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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Water Aid
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Water Aid
26 Nov 2021
Water Aid have news for anyone who thinks the charity will swoop in and save the day: they can't.

Water Aid
"Climate Stories: Flood"
9 Aug 2021
This timely communication from Water Aid emphasises a need to listen to those most affected by the climate crisis.

Water Aid
"The Girl Who Built A Rocket"
8 Feb 2021
Neeraja Raj directs this painterly commercial for WaterAid, who also recruit adland's favourite newsreader Trevor McDonald as narrator.

Water Aid
"Future on Tap"
3 Dec 2020
This Water Aid commercial—narrated by poet Lemn Sissay—briefly revisits the Ethiopian famine of 1984 made visible by Michael Buerk.

Water Aid
"You Can't Have A Rainbow Without Water"
26 May 2020
Water Aid reminds viewers of the origin of rainbows - and the importance of ensuring everyone can have them.

Water Aid
"Sunshine on a Rainy Day"
1 Nov 2016
This film for Water Aid focuses on the positive impacts of their work rather than the dire circumstances that generate a need for it.

Water Aid
"Office Loo"
23 Aug 2016
"Help them do their business" reads the double entendre strapline to this spot for Water Aid, in which an office is ordered to build its own loo due to cutbacks.

Water Aid
9 Sep 2010
This film for Water Aid reminds us that diarrhoea is no laughing matter.

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