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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

    • The joy of drivingThe car is modern, but the occupation isn't… there aren't actually any unmanned lighthouses in Australia any more, but let's not quibble because the premise is lovely.
    • Blinkink add Ng'endo Mukii.After the success of ‘Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire’ at the 2024 Annie Awards, Blinkink have signed director Ngendo Mukii to the global roster.
    • Paul Mitchell joins Untold Studios.Los Angeles-based director Paul Mitchell now has international representation thanks to Untold Studios.
    • New man's best friend.Everyone gets first day jitters, even at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.
    • The perfect storm.This worthy tie-up between professional women's handball team Odense Håndbold and national helpline Girltalk explores the pressure on young Danish to be the best.
    • Death and tax refunds.It was Mark Twain who famously observed that life's only two certainties are death and taxes, and this commercial advertises a service which helps you deal with one of the certainties.
    • Did somebody say just bleat?As the Lionel Messi-Hong Kong scandal rumbles on like a political 'Football Manager' mod, Apple TV+ use the Inter Miami forward to promote the MLS Season Pass.
    • No Dwayne, no gain.The failure of 2022's 'Black Adam' proved that Dwayne Johnson was no longer "franchise Viagra".
    • Mannequin a night of it.Virgin Media Ireland's 2023 commercial brought workaday action figures to life—this time, it's mannequins
    • Dress to win.The Cheltenham Festival starts on Tuesday 12 March, but Coral have stolen a march on the first race.


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"Lighthouse Keeper"
25 February 2024

The car is modern, but the occupation isn't… there aren't actually any unmanned lighthouses in Australia any more, but let's not quibble because the premise is lovely. A man lives a peaceful existence maintaining the lighthouse where he appears fully reconciled to his solitude.

Director Steve Rogers ramps up the intrigue as the audience waits to discover why the lighthouse keeper regularly looks to the horizon. What is he waiting for? Supplies? Company? The arrival of another lighthouse keeper to relieve him?

It's none of these. He's actually waiting for an excuse... and that excuse is provided by a postal delivery. He jumps into his car to travel the very short distance to his mailbox, where he collects a handful of letters that have just been brought from the mainland and can finally listen to the tune that's given him a bad case of earworm.

It's a simple proposition leaning into the idea that driving the advertised vehicle is so much fun that any owner would jump at each opportunity.

Blinkink add Ng'endo Mukii.

After the success of animated sci-fi anthology 'Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire' at the 2024 Annie Awards, Blinkink have signed director Ngendo Mukii to the global roster. The Kenyan-born talent wrote episode ten of the Best TV/Media – Limited Series, and shared her thoughts on 'Enkai' at the ceremony.


Paul Mitchell joins Untold Studios.

Los Angeles-based director Paul Mitchell now has international representation thanks to Untold Studios. A former graphic designer at the BBC, he moved to LA in 2007 with commercials and feature films in mind.


Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
"The Bond"
3 mins 29s
23 February 2024

Everyone gets first day jitters, even at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. It's Tommy's first day with the charity, and you can tell he's nervous by the way he picks at his lanyard or disposable cup. Even more worried than him though is Lucy, a rescued dog with a long, long road ahead.

It's why director Hector Cockrill takes his time with the pair. Lucy needs patience, a lot of treats, and for Tommy to grow into the role. He does just that, though a medical emergency shakes him big time. Uncomfortable as it may be, it's a good chance to show that Battersea staff support each other as much as the animals.

When Tommy feels like he belongs, that's when 'Home Again' by Michael Kiwanuka comes into its own. Not only does it speak to the human protagonist's journey, the song tells Lucy's story too. With the right staff and the right level of support from viewers, the charity hopes for more happy endings.

Odense Håndbold
"Time Out"
23 February 2024

This worthy tie-up between professional women's handball team Odense Håndbold and national helpline Girltalk explores the pressure on young Danish women to be the best. It can be the best friend, daughter, student, or influencer, with others expected to have the best body or face on social media. And there is never a moment to lose.

