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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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"Cloud Nine"

Mia said:

5 stars surely.



Short Films
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Short Films
7 mins 47s
1 Apr 2020
This evocative short film is bound to hit home for many in the current climate, as an astronaut finds themselves suddenly unemployed.

Short Films
22 mins
30 Mar 2020
This darkly funny short film is a heady blend of murder, northern soul, and sex chat lines.

Short Films
4 mins 08s
30 Mar 2020
French immigrant Léa (Alicia Medina) washes dishes in a London cafe and reads Juliet Nicolson in her sparsely furnished flat.

Short Films
4 mins 34s
22 Mar 2020
This emotionally charged short film evokes ‘Bronson’ and ‘Starred Up’ in its depiction of solitary confinement.

Short Films
"Mute: Deliverance"
1 min 45s
5 Mar 2020
Director Andy Lambert rounds off his latest ‘Mute’ trilogy with a short and sweet trip into the woods.

Short Films
"Mute: Scene Stealer"
2 mins 06s
28 Feb 2020
Fans of Alfred Hitchcock will appreciate this latest entry in director Andy Lambert’s ‘MUTE’ anthology series.

Short Films
"Mute: Dust Devil"
1 min 35s
26 Feb 2020
DAVID has been given strict instructions not to spoil the ending of this one-shot comedy from Andy Lambert’s MUTE series.

Short Films
"The Face: Generation Peace"
22 mins 16s
17 Feb 2020
Scott Carthy's grounded, articulate documentary centres on Northern Ireland's 'Generation Peace'.

Short Films
"The Priest"
5 mins 49s
31 Jan 2020
Siblings Andrew and Rebecca are given some unorthodox advice in director Jim Owen’s pitch-black comedy set in a church.

Short Films
2 mins 08s
31 Jan 2020
This bouncy enough short film from director James Copeman features two girls that are part human, part rabbit, and all attitude.

Short Films
5 mins 53s
29 Jan 2020
Director Joe Roberts mines every dog owner’s worst nightmare for laughs in this black comedy starring actor and comedian Maddy Anholt.

Short Films
"Present Day Athens"
2 mins 40s
14 Jan 2020
Business is slow in Marion County, Texas… especially for the local sheriff.

Short Films
"Diary of Hidden Bodies"
3 mins 12s
17 Jan 2020
The fundamental idea of what it means to inhabit a body comes under scrutiny in this intriguing short film by Joan Bosch.

Short Films
"Tomorrow's On Fire"
1 min 45s
8 Jan 2020
This searing piece of work from Australian director Darcy Prendergarst attempts to quell the flames which threaten not only the land down under, but the entire globe.

Short Films
"Star Wars: Origins"
20 mins 21s
12 Dec 2019
On the eve of Episode IX release comes this adrenaline-fuelled Star Wars fan film: 'Origins'.

Short Films
"Buck Friendly & the Mistletones"
1 min 32s
12 Dec 2019
We like to imagine The Fast Show's Louis Balfour would love a piece of Buck Friendly & the Mistletones.

Short Films
"Let's Roll "
10 Dec 2019
Chris Thomas's upcoming short film ‘Let's Roll' touches on many a Gloucestershire-based parent's worst nightmare: a teenager who wants to enter the Cooper's Hill cheese-rolling race.

Short Films
4 mins 59s
10 Dec 2019
Swinging and gardening collide in this sultry alternative to Gardeners' World.

Short Films
"All These Creatures"
13 mins 14s
29 Nov 2019
A boy attempts to untangle memories of his father and reconcile them with his future in this arresting short film.

Short Films
20 Nov 2019
Another quirky short on the theme of 'discovery' for Seed Animation takes a personal tone.

Short Films
19 Nov 2019
Dennis Wardzala's brisk animated short evokes so-called walking simulators like ‘Firewatch' and ‘Everybody's Gone to the Rapture'.

Short Films
3 mins 50s
13 Nov 2019
The proliferation of social media remains fertile ground for creative types, and directors Will & Carly are the latest to tackle excess screen time.

Short Films
"The Heartbeats of Memory"
2 mins 52s
8 Nov 2019
Anyone who thinks their memory isn't what it used to be, rejoice - this intriguing short film by director Nono Ayuso claims "memory's only purpose is actually to forget".

Short Films
"Meat is Murder"
15 mins
31 Oct 2019
This film follows a group of vegans as their activism takes a turn several degrees past militant and into 'Saw' territory.

Short Films
30 Oct 2019
An air raid siren propels this blistering trailer for director Sam Walker's upcoming short film, ‘TEA'.

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