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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Estrella Damm
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Estrella Damm
"Act II. Lovers"
2 mins 06s
27 Apr 2020
Part two of Estrella Damm's oceanic campaign is overlong but more eco-driven.

Estrella Damm
"Act I. Soul"
12 Oct 2020
Campaigns divided into acts typically elicit more dread than intrigue, so approach Estrella Dammís 'Act I. Soul' with caution.

Estrella Damm
"La Vida Nuestra"
27 Apr 2018
Having previously tapped the likes of Dakota Johnson and Jean Reno for their short film series, Estrella now enlist Tyrion Lannister himself, Peter Dinklage.

Estrella Damm
"Those Little Things (trailer)"
22 May 2017
Estrella Damm's latest short film packs some respectable star power... though the trailer hardly whets the appetite.

Estrella Damm
12 mins
15 May 2016
The unquenchable thirst for advertising innovations goes on as Estrella Damm plant their flag as the first beer brand to peddle their beverage via a short film.

Estrella Damm
25 May 2015
Another sun-kissed piece of formulaic advertising from the Spanish lager as a holidaymaker decides he hasn't quite had enough of the frivolities featured in the ad.

Estrella Damm
11 May 2014
This ad for Spanish beer Estrella is one you can't help but feel is a complete waste of money.

Estrella Damm
"The Beer of Barcelona"
7 May 2012
Our attention is drawn to the endless cycle of holiday romances in this commercial for a beer which claims to be representative of Barcelona.

Estrella Damm
3 mins 05s
28 Jul 2016

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