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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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wow...how to flaunt it, timing is pretty dire.



Short Films
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Short Films
"Get Out and See The Worlds"
2 mins 35s
23 Sep 2021
Art collective Meow Wolf present what they're calling the world's first 'trans-dimensional travel ad' with this intriguing short film.

Short Films
"A Portrait of The Mountain"
8 mins 06s
22 Sep 2021
This intimate portrait of Hafthor Bjornsson - who found fame playing The Mountain in Game of Thrones - is an enthralling study in how physicality can affect one's psyche.

Short Films
6 mins 28s
19 Sep 2021
Jared Knecht and Salomon Ligthelm co-direct this sharp two-hander about a boxer forced to attend a therapist after a violent outburst.

Short Films
8 mins 56s
15 Sep 2021
A woman (Elena Saurel) discovers a USB port in her arm in this competent tech-horror.

Short Films
4 mins 54s
9 Sep 2021
This tender short film introduces a young boy (Ethan Higley) with a literal cloud over his head.

Short Films
"Better Days (Trailer)"
10 Sep 2021
Amazon music takes viewers back to the Nineties with this trailer for Better Days.

Short Films
"The Countdown"
4 mins 35s
10 Sep 2021
This elegant documentary from director Jade Ang Jackman focuses on French fencer Ysaora Thibus.

Short Films
"Chilliwack River Clay"
10 mins
3 Sep 2021
Fans of The Great Pottery Throw Down will appreciate this languid documentary about Canadian clay artist Cathy Terepocki.

Short Films
"Terra Cene"
7 mins 40s
1 Sep 2021
The countdown to COP26 continues with this lebgthy but earnest short film directed by Nono Ayuso and Rodrigo Inada.

Short Films
"The Both of Me"
17 mins 37s
31 Aug 2021
This sobering documentary takes place in and around Boone County, West Virginia - a region blighted by the decline of the U.S. coal industry.

Short Films
"Everything Sport a Bowling Ball"
2 mins 38s
23 Aug 2021
This quirky film from Sam H Buchanan invites the viewer to imagine a world in which all sports involve bowling balls.

Short Films
"While You Were Sleeping"
5 mins 05s
19 Aug 2021
This languid short film explores the lives of the night shift workers who keep America running.

Short Films
"Online Video Tutorial"
3 mins 23s
18 Aug 2021
This witty and affectionate supercut of instructional videos displays a great sense of humour on the part of director Johnny Kelly.

Short Films
"Loose Fish"
15 mins
17 Aug 2021
Argentine directors Paco Martinez and Francisco Canton, two-thirds of the PANTERA collective, visit Morocco in this naturalistic short film.

Short Films
"Out of Bounds"
15 mins
11 Aug 2021
This trippy, tragicomic short film stars a video game tennis player whose only concern is the next point.

Short Films
"You Changed Me"
5 mins
10 Aug 2021
Director Peter King draws from intensely personal details in this pensive short film.

Short Films
5 mins 03s
28 Jul 2021
Marko Roth's effective lockdown drama is inspired by 'Masque-19' - the codeword used by domestic abuse victims in France.

Short Films
"Panna (Trailer)"
20 Jul 2021
The title of Luke Brookner's new documentary suggests it's the panna cotta deep dive we've been waiting for.

Short Films
"Our Movement"
4 mins 47s
23 Jun 2021
Director Joel Claudio gives voice to Newham in this black-and-white documentary.

Short Films
6 mins 16s
23 Jun 2021
A pair of brothers enter a fraught debate over their late father's eulogy in this atmospheric film from Mateo Willis.

Short Films
"Raise Your Game With Gareth Southgate"
1 min 57s
14 Jun 2021
This trailer for 'Raise Your Game with Gareth Southgate' coincides with the England manager's open letter to fans.

Short Films
"The Space Between Us"
1 min 45s
9 Jun 2021
This timely short film arrives as the extent of screen overtime becomes clearer.

Short Films
"Home Stream"
11 mins
21 May 2021
A homeless woman tells her story in heartbreaking detail in this hard-hitting short film.

Short Films
"Counting Sheep"
5 mins 32s
18 May 2021
It's the small moments that matter in this compelling film from director Robin Mason, which tackles the traumatic toll taken on healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Short Films
"Asian Street Food"
6 May 2021
The intricate processes behind Asian street food take centre stage in this appetising film.

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