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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Women's Aid
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Women's Aid
8 mins 21s
7 Dec 2021
This slow-burning piece of work for Women’s Aid is a deft study in loneliness and suffering.

Women's Aid
"Spot the Abuse"
2 mins
23 Nov 2021
There's been a real awakening in recent years about the nature of domestic abuse.

Women's Aid
5 Jan 2021
Staying home has unarguably been the safest course of action for most of us over the past year... but not everyone.

Women's Aid
"The Lockdown"
7 Apr 2020
This haunting Women’s Aid film comes as fears grow over violence against women and children post-lockdown.

Women's Aid
"More Than Bruises"
2 mins 41s
7 Dec 2018
Hayley Atwell undergoes a gruelling transformation in this well-constructed Women's Aid film from director Paul Andrew Williams.

Women's Aid
"Theatrical Cut"
10 Sep 2018
This affecting film for Women's Aid requires a mature viewer... or at least one over the age of twelve.

Women's Aid
"Do You See Her?"
1 min 50s
8 Jun 2016
This film highlighting the extent of domestic violence and how it can be found in unexpected corners of society has won a lot of praise for its frank depiction of violence.

Women's Aid
"Blind Eye"
2 mins
14 Dec 2012
This two-minute long film offers an insight into an interesting piece of awareness raising.

Women's Aid
2 mins
1 Apr 2009
Keira Knightly's involvement in this film highlighting domestic violence will ensure it receives a tremendous amount of attention.

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