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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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"What The Fanta"

Mary said:

Done with humour and conviction - chapeau



River Island
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River Island
1 Jun 2021
River Island's latest commercial is a change of pace from typical kidswear advertising.

River Island
"Unleash Your Vibe"
29 Apr 2021
Style is a state of mind... and a physical location, according to this voguish outing for River Island.

River Island
"Spring Forecast"
12 Mar 2020
This weather-focused ad for River Island blows the lid off the brand's spring collection... literally.

River Island
"Move To Your Own Beat"
15 Nov 2018
High street fashion chain River Island offer a typically chic spin on the Christmas dance with this nimble ad from director Hanna Besirevic.

River Island
"Autumn/Winter '17"
15 Sep 2017
As the nights draw in, River Island step out with their autumn/winter collection.

River Island
"SS 17"
17 Feb 2017
M.I.A.'s 2013 release 'Only 1 U' provides the soundtrack to this stylish River Island ad.

River Island
"Spring Summer 2016"
4 Apr 2016
A young woman sunning herself on holiday is not impressed with a handsome chap's efforts to get her to join him in this spot for River Island.

River Island
"Lou Dalton Collection"
2 mins 20s
9 Feb 2016
This short film showcasing some of the new collection for River Island from menswear designer Lou Dalton is seriously impressive.

River Island
1 Sep 2015
In hths ad for River Island, two models are about to kiss as part of a photoshoot when the director calls "Cut!" It's not passionate enough.

River Island
"Autumn / Winter 2014"
11 Sep 2014
A young woman prancing around in front of her mirror as she tries on clothes is interrupted by a young man who has been busy doing the same thing in another room.

River Island
"It Will Not Always Be Summer"
11 mins 15s
4 Dec 2012
The planning that must have gone into setting up a single shot lasting eleven minutes must have been as painstaking as can be imagined.

River Island
"Denim Stories"
22 Sep 2016

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