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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Five Star Work
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Jean-Paul Gaultier
"The Boxer"
26 Nov 2021
This kinetic ad for Jean-Paul Gaultier has a curious narrative progression.

Posten Norge
"When Harry Met Santa"
3 mins 55s
24 Nov 2021
This moving love story illustrates the patience and fortitude required if the object of your amour is only able to put in an appearance once a year.

"Mr. Handsome"
3 mins 42s
25 Nov 2021
A bloke goes to pieces over a new car in this delightfully weird ad from Thai website Carsome... though perhaps not in a way audiences will anticipate.

Women's Aid
"Spot the Abuse"
2 mins
23 Nov 2021
There's been a real awakening in recent years about the nature of domestic abuse.

"Share the Magic"
23 Nov 2021
This Irish commercial for Supervalu provides yet another gorgeous bundle of Christmas sentimentality.

"Saving Simon"
3 mins
23 Nov 2021
Father and son Oscar nominees Ivan and Jason Reitman have combined forces to make this rather beautiful Christmas film for Apple.

Albert Bartlett
"Amazing Hands"
24 Nov 2021
Albert Bartlett's commitment to starchy excellence shines through this well-designed commercial.

"Meet You Out There"
2 mins 07s
24 Nov 2021
Augmented reality (AR) firm Niantic declare the outdoors open again in this well-staged adventure ad.

"A Future Begins"
2 mins 23s
21 Nov 2021
It's been almost ten years since a Johnny Kelly commercial for Chipotle cleaned up at the Cannes Advertising Festival, and the restaurant chain have decided to mark that anniversary by asking Kelly to revisit the world he created.

"Black-Owned Businesses"
3 mins 16s
21 Nov 2021
This fantastic commercial for Google brings a whole new dimension to Black Friday.

"Each Christmas"
1 min 36s
21 Nov 2021
This immensely sweet commercial for Vodafone in Ireland depicts a slow burning romance between two people whose orbits are misaligned.

21 Nov 2021
This film for MIND demonstrates that while it is flattering to be called a 'hero', it can also be a burden.

Channel 4
"Altogether Different"
1 min 40s
18 Nov 2021
You have to love Channel 4. As it approaches its fortieth anniversary next year, it remains a purveyor of the kind of broadcasting that you simply won't find anywhere else.

"Tis the season of Yes"
18 Nov 2021
An intrepid sugar glider is the hero of this marvellous commercial for Optus – the Australian telecoms company.

Amazon Prime
"An Unlikely Friendship"
2 mins
18 Nov 2021
A rather sullen zookeeper gains the most extraordinary friend in this touching commercial for Amazon Prime.

2 mins 07s
18 Nov 2021
This snappy film for Levi's dives head-first into the world of sustainable fashion.

"Farmer Christmas"
16 Nov 2021
Morrisons celebrate the behind the scenes actors who make Christmas happen in this playful outing.

Waitrose & Partners
"Best Bit of Christmas"
16 Nov 2021
According to Waitrose's Christmas commercial, the festive season is all about food.

"A Reusable Way of Living"
16 Nov 2021
Disposable plastic is truly a thing of the past in this interesting look into a hopeful future from Chilly's.

Arizona Coyotes
"We Hockey"
12 Nov 2021
Airton Carmignani AKA Tino directs this punchy commercial for the Arizona Coyotes ice hockey team.

"Gift of Connection"
15 Nov 2021
Secret Santa takes on a new meaning in Vodafone's altruistic Christmas campaign.

"At Last"
12 Nov 2021
Small moments of Christmas cheer are teased into the spotlight in this relatable commercial for Sainsbury's.

"Invisible Iggy"
13 Nov 2021
Judging from the social media response to this gorgeous commercial for McDonald's, the fast food giant may have won adland's annual Christmas competition.

"Kindness, The Greatest Gift"
2 mins 30s
13 Nov 2021
This moving commercial for Amazon identifies 'kindness' as the greatest gift it's possible to receive at Christmas... and who could argue that?

"Nothing Stopping Us"
13 Nov 2021
This Tesco ad is fully deserving of five stars for two reasons: first, it is joyous and, second, it has provoked the UK's anti-vaxxers into a frothing fury.

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