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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Diet Coke
"Twisted Strawberry"

Matt said:

'Yeah, hi it's Coke here, we want to launch a new version of Diet Coke'.



Amazon Fire
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Amazon Fire
17 Jun 2019
This latest Amazon Fire commercial sees one of the flesh-eating horde retire for a night in front of the box.

Amazon Fire
14 Jun 2019
Amazon continue their genre-hopping campaign with another smart satire, this time focused on a Bond-esque villain.

Amazon Fire
11 Jun 2019
Lassie proves up to the task of rescuing reckless kids over seventy years after her big-screen debut in this droll commercial for Amazon's Fire TV Stick.

Amazon Fire
"The Handmaid's Tale"
20 May 2018
With season two of The Handmaid's Tale underway, Amazon aim to ease the dystopic tension with a little e-shopping.

Amazon Fire
"Clarkson Returns"
12 Jun 2017
We're back in Jeremy Clarkson's country retreat, and it's easy to see where the Grand Tour presenter takes inspiration when interior decorating.

Amazon Fire
"Drone Relief"
22 Sep 2016
With Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour nearing its November launch date, motormouth and amateur pugilist Jeremy Clarkson is back to plug the Amazon Fire Stick.

Amazon Fire
"Just The One?"
12 Nov 2015
Amazon falls into the trap of suggesting you might want to buy loads of the item in question simply because it's really cheap.

Amazon Fire
"Jeremy Clarkson"
30 Oct 2015
Jeremy Clarkson advertises his own show as well as the Amazon device you'll need to watch it.

Amazon Fire
4 May 2015
The thing that strikes you when you watch this commercial for Amazon Fire is that Dermot O'Leary sounds like he had the heaviest cold in human history when he recorded the VO.

Amazon Fire
"New Fire HD"
24 Nov 2014
The Amazon Fire HD ad tells us all about the product's features and capabilities, which we promptly forget.

Amazon Fire
"What's In The Box"
5 Nov 2014
Not even Dermot O'Leary's earnest efforts can elevate this into a persuasive piece of communication.

Amazon Fire
"Fast and Furious 6"
22 Oct 2014
This ad for Amazon Fire not only entertains but has its message firmly at the heart of the aspect that's most amusing.

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