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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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In an act of idiotic boldness, DAVID REVIEWS is restarting its social media presence from scratch. Please follow @MrDavidReviews on Twitter to be the first to see new work as we post it, and read our wry comments on what's happening in the world of advertising.


Latest Additions
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Charlie Puth
"Light Switch"
3 mins 25s
21 Jan 2022
This playful promo for Charlie Puth's latest single 'Light Switch' sees a Mr Motivator type help the singer get back on his feet after a bad break-up.

"Creative Journey"
21 Jan 2022
This artsy film for McLaren highlights their partnership with vape company Vuse.

Alexander McQueen
3 mins 16s
21 Jan 2022
DAVID's first reaction to this Alexander McQueen ad was, "Boy, Visit Wales have gone off the deep end."

"Winter is Less Scary"
21 Jan 2022
This great Canadian film for Subaru uses quick cuts and intriguing camera angles to draw focus to the perils of winter driving.

Short Films
5 mins 31s
21 Jan 2022
This intriguing film from Varun Chopra and The Corner Shop offers insight into the lives of four people in India who deal with being forced to stand out.

Bensons For Beds
21 Jan 2022
This soothing commercial from Bensons for Beds reminds viewers of how peaceful a really good night's sleep can make them feel.

Police Dog Hogan
"Here Comes Crow"
4 mins 32s
21 Jan 2022
Fans of 2015 Matt Damon vehicle The Martian will be grabbed by the premise of this promo for Police Dog Hogan's 'Here Comes Crow'.

"I Feel Love"
19 Jan 2022
A brilliant reworking of a classic Donna Summer track provides the soundtrack to this well-calibrated piece of work for Lexus.

"Level Up"
20 Jan 2022
American agencies have several 'go to' ideas that recur with such monotonous regularity that its surprising they don't get shot down by the senior creatives.

Funding Circle
"Get A Lending Hand"
19 Jan 2022
Advertising that makes you sit up and take notice is always going to get the job done, even if your first reaction is ambiguous.

Jo Malone
12 Jan 2022
In the wonderful world of fashion and perfume, there's no need to make sense.

"The Call"
3 mins 48s
20 Jan 2022
Pepsi are going all-in with their marketing of the half-time show at this year's Super Bowl.

My Size
"My Size Is..."
19 Jan 2022
This is a jaw-droppingly strange piece of advertising, but that's mainly because the advertised service is a jaw-droppingly strange proposition.

Biotiful Kefir
19 Jan 2022
A pair of spectators at a children's football game converse via gut in this stilted commercial for Biotiful Kefir.

Smart Energy GB
19 Jan 2022
Einstein rides again for Smart Energy GB in this amusing commercial about wind power.

19 Jan 2022
Kevin Whately narrates this animated plug for Key Equity Release.

Short Films
"From Over Here (On Stuttering)"
9 mins 15s
20 Jan 2022
This intriguing short film from Patrick Buhr, invites viewers to consider the relationship between their thought process and what comes out of their mouth.

Tesco Bank
"Clubcard Pay+"
16 Jan 2022
Tesco Bank launch their first campaign in seven years in order to alert consumers to their Pay+ scheme.

Amazon Echo
16 Jan 2022
A couple are transported back to teenhood in this sweet commercial for Amazon.

Lyle & Scott
"What Defines You"
19 Jan 2022
Sometimes you need a fashion brand to answer life’s big questions for you.

FKA twigs
"Ride the Dragon"
2 mins 48s
19 Jan 2022
Choreographed street fashion characterises this youthful promo for FKA Twigs latest track 'Ride the Dragon'.

Chris Brown
3 mins 10s
17 Jan 2022
Joseph Khan helms this slick promo for Chris Brown's latest track 'Iffy'.

4 mins 51s
19 Jan 2022
The long wait for Ian Pons Jewell to do something mediocre continues...! Instead, we have to tolerate his perpetual Midas touch.

"In a Few Seconds"
19 Jan 2022
This beautifully judged commercial for the French national lottery puts us inside the head of a young woman who is about to change the lives of her extended family.

Led By Donkeys
"AC-12 Interview with Boris Johnson"
4 mins
20 Jan 2022
If Superintendent Ted Hastings thought police corruption was galling, what would he make of Downing Street parties during lockdown?

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