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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Short Films
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Short Films
"The Fear"
5 mins 06s
18 Jan 2022
Fear is made flesh in Stevie Russell's tricksy short film, as a hooded monster (Manus Halligan) feeds on people's anxiety.

Short Films
"Quarter Life Poetry: Emailing the Boss"
2 mins 33s
18 Jan 2022
The uniquely modern agony of email composition takes the spotlight in this entertaining short film.

Short Films
8 mins 35s
12 Jan 2022
This satisfying documentary proves there is still life in the dead tree press.

Short Films
"All These Men That I've Done"
8 mins 52s
10 Jan 2022
This spunky effort from Lorraine Nolan and Mark Daly aka Scéal has frankness, frissons, and fuckery aplenty.

Short Films
"The Sands Between"
4 mins 21s
7 Jan 2022
This engaging short film reunites 'Dark Phoenix' co-stars Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy over a telephone line.

Short Films
11 mins 40s
6 Jan 2022
Zach Woods - the director of last year's excellent short film 'Bud' - presents this intriguing comedy-drama about a psychiatrist, his patient, and a wrestler.

Short Films
"The Chimney Swift"
5 mins
6 Jan 2022
Claustrophobia infects every frame of this evocative short film from directing duo Fabian & Fred. Accompanied by real statements from 19th Century sweeper masters, the film hearkens back to the bad old days when children as young as four could be forced into cramped, dangerous conditions in order to clean for the upper classes.

Short Films
"Caesar's Last Wish"
2 mins 19s
6 Jan 2022
Sketch comedy duo Tom Blackwood and Alex Cooper (aka Mid-Brow) lampoon both egotistical leaders and seductive food ads in 'Caesar's Last Wish'.

Short Films
13 mins 09s
26 Dec 2021
Fans of Ari Aster's 2019 folk horror feature Midsommar will appreciate this enthralling short film.

Short Films
4 mins 10s
16 Dec 2021
This rumination on Covid-19 and our response to it is a tad aimless, but has nonetheless provided director Marc Silver with a useful canvas for his animation skills.

Short Films
"Wish You Were Gone"
7 mins 54s
13 Dec 2021
Young director Joseph Hearsey offers a meditation on the impact the pandemic has had on a young woman who has become obsessed with cleanliness.

Short Films
"The Golden Generation (Trailer)"
8 Dec 2021
This is a trailer for a documentary about six Black British creatives who converged in the Netherlands four years ago

Short Films
"Write Your Line, Ben Buratti"
3 mins 17s
7 Dec 2021
This fantastic short film focuses on French freestyle skier Ben Buratti.

Short Films
10 mins 13s
7 Dec 2021
Actor Zach Woods – a young stalwart of Armando Iannucci's projects – has co-written and directed this little gem with a sensitivity you would never anticipate from his on-screen persona… actors, eh!

Short Films
23 mins 06s
9 Dec 2021
This intense follow-up to 2012's 'This is Vanity' takes place ten years after a shocking event turned Michael Shaw into a pariah.

Short Films
"Behind the Mask"
10 mins 53s
6 Dec 2021
Two actors bid to out-method each other in this excellent satire on the craft.

Short Films
9 mins 10s
7 Dec 2021
This intriguing short film from Dominica Harrison tackles the tricky transition from blissful childhood to reluctantly aware puberty.

Short Films
"Let Go"
7 Dec 2021
David Yorke's 60" dance film feels like a left-field remake of The Mummy.

Short Films
"The Dogfriend"
13 mins 37s
5 Dec 2021
Fredgy Noël's short film – written by Emily Kron – centres on a 'what if' fantasy, and answers it with a healthy dose of realism.

Short Films
"The Call Before Christmas"
3 mins 43s
6 Dec 2021
Digital burnout is addressed in amusing fashion in this all too relatable short film.

Short Films
"I Love You, I Hate You"
22 mins 55s
28 Nov 2021
A short film explores the themes of Little Simz's 'I Love You, I Hate You' even further.

Short Films
"Last Stop for Lost Property"
12 mins 49s
24 Nov 2021
This likeable documentary shows that loss is a fact of life on the New York City Subway.

Short Films
"Boys Do Cry"
3 mins 48s
23 Nov 2021
Male mental health is brought into the spotlight in this poignant Australian film.

Short Films
"Centuries and Still"
4 mins 37s
22 Nov 2021
Director Sally Tran explores the history of Asian-American hatred in the USA in this hard-hitting film.

Short Films
"Frank's Joke"
6 mins 07s
19 Nov 2021
Director Ed Bulmer and writer Andrew Eu capture social regret perfectly in this entertaining short film.

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