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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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In an act of idiotic boldness, DAVID REVIEWS is restarting its social media presence from scratch. Please follow @MrDavidReviews on Twitter to be the first to see new work as we post it, and read our wry comments on what's happening in the world of advertising.


Latest Work
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White Lies
"Am I Really Going to Die"
3 mins 58s
28 Jan 2022
A series of people react to what is presumably an almost-dead body on the ground in this intriguing promo.

Armani Face Maestro
"Barbara Palvin"
2 mins 10s
28 Jan 2022
An engaging turn from model Barbara Palvin elevates this plug for Armani's Face Maestro app.

"Where Then Meets Now"
27 Jan 2022
What director wouldn't want to recreate one of the most iconic movie scenes of all time? Certainly not Declan Lowney who must've been chomping at the bit to make this commercial.

Lose Control in Copenhagen
2 mins 10s
27 Jan 2022
This kinetic ad for Lose Control in Copenhagen arrives as Covid-19 restrictions prepare to go.

"Kitchen Explorer"
26 Jan 2022
Sharwood's return to our screens with this 30" plug for butter chicken cooking sauce.

Dries van Noten
"SS 2022"
5 mins 36s
27 Jan 2022
Belgian fashion label Dries van Noten get flashy in this spellbinding look at their Spring-Summer 2022 collection.

WA Tourism
"True to Nature"
2 mins 45s
27 Jan 2022
A mother and son connect through nature in this lush film for the Washington State tourism board.

Compare The Market
"Meersion Improbable"
27 Jan 2022
Sergei saves the day via tech support in this amusing commercial for Compare the Market.

Apple iPhone
"Doin' Laps"
26 Jan 2022
This Apple iPhone ad stars a boy who circles a cul-de-sac on his bike as if school's out forever.

Ace & Tate
"A Frame For Every Face"
26 Jan 2022
This diverse ad for Dutch glasses brand Ace & Tate suggests that they carry the perfect frame for every face.

"Ending Online Abuse"
26 Jan 2022
Young people speak up about online abuse in this forthright film for the NSPCC.

"Nancy Investigates Beef"
22 Jan 2022
Whoever picked the song for this meat and dairy commercial should take a long hard look at themselves.

"Dollar Signs"
2 mins 48s
26 Jan 2022
This track sees Nemah Hasan (Nehmasis) continue to muse on what it means to be a Muslim woman in the public eye.

"New Monsters"
24 Jan 2022
Where's the fun in being a monster if you don't get to scare the shit out of people?

Paddy Power
"Help Jack Wilshire Find a Club"
2 mins 23s
26 Jan 2022
Former Arsenal footballer Jack Wilshire provides a brilliantly dry performance in this commercial for Paddy Power… an abbreviated version of which is on TV.

"The Disagreement"
26 Jan 2022
Ken Jeong and Joel McHale have an amusing disagreement in this winning commercial for Planters.

Short Films
"Asphodel Fields"
4 mins 46s
24 Jan 2022
This short film explores the idea that the gadgets in our pockets are the true masters, and we their mere servants.

25 Jan 2022
This fetching piece of work for bike maker Cannondale demonstrates the brand's new SmartSense technology.

"Don't Go With the Flow"
25 Jan 2022
An entrepreneurial fish fronts this campaign for Fiverr, bragging about how he refused to let the pandemic get in the way of growing his business.

Garnier Micellar
"Vitamin C"
25 Jan 2022
The surveys used in Garnier commercials always fascinate DAVID, like "72% of 110 agree".

GS Yuasa
"Powering What Matters"
26 Jan 2022
DAVID can say one thing about this ad: it's certainly effective in getting the brand name burned into your brain.

Short Films
11 mins 10s
26 Jan 2022
This short film by director Thomas Woods focuses on Aly (Mamadou Diallo), a Guinean asylum seeker in Paris.

Chill Insurance
"Insurance Dance"
26 Jan 2022
Blue-footed boobies front this campaign for Ireland's Chill Insurance, which encourages customers to swerve the song and dance of switching up their policies.

26 Jan 2022
Gucci celebrate Lunar New Year in style with this ode to the Year of the Tiger.

Denzel Curry
4 mins 10s
26 Jan 2022
American rapper Denzel Curry trudges through a desert dystopia in this stylish promo for 'Walkin'.'

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