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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Irwin Mitchell
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Irwin Mitchell
"I Am Able Stories"
2 mins 30s
7 Mar 2019
This compilation of 30" films taking a closer look at the five people included in Irwin Mitchell's latest TVC fleshes out the claim that this is a company that cares more than others in its realm.

Irwin Mitchell
"I Am Able"
6 Mar 2019
This film for Irwin Mitchell underlining their claim that they provide an "expert hand with a human touch" focuses on five of their clients who have rebuilt their lives after accidents have left them with a disability.

Irwin Mitchell
"Human Touch"
15 Oct 2016
"Widely regarded as the number one personal injury law firm" is a line of copy that must be ruffling feathers at 'Lawyers4U'.

Irwin Mitchell
9 Mar 2015
Ben E King's 'Stand By Me' provides the soundtrack as a number of people badly affected by institutional error help one another while hoping for a legal white knight to ride to the rescue.

Irwin Mitchell
"Daddy's Princess"
13 Jan 2014
More of the same from Irwin Mitchell, who tend to pitch their services in a similar way to life insurance.

Irwin Mitchell
"Get the Most out of Life"
21 Nov 2013
"That's why I'm with Irwin Mitchell," opines a man recuperating from some massive injury; now well enough to watch his lad play footie.

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