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David Reviews presents:
CraftWorks - 4 July 2018.
(In the evening.)

The next CraftWorks event is on Wednesday, 4th July at the LSE Student Union building in Lincolns Inn Fields between 6.00 pm and 8.30 pm.

Tickets for you are £50.00 (plus VAT) each.

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The event will be compered by David Reviews editor Jason Stone:

Nexus's directing duo will talk about their recent film for Wimbledon as well as some of the greatest hits from their back catalogue.

The extraordinary Straight 8 roadshow returned to Cannes for the Industry Shootout last week. We have the winning film and the people who made it.

Vincent Lambe and Jim Archer both won plaudits and Gold Awards at last week's YDAs in Cannes. We speak to both about their very different films.

A panel of pundits will discuss this year's World Cup ads and give them marks out of ten.

The venue: LSE Student Union at 1 Sheffield St, London WC2A 2AP. AKA Saw Swee Hock Student Centre.

Date: Wednesday, 4th July.
Time: 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm.




On This Day
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ING Direct
"3D Television"
16 Nov 2009
ING managed to scoop Courvoisier on the opening night of Channel 4's 3D week by running their 3D ad ahead of the much vaunted commercial for the brandy. The ING ad is an amusing addition to their ongoing 'air-bag' series.

Olympus Pen
"Kevin Spacey"
16 Nov 2009
The precision of the photography in this ad for Olympus might make you wonder if your TV has magically transformed itself into an HD set. Kevin Spacey reveals that he doesn't want to be the 'camera guy' so he's happier if he can use the advertised model rather than an SLR.

"Space Chair"
16 Nov 2009
Based on an event orchestrated by Simon Faithfull in 2004 (and made with his participation), this amazing commercial for Toshiba shows us the ultimate armchair experience by sending a specially designed chair to the edge of space.

16 Nov 2009
A specially made ad for Channel 4's 3D season impressively exploits the technology to show a glass of the iconic brandy being exploded. A connection to the product is forged by the idea that it has been used as the basis of cocktails since Napoleon's day.

Stella Artois
"Ice Sculpture Competition"
16 Nov 2010
Stella Artois appear to be attaching themselves to Christmas in the same way as Coca-Cola does. In this charmingly over the top commercial, the winner of an ice sculpture competition uses the Belgian beer as the cherry atop his impressive cake.

Channel 4
"Twist Teaser"
16 Nov 2010
One of two new teasers for Channel 4's new online service which are literally one second in length. According to the pilot episode of Max Headroom in 1985, advertising any shorter than this will cause viewers' heads to explode, so watch out.

Google Nexus
"Container Ship"
16 Nov 2013
Who'd have thought that a commercial for a tablet computer would be right up there among the most emotionally impactful commercials this Christmas? Beautifully using one of Slade's lesser known tracks, this is a tale demonstrating how the advertised device can bring people together at Christmas... even when they're forced to be apart.

Post Office
"Get Christmas All Wrapped Up"
16 Nov 2014
The Post Office is a strange beast - no-one quite knows what its purpose is beyond taking parcels these days. So it's sensibly concentrated on that very thing, with the help of the ever-delightful Robert Webb. In this 60" spot, he appears to have wandered out of a Compare the Market ad and into a branch of the Post Office.

"The Christmas Gift"
16 Nov 2015
The pig at the centre of this commercial is anything but cute and you really have to wonder how he ever became part of this household. The answer is provided before we get to the end of the film and serves as a useful reminder that some gifts can seem great on the big day... without necessarily being a good idea forever after.

"The CordFail Effect"
16 Nov 2015
American audio specialists JBL know the truth about headphones - there is no way to get gracefully untangled. This ad for their range of wireless headphones does however present a chain of epic fails in brilliant fashion. Unwitting architects of their own calamities, this lot would have a much better day in store had they switched to wireless.

"Find Christmas"
16 Nov 2015
This charming piece of animation for Australian department store chain Myer shows how even the inhabitants of a winter wonderland have their own Christmas shopping to take care of. Depending on what you are, it can either be a joy or a cause for panic. As shoppers prepare to run the gauntlet that is Christmas shopping, these cute characters have a lovely truth about them.