Something has to give, and both clients would prefer it not to be the mental, physical, and emotional health of the cast. "It's time to give the girls a time out," we're told, lest burnout spreads like wildfire. The ad finishes on a young woman sat in a pool of water surrounded by trophies—any pride she might have felt is gone, replaced by a desire to just 'be'.


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"Patrick Swayze"
26 Feb 2005
Patrick Swayze puts forward his pitch to the Orange Film Board only to see it decimated in the traditional way - they want his mute assassin in a tale of revenge to speak with words rather than actions.

"Sponsorship of Ant N Dec's Takeaway"
26 Feb 2005
Another outing for KFC's fantastic show-stopping singers. Here they are used to top and tail the ad breaks to mark KFC's sponsorship of Ant and Dec's current Saturday night offerings.

"March Of The Ducks"
26 Feb 2009
A nicely judged piece of tongue-in-cheek advertising for the mobile phone network appears to be loosely based on the true story of the thousands of rubber ducks which fell overboard in 1992 and spent the next decade crossing three different oceans.

Coca Cola
"Social Media Guard"
1 min 50s
26 Feb 2014
According to this lovely piece of spoofery, Coca Cola have devised the perfect solution to the anti-social behaviour generated by our addiction to mobile devices. A cone like the one used by a vet to stop a dog from opening a wound can be used to ensure we stop staring at our phones and lift our heads to acknowledge our fellow humans.

"Family Fun"
26 Feb 2015
This is a welcome new direction for a confectionery brand whose previous advertising left a lot to be desired. Moving away from the Kinder-style jingles and pan-Euro generics, this ad by director Liz Murphy is full of genuine family appeal. The minute-long spot features mum and dad spending the day with their children and bonding over Toffifee in a way that feels authentically heartwarming.

"Share the Load"
2 mins
26 Feb 2016
In a work of splendid brevity, Ariel take two minutes to question generations of role assignments when it comes to our household responsibilities. A father watches as his daughter juggles cleaning, cooking, and tidying up while her husband sits on the sofa watching television. The scene doesn't sit well with the elderly man, as he ponders his own culpability in making this the norm.

Apple iPhone
"First Dance"
26 Feb 2018
Apple Australia celebrates same-sex marriage in this touching commercial - shot entirely on the iPhone X. Equal marriage became law Down Under in November of last year, and since then couples of all kinds have raced to make their unions legal. From intimately emotional dances to expressions of joy and more playful moments, an impressive range of emotions is on display throughout the film.

"The Name is the Idea"
26 Feb 2019
US financiers intend to be, well, allies to their clients - as demonstrated in this entertaining ad shot by Ian Pons Jewell. The brand highlight the unusually staid nature of banking - many people stick with their first bank regardless of service - by comparing it to other industries which take their reviews more seriously.

"Rise Above"
26 Feb 2019
This glossy commercial for Cadillac launched during Sunday's Academy Awards encourages punters to conquer anything standing in their way. Whether that's adversity, a physical challenge, or simply the steps up to a stage, the brand assure us that a whopping great SUV is a surefire way to overcome it. Punchy and topical work.

"The New Normal"
2 mins
26 Feb 2019
Cannabis dispenser MedMen bid to, ahem, clear the air over the drug's place in society with this two-minute film directed by Spike Jonze. Through life-sized 'dioramas' and actor Jesse Williams's measured narration, the ad explores marijuana's role throughout history… starting with George Washington's hemp farm.

Suicide Zero
"Ode to Andrew"
5 mins 22s
26 Feb 2019
This immensely moving film by Swedish director Freshteh looks at suicide from the perspective of the daughter of a man who has taken his own life. Andrew was a Ugandan who had made a life in Sweden where he fathered two daughters - Janice and Rebecka. The film is narrated by the former, an aspiring musician who - when she was a little girl - had told her dad that she was going to be the next Whitney Houston.

