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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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"Night Cream"

Thomas said:

I want to slip some novichiok into their Olay.



Short Films
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Short Films
"Kamali (trailer)"
5 Jul 2019
This dynamic trailer for upcoming short film 'Kamali' is sure to spark interest in the project's full release.

Short Films
"Anima (trailer)"
27 Jun 2019
This cryptic short film serves as a trailer for the upcoming 'Anima' - a collaborative project between Thom Yorke and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Short Films
26 Jun 2019
Director George Watson taps into the raw power of spoken word performance with this confronting short film.

Short Films
5 mins 40s
24 Jun 2019
Director Thomas Kelly's bristling study of Muay Thai fighter James Chaney could be termed a nature documentary.

Short Films
"Fear of the Unknown"
5 mins 58s
21 Jun 2019
This enthralling short film from Daniel Brereton explores the journey one man took to the heart of darkness and back again.

Short Films
2 mins 10s
13 Jun 2019
Director Lefty's imaginatively-titled short film ‘America!' stands out thanks to a neat central conceit.

Short Films
"When I'm Killed"
11 Jun 2019
War poetry is given a modern twist in this intriguing piece of work from director Calum MacDiarmid.

Short Films
"Divided We Scroll"
5 mins 03s
7 Jun 2019
This arresting short film is a timely reminder to go handsfree every once in a while.

Short Films
8 mins
6 Jun 2019
Celebrity and obsession collide with sinister results in this intriguing short film, written and directed by Taylor Cohen.

Short Films
"The Day Ray Impaled Himself on the Fence"
2 mins 51s
3 Jun 2019
Director Tomas Leach's brooding short film charts the aftermath of a shocking incident in small-town America.

Short Films
"A Modest Defeat"
9 mins 09s
31 May 2019
This quirky piece from director David Barr tells a story of sibling rivalry and sci-fi in suburbia.

Short Films
"The Mighty Grand Piton"
29 May 2019
This impressive animated film from director Wesley Louis serves as a ‘trailer' for the greatest anime series never made: the story of The Mighty Grand Piton.

Short Films
"King of the Open Field"
2 mins 34s
24 May 2019
This cryptic short film from director James Partridge offers an intriguing look at the world of the Mexican charro.

Short Films
7 mins 31s
10 May 2019
This atmospheric film tells the story of Hugo Vau - a surfer on a journey to maximise his lung capacity.

Short Films
"The 4th Wave"
13 mins 55s
25 Apr 2019
This striking short film from up-and-coming director Savanah Leaf profiles Italian artist Alessandra Prete aka Priestess.

Short Films
7 mins 53s
25 Apr 2019
This diverting animation from director Neil Stubbings evokes early Wallace and Gromit as a penguin wages war on an ice cream vending machine and its incompetent operator.

Short Films
"The Last Supper"
3 mins 03s
16 Apr 2019
Blessed are the marketers in this Mid-Brow comedy as Jesus Christ's PR team pitch the resurrection.

Short Films
"Quest For Fire"
6 mins 19s
11 Apr 2019
Closet metalheads around the world will feel solidarity with this entertaining tale about an unusual support group.

Short Films
5 mins 57s
9 Apr 2019
Malcolm Green's short film 'Edek' offers an unusual perspective on understanding the Holocaust.

Short Films
"17 Small Ideas"
2 mins 52s
8 Apr 2019
Director Andrew Myers presents a jumble of oddball concepts, in-camera curios, and visual playthings.

Short Films
10 mins
4 Apr 2019
Director Joe Wheatley delves into the family archives for this absorbing portrait of his late grandmother, Rona.

Short Films
"The Last Forever Woman"
12 mins
27 Mar 2019
This slick piece of sci-fi from director Ollie Wolf explores the emotional consequences of ever-advancing technologies.

Short Films
"Sir John Lubbock's Pet Wasp"
2 mins
22 Mar 2019
This black-and-white curio from directors Laurie Hill and Osbert Parker offers a fun sideways glance at the work of John Lubbock.

Short Films
8 Mar 2019
This short yet enlightening documentary from director George A Watson focuses on Harjinder Jutle and her relationship with Stargardt's disease.

Short Films
"Toast 2: After the Burn"
8 mins 31s
21 Feb 2019
This entertaining film lampoons the current cultural obsession with artisanal products... via the medium of toast.

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