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Aldi Scotland
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Aldi Scotland
"Baked Beans"
22 Oct 2012
One of the protagonists from the previous ad sits on a hill and extols the virtues of the supermarket's own-brand baked beans.

Aldi Scotland
24 Sep 2012
An attractive hill-walker languishes on some grass and explains that Aldi's alternative to Lurpak is a match for the branded offering.

Aldi Scotland
"Washing Powder"
6 Sep 2012
The woman who accosted hill walkers in the previous version returns to reveal that is Aldi's own-brand washing powder is as good as the more expensive alternative.

Aldi Scotland
23 Jul 2012
A couple are enjoying a quiet picnic on a hill walk when they're interrupted by an older woman who criticises their food choice.

Aldi Scotland
"Drive Thru"
1 Apr 2012
Another marvellously over-the-top piece for Aldi's Scottish stores.

Aldi Scotland
14 Mar 2012
In this opener for a new campaign for Aldi north of the border, a plumber complains about the tea he's been handed by a housewife.

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