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Declan McKenna
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Declan McKenna
"The Key to Life on Earth"
4 mins 38s
15 Apr 2020
Tousle-haired troubadour Declan McKenna forms an uncanny double act in this well-choreographed promo for ‘The Key to Life on Earth’.

Declan McKenna
"Beautiful Faces"
3 mins 42s
18 Feb 2020
There's a touch of David Bowie about the latest Declan McKenna single, and a colourfully quirky promo only helps cement the association.

Declan McKenna
"The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home"
5 mins
2 Feb 2017
Young singer-songwriter Declan McKenna continues to impress with his ability to wrap topical subjects in a catchy tune.

Declan McKenna
3 mins 43s
9 Jun 2016
In 'Bethlehem', his latest release, 17 year-old Declan McKenna turns his gaze on religion, with its attendant companions intolerance and bigotry.

Declan McKenna
6 mins 01s
4 Apr 2016
Matt Lambert's promo for 'Paracetamol' by teenage singer-songwriter Declan McKenna follows friendship of two young people on the LGBT spectrum.

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