"UK, U OK Hun?"
3 mins
26 Feb 2020
Is the UK OK? With constant storms, the continuing Brexit clusterfuck, and virus outbreaks looming on the horizon, the answer is a resounding no. This fun commercial from mobile network Three, however, assures us that there are better days ahead... even if we may have to wait for a sci-fi future for them to kick in.

Football Beyond Borders
"No More Empty Chairs"
1 min 49s
26 Feb 2021
Rob Sanderson directs this timely piece of work for youth charity Football Beyond Borders, who are concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on excluded pupils. Of course, exclusion is only part of a child's story. The protagonist's older self narrates a fetching blend of footage and Kodak photos, eulogizing school as more than a building.

"Cheaper Than Grittish Bass"
26 Feb 2006
The spiritual fellow played by The Fast Show regular Simon Day decides its bad luck to say out loud that Powergen is cheaper than British Gas and so he whispers it instead. Unfortunately, he is misheard leading to the conclusion that Powergen is cheaper than Grittish Bass.

26 Feb 2006
There's a danger in this campaign that Barclays staff will resent being portrayed as idiots. Here they struggle to come up with the word "ten" even though one of their number is pointing at the digits 1 and 0 on a large display-board.

"More Alternatives To Carriers"
26 Feb 2007
Another group of celebrities use appropriate containers to convey their shopping home. Those featured include John McEnroe who is transporting apples using a tennis ball canister and Noel Edmonds who is using his Deal Or No Deal boxes for toilet paper.

"Fuji Speedway"
26 Feb 2008
If you must illustrate your car's appeal by showing it racing around a track then make sure, as they have here, that the photography is excellent and the location exotic. The Lexus flies around the Fuji Speedway track in Japan in a fashion that would make Jonathon Porritt want one.

"The Story Of SX"
26 Feb 2008
A surreal depiction of what it takes to make an Umbro football boot in this commercial for the sportswear manufacturer. The lab testing does what it can to reproduce the conditions likely to be faced in a Hackney marshes municipal league match.

"Richard O'Brien"
26 Feb 2008
Rocky Horror Picture Show writer Richard O'Brien launches a passionate defence of comedy acting in this intriguing More4 ident. O'Brien quite rightly suggests that emoting actors get too much praise in comparison with those who make us laugh... a much more accomplished skill.

26 Feb 2009
A distressed young girl sitting in a shelter by the sea attempts to articulate her troubles but she cannot be heard... a metaphor for the lack of funding for the featured helpline. The grim atmosphere is cleverly underlined by the greyness.

"Hiding Places"
26 Feb 2009
A young African boy talks about the horrors he has witnessed before he describes how he escapes from his world by clasping his hands over his eyes. A poignant reminder from Ireland of the need to support this Third World charity.

"Thank You"
26 Feb 2010
Another helping of irony-free fare on behalf of the Halifax. Once again, we're in the studio of Cringe FM and waiting for the twist that will enable us to understand what was in the minds of the copywriters. But it doesn't matter how long we wait... It just won't come.

A League Of Their Own
"The New Panel Show"
26 Feb 2010
Tubby comedy actor James Corden slips as he attempts to kick a football to illustrate the irreverence we can expect from a new sports-based quiz show on Sky TV. Let's hope it's a bit more Gavin & Stacey than Horne & Corden.

"Loads of Offers"
26 Feb 2012
A young man in a Tesco uniform breathlessly lists the groceries on special offer as Julie Walters explains the proposition. It's an impressive verbal display and successfully conveys the idea that there are a lot of bargains to be had.

Irn Bru Sugar Free
"More Obviousness"
26 Feb 2012
The young man from the previous ad highlights another series of obvious things to draw attention to the obviousness of the meaning of 'Irn Bru Sugar Free'. It's an attention-grabbing piece and ensures that the target audience is both aware of the drink and attracted to its no-nonsense name.

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