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"We Believe"

Chris said:

It's important to differentiate the merits of this as a piece of film from the merits of this as a commercial endeavour.



Short Films
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Short Films
"Edmund the Magnificent"
14 mins
18 Jan 2019
This short film tells the surprisingly touching story of a man and his pig – with some unexpected twists and turns.

Short Films
17 Jan 2019
'Food porn' takes on a whole new meaning in this ribald short film from Seed Animation.

Short Films
"Tam Tam - Outside The Lines"
5 mins 50s
13 Jan 2019
This poignant short film looks at the plight of Italians of African descent who are effectively stateless because of Italy's refusal to automatically recognise as citizens those who are born there.

Short Films
19 mins 51s
16 Jan 2019
Joivan Wade's latest short is about a young man whose faith is shaken after he's stabbed.

Short Films
12 mins 53s
12 Jan 2019
In this sweetly funny, thought-provoking film by Georgi Banks-Davies, a young woman wakes to find herself in a strange apartment in the company of a young man she doesn't entirely recognise.

Short Films
"The Brave Heart"
9 mins 56s
11 Jan 2019
Bodily functions abound in Luca Schenato and Sinem Vardarli's witty animation.

Short Films
4 mins 42s
9 Jan 2019
Arachnophobes and anyone who values a peaceful soak in the bath may wish to give this well-tuned short film a miss.

Short Films
"Going Down"
10 mins 51s
31 Dec 2018
This fun series of vignettes by writer/director Megan Maczko were designed to be shared over the Christmas period on social media.

Short Films
"Big Data"
12 Dec 2018
Big data is nothing to be afraid of, according to this perky animation which charts humanity's burgeoning relationship with data.

Short Films
"In My Blood"
2 mins 09s
10 Dec 2018
This thoughtful insight into stock car racing profiles sixteen-year-old Kyle Gray as he talks life and death behind the wheel.

Short Films
"Frank's Joke (trailer)"
3 Dec 2018
One poorly-received joke triggers a late night freak-out in this short film from director Ed Bulmers.

Short Films
"The Wankers: Hans and Velvet"
26 Nov 2018
Director Jim Owen continues to skewer pretentious fashion ads with another dose of well-played wankery.

Short Films
"The End of the Line"
1 min 38s
20 Nov 2018
This mediative documentary reveals what goes through the mind of a slackline walker in mid-air.

Short Films
"Last Christmas"
6 mins
14 Nov 2018
Director Oliver Kember pits a burglarising Santa Claus against an insistent little girl on Christmas night.

Short Films
"The Wankers"
9 Nov 2018
This droll short film mocks über-pretentious lifestyle ads to a T, as communist barber Tobias (Alistair Green) and Minty (Diane Morgan) shed light on their ‘alternative' existence.

Short Films
"Unclapsed (trailer)"
9 Nov 2018
Director Aella Jordan-Edge's upcoming short film ‘Unclasped' goes skin-deep in the best way possible as a mother and daughter each bid to find the perfect bra.

Short Films
"The Chop"
30 Oct 2018
This short-but-sharp outing from director Jennifer Sheridan offers a wry twist on slasher movies as Halloween edges ever closer.

Short Films
"Girls Who Drink"
8 mins 26s
28 Oct 2018
Director Lily Rose Thomas has created a fascinating meditation on the complicated relationship many people have with alcohol in this short film focusing on three young women.

Short Films
"Teen Titans Go!"
2 mins 05s
20 Oct 2018
Batman's perennial sidekick Robin unleashes decades of pent-up frustration in this entertaining clip from ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies'.

Short Films
"Love the Sinner"
9 mins 30s
3 Oct 2018
Sunday School meets the Spice Girl in this quirky snapshot of a first-generation immigrant's childhood.

Short Films
"Alfie: The Odd Job Boy from Clitheroe"
8 mins
25 Sep 2018
This quirky film takes a look at the life of Alfie Cookson - an eighteen-year-old whose chosen career is in odd jobs.

Short Films
"Plastic: A Second Life"
6 mins 55s
18 Sep 2018
his thought-provoking documentary from directors Simon + Ben probes the aftermath of Kenya's unprecedented crackdown on plastic bags.

Short Films
"Drug Runner"
6 mins 44s
4 Sep 2018
This affecting film from director Charlotte Regan tells the story of a fifteen-year-old drug dealer.

Short Films
14 Sep 2018
A deceased pet receives an unlikely send-off in this black-and-white piece from director CD Morrish.

Short Films
"Windrush - Arrival"
10 mins 14s
10 Sep 2018
The Windrush generation were in the news earlier this year when it emerged that the 'hostile environment' introduced by Theresa May when she was home Secretary had led to many wrongly facing the threat of deportation, and a number of people who'd lived here nearly all their lives actually being sent 'home' to the West Indies.

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