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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Avanti West Coast

Ben said:

Is it a turtle....or is it maybe a tortoise?



Recent Promos
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Flight Facilities
"Forever (ft. BROODS)"
3 mins 44s
27 Oct 2021
This intriguing promo for Flight Facilities' 'Forever' takes a bird's eye view on the end of the world.

"It's Good To Be Back"
3 mins 55s
27 Oct 2021
Dreamjob (aka Jack Whiteley and Joe Wills) helm this quirky video for Metronomy's 'It's Good To Be Back'.

3 mins 34s
26 Oct 2021
3D rendering and fashionable edginess come together in this intriguing promo for COIN's 'Chapstick'.

Joy Crookes
2 mins 45s
26 Oct 2021
British-Irish-Bangladeshi singer-songwriter Joy Crookes enjoys an unusual medieval dual in this playful promo.

"Timid, Intimidating"
4 mins 13s
22 Oct 2021
There's a dreamlike quality to this promo for BadBadNotGood's track 'Timid, Intimidating'.

3 mins 17s
22 Oct 2021
Italian Eurovision Song contest winners Måneskin obviously have a good knowledge of pop history and a wry sense of humour.

Rain Radio
"Talk About"
2 mins 58s
21 Oct 2021
London belongs to the bikers in this dexterous promo for Rain Radio and DJ Craig Gorman.

3 mins 26s
19 Oct 2021
A viral instructional video shows how to ward off the daily grind in this promo for Stromae's 'Santé (Health)'.

"Hit by a Train"
3 mins 13s
15 Oct 2021
The Sisyphean grind of life on the breadline takes visual form in this arresting promo for Jeshi's 'Hit by a Train'.

François X
"XX LAB A Scream Into The Future"
3 mins 30s
12 Oct 2021
French beatmaker Francois X evokes dystopian sci-fi with his new track, 'XX Lab_A Scream into the Future'.

Hak Baker
"Irrelevant Elephant"
4 mins 32s
13 Oct 2021
Grief and addition take many forms, and in this bruise-tender Hak Baker promo they become the elephant in the room incarnate.

Everyone You Know
"There for You"
3 mins 54s
12 Oct 2021
A newly released prisoner eases back into the party spirit in this promo for Everyone You Know.

3 mins 33s
6 Oct 2021
A large chunk of Millennial film directors got their start shooting skate films for friends, so this nostalgic promo for Alt-J should resonate with many.

"Unica's Cloud"
2 mins 32s
5 Oct 2021
If there’s a drone shortage (not beyond the realm of possibility right now), then French electronic artist DeLaurentis has escaped unscathed.

Years & Years
3 mins 19s
4 Oct 2021
This collaboration between Years & Years and director Tom Beard feels like a release of tension in the best way.

"Closest Shave"
3 mins 12s
1 Oct 2021
There's a pleasantly heightened edge to this rain-soaked promo for Tiña's latest track 'Closest Shave'.

4 mins 16s
30 Sep 2021
The incendiary end of a relationship takes centre stage in this moody promo for Joesef's latest single.

Luca Wilding
"Song of Carmen"
4 mins 24s
23 Sep 2021
Luca Wilding's new single 'Song of Carmen' cushions the blow that is autumn somewhat,

Rosie Lowe
"Paris, Texas"
3 mins 13s
29 Sep 2021
Patient viewers will find themselves rewarded by this enthralling promo for Rosie Lowe's latest track 'Paris, Texas'.

Tinie Tempah
"Love Me Like This (ft. Maia Wright)"
2 mins 49s
23 Sep 2021
Tinie Tempah champions the sounds of his youth with latest track 'Love Me Like This'.

Joel Corry
"Out Out"
3 mins 11s
28 Sep 2021
This irreverent promo for Joel Corry's 'Out Out' provides a welcome twist on doom-laden media coverage and 'stay at home' warnings.

"If You Say The Word"
4 mins 20s
24 Sep 2021
This tragicomic promo for Radiohead's 'If You Say the Word' is a town and country affair.

Priya Ragu
2 mins 52s
22 Sep 2021
Tamil-Swiss singer-songwriter Priya Ragu tackles lockdown in stylish fashion in this latest promo.

5 mins 19s
21 Sep 2021
UK rapper Dave brings a passion for video games to a whole new level in latest track 'Verdansk'.

Mac Miller
"Colours and Shapes"
4 mins 21s
20 Sep 2021
Late rapper Mac Miller's dog goes on a surreal journey during this poignant film.

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