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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Max said:

Can't tell you how many times i've watched this, so good



Latest Work
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2 Jul 2020
HSBC's latest campaign draws attention to the struggles that come from trying to live authentically in an unaccepting world.

Birth UK
"Bloody French"
1 min 32s
1 Jul 2020
Birth announce the launch of their UK arm with this quirky, celebrity-focused outing.

Little Dragon
"Where You Belong"
3 mins 36s
1 Jul 2020
This promo for Little Dragon's latest track 'Where You Belong' takes a visually dynamic approach to scrapbooking.

Semintele Alka
3 Jul 2020
This curious ad from Romanian snack brand Semintele Alka takes being laid back to new levels.

"Drive to Win"
2 mins 02s
1 Jul 2020
This diverting Czech ad offers an insight into wartime survival, with car manufacturer Aero under threat from both Hitler and Stalin at various points.

Glass Animals
"Heat Waves"
3 mins 56s
2 Jul 2020
Director Colin Read and psychedelic pop band Glass Animals have enjoyed a busy lockdown together, so to speak.

Clap! Clap!
"Moving On (ft. Martha Da'ro)"
4 mins 13s
1 Jul 2020
Guest vocalist Martha Da’rotakes centre stage in this promo for Clap! Clap!’s new single ‘Moving On’.

"Tango Spoof"
29 Jun 2020
This well-executed spoof of Tango’s ‘St George’ ad accuses the UK government of having limited sympathy for, well, limited companies.

"Womb Stories"
3 mins 28s
1 Jul 2020
To say this three-minute Bodyform ad is a force of nature would be an understatement.

Pink Lady
"Taste the WOW"
2 Jul 2020
This latest campaign from Pink Lady apples shows three people having their minds quite literally blown by their new favourite fruit.

Short Films
"F*** I Love NY"
30 Jun 2020
This unexpectedly touching film features New Yorkers sharing their thoughts on the downsides of living in one of the world's busiest cities.

"Drag Syndrome"
6 mins 33s
2 Jul 2020
Vogue continue their Pride series with this bold and beautiful film which explores the intersection of disability and drag.

Short Films
"Feel Good Food"
1 Jul 2020
Tantalising food photography takes centre stage in this charitable short film.

"At the Races"
1 Jul 2020
Coral highlight one of sport's early Covid-19 comeback stories: horse racing.

Short Films
"No Place Like Home"
8 mins 37s
29 Jun 2020
There's a charming sense of magical realism in this short film, directed by (and starring) Mark Jenkinson.

"Away Fans"
1 Jul 2020
Premier League sponsors Barclays wish to ease at least one Aston Villa fan’s suffering this season.

"A Glastonbury to Remember"
30 Jun 2020
As campgrounds and stages the world over fall silent due to Covid-19, the BBC aim to cheer up gloomy music lovers by airing some of the best Glastonbury moments.

Beefeater Gin
"The Spirit of London"
30 Jun 2020
Kennington-based gin brand Beefeater use home advantage in this 30" ad for a summer tipple recipe.

Short Films
4 mins 08s
29 Jun 2020
This short film gives new meaning to the phrase ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’.

5 mins 45s
30 Jun 2020
This affecting short film for Vogue focuses on the brutal struggles and beautiful triumphs of the trans art community in one of Brazil's deadliest favelas.

National Centre For Domestic Violence
"Abusers Always Work from Home"
29 Jun 2020
This super piece of work for the National Centre for Domestic Violence turns user-generated content into something sinister.

"Love Not Loving You"
3 mins 34s
30 Jun 2020
One wouldn’t normally associate bouncy electro-pop with art history, but Foxes thinks there’s crossover appeal.

Short Films
"Li Bai’s Premonition"
3 mins 57s
28 Jun 2020
8th century Chinese poet Li Bai's work 'Drinking Alone in The Moonlight' provides the inspiration for this striking short film.

"Hybrid Excellence"
28 Jun 2020
There's plenty of visual trickery in this ad, which draws attention to Toyota's nine vehicle-strong hybrid range.

"Say Something"
4 mins
26 Jun 2020
This whimsical promo for Kodaline's 'Say Something' takes a unique approach to going out during quarantine.

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