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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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!!!ADVERT!!! a nice one



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Lewes Community FC
"It's About Bloody Time"
7 Dec 2021
Lewes Community FC are doing things in a more enlightened fashion than other football clubs, with equal pay for their male and female players, and fan ownership, among other innovations.

"Sorry, Kad"
1 min 52s
7 Dec 2021
Following his appearance in an earlier ad which showed Kad Merad searching in vain for his Canal+ password, the French-Algerian actor has been constantly asked by members of the public for his password.

Virgin Holidays
"Come to Me"
7 Dec 2021
Thanks to the Norwegian Post Office, we've already established that Santa is gay, so it's no surprise to see him camping it up in this trio of lovely commercials for Virgin Holidays.

"The Wind"
6 Dec 2021
There's an invisible star to this well-crafted ad for Mercedes-Benz: the wind.

The Masked Singer
6 Dec 2021
Drag culture has become mainstream in recent years, and this aesthetically-pleasing commercial for hit series The Masked Singer makes the most of it.

"The Future"
2 mins 08s
6 Dec 2021
This excellent German commercial for Mercedes-Benz invites us to imagine a future in which electric vehicles are practical, sexy, and appealing to all.

Tourism Fiji
"Open for Happiness"
7 Dec 2021
Australian actor and comedian Rebel Wilson fronts this intriguing commercial for Fiji's tourism board.

Women's Aid
8 mins 21s
7 Dec 2021
This slow-burning piece of work for Women’s Aid is a deft study in loneliness and suffering.

Red Cross
"React for Real"
8 Dec 2021
The Red Cross target the empty nature of social media support in this hard hitting ad.

Santa's Rooftop Scramble
"The Night Before Christmas"
7 Dec 2021
This bland commercial for Santa's Rooftop Scramble encourages kids to LARP as the man in red himself.

Ford Ranger
1 min 39s
8 Dec 2021
This Ford Ranger commercial subverts expectations about what a pick-up truck ad should be.

"Our Nature (Director's Cut)"
1 min 50s
8 Dec 2021
Ever wondered what a history documentary made by a bookmaker would look like? No? Well, erm, Betway have got you covered anyway with this cinematic effort.

"A Window Into Christmas"
8 Dec 2021
Finnish department store Stockmann offer "a window into the Christmas feeling" with this reflective commercial.

Short Films
"Behind the Mask"
10 mins 53s
6 Dec 2021
Two actors bid to out-method each other in this excellent satire on the craft.

"Jurassic World"
1 min 45s
6 Dec 2021
This ad draws attention to the Jurassic World Isla Nublar area at Universal Studios Beijing.

Odunsi (The Engine)
"Half a Tab"
8 mins 45s
7 Dec 2021
Ben Cole co-directs this lengthy Odunsi (The Engine) promo with the artist himself.

Albert Heijn
"Harry the Hamster"
6 Dec 2021
This tremendously sweet commercial from the Netherlands for supermarket Albert Heijn features a lovestruck hamster who intrepidly escapes his cage so he can court the hamster who lives next door.

"Mariah's Menu"
6 Dec 2021
All she wants for Christmas is... a Big Mac with fries, and a chocolate milkshake.

"Ice Cold"
6 Dec 2021
Given the strong association of this drink with the hedonism of clubbing, this feels like a fairly quiet night out, but doubtless the constraints of how alcohol can be advertised have played their part.

Healthier Scotland
6 Dec 2021
One of the great tragedies of modern politics is the way right-wing parties have cornered the market when it comes to issues like drug enforcement, leaving left-wing parties so scared of being labelled weak that they limply echo their political rivals.

"Unriddle Christmas"
7 Dec 2021
Aussie department store Myer attempt to take the guesswork out of Christmas in this entertaining ad.

"Merry Crispmas"
7 Dec 2021
A bloke's true feelings are communicated via floating emoji in this ad for Walkers.

Short Films
9 mins 10s
7 Dec 2021
This intriguing short film from Dominica Harrison tackles the tricky transition from blissful childhood to reluctantly aware puberty.

Retail Trust
"Essential Worker"
2 mins 13s
7 Dec 2021
There's never been a more pressing time to highlight the public's treatment of retail workers.

Willow Kayne
2 mins 28s
7 Dec 2021
Willow Kayne's 'Opinion' receives a brash promo courtesy of directing duo Bedroom.

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