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"The Midfield"

Kevin said:

A lesson for England perhaps....



Short Films
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Short Films
11 Jul 2018
Earlier in the tournament, Park Village's Tom Carty presented a film capturing some of the agony of a being an England fan, and today - after the inevitable reality check of semi-final defeat - he provides with a poignant postscript.

Short Films
"Dear Habib"
3 mins 41s
6 Jul 2018
This worthy animation from Majid Adin and Team Tumult charts one migrant's journey from Afghanistan to the Midlands… and potentially back again.

Short Films
"Sir Thomas More"
4 mins 01s
6 Jul 2018
This hard hitting film brings Shakespeare into the modern day with visceral immediacy.

Short Films
"World Cup Pain"
1 min 47s
4 Jul 2018
This expletive-strewn short film from director Tom Carty evokes the agony and the ecstasy (and agony again) of supporting the Three Lions.

Short Films
"A Life Like Water"
4 mins 22s
15 Jun 2018
Filmmaker Huse Monfaradi pays tribute to his eighty-year-old father Hasan with this moving short film.

Short Films
"Lycra Dad"
5 mins 42s
14 Jun 2018
This entertaining film from director Gray Hughes celebrates the phenomenon of the 'Lycra Dad'.

Short Films
"An Isle Full Of Noises"
3 mins 02s
6 Jun 2018
Channel 4's Random Acts returns with a bang - or, more accurately, an ominous whisper - with this absorbing short film.

Short Films
"Are Robots Taking Your Job?"
2 mins 41s
6 Jun 2018
The rise of the machines is inevitable - or so says this entertaining film for Swiss TV.

Short Films
"Finger Machines"
1 min 40s
24 May 2018
There is something mesmerising about this strange experimental short made by Seed Animation's Morgan Powell exploring the phenomenon of synaesthesia.

Short Films
6 mins 17s
18 May 2018
An open road, two desperate travellers, and one bullet - that's the premise of this intriguing black and white film.

Short Films
"Rule of Thumb"
2 mins 36s
14 May 2018
Director Andy Lambert's latest batch of MUTE short films concludes with this wry spin on hitchhiking.

Short Films
"Turn On"
2 mins 05s
11 May 2018
This risqué short film contains scenes of a sexual nature… well, sort of.

Short Films
"Small Fry"
7 mins 44s
10 May 2018
Director Eva Michon weaves a delicate tale of family relationships and growing up in this intriguing short film.

Short Films
"The Gents"
2 mins 10s
10 May 2018
There's toilet humour of a different kind in Andy Lambert's two-minute sketch.

Short Films
"Hip Hop Cafe"
4 mins 20s
9 May 2018
Filmmaker Robert Samuels pays tribute to the golden era of hip hop in style with this excellent short film.

Short Films
"A Little Grey"
5 mins 17s
4 May 2018
There's only one shade of grey in this animated short from directors Simon Hewitt and Steve Smith.

Short Films
"Sleep Well, My Baby"
7 mins 23s
4 May 2018
This harrowing film addresses the plight of North Korean women trafficked into servitude in China.

Short Films
"The Inflamed Mind"
1 min 35s
26 Apr 2018
Nexus Studios have released this informative film to accompany the release of 'The Inflamed Mind'.

Short Films
4 mins 44s
28 Mar 2018
Director Robin Mason's tour of Britain continues with this thoughtful look at Swindon's youth.

Short Films
"Mother's Day (trailer)"
1 min 45s
23 Mar 2018
This appealing short film takes an intimate look at the realities of modern motherhood.

Short Films
"Land of Steel"
2 mins 01s
22 Mar 2018
Port Talbot's fire rises in this brooding short film from director Chris Thomas.

Short Films
19 mins 16s
15 Mar 2018
Director David Schofield depicts life at the bottom of the fish tank in this accomplished short film.

Short Films
3 mins 32s
13 Mar 2018
This intriguing short film from director Phoebe Arnstein examines body image in an unusual, intimate way.

Short Films
4 mins 09s
11 Mar 2018
This fabulous short film by Kate Herron offers a very strange take on the psychological impact of a woman's first smear test.

Short Films
5 mins 35s
27 Feb 2018
This creepily fantastic short film takes a look at the life and times of a pensioner with a rather morbid hobby.

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