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Glass Animals
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Glass Animals
"Space Ghost Coast to Coast"
3 mins 10s
25 May 2021
Commuters will never look at Haggerston train station the same way again after watching this Max Siedentopf-directed promo for Glass Animals.

Glass Animals
"It's All So Incredibly Loud"
3 mins 46s
6 Aug 2020
This atmospheric promo for Glass Animals' 'It's All So Incredibly Loud' makes the most of Dave Bayley's ethereal vocals.

Glass Animals
"Heat Waves"
3 mins 56s
2 Jul 2020
Director Colin Read and psychedelic pop band Glass Animals have enjoyed a busy lockdown together, so to speak.

Glass Animals
4 mins 44s
15 May 2020
Needs must during a lockdown... especially when you have a music video to make.

Glass Animals
"Your Love (Dj Vu)"
3 mins 58s
1 Apr 2020
The heat is on in this Glass Animals promo, which uses thermal imaging to create a vivid, digitised aesthetic.

Glass Animals
"Pork Soda"
4 mins 14s
15 Mar 2017
The Oxford quartet have released another track from last August's album 'How To Be A Human Being' - their alluringly-named 'Pork Soda'.

Glass Animals
"Black Mambo"
3 mins 17s
18 Feb 2015
Black Mambo is the latest track from Glass Animals' debut album Zaba to get the promo treatment, but it actually precedes the tracklisted material.

Glass Animals
4 mins 01s
9 Sep 2014
Sensual, hypnotic and slightly alien, this video for Glass Animals' Hazey is the perfect accompaniment for the track.

Glass Animals
4 mins 51s
27 Feb 2014
The pagan seductiveness of previous tracks by Glass Animals has been smoothed out on this; made more generic.

Glass Animals
3 mins 23s
11 Nov 2013
Guitar quartet Glass Animals has come up with another impressive track, Psylla.

Glass Animals
4 mins 19s
20 Jun 2013
If the mambo from Glass Animals's other A-side didn't bite last time, now it slithers over and sinks a black, honeyed poison into your veins.

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