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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Recent Promos
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Mac Miller
"Colours and Shapes"
4 mins 21s
20 Sep 2021
Late rapper Mac Miller's dog goes on a surreal journey during this poignant film.

"Beside April"
5 mins 13s
16 Sep 2021
This surreal promo for BadBadNotGood's 'Beside April' has a feverish quality to it.

Hak Baker
"Cool Kids"
3 mins 28s
15 Sep 2021
The grinding reality of life for many inner city youths takes centre stage in this enthralling promo for Hak Baker's 'Cool Kids'.

Leo Bhanji
"Sea Demon"
3 mins 18s
13 Sep 2021
London-based artist Leo Bhanji offers an intriguingly rural take on mumble rap in this enthralling video.

Iron Maiden
5 mins 12s
10 Sep 2021
Iron Maiden continue to explore epic battlescapes in this promo for latest track 'Stratego'.

Django Django
"Under Fire"
3 mins 55s
10 Sep 2021
Django Django's 'Under Fire' receives a nocturnal promo courtesy of director Drew Tyndell.

"Burning Bridges"
2 mins 52s
9 Sep 2021
Scandi-pop artist Sigrid returns with a typically bittersweet outing in the form of latest track 'Burning Bridges'.

Little Simz
"Point & Kill"
4 mins 57s
8 Sep 2021
Even die-hard Little Simz fans may be surprised by her new single, 'Point and Kill'.

"Just a Ghost"
3 mins 54s
7 Sep 2021
A golden plague doctor mask features throughout this artsy Claptone promo.

"Thelma and Louise"
2 mins 18s
6 Sep 2021
This experimental promo for Bastille picks up directly after June's 'Distorted Light Beam'.

"One Night"
2 mins 54s
6 Sep 2021
There's a hint of Peter Pan to this intriguing promo for Griff's 'One Night'.

"Signal From The Noise"
9 mins 09s
3 Sep 2021
People Just Do Nothing actor Steve Stamp stars in this beguiling promo for Canadian jazz group BadBadNotGood.

Lucy Blue
"Taxi Driver"
3 mins 05s
1 Sep 2021
This sinister promo for Lucy Blue's 'Taxi Driver' should appeal to those invested in the true crime media boom.

"LaLaLa It's The Good Life"
2 mins 23s
3 Sep 2021
When Madonna sang that we are 'living in a material world' back in 1984, we're fairly sure this promo for Audiobooks wasn't what she had in mind.

"Chasing Stars"
3 mins 05s
2 Sep 2021
Jim Jelicich directs an ode to VHS tapes for DJs Alesso, Marshmello, and singer James Bay.

Willow Kayne
"I Don't Wanna Know"
2 mins 30s
31 Aug 2021
Retro-obsessed rapper Willow Kayne goes back to the 90s in this colourful promo for 'I Don't Wanna Know'.

"8-bit Trip 2"
3 mins 33s
31 Aug 2021
Swedish electronica duo Rymdreglage have delved back into brickfilm for another go around.

Lola Young
"After Morning"
10 mins 16s
31 Aug 2021
This three-part Lola Young promo feels like a relationship drama crossed with an episode of 24.

3 mins 14s
26 Aug 2021
An enthralling promo for Nao's latest single 'Wait' takes the body as canvas to a whole new level.

"Low Era"
4 mins 24s
26 Aug 2021
'Low Era', the second track from New York rock band Geese, is a persuasive blend of arch vocals, jangly guitars, and shoegaze spunk.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes
"Go Get A Tattoo"
2 mins 41s
24 Aug 2021
Former Gallows frontman Frank Turner puts in a suitably unhinged performance in this promo with latest band the Rattlesnakes.

The Bug
"Pressure (ft. Flowdan)"
3 mins 44s
23 Aug 2021
Long time collaborators Kevin 'The Bug' Martin and grime star Flowdan come together once more for latest track 'Pressure'.

The Coral
"Welcome to Coral Island"
26 mins
23 Aug 2021
The Coral's tenth album, 'Coral Island', receives an evocative promo-cum-short film.

David Lindmer
4 mins 53s
20 Aug 2021
Intoxication of all kinds dominate this intriguing promo for David Lindmer's 'Omen'.

3 mins 30s
20 Aug 2021
Rapper DC's new single is "a guide on how to survive with a paranoid mind".

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