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118 118 Money
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118 118 Money
16 Apr 2018
You wait ages for a 118 118 runner then two come along at once, eh?

118 118 Money
11 Oct 2016
Another ad in 118 118's latest campaign to lend expensive cash to people with poor credit scores.

118 118 Money
"Panic Alarms"
4 Oct 2016
The 118 118 boys ride again. Back in on their forklift trucks full of cash to bail out a family with a poor credit score in need of a loan, that is.

118 118 Money
"Didn't Want to Ask Dad"
24 Mar 2016
It's funny to think 118 118 Money's mustachioed duo once encouraged us to make directory enquiries.

118 118 Money
"Pet Emergency"
24 Jan 2016
A family with poor credit and a dog needing an operation can find the answer to their financial woes in a loan from 118 118 Money.

118 118 Money
"Something Unexpected"
17 Sep 2015
The end is increasingly nigh for directory enquiries and 118 118 continue to plug their transition towards money lending.

118 118 Money
"You're Not Alone"
16 Sep 2015
118 118's mustachioed duo seems to have jacked running in altogether now they're behind the wheels of forklifts.

118 118 Money
"When Banks Say No"
20 Oct 2014
With the need for dial-up directories petering out, you'd expect 118 118's advertising to have disappeared completely. But you'd be wrong.

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