’s a man of his word. Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts, the scuba diving duo install enough biospheres to keep this Italian resort in the green.

It’s an intriguing glimpse beneath the surface. While the Gamberinis remain cautiously optimistic about the scheme, the marque lends its full support. An enlightening watch for divers and basil connoisseurs alike.

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National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse
"Dad Jokes"
22 August 2017

A quick glance at this year’s top Edinburgh Fringe gags confirms groan-inducing puns are alive and well. This ad for the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (or, er, fatherhood.gov) celebrates lame dad jokes by letting their intended audience deliver the punchlines.

The young cast relish the chance to work the room. One girl knows she has the audience right where she wants them - “Can I tell another one?” - while another takes a little time to get the joke. No matter how hard you wince at the material, their laughter is infectious.

Director and compère Karen Cunningham coaxes winning performances from these budding stand-ups. Eventually, we meet their comedy heroes. The parenting initiative hopes more dads appreciate how quality time can benefit their offspring. Who says you can’t start with a joke?

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Kit Kat
22 August 2017

There's a konsiderable amount of krafty konstruction in this klever ad for Kit Kat... okay, unlike Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump, we'll stop with the Ks now.

This funny film offers a satire of the endless woes provided by flat pack furniture, as two blokes try to build a medieval weapon via picture-only instructions. Director Trevor Clarence draws out the comedy, including some lovely moments of frustration and a satisfying Allen key joke.

From feeling like the furniture designers want you to fail, to accidentally putting something together backwards, to finally giving up and calling the helpline (although usually without a bird involved), it's all very relatable. We need a Kit Kat just remembering our last trip to Ikea...

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Currys PC World
21 August 2017

A Currys PC World employee tries (and fails) to test drive the new Lenovo IdeaPad at home. “Please don’t touch it, son” was never going to work, was it? The retailer set a high bar for themselves with 2015’s Jeff Goldblum campaign and while this subtler approach is unlikely to garner as much attention, it might generate more business.

The performances are as good as you'd expect from someone of Ben Taylor's pedigree and the believable domesticity gives it an authentic vibe.

Whether it's quite so believable that anyone who works at PC World has an actual family is another question... we picture them heading home to an elaborate structure made out of empty pizza boxes.

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Recent Promos

Tee Grizzley
2 mins 51s
21 Aug 2017
The 1967 Detroit riot saw the Motor City break down over five days. Fifty years on, the city’s social and economic struggles continue to influence writers, filmmakers, and musicians alike. Now Tee Grizzley’s ‘Teetroit’ coincides with the theatrical release of Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Detroit’.

6 mins 59s
18 Aug 2017
Logic is known for his celebration of diversity, standing out in a rap scene which remains steadfastly conservative on certain issues (just check the YouTube comments...). This promo from director Andy Hines takes a serious tone, given the song is named after the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's phone number, and tackles a boy struggling with intolerance towards his sexual orientation.

Mashrou' Leila
4 mins 07s
18 Aug 2017
This intriguing promo for Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila explores Middle Eastern feminism. The daring film uses traditionally dressed Arab and Muslim actresses in unexpected ways to celebrate the progress and history of the region, as the song deals with its distant past. At the climax, the women walk into the sea to represent the change they're striving for in society. A compelling slice of culture which makes us want to know more.

Bruno Mars
"Versace On The Floor"
5 mins 36s
16 Aug 2017
Zendaya stars in this sultry promo for noted smoothie Bruno Mars's 'Versace On The Floor'. The world is bathed in purple and gold, light glinting off sequins and jewellery and giving everything an appropriately luxurious feel as the 80s inspired track glides along. We especially like the perspex-topped piano, a vintage touch which really fits Cameron Duddy's carefully-crafted aesthetic.

"What About Us"
5 mins 21s
17 Aug 2017
This promo for 'What About Us', directed by Georgia Hudson, brings a sheen to the darkness of inner city life. We see tightly choreographed routines carried out in parking lots, all-night diners, and on the street, before escaping into the desert as the sun comes up. P!nk's powerful vocals are on full display here, as she laments 'all the happy ever afters' that never came to fruition.

