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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Corona Extra
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Corona Extra
"Plastic Bag"
12 Aug 2019
This commercial for Corona Extra presses us to be more responsible with plastic waste.

Corona Extra
"Making The Fish"
1 min 36s
26 Apr 2019
Stop motion expert PES talks viewers through the process of making his latest film 'The Fish' for Corona Extra.

Corona Extra
"The Fish (with Parley)"
25 Apr 2019
Plastic waste affecting the environment is a serious issue, but that doesn't mean this film from Corona Extra isn't fun.

Corona Extra
"La Cerveza Mas Fina"
29 Mar 2019
This zestful Corona film is a history lesson worth sitting through.

Corona Extra
19 Jun 2018
Corona Extra try to tempt summer drinkers to take a sip of their beer with this ad.

Corona Extra
"More Beach Fun"
31 May 2018
This group of flawless 20-somethings are prepared to go to an awful lot of bother to reach an uninhabited beach.

Corona Extra
"Beach Fun"
13 Jun 2013
Drink the advertised beer and you'll be able to perform effortless acts of synchronised swimming in the sea.

Corona Extra
"The Journey"
3 mins
10 Jun 2011
This thoroughly charming film from Spain takes its time to describe the journey of seven residents of a village in China judged to be further from the ocean than anywhere else on Earth.

Corona Extra
7 Oct 2010
A photogenic series of locations provide the backdrop in a pretty sequence which shows people enjoying the advertised beer.

Corona Extra
4 Jun 2016

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