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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Channel 4 News
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Channel 4 News
2 Feb 2016
Another glimpse into the Syrian conflict by Channel 4 News introduces us to a little boy determined to imagine a better future for himself and his country.

Channel 4 News
"The Whole Story"
19 Jan 2016
This poignant ad for Channel 4 News provides an insight into just one of many perilous journeys being undertaken by migrants in search of safety.

Channel 4 News
"At 7 On 4"
18 Dec 2012
Jon Snow has long been in the habit of zestfully animating the live trails for the news programme he anchors but seldom has he looked quite as electrified as he does here.

Channel 4 News
16 Jul 2007
4's news, anchored in every sense by Jon Snow, is a beacon of integrity and this is beautifully caught by this trail.

Channel 4 News
"Guns In America"
8 Feb 2013

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