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Homespun Yarns
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Homespun Yarns
"Take Me"
5 mins 01s
11 Dec 2019
It speaks volumes for the quality of the competition at this year's Homespun Yarns that this delightful film directed by Claire Norowzian didn't take the crown.

Homespun Yarns
6 mins 07s
11 Dec 2019
This short film by Jamie Gyngell was the winner of this year's Homespun Yarns competition.

Homespun Yarns
"If You Knew"
5 mins 28s
20 Oct 2018
The teenage twins at the centre of this slice-of-life documentary made by Stroma Cairns for the 2018 Homespun Yarns competition are part of a family who have a point of differentness.

Homespun Yarns
"If It Were A Naked World"
3 mins 59s
20 Oct 2018
One of the great joys of Homespun Yarns is the way the curation delivers such different interpretations of the theme.

Homespun Yarns
"If You Never Answered"
5 mins 56s
20 Oct 2018
This short film is another of the four made for this year's Homespun Yarns and it uses an unusual narrative device to tell its tale of a missing person.

Homespun Yarns
"If [Girlfriend Deluxe]"
6 mins 50s
20 Oct 2018
The winning film at this year's Homespun Yarns is a dark comedy set in a post-apocalypse world.

Homespun Yarns
20 Jun 2017

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