Lipton Tea
"The Revolution In Tea"
16 Nov 2015
Rogue Films's Saam Farahmand harnesses the spectacle of Cirque du Soleil for a brew like no other in this ad for the T.O. by Lipton machine. Tea infusion becomes a work of art as these colourful performers blend with the water in hypnotic fashion. As Brits know all too well, there is an art to making the perfect cup of tea, so the sublime craftsmanship behind this ad should win plenty of admirers.

"Friendship Test"
16 Nov 2015
Friendship has played a key role in KFC's advertising in recent times as they push their famous bucket as the ideal meal for sharing between mates. Now the fast food chain want to see just how chummy their customers are with a light-hearted round of questions. The reward for a correct answer? You guessed it - an extra piece for their bucket.

Amazon Prime
"Vicar and Imam"
16 Nov 2016
An imam and a vicar walk into a bar... well, into a living room, actually, and it's not the start of a joke: it's the premise of Amazon Prime's heartwarming Christmas ad. Two old friends meet up for a chat and commiserate about their mutual creaky knee problems. They each decide to do their mate a favour and Prime him some kneepads so he can keep praying painlessly... unaware that the exact same gift is winging its way closer to home.

Marks & Spencer
"Giving (or Keeping)"
16 Nov 2016
More food, glorious food from Marks & Spencer as the retailer showcases their Christmas sweets. We've waxed lyrical about RKCR/Y&R's food work on numerous occasions, which just shows how consistently impressive this campaign has been. As the agency prepares to hand over the reins, this 20" ad presents chocolate star trees and gold-covered confectionary with signature panache.

"The Walk"
1 min 45s
16 Nov 2017
Family reconciliation is at the heart of this unusual Christmas ad from German supermarket Penny. German retailers have become known for putting a darker spin on the festive season, and Penny joins the heartstring-tugging trend with this film about an estranged mother and daughter. The mother decides it's time to reconcile, and takes the first step of an arduous journey.

"I Know My Place"
16 Nov 2017
Girlguiding turn a demeaning admonishment into an empowering message in this excellent ad. We see girls and young women taking part in activities across the country - from outdoor fun to science experiments - as they find their place among the guiding community. The action here is never overstated, giving the film a nicely authentic vibe.

"Bigger Skip"
16 Nov 2005
In this trail for Discovery's massive construction series, two blokes pull up in front of a giant construction site and echo a famous line from Jaws when they murmur that they're gonna need a bigger skip. Indeed they will.

BBC Digital TV
16 Nov 2006
Amusing ad for the BBC's digital services has a young man being confronted by friends and family because he has not yet been seduced by the attractions of Digital TV. Played deadpan, this is an excellent parody of an intervention designed to shock someone out of habitual drug abuse.

H Samuel
16 Nov 2007
It's surprising that no single advertiser has claimed Marc Craste's distinctive animation for themselves. Instead, his long-nosed characters have now appeared in ads for a wide-enough variety of brands that it's hard to believe he will ever be pigeon-holed even if he is thought by some to be the Lloyds TSB guy.

"Giant Sofa"
16 Nov 2007
Sanjeev Bhaskar provides the voice as we see dozens of people (and their CGI friends) heading towards a giant red sofa where they are able to watch Freeview television. Notice they are careful not to namecheck any of Sky's channels as the broadcaster gets ready to shuffle its Freeview pack (regulator notwithstanding).

Royal Navy Spoof
16 Nov 2007
Amusing spoof of the current Royal Navy recruitment ad offers a twist when the IT mechanic admits he sometimes switches the submarine's computer off and on again in order to fix it. There really is something deeply unsettling about the thought of this man having proximity to missiles.

Honda Spoof
16 Nov 2007
Amusing spoof takes an iconic ad and suggests it might be advertising an entirely different product. Purists may think its sacrilege to spoof 'Cog' but it's done in an affectionate manner which suggests no disrespect to the original.

"Jason, Kerry And Colleen"
16 Nov 2008
Iceland's Christmas extravaganza involves rehab pair Jason Donovan and Kerry Katona camping it up with Nolan sister Colleen. Iceland know their demographic and, terrifyingly, they are deadly accurate when they believe that this trio are best placed to pitch the indelicacies on offer.

Pfizer Anti-Smoking
"Quitting Help"
16 Nov 2009
A young woman talks about how pleased she is to be able to call herself a non-smoker after quitting with help from the advertised service. This looks like a COI ad but it's funded by Pfizer who make some of the Nicotine replacement products that make smoking look cheap.

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