Dua Lipa
"New Rules"
3 mins 44s
16 Aug 2017
This sleek promo for Dua Lipa's 'New Rules' is an intriguing mix of pop video and branded content, as the singer shares the spotlight with Hyatt’s boutique hotel, The Confidante. We watch as Dua and her squad of girlfriends get over a breakup in the most stylish way possible, complete with makeovers and choreographed support, before transforming into flamingos. Fun stuff.

Wretch 32
"Whistle (ft Donae'o, Kojo Funds)"
2 mins 46s
14 Aug 2017
Tottenham-born Wretch 32 has a new single out; one that's more accessible than his usual output. To go with it, director João Retorta has filmed a split-screen promo in which the hip-hop artist and fellow rappers Donae'o and Kojo Funds mooch about in a murky underground club. Bound to go down well with grime fans.

3 mins 23s
11 Aug 2017
MNEK samples Ultra Nate's 90s classic 'Free' on his release 'Paradise', as a response to all the current EDM tracks sampling R&B songs. The summery, infectious result comes with a slick promo by Ciaran Lyons which sees the singer moving through a minimalist, hyperreal landscape - presumably towards the titular destination - and into the blue yonder.

3 mins 27s
10 Aug 2017
Björk collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang has created a richly layered promo for R&B singer Kelela's 'LMK'. Whether her music does anything for you or not, his visuals give the impression that Kelela means business and we should sit up and listen. The clip is both unsettling and inviting in just the right way to make fans of the genre feel it's edgy without losing that mainstream touch - a neat trick.

Raw Bars & JR
"Oochee Wally"
3 mins 37s
9 Aug 2017
South African cider brand Hunter’s and urban station Metro FM aim to give raw talent a leg-up. This fluorescent promo sees young gun Raw Bars and rapper JR share the limelight… and they’ve both got cold, hard cash on the mind. Meanwhile, Independent’s Daniel Levi opts for carnivalesque sci-fi - all neon fixtures and plumes of colourful powder.

"All in One Night"
4 mins 44s
8 Aug 2017
Say what you will about Stereophonics - the Welsh rockers have staying power. The group’s brand of wistful rock has served them well over the past twenty-five years. While latest release ‘All in One Night’ won’t convert cynics, frontman Kelly Jones crafts another earnest romance. While the lyrics aren’t exactly open to interpretation, director Joe Connor and DP Simon Hawken deliver an engaging promo.

4 mins 07s
3 Aug 2017
This fragmented Rinngs promo feels like an urban fever dream. Directing duo Silent Tapes and DP Francis Lane follow the protagonists through industrial estates and midnight bus rides. Erratic cuts keep the viewer on their toes, though 'Oceans' provides a melodic anchor. An opaque vision of love under the city lights.

Jai Wolf
"Indian Summer"
4 mins 15s
3 Aug 2017
Gap years are like sneezes: enjoyable for the person having one, less so for whoever's in the splash zone. This promo for 'Indian Summer' is beautifully shot, giving a halcyon sheen to a world of backpacking through the jungle, meeting new people, and frolicking on the beach... but part of us can't help thinking about how insufferable this bloke's going to be when he gets home and starts talking about how he 'found himself'.

Manchester Orchestra
"The Sunshine"
2 mins 41s
2 Aug 2017
Seems the AA’s singing toddler has an even younger rival. Instead of Tina Turner, this youngster delivers some soft indie rock. When Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull conks out, his companion takes over. PrettyBird’s Daniels navigate the Uncanny Valley largely intact. It shows just how far digital artistry has come - though some will insist it's not far enough.

Lewis Capaldi
"Lost On You"
3 mins 56s
1 Aug 2017
This intimate promo for Lewis Capaldi's 'Lost On You' is as stripped-back as the song it accompanies. The singer sits on a stool, performing in a decaying room surrounded by retro luggage and abandoned instruments. The sepia-tinged grade and distinctive lighting enhance the vintage vibe, with subtle imperfections in the image evoking old film footage and decay.

