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Royal British Legion
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Royal British Legion
"It's Good To Be Home"
1 min 43s
11 Nov 2021
Playwright Eno Mfon anchors this engaging piece of work for the Royal British Legion.

Royal British Legion
"Close Your Eyes"
13 Oct 2021
This Royal British Legion film marks the charity's centenary, by promising to support veterans for another hundred years.

Royal British Legion
"They Still Go"
24 Sep 2019
This stark commercial for the Royal British Legion uses footage shot by the Ministry of Defence to show what the UK's armed forces must endure.

Royal British Legion
"Thank You"
8 Nov 2018
This respectful piece for the Royal British Legion gives thanks to the fallen.

Royal British Legion
"Rethink Remembrance: Jim"
27 Oct 2016
Another in the emotional series of films released by the Royal British Legion to shift public perception of what a combat veteran looks like.

Royal British Legion
"Rethink Remembrance: Roy"
27 Oct 2016
The Royal British Legion urge us to rethink remembrance this November, starting with this emotional campaign to shift public perception of what veterans of combat look like.

Royal British Legion
"The Story Behind the Poppy"
3 mins 21s
26 Oct 2015
This deeply moving film for the Royal British Legion reminds us that buying a poppy shouldn't only be in commemoration of those who fell defending our country.

Royal British Legion
"Every Man Remembered"
1 Sep 2014
This film for the Royal British legion reveals how we can pay tribute to those who died in the First World War.

Royal British Legion
1 min 41s
28 Aug 2020

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