"World to Me (ft. Luke James)"
5 mins 20s
31 Jul 2017
Ordinary people need not apply in this Tchami promo. Drawn to Shanghai’s bright lights, the city’s relentless pace takes its toll on the protagonist. Partizan’s Sing J Lee delivers a kaleidoscopic tour of Shanghai nightlife before easing into a soporific homecoming. Diverse scenery and deep house beats combine to good effect.

Charli XCX
2 mins 48s
31 Jul 2017
This pastel-hued video for Charli XCX sees an appropriate amount of Boys get in touch with their softer side. The promo boasts a star-studded cast, featuring the likes of Riz Ahmed, Mark Ronson, the Libertines' Carl Barat, and Stormzy, who are each framed in their own individual scene. Subverting masculine tropes, the guys embrace babies, play with puppies, and pillow-fight - all without a single 'no homo' being uttered.

Dillon Francis
"Say Less"
4 mins 28s
27 Jul 2017
This glossy promo by the artist formerly known as Mr Whitmore - now sticking with Tomás after dropping the nom de plume - demonstrates that it's worth paying attention when the credits roll. The promo begins in the midst of a night out, which soon takes a violent turn...

Barns Courtney
"Golden Dandelions"
3 mins 24s
27 Jul 2017
Barns Courtney's latest track is his strongest yet; his voice gathering in range and depth till it channels Scott Walker himself. Fittingly, 'Golden Dandelions' comes with a promo by Alex Southam which reflects the song's retro aesthetic; bringing together Courtney's lung-power, the miracle of existence, and its flipside, doom.

"Hold On"
3 mins 45s
27 Jul 2017
Break-ups are never easy… especially when your other half really can’t let go. This amusing promo for Fabich’s ‘Hold On’ depicts a desperate bid for reconciliation. Jemma is ready to move on with her life - easier said than done when your ex is holding on for dear love. Caviar’s Ollie Wolf runs with the track’s title.

Dej Loaf
"No Fear"
3 mins 01s
24 Jul 2017
A sassy promo for 'No Fear' has Dej Loaf taking us on a journey across the California desert... on her bed. While we can't feel much love for the track, the CG action keeps us invested as we move from a bed trip to a head trip via Dej Loaf's ear. Multiple versions of the singer appear once we emerge back into the real world... a neat conclusion courtesy of director Rubberband.

Alice Jemima
"Take Me Back"
2 mins 38s
26 Jul 2017
This halcyon Alice Jemima promo says thanks for the memories. A woman summons past acquaintances in a near-permanent daydream. Director James Heaphy flits between past and present as the protagonist revisits time well spent. A chilled soundscape and Jemima’s delicate vocals complete the video’s summery vibe.

Tom Grennan
"Found What I've Been Looking For"
3 mins 14s
26 Jul 2017
Powerhouse vocalist Tom Grennan returns with this stark promo to accompany 'Found What I've Been Looking For'. Shot primarily in black and white, with brief flashes of golden light for contrast, the video lets Grennan's voice and understated performance stand alone. Blank backdrops place the singer front and centre as a relentless guitar line lifts the raw vocals from the void.

Nothing But Thieves
4 mins 02s
25 Jul 2017
How would you spend your last two hours on Earth? Director Thomas James asks if we have any plans for doomsday in this Nothing But Thieves promo. Some drink to forget, others run for the hills… though business is booming for one riverbank preacher. As frontman Conor Mason sings “I’'m ready for it/I've been waiting so long”, the inevitable looms large.

Vic Mensa
5 mins 18s
19 Jul 2017
Rapper Vic Mensa has been steadily making a name for himself since 2009, and his first album for major label Roc Nation is hotly anticipated in the hiphop world. If bonus track 'Rage' is anything to go by, it's going to be pretty special. Reflecting on more turbulent times in his life, it comes with a promo by Andrew Donoho which takes the 'crash and burn' metaphor quite literally.

Recent Promos

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